Cameron in Bed with War Criminal Netanyahu


British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has replaced deposed Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, as Netanyahu’s new sleeping partner notwithstanding Israel’s documented killing of more than 2000 civilians, including hundreds of children, in Gaza, in 2014, ­ killings now alleged to be war crimes

Binyamin Netanyahu was previously in bed with the former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak ­ now in prison. Both were paid millions of dollars by the United States government to implement and maintain an inhumane blockade of essential goods into Gaza, under the pretext of arms control. This blockade was, and still is, intended to keep 1.8 million men, women and children at just under subsistence level in a, so far, failed attempt to effect a regime change in Gaza.

 Netanyahu is, of course, a proponent of the political Zionism movement whose charter requires the expropriation of all the land of former Palestine in order to achieve a ‘Greater Israel’ through the ethnic­ cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian Arab who has lived in the region for a millennium.

 Now Netanyahu has a replacement sleeping partner, this time in Europe ­ Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron who, in comparison with Egypt’s Mubarak, is just a child. A child that Netanyahu can manipulate and control through his lobby in the House of Commons ­ the CFI Conservative Friends of Israel lobby that claims to have the membership of virtually the entire Conservative cabinet.

Netanyahu who has proved to be a ruthlessly clever operator with strings into both Westminster and Washington is, of course, more than satisfied with this new arrangement particularly as, since last week, he now has his own Likud Zionist representative in the House of Lords, Britain’s second legislative chamber.  It is too surreal even for a House of Cards series.

Anthony Bellchambers, London. 04 Aug 2015


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  1. Tom says:

    Plus Netanyahu has a ready-made propaganda machine to call upon in the form of the British media.

  2. ian says:

    I wonder how many standing ovations Nutty will get this side of the Atlantic, by our “representatives”?

  3. Barrie J says:

    86% of Conservative M.P.s are Friends of Israel, 64% of Labour M.P.s. If Muslims were as well represented in Parliament (per head of the population) as are Jews, there would be over 200 Muslim M.P.s.
    It has been a tragedy for Jewish people that millions of pounds and tens of millions of words have been expounded to directly link criticism of Israel with anti Semitism. They’re unlikely to give up on that policy now.

  4. charles drake says:

    cam moron is a jewisher
    sam cam astor 2
    he worked at a mossad front called carlton
    who made news and documentary cover stories for kidron mi5 hits and gladio bomb bangs.
    barry bulsara barry george dando hit stitch up.
    armscor nukes went missing on his watch with david kelly cam moron that is ended up in israeli aman mossad hands.
    what is your beef goy
    blood is blood he is royalty after all.
    a bit tim nice but dim butt
    an ex bullingdon boy a skull and bones
    talmudic rabbi man now.

    cam moron pays tribute to his rabbi
    followed by some other goy

  5. Lynn says:

    Cameron the front man to white genocide. He is our enemy within. Good luck everyone…. We have been fooled by their false sincerity. They have us tricked. Well some of us.

  6. ferryt says:

    Heathcote Williams, ‘the prime minister and the jellyfish’:

    • ian says:

      Well, ferryt, I always said I wouldn’t piss on his gums if his teeth were on fire, but after watching this, I’ll make an exception ha ha. excellent.

      • ian says:

        My apologies to anyone of a delicate disposition. Please excuse my coarseness.

      • ferryt says:

        Yeah Heathcote is excellent Ian. Imagine most of the plebs pissing on you. I hope cameron has seen this.

        Needs sharing as should have way more views. It’s a good clip.

      • dkblue says:

        Hahahaha never heard that saying before – a beauty!

  7. salty says:

    Jews Must Face “Dark Side” of Judaism

    February 7, 2016.

    Kosher Meatpacking Plant was Anything but Kosher

    Stephen Bloom was a typical American Jewish liberal who wanted to explore his Jewish roots.

    He found that for its most ardent followers, Judaism is about hatred and exploitation of non-Jews.

    He is a reminder that although all Jews will be blamed for NWO, only a tiny fraction understand it or have read the Talmud.

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