Corbyn Wipes The Floor With Them All

I caught the Labour debate tonight via the Telegraph website:

The poll given during the programme had Corbyn leading with 68% and at the end 83%.
During the post programme reaction even the talking heads were bias and anti-Corbyn. The Sky presenter said “we think” Corbyn appears to be the winner according to the poll. When has any candidate received 83%?! We think? It was bleedin’ black and white: Corbyn was by far the most popular. Even a member of the live audience castigated the Sky adjudicator for grilling Corbyn over and above the other 3.
Another audience member stated they all look the same. Corbyn is different. Corbyn never felt the need to say “… to be honest….” because he just is apparently inherently honest. People understand this. The conventional politicians and media commentators simply don’t get it; or they don’t want to get it.

83%! This is unheard of.’They’ don’t know what to do. It was among the most enjoyable political debates I’ve witnessed, just to see the establishment fade so dismally. Corbyn said basically no to military intervention in Syria. He was calm, answered the question, despite the others not apparently hearing his answers, and simply strolled it by just being himself.

I’m for a Ron Paul type free market economy. But, Jeremy Corbyn offers a change to the perpetual foreign entanglement policy of of our governments down the ages. It is at least a common policy he seems to share with Ron Paul.

Most significantly, I suggest the Tories are perplexed tonight. Corbyn has what none of them have: popularity among an increasing number of ‘ordinary’ people. I wonder what the odds are tonight for Corbyn the PM? A Corbyn-Farage coalition might not be such a bizarre idea tonight. They both seem to want troops home. Peace is a powerful and attractive proposal. Anyway, if the mainstream are critical of Corbyn, I am reporting it seemed to be an easy win for him.

Next morning.
Liz Kendall warns of Tory ‘wipe out’ bid after Labour vote:
This BBC headline entirely avoids what really happened. It does state:
“A majority of the 8,000 viewers surveyed felt Mr Corbyn had won the debate, with 80.6% supporting him, compared with 9.1% for Ms Kendall, 5.7% for Yvette Cooper and 4.6% for Andy Burnham.”
Ms Kendall urged her party to “get real”. I suggest the established politicians and media are avoiding ‘getting real’. Corbyn said yes to medical marijuana, brought up questions about the EU, was clear about not supporting war in Iraq.

The BBC R4 Today presstitute James Naughtie just reported Corbyn as saying he could not see any circumstances for deploying troops. That is a lie. He did not rule out all circumstances. Why is the idea of peace so alien to these people? They are fuelling emotional response to the 3 year old Syrian boy photographed dead on a Turkish beach. There is no reference to the bombing and invading of foreign nation states by ‘us’ which has led to a 3 year old dead boy on a beach. What about the dead boys in Yemen, Palestine and so many other places we have blasted and destroyed? How is it Malcolm Rifkind still gets to be invited onto the BBC for his abysmal commentary?

I wonder. Has the internet and alternative media helped to create awareness and support for the likes of Jeremy Corbyn? The BBC are being shown how out of touch they are.

Open letter to Jeremy Corbyn from Justin Walker of the British Constitution Group:


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  1. ian says:

    As I’ve said before, if he get’s anywhere, then it’s with the gangsters blessing. It could be a ploy to re-engage people in politics like they did with Obomber, yes we can, but no he didn’t. Neither will Corbyn.

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