Dawn Arrest of Macca by Australian Nazis

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Warrantless dawn raid on a private house in quiet secluded house, gun to their heads, flash grenades.  The war came to their door.  The kids were there with them in the house.  No recognisable uniforms. Bullet proof vests.  Tasers.   45 minutes of full terror followed, all secured with cuffs.  Knee to the head of one child.  A French visitor was threatened with deportation.  He left Australia two days later.  Bad dreams followed.  An older Policeman put his hand on his gun.  Senior Constable Bruce Digoff (Deociev) signed the warrant – a hated local Police Officer.  Country Police with nothing to do, they’re bored looking for a bit of excitement in their life.  The dogs were kicked.

The Police said they were looking for weapons.  Macca had been away for ten years sailing round the world in his yacht.  He came back with nothing.  His former weapon which he had a licence for before that time was left with a friend and was accounted for.  He has no gun.  The family have no guns.  They’re into healing people.

They accused Macca of having a false name.  He changed his former name for spiritual reasons.

Their household was broken up – their international guests, authors.   They left.  The feeling of helplessness in your own home is just awful.  We are living under Martial Law.  They asked for warrants and were told to keep quiet.  The army kicked in the door, no IDs.  The Police arrived later.  Everything was smashed in.  They started tapping on walls.  By the end the Police started looking a bit – ‘why are we here?’  They claimed to be searching for a firearm or a part of one.  He had already signed a document saying the former firearm was rusted in a leaking container.  The Police didn’t go and look in the container when told the old firearm was in the rusted leaking container.

Santos Bonacci (formerly known as Robbo) stayed at this place for two weeks last year, then came back in January for healing.  He started to put on weight.  He was a joy to have around.  Mention of astrology, healing etc.  Santos (Robbo) was arrested in a cottage when he was alone.  The Police cuffed him and that was the last they saw of him.  He was extradited down to Melbourne from Queensland. They are charging Macca with possession of weapons, being home made flails and New Guinea display items, possession of weed.  Not allowed toothpaste, not allowed soap until he signs something.  He says he refuses to acknowledge the legal fiction name the Police are using to identify him.  He is not a corporate instrument.  He is a living spiritual being.   The flesh and blood man is not recognised by the legal system.

Many homes raided in a similar way in the local area on the sunshine coast area.   The raids are aimed at bikies.  Macca has a Harley but he’s not a bikey.  There were fifteen to twenty military police who did the raid, before the blue police arrived.  As he won’t give his name, the prison can’t get funding to pay for his incarceration.  Treasonous corporate criminals have kidnapped him.  There’s no victim.  These are just statutory offences.    One gram of weed downstairs in Ben’s room, and half an ounce in our room.   Finding Santos there on their property, maybe seen as harbouring a fugitive.

Santos offended a judge in a magistrate’s court, imprisoned for 35 days, nothing to do with the tolls, but imprisoned for contempt of court.  He was on the run.


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  1. ian says:

    Sad is it not. A few years ago in my area, at the time of the ban on hand guns following “Dunblaine”, a local handgun owner was slow to notify police of his gun being sold abroad rather than accept the meager police compensation. The day after his licence expired, they did the whole helicopter SWAT team thing. They claimed to have found explosives and carried out a controlled explosion on the suspect object which duly exploded, (a tin of propellant, legally held). The full rigmarole, two page spread in the local paper. Nothing no charges. What a bunch of pillocks.
    The government has to have all these swat teams, anti terror squads etc to cover for their lies, and there’s nothing for them to do. They’re desperate to find something to do, so they pick on anything and simulate what they see Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson doing on the films.

  2. Lynn says:

    It’s all so pathetic isn’t it. No crime fighting just a protection racket for the criminal syndicate called the Establishment. Well at least we established that much.


      So, if you are in the military or an intelligence agency and you read this report, immediately contact your superior officer and ask why they are not taking action. There are certain key individuals who need to be inducted into the job of saving the planet. In the US these are Martin Dempsey, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense.

      In Russia, it is Vladimir Putin who needs to take action. In China it is Xi Jinping and the military high command. The Queen of England, as head of the committee of 300 and the Pope, official head of the P2 lodge, also need to offer their blessing to this project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India also needs to be brought on board. Just these 7 people and the large organizations they represent, have it in their power to save the planet.

      The ringleaders of the group that are still trying to start World War 3 and artificially create a Biblical Armageddon are Benyamin Netanyahu, the Bush/Clinton crime family, Sheldon Adelson and their fellow Sabbatean fanatics.

  3. dkblue says:

    Watched part of this and feel sick to my stomach. This is my country – just another sick, psychop@thic, pe^erted, bl@ckmailed and ext()rted gov’t treating it’s own citizens like we are already f*#ck!ng prisoners – which I guess we are at many levels. THIS is why we NEED the military, police etc to say NO! Stop being lapdogs!

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