3 Responses to “Dame Esther Rantzen 10 FACTS”

  1. Lynn says:

    Hmm just another gatekeeper, the humanitarians that are fooling us into a false sense of security. Raping children and breaking every moral code in their unique benevolent ways. We know who you are now. And the public will be after justice.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Barely scratching the surface.

    Rancid Rantzen is on the reputation hit list…

    You have to wonder if most of these prominent “jews” are determined to annihilate themselves and their fellow travelers. If I was in the cult I would bin all these people pronto along with anyone who even had a hint of being a crypto.

    It is a very tricky situation though given how married in to the aristocracy they all are and international business etc. But don’t be fooled the leading families are ruthless and they are not yet omnipotent.

    The Janner situation is interesting. There only needs to be more of this coming to light and the tidal wave heading towards the ADL will be enough to sweep their crumbling defences aside. When Davy has to get up and announce “my values are jewish values” and “we are going to imprison anyone who says 9/11 was a jewish plot” you know that things are desperate. Well to give some of those who are putting their heads in the sand a little heads up – the next move will be to take this into the financial sphere domestically – now that is going to put the cat among the pigeons.

    As I said before the worse I feel the worse it gets for everybody. Effervescent, just a thought, a wisp, of smoke, a thing without substance, an intangible moment….

    la la la la la la

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