Dutchsinse Video 9-3-15… “9/03/2015 — Large Microwave Energy Pulse hits planet Earth — Destroys storm near NZ”


Corey had this posted on his FB page, and there is an article by Justin about it.

[FB post 1] “One of the producers of Gaiam TV sent this to DW and I early yesterday morning. I had no idea how much it would play into my upcoming meeting”

[FB post 2] “Synchronicity: This video was sent to David Wilcock and I early yesterday morning in response to Davids recent article about weather modification wars. This was very much a topic of my recent meetings among other things. I was made aware of this article though I haven’t read it yet.”

Published on Sep 3, 2015 [please go to the Youtube page to get correct links]

A very large, oddly shaped, and long duration pulse of energy appeared on the Morphed Microwave Background Imagery (MIMIC TPW).



The large energy pulse was detected and decoded by the computer as actual “precipitation” or lack thereof… showing up along the same frequency bandwidths that the moisture returns reflect. The energy causes a false return to show up temporarily in the shape of the incoming waveform.

The odd nature of the energy pulse is matched by the odd locations of the start/finish of the pulse.

Appearing to begin to form over the Pacific ocean, the pulse travels down to a fine spiral point off the coast of New Zealand, going directly into the CENTER OF THE STORM there. After being hit by the spiral shaped pulse , the storm vaporized off the coast of New Zealand.

The pulse appeared to resonate like a radio frequency signal, and travel across Asia (North Indian ocean along the equator) towards the central Mid-Atlantic ocean.

The pulse then takes a new shape over the Canary Islands, and resonates out over the Atlantic like a sine-wave.

The ripples of the energy pulse really do appear like long waveforms seen on an oscilloscope ( a device used to observe electrical frequency and radio frequency waveforms).

Could this be something coming in at Earth from outer space? Yes. Could it be man made? Yes. Could it just be some kind of strange data error? In my opinion, no… not an error in light of the other times we’ve seen energy pulses having a direct storm effect.

See the previous energy pulses here, and my smearing on the international news over in Asia:


New Zealand is a known magnetic conjugate point for the HAARP IRI in Gakona Alaska!




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  1. Lynn says:

    Haarp at play here. This is weather control. Madmen at large again. I am seeing fibres now in the morning sunshine clinging to trees and just inside my door. Be vigilant everyone and post.

  2. Joe says:

    Another one about the same phenomenon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErpSgWw-pAM

  3. dkblue says:

    Poor NZ really cops it.
    That earthquake in Christchurch many say was an HAARP quake. Destroyed the beauty of the city and caused great upheaval.
    They are also massacred by chemtrails – just about ruined my holiday seeing that – such a stunning country, seemingly right out of the way, being absolutely smothered in poison.
    Also their Prime Ministers are part of the creepy sexual fetishists club and I think Jewish to boot. Greg Hallett has a bit to say on NZ!
    Oh, and they have fallen hook line and sinker for the green/sustainability Agenda 21 BS too…. Green parties are just as corrupt as they won’t address geoengineering thereby betraying their own principles.
    Back to real grassroots is the only answer.

      • dkblue says:

        i’m sorry Adam, it happens to the best of us sadly.
        i do worry that you’re oversharing a bit here tho – i mean who knows who is reading this?!
        anyway, keep your chin up 😉

    • Ive had password and username problems since this log in changeover, Mikes fixed it now though I think.
      I am concerned though theres no secret space programme in the title anymore, since it helps spread awareness

      On the subject of NZ dkblue. Perhaps 6 weeks ago on RT I remember seeing Helen Clark interviewed. I got a strange feeling watching her. Something about the dead looking strange eyes, almost like some sort of evil possession.
      Her skin and facial expressions too, couldn’t put my finger on it.
      Then as head of the UN dept for whatever, I listened to what she was spouting, with a benevolent front. Sustainable agenda this, agenda that, Sustainability, climate threat, Vaccinations, etc etc
      I then realised no one gets to that high UN position without being an insider
      She used to be NZ PM I understand
      Look at the state of NZ now, it seems infested, riddled with NWO people in govt
      My point is Helen clark looks strange and creepy with a creepy energy. I would be very surprised of she was not a regular at eyes wide shut type rituals. And ill say it straight clark looks to me to be a Satanist. I bet this facts true.
      I didn’t know until quite recently cannibalism and blood drinking was part of it, rituals. God knows how awful and bizzare and alien and horrendous it would be to witness one. A whole other world that doesn’t seem to be part of this world. ive heard it said extradimensional entities actually appear during the ritual.
      And my point is that strange look in the eyes, and skin, looks to me like a physical symptom, of blood drinking etc. Ted Heath got that look

      • dkblue says:

        Check out this article – spot on.
        She’s a militant radical lesbian actually and many have noted current nz pm john keys seems to have a hair fetish. I think Chris Spivey did an article on that – Keys had to publicly apologise for repeatedly handling a waitress’ ponytail!!
        We’re just radical alternative thinkers who’ve come yo the conclusion tin foil just ain’t gonna cut it no more ?

    • Shes one fucked up individual. High up in the UN. How many more ? They are all around. I think scouts via various methods search out these misfits at universities and elsewhere and earmark them for satanic compromising, no way back.
      Ive forgottom too at the UN, someone high up. Connected with climate change perhaps. Before some UN meeting, she conducted a ritual prayer to ancient Mayan gods!

      • dkblue says:

        The incredible interviews with Kay Griggs – wife of a U*S Colonel talks about how they look out for the disturbed kids and train them up to become special services for black ops etc Apparently there are special centres around the world they train these kids – think Indonesia was one….hey isnt that where ‘Obomber’ grew up? Nasty…

    • ” Firstly, Clark is indeed a globalist, a fervent believer in the concept of an overarching world government. “The issues concerning and affecting the world’s working people range across and beyond national borders. They demand a transnational response and action,” Clark told an international conference of female trade unionists earlier this year.

      In May this year, Investigate revealed that the Clark administration has been negotiating behind the scenes to see if New Zealand can be admitted to membership of the European Union. There is now discussion in diplomatic circles that Clark and Wilson are steering the country towards that goal, which would also require New Zealand surrendering some of its sovereignty and adopting the EU Constitution. Clark’s one world government ambitions are much closer to realisation now than they were when Labour swept to power in 1984.”

      • dkblue says:

        Sigh, everything is now problematic.
        Well, I’m not giving up honey and I love my coffee –
        but never tried it that way….(altho think it could be fab,lol) Thanks Adam!

    • [Moral Relativism vs Schroedingers Cat – Interesting comment ive sent to someone, will let you know if he replies]

      Another thought Professor Charlton
      We talk about moral relativism, vs Truth, truth that just is.
      I wonder how consciousness plays into this? Im not arguing for moral relativism.
      What im getting at, does human consciousness have any ability to influence and bend the world around us, and I suppose that means Absolute Truth. Im not saying I agree with what im saying. I happen to strongly feel and what ive read makes sense, there is an all powerful God/Source/Divine Intelligence.
      But if we think to ourselves, Schroedingers Cat is dead inside the box, does that make it so?
      Apparently the Observer seems to influence reality
      I read somewhere in physics lab, the light photons would travel differently depending on if there was an observer or not. So the human consciousness seems to be an important unseparate part from everything. And im wondering how this situation, interacts with moral relativism?
      Because if the consciousness, can influence the state of a particle/particles. I presume I mean quantum particles (I read somewhere the Mind/Consciousness can interact with matter at the quantum level),
      Then….I wonder if in some sense, it adds weight to certain things about moral relativism could be dare I say it, true?

      But in our real world, macro world, this clearly isn’t the case. There do seem to be many deceptions, agendas in this world. And yet my instinctive sense and knowing is, bad people can compartmentalise, lie, use propaganda, turn people against one another using lies, and yes, create a society of moral relativism. There can be all of this going on. But the fact remains, anyone able to look over the situation, from above (assuming all the compartments don’t have roofs, with my analogy), and see everything. Would simply see games and liars and the deceived. But the one Absolute truth of situations is always there.

      I suppose my point here is, moral relativism vs Schroedingers cat

    • [Further comment to bruce Charlton hope you don’t mind me sharing again]

      Sorry to keep bothering you, im sure youre busy
      I forgot to add, to furnish my point previously
      have you seen, are you aware, about the Princeton Uni GCP global consciousnessproject?
      10 or more RNGs random number generators dotted round the world, churning out numbers day and night. This projects been going on since the 1990s I think. In a nutshell, they’ve worked it out with their sophisticated statistical analysis – the numbers become less random, in response to significant global events ie dianas death, 911, world cup etc. They said it is trillions to one against, that its due to chance coincidence.
      This shows us Professor Charlton, or indicates to me at least, theres a global consciousness field all around. And our Minds are connected into that. In fact theres no separation all things are linked. As instantaneous communication between 2 particles on quantum entanglement shows
      My apologies if you know all this already, but im drilling, pushing, bouncing ideas round here to reach new insights hopefully
      So the Princeton GCP implications, that Consciousness of humanity doesn’t appear to be confined within each skull…..I wonder what implications that has for wondering how moral relativism and Schroedingers cat intersect?
      Not that I like moral relativism, I think its a scourge on society like political correctness

    • Which made me think Dkblue….im sure even though I don’t know it theres some profound Buddhist Taoist thing here…….but the profound overwhelming engulfing fantastic tremendous, also devastating like a knife through me when it was unrequited….my feelings for Sofija gave me a real insight what its like to really like someone. God knows how wonderful it must be , to feel that way, and have it returned. I think Heaven and Kundalini would all come at once, and nothing would faze me after that.
      The point im trying to make is dkblue
      Quantum entanglement between 2 particles, they get entangled then you can take them galaxies apart and they’ll still effect identical changes instantaneously through the ether fabric.

      The natural question to wonder arises: falling in love and even having sex#; What kind of quantum entanglement takes place between 2 people?

      I truly believe there is a Supremly immensely powerful force in this universe that will beat the NWO cabal and all the evil


      • dkblue says:

        I believe that too Adam – whether it’s in this life, or this world doesn’t matter

    • And im sorry to trouble you agin professor Charlton but this thought came to me and couldn’t wait lest I forget it
      What does all this indicate, have to say, implications,
      about our brains, consciousness, lapping up like mindless zombies, the bbc, sky news, propaganda getting churned out instilling fear mindest and whole narrative in millions of brains. In physics terms, how does this square, correlate, with the Princeton GCP amd Consciousness?
      I don’t mind or care if you don’t post this on your blog, I know im speaking beyond the topics you post on your blog. Ill post it on Tapblog anyway.
      But I think you have a tremendous mind and intellect Prof Charlton and I would love your input into these burning issues, That effect, affect (must look up in dictionary between these two words), us all
      Best wishes


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