Corbyn’s brother Piers is climate change sceptic

Piers Corbyn interviewed by Mark Windows, and others.  He claims Corbyn’s coming means the end of Consensus politics (which he says means the agenda of the powers that be), and the beginning of grass roots politics.  That seems unlikely to happen.  The whole coming of Corbyn narrative has been a media op from beginning to end.


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  1. ian says:

    As I’ve mentioned else where, it’s just Obomber yes we can, UK lite version. It will fool many and herd many previous non voters to the booths in the belief that it can bring change. If they believe that, then they’ll believe that David Kelly committed suicide and Robin Cook died of a heart attack. That the same folks who “arranged” these events would allow someone to change their ever so carefully laid plans, to me seems a tad naive.

  2. NPP says:

    I have not yet accessed this Piers Corbyn interview, but look forward to doing so.

    David Icke On Jeremy Corbyn, Syria And The Reality Behind The Refugees Crisis And More?

    I remain on the fence and optimistic about Corbyn. I recommend this lengthy interview with Icke.

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