Britain’s Satanists say to Syria – ‘send us your children’

Recipe For Abuse –  Cameron & Harman Childcatcher PIE – Ingredients Syria’s Children

Ukcolumn note at 9min how both Cameron & Harman want Syrian children to be transported to the UK.  Of course unaccompanied children will be “cared for” by the same authorities currently whitewashing multiple cases of child abuse and murder.

What could possibly go wrong ?

From Ade



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  1. Dogman says:

    So, not content with stealing children from UK families, they want access to children sent her without parents…just like the care home abuse worked. Find children that nobody checks up on and you have another victim.
    I’ve read some of the files about state child stealing and there is a definite pattern of collusion between certain social workers, police and judges.

    • [emailto my Dad just now after sending him Taps manufactured refugee crisis article]

      I don’t know the history and ins and outs of it. But heres what ive gleaned. Im not an academic with a detailed mind on these matters

      Apparently, the genetic DNA origin lineage of elite jews (who are well infiltrated hiding in plain sight, for example in the UK. Many youd never think are, actually are. And this goes very high up)

      Apparently, theres some historic genetic DNA reason, these people feel inferior to the higher minded, Germanic northern European irish celtic I suppose this has its roots prechristianity the druids celtic Stonehenge lot. I think this genetic DNA bloodline might be called Aryan and stretch from Ireland to the Mediterranean via basque areas, then to Syria then to Iran then Indian even. Alexander the Great might be connected but im not sure

      My point is, theres something this elite jewish DNA lot detest about the northern Europeans, and are seeking to undermine them and make us into a homogenous interbred totally national identity removed bland identity less soup. This is my understanding so far and id be wrong to speculate more because I don’t know much more. Goodnight

    • [Email to Prof Bruce Charlton just now after sending him my dads email above. He wont reply but maybe my emails will influence his thinking and future articles]
      And Professor Charlton (I know and don’t expect this will be posted. Im just using this as another avenue of communication)
      You might say to yrself in response to my email
      yes, but western civilisation is corrupted, ruined, at an absolute nadir anyway
      Except the very people ive just spoken about in my email, Satanic Freemasonic Jewry (which includes Vatican elites. Don’t be mislead by separation. Go high up enough into the Corporation, Satanism is the overarching unifying presence) (Please do your research Look up are the same people who in the 20th century have engineered and slyly created the amoral, secular society, with myriad distractions, moral corruption, erosion of the family nuclear unit via various methods.
      Im staying above party politics because I think theyre all the same scum. And the political Westminster system is a nonsense Truman Show for us BBC Sky viewers

      Best wishes Adam

    • I left Satanism and blood drinking and videoing blackmailing out of it since he cannot go there, cognitive dissonance, and I don’t blame him. But doing his own research im sure my dad will realise the Truth of matters in his own company

  2. Aldous says:

    You can almost sense the shirt-lifting, cross-dressing and tranny excitement amongst Westminster Village MPPs (Members of Perversion & Paedophilia) and just imagine them salivating profusely from the mouth (and elsewhere) at the thought of all those fresh toasted current bums.


    Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to charge interest on funds they create out of nothing. Naturally they want to protect this prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly. This takes the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God.

  3. Lynn says:

    This whole thing is another Zionist long planned move. Sickening and barbaric. These children have suffered severe trauma and these sick and twisted perverts will have a field day. This needs monitoring to see where these young victims are housed. They will be Mk’d for sure. Drugged etc etc and so it goes. We have been stung with the propaganda machine again. Now as Aldous says educate ll

  4. ferryt says:

    Cameron & Harman want Syrian children to be transported to the UK

    This is beyond sick

  5. Lynn says:

    The white man is feared by these low life Zogs. The white man invents and has compassion. Marries for love not money and blood. He is a defender and a hunter gatherer. Family oriented and proud. A staunch enemy of the inbred goons trying to destroy all that white stands for. Will they manage this planned genocide. I doubt it. They have been trying forever. And they ain’t done us yet. We are a force of good. That’s why they despise us, that’s why they won’t win. They see us as weak but they are deeply mistaken. Honourable to the death and not fooled anymore into standing with evil.

    • They are deeply mistake Lynn. As my comments about the American Lithuanian artist Sofija who has take my breath away as an understatement, who I have spilled my emotions about, shows. These are white man qualities I think
      I have no thought or interest in bizarre kabbala type, issues and rituals. Or evil beyond perverse coleman type practices
      Instead in my heart is natural simple beautiful powerful desire for someone like her, and im sure she will come into my life one day soon.
      Therefore they despise us. I really do think we are of higher mind.
      When one thinks what might be going on amongst these shithouses hiding in plain sight, many with high media profiles, many not, what they do, what they get up to. The morals tghey must hold
      Their view of life and the world
      However by the way, I notice geller for example, seems to have a very nice adult daughter. Does this mean, shes sacred? he has double standards?
      I think he must
      because on the surface, read the google media, he appears a very decent, pleasant, slightly eccentric, nice, family man.

  6. Lynn says:

    He will marry her off to whoever has the most shelled Adam. They have only money and greed to compare. They are spiritless creatures. This will be their demise. A final destination awaits them all. Tormented forever. It is called a conscience for a reason. They can blank it out but they can never destroy it.

    • Its a strange thing Lynn
      As soon as the penny dropped in my mind 2 or less years ago, I took the red pill
      That official science physics is a sham and theres been a cover up
      And that Free Energy technology tapping into the wonderful Tesla unicerse around us is possible, via a variety of means, niot just Townsend Browns Electrogravitics.
      And my mind considered and thought and played out all the ramifications of this AMAZING FACT OF FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY
      I then quite quicly Lynn came to the conclusion about 2 years ago or less
      money is meaningless
      because until that time upto early 2013 till I took the red pill
      I used to worship money and status thinking this was the only way id get any type of self esteem or happiness at all. or someone like sofija
      Once I realised that the official physics is actually a lie. My whole reality in 2013 started to deconstruct. And I replaced it in my mind with, my own scaffolding, ideas,
      Luckily too, I read Dr wilsons articles talking about buckimisnter fullers geodesic dome, and this kept me on the tright track, as regards a free energy society
      Therefore Lynn
      Abundance, beauty, health, cleanliness, enjoyment of life (not hedonism), this is all possible with Free Energy
      I therefore don’t understand the obsession the elites have with money. Money has no meaning when theres a Free Energy economy.
      The only possible understanding I have why they like money,
      is thatthis false Truman show Babylonian Talmudic money system, harvests, robs our etheric energy
      it does mine
      Money absorbs a lot of my focus, energy, and im sure my own Qi, chi, etheric enetgy reserves too each week Lynn

  7. Lynn says:

    Adam without money they could not have bought the power structure. That is the only tool they have. Blackmail and corruption comes from money. The stealing of the money and labour in the west has given them the platform in Izrahell to hide from us. They are mealey mouthed pussies who have used all that is honest and decent to scam us.. They will not survive without the true heroes who put them there by fighting for a lie. Queen and Country. What a set of damn cowards they truly are. Well their armies have woken up to the truth of these parasites who just use and abuse decency. It is payback time and they have really got a fight on their hands before this is over. They are named and will not hide amongst us any longer. People will rise up and defeat this blood sucking enemy off the face of the Earth. They have upset and disgusted a whole Globe. Wait and see. !!

  8. beLIEve says:

    The British Isles, aka the “state apparatus” of this “SCEPTIC” Isle, is unfit to “host” any children, regardless of nationality/status.

    The so-called UK government, had a hand in engineering the “displacement” of these children and, their families.

    It would be unthinkable that these children be placed in the care of the irresponsible, genocidal lunatics that caused their predicament !

    Finally, children are flowers of a nation, they are hope for the future.

    Khazar zionists, hiding behind the facade of Western “go-burn-munts” have done all in their power to obliterate President Assad, the peoples of Syria and their ancient, illustrious country and, culture.

    “Taking in” the children of Syria is Imho, an attempt to rectify khazar zionist failure, in subjugating the Syrians.

    It would be a second chance at DEFILING Syria.

    The abusive predilections of the khazars and, their sycophantic stooges are the last thing the children of Syria need !

    • I think you are Kingel hello Kingel 🙂

    • beLIEve good clever username

      ”Finally, children are flowers of a nation, they are hope for the future”

      very profound comment kingel. I used to not think about children at all, thought they were a nuisance. Now I realise they are wonderful, and the future
      Of course
      Children with a beaituful woman, to be in love with, a happy marriage, must be one one of the ultimate THE ultimate pleasure, Christian non jew pleasure
      it is the natural beautiful way
      As wehave discussed
      I think theres something about these Coleman strange odd …zionisist satanic people in our midst
      I have their number, and I want nothing to do with them
      Im 41, ive been in love with many many many women, sadly unrequited
      This doesn’t mean im some awful social misfit, im not
      Ive simply been a late developer with regards women
      And I have high hopes and a beautiful woman I can spiritually connect with, mentally connect with, as well as be attracted physically which is obviously, clearly important
      I have confidence this is going to happen soon and I will win the Lottery of romance

  9. Lynn says:

    We will be watching them now. The evil that sits in the square mile who have caused a world of misery on its occupants, are finally out of their hiding place. They will be taken out one way or another. They are terrified of the mass awakening for this very reason. You just watch. You simply cannot buy everyone. Once the cuffs are off the blackmailed will join us all.freedom is in sight.

    • Your vigilant sharp comments skewer the enemy and are very observant and also give me amusement and reassurance and I sense a real undercurrent of truth in what you say lynn….and therefore reassurance
      You are on the ball and hit the mark on lots of comments
      I think these Talmudic satanic things, I wont say, people, are bastards but that’s too high a term for them

  10. Dublinmick says:

    Dogman the UN has already stated they plan to vaccinate them also. That means a computer chip at the least. the new Hitachi chips fit right on the end of a needle.

    Lynn you are the best.

  11. banned says:

    Lynn when you say “we will be watching them now” The “We” you refer to, who does that include?

    • Lynn says:

      Wait and see banned. They are being found out on every dirty deal they undertake. The clever Intel are reporting every move they make. Not everyone wants a future run by freaks and mental retardation. They will be held accountable at some point. They are few and easy to find.the rest are paid or bribed agents. We are close and the world will see justice.

  12. Men Scryfa says:

    From a blog called Praxis:


    Make no mistake, there is an enormous chasm set between whites and Aryans. To be sure, the terms are not synonymous. One is of the night, and the other is of the day. One lives conquered, while the other is free. Let’s begin with what a “white” person truly is in our postmodern age.

    Whites look away when their people are abased before the world. The white man lives by way of fear. At his very best, he can only talk tough while being the victim of his own fear. His religion is football, which he uses to numb his conscience. Manhood to the white man means he can drink beer, scratch his nuts in the open, watch sports, and look over his shoulder before telling a “racist” joke. Duty to the white man means he works a 40 hour week, pays his taxes to the serpentine jews, and teaches his 1.5 children how to be as inwardly dead and bankrupt as he is. There is no intensity within him. His life is abyssal and empty, there is nothing to live for and even less to die for. His life is a puff of wind that passes and is no more.

    The white man is prone to tell you the comedic myth of black people and niggers. Blacks can hold down a job, he explains, and niggers just loot. He wouldn’t mind letting his beautiful daughters marry an educated black man, but to marry a nigger would be unthinkable. Furthermore, he wouldn’t mind living next door to an employed black man, but living next door to a gang banger who enviously lusts after his daughter would be unthinkable. The white man is patently unable to think along racial lines because he has been indoctrinated into the myth that race is only a social construct.

    The white grandma and grandpa today are proud to tote their mongrel grandchildren in a shopping cart for the world to see. They love it when other white people smile and shower them with praises. Self-hating whites call this progress, but Aryans understand it as the greatest shame. The birth of a mongrel child is a familial infection by a foreign scion.

    The white man has forgotten how to think naturally and numinously. His sense of right and wrong are filtered through his judeo-christian upbringing, which is itself foreign to his pure state. He thinks and acts like a coward because he is plugged into the ordinary life, which is upheld by the talmudic cabal who have no greater fear than the awakening of the inner (Aryan) beast that has become compassion-less through generations of racial humiliation.

    This now brings me to the nature of the Aryan.

    The Aryan, of course, is a different being altogether, a different species perhaps. The conscience of an Aryan is seared when he sees the abuse of his womenfolk and the wholesale slaughter of his people. He cannot look away and pretend this ancient genocide is an economic matter rather than a racial one. He sees through the myth of the ordinary life and understands that it is all an illusion. He knows that eventually it will be broken. He looks forward in eager expectation to the day. His ancestors still speak to his spirit, they still abide in his blood. He remains unmoved when beasts in the shape of men tell him that he belongs to a dying breed. In the end he knows that the numbers will not matter. They never have. All that matters is the profound intensity that he bears within his heart. It will be by this intensity that a new world will arise. It will be by this inward ferocity that the present order of things will be overturned. He does not fear what is coming nor does he fear his own death. Fear belongs only to the desperate.

    The Aryan is forged in the fires and trials of life. He emerges from the white chrysalis, but is greater than it. He learns from his mistakes, and through years of profound study and application becomes more than just a white person. Participating in the ordinary life, and accepting its mundane ideals is unthinkable to the Aryan. In essence, he has “tuned out” and has emerged by way of an alchemical process as something both natural and numinous, mortal and immortal. Such a being is able to take his mind to lofty places and understand things that his mortally-minded folk cannot yet grasp. By seeing racially, his friendships and relationships become far more intense and meaningful. He understands that what happens in the physical world is a reflection of what happens in the unseen worlds. He understands the ultimate in Aryan wisdom: the physical world is a symbol of something both profound and unseen. He grasps that what happens in this world is carried with us forever. Thus, every thought and deed is taken into consideration.

    Most importantly, the Aryan does not fall into the trap of oneness. He understands most profoundly that distinction in race and individuality is the very source of meaning. All love and meaning dies in the impersonal. The jews, the anthithesis of “creation” itself, seek to destroy the world by destroying all borders and distinctions, racial, gender, social and religious. As borders and distinctions are destroyed, life begins to lose meaning. It is for this reason alone that many people are in the midst of depression and other mental illnesses. Even modern spirituality reflects this dismal plunge into the abyss as people profess we are all one, claiming that when we die we merge into an impersonal oneness they call “God”. Don’t believe it. Race and truth are eternally bound together. The Aryan is a wholly individuated being that transcends vain spiritual and religious ideations. On these issues I could write volumes.

    In closing a few words are in order about the word “Aryan”. Frankly, I don’t care what it meant in the past. Language is often a very nebulous thing. I use the word “Aryan” to describe truly noble white people, those who have not sold their birthright for 30 pieces of silver

    • beLIEve says:


      Love your contribution Men Scryfa

      Screw the deceit and, duplicity of “multiculturalism” !

    • Excellent and inspiring piece

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I tried it on with a blonde girl on the street today. Strike up some conversation.

        Ask her name (Eve) where she is from (Lithuania but moved to UK age 12) what she is doing (student at Uni and doing part time work). She was a nice girl, nice to talk to, then I get’s to the numbers/let’s date part…

        Er problem…she is dating a German musician she met at work who is…a girl

        LOL Funny!

        Something wrong with the world eh?

    • freebornman says:

      Great find, MS. ‘Aryan’ has been nailed to Hitler and consigned to the dustbin of evil and failure. I was stood outside, today, in good Aryan company. A hell’s angel, a motorcycle frame builder, and his young protegee, when some ‘white trash’ were drunkenly shouting while passing by. Grown ‘men’ wearing their corporate brand replica football shirts.
      To ‘banned’, ‘we’ includes me.
      And the dead Syrian refugee child? See:- Just look at the 3rd photo. Tells you all you need to know.

    • I take strength, courage and inspiration from many articles, topics, and commenters on here, that fuels and feeds into my consciousness and how I then react to the world. its true to say 2015 would have been a poorer place for me without tapblog

      Therefore I should try and use some of my courage and insight generated on here. The NWO. The Satanists. Coleman. Sleight of hand problem reaction solution Cameron lies. etc I could go on. I have strong positions on these and issues beyond
      Yet therefore I go through day to day life , and never grasp and intitiate with a beautiful girl like you have today.
      My infatuations have come through accidental interactions over the years, or in mist recent case a part time barmaid uni art student. And her basically nice, kind nature. chatting to me, leaving aside her Lithuanian American Boston scarlett johanssen like beauty, eyes especially, wonderfulness
      ive never been the same since
      A consolation is I have felt this way about others, in the past. But that’s the nature of love men scryfa, its an appreciation iof the person in front of you. Shes not a supermodel and I don’t look for them. But beauty, and uniqueness, its falling in love with the uniqueness, esp when personality gets involved. its therefore hard to disentangle, falling for uniqueness and idiosyncracies. And im sure quantum entanglement has a part to play

      My point here is, in the coming week, or this September, im going to follow your simple steps of chatting to a beautiful woman randomly. Anathema to me until tonight. The NWO , Cameron, Soros, all the bastards, hold no fear for me. yet a woman does because of course, this must be linked to experiences and possible traumas growing up, perhaps unaware of.
      So ill make a point of ciopying what you have done today
      And btw, intriguing she was lesbian
      Sofija was too, half Lithuanian. odd synchronicity
      With her kindness, intelligence I suppose naivety. And the bar encouraging them to talk to punters. This is what happened

      Id just like to make a general point to all Tapblog readers , to correct a possible misunderstanding. Yes um 41 and been a slow developer with women
      That doesn’t mean im a virgin, nor does it mean not had women, not at all.
      it means I switched off and came to the conclusions quite a while ago id rather be single and with no one rather than be saddled down with responsibilities, no spare time to think, with someone I don’t feel like sofija about
      id rather be single and celibate and an ascetic
      So I think even though my earthly lower ego self has hoped and wanted stuff. My higher mind has dominated even when ive not wanted it to. But yes, as well , natural slickness and chatting up skills, ive never had. Which is not a problem. Im not unattractive either
      I just thought id address these loose ends in case of misunderstanding
      Ill leave the agony uncle comment here

      • Men Scryfa says:

        There’s nothing wrong with you mate.

        I was around at Bill Maloney’s place last week having some beers and I launched into a monumental rant.

        At the end of it Maria said,
        “I think you have been born out of your time, in Bill’s day and in Chris’s day Men could be Men but now men are no longer allowed to be men and that is the problem”

        I went away and thought about this. Maria is right of course. However, what it is is that I/we represent the future not the past and that we are just slightly ahead of time.

        Not behind time – that is very important to understand.

        We live in a time of Deception. An age of denial and a time of great deception.

        Do not allow yourself to be deceived.

        I shall explain. Last week Save the Children along with another Zionist Subversive outfit, Amnesty International, were having a photo opportunity in the middle of Parliament Square with a big banner,
        “1.4 Million Welcomes from the U.K.”

        WTF these pricks want 1.4 million more of these bastards here. I came within a millimetre of a Bill Maloney style interruption of this little sh*t show,

        At the end of it after observing this little gathering I went over to one of the two hotties in the red Save the Children t-shirts, and started chatting her up. Mid way through I could not help confessing the urge to interrupt their little shebang so there I was subverting the subverters and then boldly and calmly I said: I can tell you know that I am right because you would not be staying here listening to me, i can see it in your eyes…

        That was truly almost better than f***ing her

        As Murrin would say, “The Future is Right Wing”

        It will soon be the case that everyone associated with a position of power in the UK will be seen either as a Jew or as a Crypto Jew unless they are clearly fundamentally opposed to Zionism.

        As Aldous would say, stick that in your kippah Mordechai and smoke it… sideways

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