BOMBSHELL: ‘Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Cousins’


Author A.J. Jacobs and a team of researchers with genealogy web sites and have recently developed a family tree showing that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are distant cousins. They share royal blood that runs deep in their family lines.

Jacobs told Extra in a recent interview that “Their 19th great grandfather is King Edward III so there is precedent for ruling a country, it’s in their genes.”

The family tree, which can be seen and verified below (courtesy of, is comprised of a long line of aristocracy on both ends.

When you take a close look at how global events have progressed over the ages, you will find that many of the families who dominate politics and economics today have bloodlines that trace back to the feudal lords of the Middle Ages. In Middle Eastern and third world countries, this is painfully obvious because there are still royal dynasties that openly claim it is their birthright to rule over their country. While in the West the aristocrats are a bit less open, the same principle still applies.

For example, according to British genealogy researchers Burkes Peerage, most of the presidents in American history have been connected to a select few royal bloodlines.

In the election of 2004, George Bush and John Kerry were the options for U.S. president, but both candidates were distant cousins to the Queen of England. They even belonged to the same secret society at Yale University, the morbidly named Skull and Bones fraternity.

A young girl recently made the royal connections famous when her science fair project concluded that with the exception of Martin Van Buren, all U.S. Commanders in Chief — including current President Barack Obama — were descendants of a medieval English king.



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  1. Bluefeather6 says:

    There’s a surprise, and through the research of Greg Hallet on
    So many are married to their distant cousins

    • kingel says:

      Yup….. and, the other point is, there has been so much……. “nest hopping”…….. the paper records are little more than “aspirational”.

      According to Greg Hallet “cween liz” of Endland, is not the daughter of the Bowes-Lyon female and George VI.

      “Apparently”, neither of these personages is related to “cween liz” !

      The “Bowes-Lyon” female, choose not to marry George VI so, a “proxy” was “apparently” instituted !
      The proxy wife was said to come from Ireland, possibly Wexford ?

      The genuine Bowes-Lyon female “apparently” moved to France and, lived out her days there.

      The father of “cween liz” is said to be Churchill who, is himself, said to be a Rothschild son or, grandson ?

      So, paper records saying HELL-ary and, trump are related…………I wouldn’t set much store by them.

      The khazar zionists, I am assuming Trump and Rodham are of this genetic line, are low life scum who seem to have a problem registering their own ignominy.

      Imho, their family trees are a waste of paper.

      One final point, Bill Clinton, according to Greg Hallett is an illegitimate son of Churchill, which means Bill is a half-brother of…….”cween liz” !

  2. Lynn says:

    Keeps the money within. Ha gotcha.

  3. Joe says:

    They are all cousins if you didn’t realize:

  4. Lynn says:

    Just one big happy family. Bloodsuckers.

  5. Cobalt says:

    Nobody gets into the upper echelons of the cabal (government/TPTB) unless they are bloodline.

    Then there’s that minor issue where the sheep/serfs are teased into [s]electing them into power every few years and are fooled into a false sense of demo[n]cracy.

    Thank God people are waking up to this charade.

    – Cobalt

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