Britain’s Labour Party ditches the Israel Lobby


by Francis Carr Begbie


“What was not so long ago unthinkable has come to pass.” Thus the Jewish Chronicle‘s verdict on the election of hard-left pro-Palestinian Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain’s Labour Party. It was a typically astonished reaction to the news that, for the first time in decades, there would be a British party leader who was not in the pocket of the Israel lobby.

Two Jewish shadow cabinet members, Ed Miliband and Rachel Reeves, have already led an exodus of senior resignations from Labour’s front bench, of those not prepared to work for Corbyn. Virtually all of them are members of Labour Friends of Israel. Rather than settle anything, it seems Corbyn’s election will trigger a civil war in Britain’s main opposition party.

There has been a palpable shock amongst Jewish commentators on both left and right that this could have happened. For months former Blairites like David Aaronovitch and dyed-in-the wool Conservatives like Lord Finkelstein have been united in their position that Corbyn would be a disaster for Labour and Britain. Although Nick Cohen did the definite anti-Corbyn hatchet job. The decision was unanimous — Corbyn was bad for the Jews.

One wag commented that Jewish journalists are so quick to trot out a heart-rending tales of their own refugee family’s flight to Britain.  Now they have got a refugee-friendly politician who would flood Britain with refugees in a moment, if he could, and all they do is offload on him. What is their problem, he asks disingenuously.

It is so true. The tide of vitriol shows no signs of abating. ‘The problem” was highlighted by the aforementioned Stephen Pollard. He was beside himself in the Mail on Sunday but it wasn’t Corbyn’s policies for Britain that concerned him.

Pollard was worried that Corbyn did not approve of a British drone strike in Syria that killed two UK-born Jihadis. (Corbyn did not think it was legal.) Pollard was especially perturbed at Corbyn’s insistence that Britain speak to Hamas and Hezbollah. That is rich given that Britain eventually negotiated with many terrorist groups including the IRA, Stern Gang and Irgun. But Pollard wasn’t letting go easily.

The point is that in the Corbyn world-view any enemy of the West is worthy of support. Any ally is opposed. So he was happy to invite Raed Salah, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist with a conviction for spreading the blood libel (that Jews drink the blood of gentile children), to take tea with him at the Commons.

Bizarre and dangerous as these alliances may be, they are wrapped up in the language of concern — for the poor, for the rule of law and for the powerless.

Given that Pollard belongs to an ethnicity who are never slow to appropriate “the language of concern” so ruthlessly when their own interests are involved, that is a particularly breathtaking remark. The gall of the man takes one’s breath away.

So why should White advocates welcome the election of a Marxist immigrant-loving left-wing extremist who would obviously abolish all borders and flood the country with every refugee who wants to come here?

Well, not for anything that he himself stands for, himself of course, but more for the destabilising hammer blow his election represents to the current system. His election is a huge defeat for the state mechanism of containment with which popular opinion is suppressed across the West.

For months his candidacy has undergone saturation shame-bombing from the controlled media. Jewish commentators and Israeli issues have been central drivers in this. For once the smear machine has been beaten back. It has now been proven possible to survive allegations of anti-Semitism even in the face of a total media onslaught.

Like the support for Donald Trump, it shows that the media control on opinion is not 100% and that people can rebel against it and can succeed if they are provoked hard enough.

The good news is that British politics is becoming increasingly ethnically driven. There is no doubt that Corbyn’s support for the Palestinian cause won him the rapidly growing Muslim membership of the Labour Party.  With the Labour Party having been wiped out in their Scottish heartland they are well on the way to becoming totally identified with the public sector unions. And Muslims.

It is ironic that the Blairite pro-business side of the party which has worked so hard for immigration should be effectively undone by the people they have championed.

Corbyn’s appointment is also a disaster for the ruling Conservative Party. One of the first cries that went up when Corbyn was elected was “If Labour can have a real socialist leader, can we have a real Conservative?”

Good question. The Conservative Party adopted Tony Blair’s New Labour pro-business and social agenda so wholeheartedly that it completely removed the need for a Labour Party. In fact Cameron described himself at one point as the “heir to Blair”.

Now there is no need for the fragile coalition that kept the Tories together. There is a chance of a civil war in the Conservative Party and there is no doubt what the spark would be.  With a referendum on membership in the EU looming, right-wing Tories are becoming extremely agitated.  Much of UKIP’s senior membership left the Conservatives on the issue of European Union membership and immigration. Cameron came to power on the promise that he would reduce immigration to “tens of thousands” a year. Instead, this year it reached record levels of 330,000 per year — higher than any year under Labour.

For the Jews, however, it is all about Israel. One of the shrewdest articles about the implications of Corbyn has come from Haaretz which said that his election creates an opportunity for the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign to go mainstream. This seems more than likely. In an interview last month Corbyn appeared to back the boycotting of British universities carrying out Israeli arms research.

According to the Blairite corporate lobbyist Dan Hodges, Corbyn’s election means the death of Labour.  It’s all good. Source




Frontbench Costs Diane Abbott £20,000 BBC Pay Cut

abbott corbyn

Diane Abbott made around £20,000-a-year from her BBC appearance fees, fees that her frontbench role will cost her in lost earnings. BBC sources confirm that she will no longer appear on This Week. A decision on a Labour replacement will be made soon. Plenty of bitter, Blairite ex-frontbenchers available now. Source

TAP – Then how come Blair’s best buddy Lord Falconer’s been included in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet?


15 Responses to “Britain’s Labour Party ditches the Israel Lobby”

  1. ian says:

    Given that there is huge support for the policies Corbyn now claims to represent, there would be a good case for wanting to lead those with these sentiments, by the real government. I feel that this is what Corbyns role will be. Opposition is easily controlled if the leader is one of your guys.

  2. Lynn says:

    Fabian Society stooge. Don’t get excited. All players are picked in this theatrical dome. He is simply the giver of false hope, give the masses what they want…in theory anyway, all bare faced bold faced liars.

  3. Aldous says:

    Is that a wig that Fatty Abbott is wearing? No Black person has natural hair like that. She looks weird and not a hint of grey either. A total fraud who is clearly not that proud of her Black heritage and appearance. She’ll be trying to ‘whiten up’ next or even go blonde. Go blonde? Maybe not…

    Diane Abbott’s Finnish Nurses Controversy

    A BLACK Labour MP triggered a furious backlash last night after attacking her local hospital for employing `blonde, blue-eyed’ [and no doubt beautiful] Finnish nurses.

    How Dianne Abbott REALLY looks (warning – graphic images for some but better than the fake hairdo which is surely the bad hair day equivalent of the Trout Pout)

    Regarding Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet, I very much doubt that Corbyn is deciding anything of substance and the anti-Israelis/Pro Palestinians and BDS stuff is just controlled opposition posturing. A sham and pure theatre like western democracy itself.

    • nick says:

      BDS is real and works – Pro Israel lobby groups are pushing to make boycotting of Israeli products a hate crime. Netanyahu himself commented that it was sad when our very own Co-op made it policy not to stock goods from the occupied territories.
      The wallet is where it hurts them the most.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi nick, yes I know BDS is working 🙂 I was referring to this article’s penultimate paragraph:

        For the Jews, however, it is all about Israel. One of the shrewdest articles about the implications of Corbyn has come from Haaretz which said that his election creates an opportunity for the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign to go mainstream. This seems more than likely. In an interview last month Corbyn appeared to back the boycotting of British universities carrying out Israeli arms research.

        It’s the obvious posturing (by Haaretz) and that Corbyn ‘appeared to back’ BDS – whatever that means. Either he backs it or he doesn’t.

        BDS is definitely working and I am very Israel aware when it comes to buying stuff. Fresh Israeli produce – peppers for instance – are often having to be mixed in packs with those of other countries to make them viable. I won’t touch such packs, even though it affects other countries. There is also mislabelling going on to conceal a products Israeli origin.

      • Dogman says:

        Stories and images have been doing the rounds on social media sites claiming that Israel has changed its barcode from 729 to 871 (or other numbers like 500) in order to fool people looking out for the 729 barcode.

        This mistaken belief stems from a misunderstanding of how barcodes work. A barcode only tells you which country a company is from, not where the contents of the product originate.

        What appears to be happening is that 871 is the Dutch barcode (and 500 is the UK one) and Israeli products are being sold by Dutch and UK (and even Irish)-based companies. To take a concrete example, in the case of Tesco ‘meat free mince’, Tesco is a UK-based company so the barcode is 500, even though the product inside is manufactured and packaged in Israel. What is important for barcode purposes is where the company who sells the goods are registered, NOT where the contents of the goods are produced, manufactured or packaged.

        A country can’t simply change its barcode assignation because it feels like it, it doesn’t work like that and barcode assignation is a complicated and regulated international process.

        This is just another reason to always look for the country of origin of a product and not rely solely on barcodes. Similarly, some things that may be made in a third country are sold by Israeli-registered companies with the 729 barcode, even though they may say (eg) ‘Made in Taiwan’ on the packaging. These should be boycotted too.

  4. Lynn says:

    Diane Abbot. The black hypocrit. of the New Labour Party. How many times can it be reinvented.

    • Aldous says:

      Lynn, Abbott is a sad and loathsome hypocrite who sent her son to a £6,000 a term sixth form school in Ghana or somewhere or other. This was (I believe) after sending him to a £10,000 a year school in The City.

      Wearing her hair the way she does reminds me of a ‘wigger’ where some brainwashed Whites ‘dreadlock’ their hair to ‘blacken up’.

      Would a video like this get made today? I’m sure this was the official video at the time – late 70’s.

      10cc – Dreadlock Holiday 4:25

      And surely most out there – perhaps not Abbott and her ilk – find this funny whatever their colour and ethnicity?

      The Two Ronnies – The Short And Fat Minstrel Show 10:22

  5. Lynn says:

    I remember Aldous and she squirmed out of that didn’t she, she has done very well out of the politically correçt rules of the screwed up system called Britain, she played us for idiots hiding behind racism. Well no more the gloves are off and we ain’t shutting up this time, rule for one rule for all now. The gloves are off and we call a spade a spade. Filthy criminals all of them.

  6. Aldous says:

    Surely that hideous picture of Abbott and Corbyn would look complete if Corbyn were to go ‘native’ (for multicult Whites make up < 50% London) and blacken up by sporting dreadlock?

    Corbyn appears to be the only whitey in that photo opportunity but it's all an illusion, as Corbyn isn't actually that 'white'.

    Jews (Khazars) and Whites have become eternal enemies, even though many if not most Whites don't even realise it.

    Some wear silly hats, making themselves obvious. Most are crypto Jews. They can pass themselves off as White Men, pretending that they are not enemy aliens. Reflex lying could be blamed onto a history of being hated but one might wonder why they got to be hated in so many times and places by different people. So many? See Jewish Expulsions – 109 of Them. They complain about Anti-Semitism but keep very quiet about how they cause it. Here are some of the guilty.

    Jews In England

    I particularly like this section:

    Jewish Brigade
    Jews infiltrated the British Army in order to abuse the power given to them by weapons. That is why the Army kept them away from Europe as much as possible. The Jews who captured Rudolf Höß, the first commandant of Auschwitz tortured him in order to produce the grossly fraudulent confession which was used to kick off the Holocaust® Story at the Nuremberg War Trials. That in itself was adequate reason to keep them out of the Army. They were a gang of vicious criminals aiding Israel, an enemy alien power. A Jew confirms their vicious nature, a Jew boasts about it in The 43 Group – Untold Story of Their Fight Against Fascism. One perpetrator was Vidal Sassoon, a fashionable barber. [ The Brigade ] also sees fit to boast about their crimes.

  7. beLIEve says:

    Chris Spivey, coincidentally, has an article on jews…..aka khazar zionists

  8. driver47a says:

    One thing Cameron and Corbyn seem to agree on and that is complete destruction of the white race. Aryan people have civilized this world for thousands of years and the Jews, Muslims and governments of the west are getting closer to wiping that from history along with our race. We talk revolution but it won’t happen, we talk mass protest but it won’t happen even when our children and grandchildren are being raped and murdered by these people.
    We talk about our fathers and grandfathers fighting for freedom against the Nazi party. I for one don’t believe my grandfather fought for this shit that is being done to ordinary white folk and he’s probably turning in his grave right now. The muslims will never be in complete control, the Jews will not let that happen but complete wipe out of whites is what they both want. We are at war from all angles and it’s too late to save us.

  9. salty says:

    Jewish Money And The Labour Party – Here Are The Numbers

    April 12, 2016.

  10. Baz says:

    Jeremy Corbyn was co-director of The Highbury Vale – Blackstock Trust along with Mrs Jenina Pendry, her being the wife of Tim Pendry co-owner and founder of Exaro News. Tim Pendry’s uncle being Lord Thomas Pendry long time friend and supporter of convicted paedophile TV presenter Stuart Hall.

    It’s a small world.

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