British Government declares environmental war on the North Of England, combined with Smart warfare against Scotland

Scotland has no political opposition.  The community groups opposing fracking and underground coal gasification will be crucial.   Scotland no longer has water independence, after Sturgeon secretly transferred the powers back to Westminster.  She’s now doing deals with the Tories over Scottish coal.  Scotland is a one party State with total loss of water security, and now being wired up with surveillance to suppress all opposition.  Once the Scots awaken to what’s happening, the apparatus to suppress all opposition will be in place.  It’s a one party Police State.  The referendum was a distraction.  The SNP are not who they say they are.

The fracking moratorium is a deception.  Sturgeon already has a deal to roll our UCG and fracking once they’ve secured the election in Scotland in 2016.

Hands Across The Forth demonstration coming up in October.




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  1. ian says:

    Setting fire to underground coalfields thousands of feet down whilst releasing methane from nearby fracking operations all under peoples homes. What possibly could go wrong. Think Hurricane Katrina, think Bhopal in India thanks to Union Carbide, think Fukushima, thanks to God or his chosen representative. In all these type of events, the local community is left in a disaster zone. Nobody cares once the shit hits, and the MSM develops a memory lapse. Fight it tooth and nail, because if it goes tits up, the locals are left with the mess.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Absolutely correct. I felt the Scottish nationalist party was a facade all along although of course not in Scotland, nor Ireland for that matter. I use Dublinmick as they tell me the largest pub in Dublin has my surname on it! And of course I am part Irish, part Scottish with a small DNA sub sample of Seminole indian.

    At any rate what is going on there is of interest to me. The queen has already announced the indigenous population of the isles is to be replaced by those of the middle east and the Caribbean. How much more plain can they make it?

    They are doing a bang up job of it too. First you shoot up the middleast and destroy the infrastructure, then you you import the refugees into Europe. That is a great plan if you want to genocide the locals. And by the way there are many jews on record in the United states who advocated this long ago with statements that others were easier to control than Europeans, so they must be replaced.

    I don’t know if this is true, however, the Europeans look like easy pickings to me. They have no organization, nobody representing them and it seems at this point little inclination to actually survive.

    On the other, jews, the japanese, freemasons and others network very closely. It is not talked about it much but entire communities of Japanese citizens are springing up in Germany. You do remember Germany’s “ally” in world war II was?

  3. Lynn says:

    They are all plants. Working together for the nafarious cause. Sturgeon was selected not elected. The election process is rigged. Purely to destroy the Goy. We have been eaten from the inside out. A plague of locusts the lot of them.

  4. DICK R says:

    We need the energy more than we need to listen to bellyaching ecolunatics.

    • ferryt says:

      We had plenty of energy in britain from coal stations.

      Why are the gasifying coal?

      The Coal mining industry has followed the usual path. Run into the ground (ho ho) on purpose then eventually privatised. just like the current situation with the police (sorry no sympathy for the revenue collectors and paedophile protectors from me) and the nhs (sympathy for the medical staff but not the corporate style managers. Who needs a manager when they go to hospital? Answer, no one does).

      Coal powered stations have been closed en masse so we can focus on ‘renewables’. That’s fine except renewables are in no way able to provide enough energy.

      Ignoring the effects to the environment caused by fracking, which these tossers just love to tell you about when coal is discussed, this psychotic government are going to frack under peoples homes.

      Oil price slumps (also totally fixed) have put fracking out of business in the usa.

      Ignoring the well documented side affects of fracking, it’s questionable economic viability, mass unpopularity and unkown side effects just what the hell is this psychotic government up to?

      Well what haven’t they totally messed up yet? Water. Asside from the lovely fluoride that cameron wants me to drink and bathe in, they haven’t totally owned water yet. They’re after the water so they can privatise that after they’ve poisoned it all. Possibly us too.

      Open the coal stations if you need power Cameron, you total zionist corporate tool.

      And frack in chipping Norton you scumbag.

      You do not represent the people of Britain Cameron. You are a corporate tool. The cracks are really starting to show even in the zionist media. Tick tock as Coleman and spivey say. The naked emporers cards are coming down.

    • ian says:

      Whilst it could be said that your description, “bellyaching ecolunatics”, is a particularly cruel and typically bigoted if not stupid way of describing concerned native inhabitants of the lands they want to undermine with fire, you are in fact correct.
      We as a country are now energy poor. Thatcher and her clan finished the mining industry and left us to import cheap fuel. Due to our current policies and Zionist doctrines, we have so many people under sanctions, that we’ve no where left to buy it from. So my point is, You’re correct, but please show a bit more respect to people fighting to prevent, what could easily turn into a disaster which Westminster would soon whitewash and forget.
      Remember that all the gas and oil we have stolen from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, although the military theft was paid for by the British taxpayer, it is then exploited by big business and sold back to the people who financed it’s acquisition at huge profit and heavily taxed to boot.
      This fracking and coal gas extraction will be no different. The people lose every time.

      • ian says:

        I meant more like what ferryt and sovereigntea said. I go off a bit like a blunderbuss in all directions.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Dick R lol more Dick Head you are a divide and rule minion or a complete idiot. Whining “ecolunatics” are irritating blathering on about CO2 however they are quite right when it comes to the idiocy of fracking which should be viewed as a terrorist enemy chemical attack to our water supplies.

      Thatcher israel’s whore scrapped the mining industry and thus enhanced the role and riches of the parasitical international middle man, making the UK dependent on imported energy And that whilst her pals profited from stealing the oil / gas revenue from the North Sea an asset rightfully belonging to the people of the UK, Norway invested their oil revenue on behalf of the nation.

    • Dogman says:

      DICK R, explain your comment, if you can.
      There are more efficient and safer ways of providing energy than fracking, so why are you calling people names, when there is evidence of the dangers.
      Don’t be fracking ignorant

  5. ian says:

    Another aspect that came to me since sleeping, is that southern England will more and more rely on the north for a secure water supply and will lust after it like the israelis do over the Litana river. Ruin that at your peril Westminster.

    • ian says:

      Litani, sorry. chemtrails are aggravating my Alzheimers.

      • kingel says:

        You should try drinking volvic water, ian…….

        According to Dr Christopher Exley, drinking Silicon rich mineral water will rid the brain of vaccine & chemtrail induced….aluminium !

        It is being used to alleviate the symptoms of those suffering from alzheimers.

        Your writing appears a bit too lucid for an alzheimers sufferer ! !

      • ian says:

        well spotted kingel, I shouldn’t joke about these things. I suppose in a way, the internet gives us an insight into the symptoms suffered by people with Asperger’s syndrome. Once denied the body language and facial expressions, it is extremely difficult to anticipate someone’s mood, whether joking or being sarcastic. I shouldn’t do it, but I’m afraid it’s a learned survival technique to cover for feelings of social ineptitude. I apologise if I misled you. I also apologise to genuine Alzheimer’s sufferers. My mother had it, I know how much of person destroyer it can be. That being said, I’ll try the Volvic, as I am nowhere near as sharp as I was, and no-one knows what’s in store for them.

      • kingel says:

        You didn’t mislead me ian.
        I took advantage of your reference to alzheimers, to…”PLUG”…….the amazing video presentation of Dr Exley.

        For those connected to an alzheimers sufferer; whether it is old age related or, vaccine/chemtrailed caused…….the Dr Exley video could be a health saver !

        I enjoy your posts……. down to earth common sense.
        Common sense being an uncommon commodity these days !

      • ian says:

        Thanks K’

    • dkblue says:

      Hi Kingel,
      Interested in your silica rich water to eliminate aluminium video. Have you been using that type of water? If so have you noticed a difference?
      I wonder if using the Schuessler Tissue Salt with silica in would do it….
      Bottled water has many downsides – expense, plastic contamination and pollution.
      I have been feeling lately that my mental acuity is not what it was in some ways (?!) – thought it might also be too much googling and my brain re-wiring to sound bite sized moments so my attention span has shortened… or it could be all the chem-debris that is raining down on us all persistently.
      Anyway, thoughts on aluminium detoxing very welcome!

      • Hello Dkblue, I have some thoughts from research I do, that’s ongoing, ill list things off top of my head
        – Its worth being aware to minimise aluminium exposure (cooking pans, deodorants etc). But in the bigger picture for the body health situation, not only is it likely elevated aluminium is sequestered away in body organs. other toxic metals like mercury, or cadmium, and oxide bad versions of good minerals are very likely present too. unless ones worked in an aluminium factory. but even then, the principle to remove toxic metals for just aluminium, applies to removing them all, and toxic chemicals too.

        – Proper drinking water is a basic thing to address as you know. Frommwhat ive read, bottled water isn’t bad at all, spring water. Tesco do some quite good value cheap bottled spring water. Plastic leaching into the water isn’t a problem, apparently.
        but if you are resolutely against bottled water. Rev Osmosis water ive read is harmful, structure of the water is changed, and dehydrates the body, and has mineral/toxic metal problems too I gather
        Distilled water will demineralise your body remove vital minerals. Helpful for a month perhaps to assist a programme but no more than that, or 3 monhts
        Carbon filter, for tap water. Ok, but not ideal but the best from what ive read.
        The Doulton candle one Charles drake recommeneded the other day. That might be worth getting. But theres a lot of medication residues, fluorine, bromines, chlorides in tap water, not sure how well it would work.

        – I am studying dr wilsons nutritional balancing science diploma, to become a practitioner, for hair analysis and detoxification science
        – My impression, from extensive reading on his site and mercolas and others, building up a picture, is taking a few tissue salts isn’t going to do it.
        – Many, most bodies today are not generating enough energy in mitochondria. Low energy. A key concept is, raise your own internal energy production, loads of symptoms vanish on their own. Energy is needed for the body to release toxic metals from enzyme binding sites hidden in the brain, liver or wherever.
        -The body has intelligence. Teleology. Which means given the right support, this intelligence can be harnessed to remove toxic metals safely, for excretion, without dumping them in other places on the way out.
        – EDTA and other chelation methods are harmful, harsh, rip minerals out harshly and always pull out valuable minerals from the body
        – The demineralised soils today, thanks to roundup spraying, overfarming, GMOs, NPK fertilisers. etc etc. Is factored in, taken into account.
        – You can do the free basic programme on his site, with no hair analysis testing. And im sure get good results with that.
        – it all depends on your motivation, since a degree of disclipline is required but I think your question about aluminium, as well as other metals, will be addressed and your mental acuity will get better along with other things
        – As well as the diet/supplement reccomendations, detoxification home spa therapies are needed. That are cheap, done at home, effective. Liver support is paramount since phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways need supporting. The cabal are attacking us from every angle and making everyone now it seems, toxic.
        – Coffee enemas, home 250w near infra red sauna sessions, or a single lamp if you cant make your own canvas framed covered 3 lamp sauna which he gives instructions for.
        5 or 10 min foot reflexology on oneself appears very important.
        He dioscourages strenuous exercise, the boies apparently today are too toxic, and vital minerals get depleted further with intense worlkout sessions
        – The theory of preferred minerals. if zinc, or selenium, is deficient in diets. The body will take up slightly similar out shaped toxic metals, like cadmium, and fit those in enzyme bing sites.
        So you can see how, living in central London for example, eating a poor mineral deficinent diet, one will become very toxic indeed.
        Heres some links

        Lawrence wilsons search bar. key in any topic or month yr and articles come up

        Aluminum is a toxic metal that is unfortunately found widely in our present-day environment in places such as anti-perspirants, anti-acids, aluminum in cookware and “tin foils”, aluminum used in the deodorant stones and crystals, aluminum in clays like zeolite, bentonite and azomite, and hundreds of other common products made with aluminum. It is also added to most municipal water supplies, and used as a preservative in many vaccines. Aluminum is called the soft-in-the-head mineral because it affects the brain more than any other system of the body, impairing memory and cognition in most cases.

        Also, and I don’t know why I sense this, I sense you might be vegetarian or vegan, I could well be wrong, but these diets are harmful today in 21st century

        The free basic programme

        I hope this helps

      • The cabal are attacking us on many fronts, in many ways. Including targeting different body tissues ie fluoride intapwater pineal gland, I hope you saw the corey goode pineal linktoday about the pineal. calcifying it.
        but the cabal are and have been attacking more than the pineal dkblue.
        Attacks on many fronts. Subtle fronts, imperceptible to many
        However the point of what im trying to say is, The cabal have attacked our mitochondria. Our mitochondria are tremendous energy generating devices in every cell. I didn’t realise that, by approx. the age of 10, kids mitochondria are proiducing around 10% the energy they should be. Such is the cabal toxic environment, and vaccines etc.
        This means the cells, bidy are generating energy other ways they can, but less healthy ways. Mitochondrial energy generation is the best, even the CO2 by product is healthy. This is all being suppressed
        The good news is it can be reversed.
        I do strongly suspect that J residents in North London suburbs like GGreen, via whatever means , are prewarned to all these threats and this accounts for their dietary and toxin avoidance choices.
        Anyway dkblue ive lost my train of thought now.
        her name is Sofija by the way, and im very in love with her

      • ”However, the overall result is that the electron transport system begins to decline in power in almost everyone by the age of 10 or so. At this time, the person usually moves into a state of slow oxidation, as reported on a properly performed and properly interpreted hair tissue mineral test.”,%20WF.htm

      • kingel says:

        Yup….I am drinking Silicon rich mineral water.
        I am not yet drinking the recommended daily amount, due to my lack of discipline.
        I believe Dr Exley has already identified remarkable results and, plans more trials.
        I think my brain function is on an even keel. I haven’t noticed any deterioration.
        I don’t know if you have watched the video. If, you are short of time this is one video I would recommend.
        The information within the video, is of the type that needs to be passed around, by any means possible, word of mouth etc.
        So many people are succumbing to Alzheimers, I suspect this water may be a real help.

        I can’t comment on Schuessler Salt. I don’t know anything about it.
        I am using pink Himalayan salt, in spite of charles drake warning that some of it is….dyed !
        I think the one I am using is safe ?

        In reference to chemtrails, I have also heard that ….Fullers Earth….. is a great help.
        I have not done any research on it ….yet
        I am going to have to look into it.

        There is so much knowledge we need to acquire to stay healthy. So much to do , so little time to do it in !

  6. dkblue says:

    More thoughts on aluminium amongst many other things (CERN, Kozyrev, Kali/Shiva symbolism etc)

    • Dkblue says:

      Hi Adam,
      Thank you so much for all the info. I read thru Dr Wilsons free protocol and it makes sense to me. I love vegies and have finally managed a successful garden broad beans, spinach, kale, brassicas, herbs). I would love a near infra read sauna….one day!
      I too spend a lot of time reserching health solutions due to a Lyme issue. It is empowering to get back to ‘food as medicine’!
      Unfortunately we had an R/O filter system installed to remove fluoride but have felt for awhile that we might need to get in some spring water.
      Lots to consider and take action on.
      Not to be personal but Sofia is also another name for our mother earth – hear Cara St Louis series of interviews with Miles Johnston. I think Rudolf Steiner is interesting (She is a Waldorf teacher).

    • Hi I like the vortexcourage website. Yes apparently earth, Sophia as laura walker on (which I highly recommend to read each day after 2pm update), in her Gnostic Astrology report, mentions. Apparently Earth is a conscious intelligent living thing. And I feel that. Apparently the Sun is too. Vrtexcourage is very interesting. Dublinmicks blog very interesting. Santos Bonacci very interesting. Regrettably I have less and less time now and a shorter attention span, trying to juggle everything. I have more threads and trains of thought about WIlson etc to join up when I can, on this empowering subject of helping ourselves. Look out for a long comment to DM at the bottom of josef wedkolwski tap article awaiting moderation

  7. Dkblue says:

    I had read that people are thinking some hair analysis labs in the US are not being honest in their results re chemtrail elements! (Not suggesting Dr W’s)

    • Yes. He goes on a lot about how many labs don’t do it right, handle the hair wrong. Wrong methods. SOme might even be deliberately set up to confuse and discredit HA.
      BTW on my awakening journey, and this discernments only started to sharpen in the last year or 8 months. I have even been looking out for signs, clues, Wilsons site might be an elaborate NWO pharma site, containing useful info, but clever disinfo woven in. Key disinfo, to maybe veer us away from crucial big healing (or other) truths the cabal ESPECIALLY don’t want us to know. My antennas up and remains up. And not just for Wilsons site, other health sites too
      I say this bcoz Wilson writes some great articles, great logic, on loads of subjects. Very insightful about whats going on on our planet now. Some strange articles too but I sense the man is good and genuine and his NB science with Dr Eck I feel a genuine thing.
      The parts ive managed to integrate into my life, I do think what he says is real and works.
      BTW as well, on a side note, big pharma actually buy health food companies and sell products saying its vit D for example, when its worthless or even subtly harmful. These are the complex measures the mafia are going to, to stop us. But we needn’t despair and there are still reputable companies with verifiable quality products.
      I sent Wilson a paste, all those incriminating passages from the T guidebook, wicked book. he denied they exist and said theyre anti J lies. This and a few other things made me wonder.
      But, his health advice seems solid and I detect integrity. He must just have a blind spot about some of the topics we talk about on tapblog. He seems aware of the evil in this world though, and is right when he refers to them as communists, which they are. Elitists, communists. But he closes his ears to any mention about Js, or when I emailed him about what happened 14 yrs ago this month.
      yet he knows im sure. And who knows dkblue, maybe hes being diplomatic, well aware, not to say too much to end up targeted.
      For now ill say hes a truthteller and a man of integrity and even though a full NB programme is hard for me to do at present, I think he gives valuable information
      And BTW all the cooked vegetables, this is why I like indian food (should make it more and learn it properly), as theres so many amazing indian vegetarian dishes , it wouldn’t feel like a chore to eat them
      Must go

    • I have a feeling, due to changes in the environment, and changes in our own body chemistry as a result of demineralisation and toxicity, and electromagnetic stress, this Lyme situation is a phenomoneon that’s emerged , and I sense the PTB hand of influence towards helping it come about like it has. Messing with peoples immune systems for all the reasons above, vaccines too. And then the ‘Lyme ‘ situation. I even notice ticks with a scary poster at bus stops last week. PTB Tavistock tactics. All to on a subconscious level create fear, anxiousness, then other areas of the media pick it up subtly, i think Tavistock is a very very very subtle deepoperator , and since they control all the MSM, our minds are being messed with.
      “As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.”

      However, by toughening the body, making it more yang, i really believe Lyme can be brought under control and eradicated. Id say too dkblue all this ME chronic fatigue and other mysterious things.
      If you read through these things digesting them at your own pace im sure they’ll help.

      And a basic, basic lie the pharm ind complex has told us is, there are pathogens floating about and were unlucky enough to catch them, and allopathic medicine to the rescue. WRONG. Instead, its the cellular terrain of the host, that matters. Mineral ratios, etc.

      ”on tissue mineral tests, there are clear indicators of increased susceptibility to infections. The indicators are: 1) a low energy level, 2) a low sodium/potassium ratio, 3) toxic levels of mercury, copper, or cadmium, and 4) low zinc.
      In hundreds of cases, when these imbalances are corrected, the tendency for infections decreases drastically. In other words, healthy people do not get as many infections. Infections do not strike randomly. There is a logic to infections, and the underlying causes can be addressed.
      This line of reasoning traces back to the famous debate between Pasteur and Beauchamp. Dr. Pasteur insisted that germs are the cause of disease. His colleague, Beauchamp, insisted that the health of the host was more important than the germs.
      On his death bed, Pasteur was said to have declared that Beauchamp was correct – “the host is everything, the germs are nothing”. Orthodox medicine, however, embraced Pasteur’s view, and ignored Beauchamp. It is time to focus more on the person, and less on the germs. ”

  8. dkblue says:

    Thanks again. Will look at articles.
    Many say today’s form of Lyme is a modified version courtesy of Operation Paperclip scientists who were working on the Plum Island secret lab facility for biowarfare. There is documentation showing they were working on using ticks as vectors for bioweapons – Lyme is now weaponised.
    Agree with Beauchamp.
    Think the real answers lie in frequency based medicine.

    • Interesting. In view of HIV I wouldnt put it past them
      You have a point, ive asked Henry to remove tha t comment. Much as it felt nice to share my heart, you are right

    • Yes Rife machines are a topic id like to explore and discuss sometime.
      Wilson is not a huge fan of the, he says because of reliability issues. Red flag? I don’t think so, but as I said my antennaes up.
      He does say frequency machines are excellent diagnositic tools though, and the future.
      My feeling is, switch them from diagnostic, to firing out healing frequencies, I think even if Wilson has a point, the good rife machines, will be a needed weapon esp for stubborn people unwilling to take any other health action, loved ones
      I wouldn’t be surprised if the ptb have put out rubbish verisons of rife machines to discredit it
      But the royal rife story blew me away, ancl his microscope
      Deta-Elis, im not sure yet if this is genuine and good and reliable. My feeling is that it is. Id like prices to come down esp for the professional version.
      Russian language issues. After sales service too?
      Need looking into.
      However it might be a great thing deta elis
      And I think Wilson might have a point.
      Even if they bring benefits, firing beneficial frequencies into the body, I read some Hz can actually regenerate the liver
      I can see the limitations of rife machines. Because the toxic clogged up bodies today thanks to chemtrails etc etc etc etc
      Mineral deficient. Yin Yang balance wrong, worlds too yin, fasinacting yin article he wrote. I can see how just relying on a rife machine would be wrong.
      But, definitely, a powerful tool to have in the arsenal.
      Whether software onto a laptop, and the right hardware and using laptop as a rife machine,, in don’t know if this will work. I hopeit does. All this needs looking into dkblue. If you have any insights on rife or deta elis or whatever please let me know

      • dkblue says:

        It is good to share your heart – just don’t want it to backfire on you in such a public forum as this!
        Yes, frequency reading tech can pick up illnesses, deficiencies etc and most definitely be programmed into water into a type of homeopathic remedy. Also, I hear one can build genuine rife machines but yes most commmercial ones are useless…
        I reckon that the most powerful healing tool we have are our hearts and minds – they emit frequencies. Perhaps we can eventually move off our reliance on external machines/remedies to internal frequency generating processes via good motivation, contemplation and meditation…
        Also, this is a great exploration of much of what we have been discussing inc health, lyme, nutrition, chemtrails etc.

        I personally never feel entirely comfortable with eating meat because why should another being lose it’s life so i can live? Also, I like animals – they’re really just another type of ‘person’ aren’t they?!

    • His use of yin yang btw, is the macrobiotic michio type, not the tcm version, so don’t get confused when yang gets discussed.
      Apparentlky hes found the macrobiotic understanding fits and works better in todays world and nb science. But it would be wrong to say the NB diet etc just copies macrobiotics, it doesn’t . Again , he does an article on MB explaining this. One on Weston Price diet and Paleo diets and GAPS diet, compared to NB science. All in the search bar

      Also when you get round to it. You might be surprised, like I was, the situation about fruit eating, and raw foods.
      Could it be the ‘healthy’ alternative dogma that’s widespread, even in MSM, for juicing juicing raw this and that, plenty of fruits. Could it have a Tavistock disinformation elelment to it? That interacts with chemtrails and smartmeters and all the rest? To converge on each other?
      Anyone would think I was paranoid conspiracy theorist

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