Criminalising the homeless, putting them into FEMA camps is happening now

Watch out for the dots on your mailbox.  People are asking what they mean.  A red dot on your mailbox means that when martial law comes, and foreign troops are brought in, the people living there will be shot instantly.  A blue dot means you’ll be dragged off to a FEMA camp.  A pink dot means you’ll make a great slave to keep the system running.



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  1. yes no interlude says:

    they just want her baby……………

  2. This cannot be real.
    Could it be the final stages of the Endgame, the Event, whatevers been on the cards, is here?
    This Shemitah crap the satanic mafia are orchestrating events by, I don’t believe the shemitah is a natural organic thing at all. They don’t have to crash the markets and do false flags and create misery? And they pretend its all laid down in some Divine thing, the Shemitah.
    I think this is more evil satanic black magic at work

    • RabbiT says:

      To cull and enslave the population this has to be done on an industrial level and therefore requires martial law but before that, they must disarm the population. The camps are in place

      My view is that it is all laid down in the Protocols:

      The Shemitah is out of date Judaism.

      My take is that God’s people have frequently been stubborn and when He sent them their Messiah, in the real Jesus of the Bible, they rejected Him and as such God rejected them. In their rebellion (against the Romans) their temple was destroyed – game over.

      The mantle now passes to the gentiles and God is with the goy whom they (this satanic organised Jewry and their useful idiot helpers) likewise hate and in doing so continue to oppose God.

      They are creating their own perverted corrupt heaven on earth until the time comes for God to intervene and wipe them out.

      I have not seen or heard much of Jade Helm “the exercise” bar activities involving infrastructure and movement of vehicles.

      If the exercise was to see if troops could move incognito then this suggests they are not in fact there. What I see is essentially a means to import and distribute the heavy artillery to prepare for martial law JH15 being a cover to do so.

      And yes ultimately it is satanic.

      • I like this summary, in many ways, even terms you use to describe stuff such as sat org jewry, on your way to making your points. All helps to confirm , embed it in my mind, what is going on. By comparison, this alien hype is a joke.
        Im notnsaying they don’t exit, id like to be pleasantly surprised great allies are round the corner. but I don’t think so. I think we have Spiritual other dimensional help though, from God/Source whatever it is, from the Holy SPirit. I want to say Jesus too, and then I think he was a king who died in 98AD acc to ralph ellis. However I do understand the point, and I can identify, someone called Jesus was sent here, a good man, called the Son of God, and really went out his way to spread awareness and empowerment. Im sure someone like this existed. And for us to fixate our minds and identify with the goodness he espoused, as our connection to Source.
        – I find it interesting how dr Wilson says through proper mineral ratios and a well nourished, detoxified body, the Silver Cord connection to the Holy SPirit gets strengthened. BTW whats the difference between the Holy Spirit, and the Higher Self?
        Interstellar with Mathew mcconaufghey, at the end, in the tesserac, flitting from time point to time point, trying to influence himself in this life. Powerful point made. Even though interstellar I have a few crisiticsms of with an Agenda, I think the tesserac could be a well observed truth as paul laviolette agrees with me.
        – Wilson also speaks of ’emptying’ onself, not leading a life filled with inane distractions. Peaceful time alone. The diet he recommends etc. And the downward roy exercise. All this he says, creates an empty space within, where the Hopy SPirit can come in and help in numerous ways. Incl helping others. Problem solving. Creativity. etc.

        I hope you are well

        yes you are right everybody dies. However I do not think any of us should go without a fight. We are meant to be here now. Some are saying, that our souls wanted to incarnate here now at this momentous time, to help. Apparently the timelines been shifted to a great enough degree, where we are going to be ok. This is why I think in the Heavens, a battle between good and evil is taking place and down here, is a proxy war going on. Except Rabbit in the heavens, other dimensional planes (its said even the US military can operate in the etheric plane not sure about this), in the heavens they, like interstellar, have tremendous planning abilities, to flit to the past of future, since times non linear.
        Look on youtube rabbit, many NDE experiences, convincing ones, report times non linear there.
        This means I think, theres a tremendous battle of intervention , trying to pull the timeline back and forth, good or evil, and I think in this proxy war, we are being influenced by Higher beings. And some of us tune into the Good. Others, (and I think this is why the Satanist jewry elites have pushed degeneracy and the secular society, and rampant pornography and breaking the family, and corrupting everything), since these basically good members of the public areunfortunaely adrift, and easy pickings for satan, in fact theyre automatically claimed by him, because theyre deceived and made to believe the Truth doesn’t exist.

        Whats my point to all this?
        I am saying, all the chemtrails, and lung problems, and health going downhill in people, needn’t and must not be a downward spiral. It is possible to regenerate and become strong, and at least resist, so health can stanbilise and be good.
        It depends on ones situation and motivation levels and willingness to compress spa routines efficiently into a weekly routine, or even daily, or every few days. it means knowing where to look for healing foods and supplements. And supporting the liver detoxification pathway, and other things.
        Therefore if you have time see these

      • If a 3 lamp pvc framed NIR 250w phillps lamp sauna, with canvas draped over, easy to build with instuctions on his website, if this is not convenient to do, the at least a single 250w phillips lamp. And a clamp holder. Wells poultry do these, or amazon for the bulb perhaps. 25 quid tops, guidance articles on wilsons website. Explains better and more extensively than me droning on. But I hope to point you in the right direction, as you do me

    • kingel says:

      “…..this Shemitah crap…” totally agree… is an engineered agenda rather than divine intervention.

      These “entities” seem too stupid to recognise their own malevolent puerility !

      As for crashing the markets, they were pumped up with QE, FAKE money.
      What goes up must come down !
      There is no “divine” element in it…..just good ‘ol khazar zionist THEFT !

      Some have said the NY Stock Exchange was overvalued by 70%.
      A big drop may well ensue !

  3. ian says:

    The minute he starts getting messages from God, I stopped watching. If they have a computer so powerful and efficient at command and control, I don’t think that they’ll rely on stickers on mailboxes to kill folks. If they do then nobody’s going to find out. More scare tactics.
    The rfid thing could be true, as we’re about to find out big style in the UK, keeping track of immigrants that are stealing our savings that the banks haven’t already STOLEN, will be no easy task, in fact it could even be a method of justifying ID cards or whatever.
    If I get a red ticket on my mailbox I’ll swap it with that guy with BMW at the end of the road. ha!

    • charles allan says:

      Put your own tartan dot on your mailbox – this will confuse the fema militias no end since they cant think outside the box.

      • dkblue says:

        Or an LGBT friendly letterbox with a rainbow of dots all over 😉

    • kingel says:


      ” …our savings” that the banks haven’t already stolen ?

      From what I have read there are no longer any….. “our savings”

      “Apparently” at the G20 Summit in Brisbane, the term SAVINGS was redefined and now means…… UNSECURED LOAN to a corporate entity…….

      Or, “WURDZ” to that effect !

      • ian says:

        Sorry kingel, I sometimes have a habit of living in the past. Not that I now think it was much different, more that I thought it was different then.
        Thanks for the update.

  4. ian says:

    Oh gosh some folks have taken their dots off, retreat retreat, they’re smarter than we thought. Plan B how about we put the dots under the mailboxes, do ya think they’ll be smart enough to notice that? The army could carry a mirror on a stick, ,,oh hang on, then the dot would be upside down. Drat, plan C,,,,,,,,,,

  5. pat rick says:

    rocket science – swap the dots around. Don’t the DHS use computers/palmtops yet?

    this above story is BASIC predictive programming

  6. Lynn says:

    Fear porn is on steroids now. Ha.

  7. kingel says:

    Surely a mailbox is private property ?

    There should be no stickers without the explicit consent, of the householder ?

    I have thought from the outset, this is all fear porn.
    “THEY” need negative energy to survive.
    If, large numbers are waking up, negative energy “supplies” may well be decreasing.

    All this fear mongering “crap” isis, financial collapse could be an…energy harvesting” operation ?

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