Bush did 9/11


This is entertaining, and informative, in that it gives a snapshot of the public’s view of 9/11.  People all, or nearly all, know it wasn’t the official story.  Yet then what?  If the government is working to manipulate and deceive the people over something as big as 9/11, then everything else we know, or knew, becomes suspect.  Yet our lives hang on acting as if we believe everything else is genuine.  The change in thinking and being required of an individual human being, and the requirement to build a new framework for life, is so great if you take on board that there is another level of power over and above the ones you’ve been told about, and one that’s not benign, that few can countenance it.  It’s better and easier to try and believe the first lie, and pretend you don’t know the whole of government is one vast deception.  This clip shows the dilemma playing out with the public in the street.  Just as in Soviet Russia, people know but they don’t want to know.  Getting on with their ordinary everyday lives is more important.

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  1. ian says:

    This video or more the short article above raises a very interesting point. I won’t go into detail, but I have constantly had issues in life and have thus never been in a groove of plain sailing if you will. I have always been separate from the herd, and thus very open to how the system works. My wife, a “normal” middle of the road, gregarious one of the herd people, who is a kind, caring , tv loving mrs average, married to a loser type person, has great difficulty dealing with any of this that is so obvious to me. We often just agree to disagree. I do notice now though, especially among the younger ones, an awakening to to how it really works.

  2. Gordon says:

    It’s encouraging to see at least that some agree that Bush did 9/11. The evidence is insurmountable suppressed only by a corrupt enquiry and a prostitute press. Truth and time is fast catching up with this nefarious family which has been a thorn in the flesh of not only to the American people but the peoples of the world.

  3. Lynn says:

    Bush = insanity. This crime syndicate is fast catching up with them. Bad blood..time this contaminated seed was destroyed.

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