Central Government paedophile rings to take over local council children’s ‘services’

Cameron tells councils: ‘transform failing children’s services or have them taken over’

Prime Minister to use keynote speech to signal “more ambitious” programme of social work reforms

Photo: Tim Rooke/Rex

Photo: Tim Rooke/Rex

Councils who fail to ‘transform’ under-performing child protection services will have them taken over by external providers, David Cameron will say today.

In a speech setting out the government’s priorities for the Autumn spending review, in which plans to make £20bn of savings will be outlined, the prime minister will cite children in care and prisons as two “standout areas for reform” that are being damaged by a “tolerance of state failure”.

Cameron will say that change is required, whether “by breaking state monopolies, bringing in new providers or allowing new ways of doing things”. He will also commit to what Downing Street describes as “a more ambitious reform of social services and child protection” to be delivered by government departments, councils and charities.

“There will be a clear message to any local authority failing its children: transform the way you provide services, or those services will be taken over by non-profit trusts,” a Number 10 statement ahead of the speech said.

The government has already stripped some councils of responsibility for their children’s services in the wake of damaging Ofsted inspection reports.

Doncaster’s child protection services have been run by an independent not-for-profit company since last October and the government has told Slough council that responsibility for its children’s services will be handed to an independent trust. Improvement notices issued by the Department for Education to Somerset and West Berkshire councils have warned that a failure to address failings could see the government use its statutory to powers to dictate how children’s services are run.


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  1. ferryt says:

    Psyop on channel 4 now.

    Wow, better than rita katz.

  2. Lynn says:

    Well the steam rollers just keep going. Who is going to protect the children from these molesters.

    • Sorry off topic. But I really feel this stuff has the potential to completely blow all this Paedo stuff high in the sky and destroy it all. This is corey goodes latest

      Corey’s further commentary:

      Sphere Being Alliance Some interesting articles on this site… Some tie in very well with the article I am writing about the Ancient Human Breakaway Civilizations and their tie in’s with the NAZI Cults that took over the US Shadow Government and Corporate/Military Industrial Complex leading up to the various SSP’s and Secret Earth Governments/Syndicates… Enjoy as I work on that article/update: ”

    • But is he suggesting before some NAZI cults taking over US shadow govt and military industrial complex……these 2 things were sweet and good , helping humianity? I don’t buy that if that’s what hes saying
      And all this emphasis on Nazi cults. Does he mean Zionists? Is he including our J khazarian friends? Satanists?
      If he is then im starting to feel some good things about corey goode

    • Bloody hell they do look like real pyramids not mountains, take a look at the photos Lynn

      Are there really pyramids in Antarctica?
      Its been quite a while since the discovery of “Pyramids” on Antarctica. News about these mysterious structures has caused major interest among researchers and ufologists, countless theories have emerged proposed different explanation what these “structures” are. The proposed theories range from alien constructions, secret military bases to ancient civilizations with advanced technology, while others believe that these pyramids are just natural formations and nothing more. Regrettably this information has yet to be confirmed or denied as no official sources have bothered to look into the matter, apparently.
      The possibilities are endless if you take in count that antarctica wasnt always as cold as it is today. The question to ask here is the following: is it possible that Antarctica was once warm enough in the past to make it possible for an ancient civilization to live there? And if an ancient culture did in fact develop and inhabit Antarctica in the distant past, wouldn’t we find evidence of their life there today? Well according to many researchers, there are structures at Antarctica, there are pyramids there and enough evidence to support the theory of ancient civilization inhabiting antarctica in the past. If the archaeological community would acknowledge this finding is an entire different question.

  3. Aldous says:

    “The best way to control the opposition to paedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia is to lead it ourselves.”
    ~ Despicable Cameron


    • Aldous says:

      “Paedophilia mentioned often enough becomes the norm.”

      • Aldous says:

        “A paedophile can control 100 kids without their parents watching… make mass searches and hold executions for found parents watching over their kids.”

  4. Aldous says:

    “The way to crush the heterosexuals is to grind them between the millstones of pornography and sodomy.”

  5. Dogman says:

    As long as the so called authorities use ridiculous phrases such as “possible future physical and emotional harm” to hide behind, no family is safe from interference. Does possessing a penis mean that you are a “possible future rapist” and should be locked up?
    People have to remember that when dealing with the system that their kids are their property or their possessions but not to refer to them as their children as children belong to the state. Check out Karl Lentz and unkommonlaw.

    • Excellent Dogman. Its a huge overwhelming thing this common law, legalese jargon
      Ive read theres a whole parallel track the Satanist Mafia try to take legal prceedings down in court. I know this, and was shocked. (I don’t know details though)
      I know how we are being lorded over quite inappropriately, by the Law of the Sea. Admiralty Law. Gold tassle round court flag
      WTF does law of the sea have to do with us here living our day to day lives? F**kers
      The layman entering court, is made to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by proceedings, and fall into legalese traps when addressing the judge
      Satanist Occultist F*ckers

      I have been aware dogman of certain laymen whove done their research and not allowed the judge to hijack proceedings along Admiralty Law lines.

      Ive also read about same laymen going ointo council offices about council tax being illegal etc. And the council lawyer waived the tax because they knew it would open can of worms floodgates. F*uckers
      Nevertheless I have no time to go down this route of research even though I should

      But your last statement ”People have to remember that when dealing with the system that their kids are their property or their possessions but not to refer to them as their children as children belong to the state. Check out Karl Lentz and unkommonlaw.
      http://www.unkommonlaw.co.uk/about-karl-lentz.html” is a very valuable reminder thanks, in a nutshell. Something to bookmark and take note of and research when we can.

      So our kids are our property and possessions. Ill remember that

  6. Dogman says:

    Worth reading why Uniform Commercial code (UCc) is SUPERIOR to Common Laws and replaced all man-made laws or legislation in 1930 when all countries were bankrupted at the Geneva Convention by the League of Nations. http://icj2.webs.com/ Its a minefield and without more knowledge of legalese it isn’t a level playing field.

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