Baalbek | Ancient Alien Sanctuary and Landing Site Revealed

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baalbek Ancient Alien Sanctuary and Landing Spot Revealed

The Baalbek site is an excellent example of what one could call ‘recycled’ megalithic monuments. Mainstream archeology normally does not acknowledge that megalithic sites are much older then their latest indwellers, but it seems that many sites are in fact much older then the cultures that more recently inhabited them.

Even a precursory review of the evidence presented in part below, is enough to dispute theories claiming many of these sites were built using primitive bonze age and iron age tools.

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What seems much more likely, is that the Baalbek site along with many other locations, is the remnant of much older and advanced civilizations. Modern construction can’t even lift the stone at Baalbek let alone position it into place with such a high degree of precession. Yet the public is expected to believe that ‘primitive’ humans built temples using simple tools.

Clearly there is much more to our history then is being revealed in public. Once enough personal research has been done to recognize this, the statements of whistleblowers related to the secret space program start to become much more plausible. That our world has an incredibly long and complex history, with dozens of advanced societies leaving their mark.
TAP – Don’t get sucked into the off planet fantasy tales typical of the esoteric media, but as for the stones at many sites being cut moved and assembled with yet to be discovered technology,  I have to agree.

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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Check out the photo here if you are interested in this kind of stuff:

    What do you think?

    • ” The battery analogy. While not generally known, the human body is somewhat like a battery in which the head is positively charged and the feet are more negatively charged. In addition, each cell is charged in this way, in this direction. The etheric charge (it is not exactly the same as an electrical charge) is inside, and around each cell of the body. It can be measured with a simple volt-ammeter.

      Moving energy downward actually recharges the body, somewhat like recharging a weak or discharging battery. Normally, as we age, our “battery” begins to run down. As this occurs, signs and symptoms of aging and disease occur. Moving etheric energy downward has a rejuvenating effect, like recharging your battery. Practiced often enough, I am told it can actually allow a person to live much longer than average.”

      ” A personal experience with this idea. I noticed that when I meditated using the Roy Masters exercise, I could feel a mild tingling in my right hand, somewhat like an electrical current flow. So I asked an electrical researcher to measure the electrical flow or amperage on my body between the head and the right hand. As I did the Roy Masters meditation with the modification discussed later on in this article, an electrical test meter registered several millivolts. ”

      ” Certain thoughts tend to be grounding and centering. These I call down thoughts. They include taking full responsibility for your actions, learning to depend upon God, rather than upon other people, and asking God for help in every situation. Others are learning to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, rather than needing a lot of people around you to be happy. Another is to think realistically and logically, instead of thinking wishfully and unrealistically”

      ” 3. A yang diet. This is critical. It means total avoidance of all fruit, fruit juices and sweets of all kinds. This includes honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, rice syrup, and corn syrup. It also means avoiding soy milk, rice milk, almond milk and even most regular milk or raw milk. All are too sweet, along with sweet juices of any kind, or lemonade. A little carrot juice daily appears to be okay, however. Carrot is more yang than fruit, although it is sweet.”

      ” 6. Maximize downward-moving energy. This is perhaps the most important single thing anyone can do. It means do the Roy Masters mental exercise for at least one hour daily, and better yet, for two hours daily. This is so critical because moving energy downward through the body seems to regenerate the sexual energy better than anything else ”

      ” Tibetan roots. The pushing exercise is, in fact, an ancient mental exercise practiced by monks and nuns everywhere on planet earth. It is the only way to move enough energy through the body as you age to cause significant regeneration of the body.

      The other aspects of nutritional balancing programs and other healing methods will help one’s health to some degree, but this is the most powerful and the most essential aspect of rejuvenation of the body and brain. So please do not skip this part of a nutritional balancing program, and do not substitute “other meditations” for it.
      ” In fact, the pushing exercise is easily the most powerful and advanced part of every nutritional balancing program. ”

      ” Warning: Other meditative exercises, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Zen, Vipassana, Kriya, Kundalini, Buddhist meditation, yogic exercises or others are not the same as the pushing exercise. They have other benefits, but they do not have the same effect, and I would strongly advise avoiding them. One problem with many of them is they do not move subtle energy powerfully in only a downward direction. ”


      To bring in the new energy, it is best to empty the mind as much as possible. This is critical to understand. This is at the very core or essence of this exercise.

      This concept is discussed in the New Testament of the Bible, for example. Here a phrase is, “Not my will, but Thine be done” (Luke 22.42). This is another statement of the idea of emptying oneself of all that one thinks is important so that one is open to receiving something new, something different, and something beyond the normal physical world. ”

  2. Dublinmick says:

    This a subject I post on quite a bit.

    The stones at the temple of Jupiter weigh from 600 to 1100 tons each and as the article says are cut with the precision of a diamond cutter and are on top of a mountain. You could lay a level on top of this it is crafted so perfectly. The quarry is 2 miles away.

    They try and tell us the Romans built it. How could anyone possibly believe that? We do not have machinery today that could come even close to lifting these stones much less cutting them. Have you ever taken a diamond drill and tried drilling a rock. It takes days.

    Then there is Tiahuanacu, 4 miles up in the Andes on a wind swept plain, we see the same thing. It is almost snow covered year round on a wind swept, treeless, plateau. The only grain is quinoa…. where the only indigenous animals fit for food are the biscacha, the llama, and the vicuna.

    And yes bronze fittings were used as hinges, they don’t decay, and yes to make bronze, you need to mine tin.

    For me the only explanation are found right there in the those old cuneiform tablets that Sitchin took a shot at translating. They are the planet’s oldest written record. For me it is the only thing a rational mind can accept, moreover while young I was fortunate enough to be around some Mahatmas from India. They related basically the same information to me. They could relay things to me from my past and some things that would happen in the future. They never lied. It would be irrational for me to think they would lie about this one area of history also. So I am fortunate, I don’t have to wonder about it, I know. It is better to know than to believe.

    In fact the vast array of pyramids we see around the world spring from the vedic era which was world wide. That includes pyramids in Mexico, China, Bosnia and Egypt. There is Arkaim, Russia’s stonehenge and many more such wonders.

    World wide knowledge of this changed when Constantinople killed the Vedic priests in the vatican and instituted his own history. Thus began so called civilization and erasing man’s memory.

    Taps I would say, don’t get trapped into thinking anyone else besides the Anunnaki made this structures. If they did not ….. then who did?

    The Mahabharata is 2300 years old and it took 600 years to write it. It says basically the same thing and even uses some of the names mentioned in the cuneiform tablets. There is a diagram of a working vimana, flying craft in it.

    I have read about 15 of Sitchin’s books, large parts of the Mahabharata, the Atrahasis, the Kolbrin Bible also. Plantagenet incidentally wanted this book gone. It was too explosive.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, but we as western man always want to think “our people” did most of these things. Well basically it was our people as all 12 tribes are clones of the Anunnaki, it is just that certain genes were not provided to the earthling.

    Once again, if it were not the Nefllim who created these edifices, then who did?

    • ian says:

      When I say pish in a later comment, it’s not aimed at you my friend.

      • freebornman says:

        Is your ‘pish’ aimed at Lynn? For suggesting levitation is a reality?
        Got a better explanation for the pyramids?
        Or Baalbek?

      • ian says:

        No not really aimed at anyone, just aimed at the idea of levitation and other nonsensical fairy story ideas. I don’t have an answer, I am loathe to believe that this is it. However despite my outspoken rude comments, I accept that I may be wrong. I find the subject fascinating.

    • Great accompanying comment to the article above
      What an experience to meet mahatmas and be told such things about your life

      • Dublinmick says:

        I was told they did it by levitation also Adam. That is what they teach in Buddhist temples from the Potala to Shaolin temples.

        This is going to sound crazy I know, but I was told there are monks in those temples who can walk through walls. One of them was 300 years old and the reason was he practiced tantric sex every day. 🙂 He loaded up on energy, or OM the vibration of the universe.

      • Dublinmick says:

        Adam some lady came by my blog the other day to remind me that Divine Light Mission is still rocking.

        When I was young and a social worker at the time-yeah I know pretty funny. I began after college as a loan officer in a bank, then a social worker, then an investigator of government fraud and finally the border patrol, best job I ever had. You stay in the desert and the leave you alone!

        I was a social worker at the time and a friend came over. He looked serious, said we need to talk about Divine Light Mission and this little indian guru named Maharaji Ji, lord of the universe.

        He had a look like, you going to think I am crazy! I said well why don’t we go and check it out. (leave no stone unturned in the search for truth!)

        My life was never the same since. This friend who I knew from high school and college became the body guard of the little king.

        When he rented the Houston Astrodome, I was there!

        I met many Mahatmas through all of this. They told me many things. Some of them if they wanted to, you could see a halo of white light around their heads when they gave presentations.

        Amazingly there were many doctors in Houston also and they were the first to telll you, they don’t heal anything, the OM is only aided by them.

        He was only 15 years old when I met him, how time flies.

  3. nick says:

    There is a Latvian guy who died a few years ago who knew how to lift huge stones, its something to do with energy lines in the earth and 2 cones one in each hand, Coral Castle was the place he built its an interesting story

  4. Lynn says:

    Levitation is a phenomenom. It can be done as we did it at school. Lifting people with one finger placed under each arm. We are far more than we know. Fact.

    • Gordon says:

      Yes, we did that too. Do you recall exactly how it was done and can you describe?

      • Im a bit confused. I thought Steven Greer was pat of the cabal based controlled ‘disclosure’ movement that beganin 1990s? ‘Whistleblowers’ coming out en masse safety in numbers?
        I thought Rockefellers had their hands in this and other bloodlines too im sure? I thought Greer had a relationship with some Rockefeller niece or something in 1990s?

        And yet heres Greer saying this. Im confused, why announce the Rockefeller Bluebeam intentions?

        Dr. Steven Greer : They Will Stage an ‘Alien’ Attack on Earth

      • freebornman says:

        Massive important topic. Deserves a Tap article. Syncronicity. The music track to this video was the DJ code for ‘the drug squad has arrived’ at the beer keller in Bradford, W Yorks. 30 years ago.
        This video attempts to tell how Ed Leeskalnin was just good at operating levers etc.

        This one gets to the nub. It’s the numbers.
        I must confess, I never saw this fingertip levitation, but I have been aware of it since early 20’s. 80’s to anyone else.
        How to get enough open-minded adults in the same place to prove this concept?

      • Maybe Gordon, its been a bluff all along. A Project Bluebeam bluff of an abrupt harsh hostile ‘ fake alien invasion’, stuffs been deliberately leaked over decades including werner von brauns quotes.
        To get us all on our guard expecting that

        When the possible real deception Gordon could be a ‘friendly’ alien presence and Truman SHow new reality. it might be the Corey Goode version instead. I have a strong feeling a lot of the physics or all, Goode discusses is absolutely real, seems very much like what Dr Laviolette says

        But for Greer to be coming out with that above….looks to me like some kind of double bluff perhaps, or is it triple, to herd us into a feeling of relief War of the Worlds isn’t unfolding.
        It might instead be Goodes version which might who knows be like the 1980s tv series ‘V”

    • beLIEve says:

      I think it starts off with…..

      ‘This is the art of levitation…..

      I cant remember the other words.
      One person lay across 3 or, 4 desks.
      We each placed one finger underneath the “volunteer”.
      We recited, as a group the words we were told to say.
      The body lifted up, it remained in the horizontal position.
      There was no fuss, nothing dramatic.
      It almost, had an aura of normality about it !

      The fact that it worked shocked us.
      We were warned to leave well alone.

      • Wow I never did this at school
        Is this serious?
        Did the words have ‘power’ of some kind? So they were demonstrating Occult Magic trick in school?
        And the person actualy, really, levitated? For how long? 10 mins if you wanted? Does this mean I could do this at home with a family member?

      • Is there to be no end to the mindblowing facts, about reality, coming out now day after day?

      • beLIEve says:

        Adam S

        No, it was not a lesson !
        I didn’t go to Hogwarts !
        It was break time.

        I do not know how it worked.
        I think it was the words but, if I remember correctly, we had to really mean it…….in our hearts/consciousness.
        We had to act …reverently.
        The body rose up maybe 3″, each of us had to keep our one finger in place.
        I think we put the body down almost immediately, maybe 10 seconds.

        One of my classmates had a dad, who was highly intelligent, extensively educated, widely traveled, a book worm, interested in everything particularly, the esoteric.

        It was this friend, who gave us the instructions and, stressed we had to follow these implicitly.

        We were warned not to drop the body, i.e. not lose our nerve if the experiment worked……..which it did..

        We never did it again.

        P.S. I am not a fan of Steven Greer.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a……. Reptillian.

      • freebornman says:

        The people I heard this from at school were a few years older than me.
        If this is correct, then we, collectively, can overturn whatever tanks or water cannon are brought against us.
        Going to sleep and dream on this. 🙂

      • beLIEve says:


        I suspect, there is no end to what we can do.
        But, how to access the information ?
        It has been …deliberately…stolen from us.

      • [ Very sad and concerned what they’ve done to the pacific
        Also very sad, how it looks like, with my emails, ive pushed the alien/intergalactic hoax on loads of people. Even the ceres lights could be fake. What have I done Kingel? Ancient Aliens I think that built pyramids etc, we might have to drop this.
        I will just say this: IF, it turns out the geocentric/flat earth ‘theory’, is the biggest freemasonic secret of ALL.

        IF, the north pole is the centre of the universe, and sun and moon revolve around us. If WE are on this PLANE – T (plane) at the centre of the universe.

        Then, Kingel, I am shaken to the core. And can only come to the conclusion, God, Higher beings, specially created us, set this up. Including the sun and moon and stars, Polaris star.
        We are special beings, specially created. Shattering me to the core, I feel the Divine, Divinity implication to all this.
        But bac to the Freemasonic Alien Hoax

        ”They use the Hegelian dialectic to sucker people by saying the government, military, and NASA “officially” deny the existence of aliens.

        Then they show a broad selection of government, military, and NASA employees “unofficially” confirming the existence of aliens. This thesis and antithesis makes the unsuspecting viewers assume that “officially” there is a cover-up, but “unofficially” all these employees are blowing the whistle and exposing the cover-up. Thus the synthesis conclusion is that aliens exist and the establishment is covering it up. But as I’ve explained before regarding Roswell / Area 51, the “official denial” and “unofficial whistle-blowers” are two parts of the same propaganda. You come out the first day in the newspapers saying “UFO crash landed, alien bodies recovered!” Then the next day and for the next sixty years “officially” claim that it was actually just a weather balloon and no aliens.

        Next they build a huge top-secret millitary facility on that very spot and have “unofficial whistle-blowers” come out periodically claiming that there is indeed an alien phenomenon being covered up. This creates the “insatiable mystery” as Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt called it, and the synthesis conclusion you intended, all the while no one suspecting that the entire thing is just one big propaganda scheme to get you to believe in aliens.”

      • dkblue says:

        One day, at the beach, as whales passed by, laughing, I levitated over my friend. True.

  5. beLIEve says:

    There is a PYRAMID in WALES………….allegedly !

    It is in south Wales, overlooking the River Severn, in a place called GARNDIFFAITH.

    It is under a council estate !

    The land was previously allotments.
    When the council properties were built in the mid 1960s, the plans had to be amended as the builders found an ….immovable stone object….on the site.

    Richplanet TV-March 2014 Show-Hidden Welsh Archaelogy

    Another video, that may be of interest to those curious about Hidden British History is……

    Alan Wilson Historian-The Hidden History of Britain

    • I wonder what implications below has to….the power of falling in love, being in love with someone wonderful, having it returned? What powers of the Mind can be at work then? Sub Quantum powers, Spiritual Powers?

      ” The Power of the Mind Over the Body

      The most important concept that must be addressed before anything else is the human mind’s almost unlimited ability to control its own bodily workings. Hypnotists know about it and have demonstrated it, using it to control everything from body temperature to heart rate and blood flow and the like, and it’s amply discussed in the book “The Holographic Universe”, by Michael Talbot. This was the book that first educated me into the power of the human mind. It’s something I already realized deep down, and had even danced with it on a surface layer on a couple of occasions, namely for overriding nausea, and blocking out cold temperatures. But it was when I came across this book that I realized the potential for actually curing health ailments. This was when surface layer suspicions became knowledge put into practice.

      There’s a funny scene in the book concerning the author’s ongoing problems with his spleen. He visited a woman with some psychic abilities who looked at him surprised and asked, “Have you been yelling at your spleen??” And it turned out…he had! In looking over his energy body and physical body, she “read” his spleen and felt how he’d been grumping and yelling at it in frustration. The implication of this was that our organs are not something separate from us, they’re connected to our minds, more than we realize, and seem to have their own sentience. We can talk to our bodies and help steer them along in various directions, both healthy and unhealthy. After reading that I was able to try this out when I experienced a bladder infection, and also ear/jaw issues. The bladder infection wasn’t going away with the cranberry juice I was drinking (it was staving it off, but not fully conquering it), and the ear/jaw issue had gotten so bad that it was getting to the point where I could barely talk. So in both instances I laid down and had a pow-wow with each particular body part, and was able to eliminate both problems. After I talked to my bladder and visualized it conquering the bacteria once and for all I woke up eight hours later, fully fine. And in the case of my ear/jaw problems which had been getting worse and worse with every passing day, I explained to it that I don’t have insurance, and I have no money, so I just can’t have this right now. It needs to go away. I need to not have this right now. My tone was firm, but matter-of-fact and kind. And…it worked. Within twelve hours it was gone. ”

      • beLIEve says:

        “The Power of mind Over Body”

        I think there is a growing awareness of this subject.
        I imagine it is part of the awakening process.
        I think mankind has an “amazing-ness” that few of us know about and, therefore fail to utilise.
        I think this is why the EL-iteS (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM) are trying to genocide us !
        I believe we have an uniqueness, they lack.
        A uniqueness that, when we fully wake up, will leave the SCUM at the TOP……….relegated to the bottom of the heap.
        I do not believe they can cope with..IGNOMINY !

        Whilst I have no specific knowledge of this subject, in reference to your statement… “our organs have …their own sentience..”…….
        I read recently, that our consciousness, is not only in our head/heart it is in organs, blood and, bone marrow !

        I think I might start demanding of the Universe…..all the knowledge to which I am entitled but which, to this date, has been denied me !

    • Dublinmick says:

      Yes Britain is a power center, it is on the leylines. That is why the dark forces had to conquer it.

      • This is an interesting comment! I presume you mean lots of leylines on converge on Britain so there are many vortex points here? This must mean Britain really is a Satanist power centre, these isles must be a magnet for them since they can liaise with their demons easier
        Ive looked for detailed clear leyline maps in cities running down streets in the UK but cant find any. I think they must be in the vaults inside Freemasonic Lodges
        I read too that Sedona in Arizona has vortex points, and apparently the rocks there have a strange swirling look about them that shows this

        I think Dublinsmick im going to have to read Montague Keens emails more thoroughly. Because stuff you and others are saying overlaps with stuff he says, leylines are a big thing with him

        I must make a point of walking at a vortex point sometime and doing this

        ” 5. Adding new etheric to the body. The most powerful method to receive more etheric energy into the body is to use your will to move subtle energy downward from your head to your feet. Done correctly, this can moves a lot of etheric energy into the body. This is the Roy Masters meditation exercise with my modification of it. It is not truly his exercise, as he admits. He just popularized it, so I give him credit for it. For details about this exercise, please read Meditation For Healing on this site.

        Any amount of doing this exercise is beneficial. By doing this at least two hours daily, it can lead eventually to rejuvenation of the body and reversal of the aging process. It is like pumping more gasoline into a car engine, or putting more electricity through a wire.”

      • Lynn says:

        London is the money laundering centre. The scum in residence there are the hub of criminality.well not for much longer.

      • it raises the interesting question DM… since britains a power centre and the Satanists had to conquer it. Intrinsically Britain is just a neutral energy place.

        Therefore. What can we do to use the great gift of Britain being a power centre, turning the tables against the Satanists? How can we use the leylines vortex points
        Hold rituals of our own? But how, which ones?
        Also, I don’t think theres anything anti Christian in what im suggesting. I think the real true Christianity, is good and Jesus whoever whenever he was, must have taught how to use these leylines for good.
        I feel its the Satanists whove infiltrated and put distorting layers and hiding things from Christianity and infiltrating churches today
        So…prayer must be important? esp at leylines and vortex points if we can find them. Cities might give clues where impressive monuments are.

        have you any thoughts on Cobra? Part of the Wilcock Fulford phony NWO deception crew?
        Cobra seems to be going round the world, to vortex points, holding rituals, opening portals letting goddess vortex energy in whatever that is.
        Ive no idea how to open a portal and do leyline work

        The best I can think is to pray, think visualise loving powerful positive thoughts, resonate a higher frequency with my heart and emotions ….and walk at vortex points and leylines doing that. maybe that’s all that’s needed to cleanse the leyline grid of all the low frequency fear energy the Satanists have flooded the grid with, with their sacrifices and killings
        Unless you have any suggestions for something extra I we could all be doing?

      • Also, I wonder if doing that roy masters etheric pulling down exercise below….will be made even more powerful doing it inside a wood or even fabric pyramid of precise dimension ratios?
        Im no fan of his. but uri Geller has a pyramid in his back garden in the UK. Not for decoration im sure
        One day if I ever start up a spa therapy centre ill try and have pyramid treatment rooms set up

      • Dublinmick says:

        I am going to have to apologize again to Men Scryfa

        Not looking for hits here but trying to add to a very important subject and very interesting.

        This is an older post from a man in India I have corresponded with for years. In fact he is so kind as to say if I ever come to India, his house is my house.

        The 33rd parallel.

      • Another great site/ very interesting Indian man, first captain Ajit now this
        I think theres a lot of very sharp intelligent highly functioning spiritual big picture thinkers in India today

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Dubs no apology required I am a fan of your place going back about 4-5 years. I am glad to see you over here now with like minds to bounce ideas off. This is very stimulating debate.

  6. freebornman says:

    I’m in the building trade. Just started on fitting out 5 new-build flats. Nearby are a victorian railway station and engine shed. The contrast in quality between what we are building, and those victorian buildings, is stark. Our best efforts are at best, a film-set pastiche of what victorians built, with all that steam power machinery. Go back a few generations, and see the quality of high-class georgian buildings, made entirely with hand tools, with phi resplendent, and you can see we are going backwards.
    To build such as this

    or this

    would be unfeasable, mainly due to cost.
    Extrapolate this backwards to the megalithic structures, and the impossibility magnifies. Copper chisels? Wet string dipped in quartz sand? 200 ton polygonal blocks perfectly fitting 20 other 20 ton blocks? Gobegli Tepi? Derenkuyu?

    I study widely, and this darwinian idea that we evolved, relatively recently, from monkeys, is frankly insulting.
    I think we are descending @the mo.
    Thanks to Dublinmick for this link
    There has to be an explanation for why saturn is so important. Just another speck in the night sky without telescope.

  7. beLIEve says:

    ‘Secrets of Levitation’

  8. Dublinmick says:

    Probably what is more important than who built them is what they were used for. Yes, some look like landing sites but they all enhance the vibration of the cosmic generator or OM.

    PH.D. Paul LaViolette is brilliant. He has a youtube on his site with an enhanced OM vibration.

    He does so in a manner well beyond my pay grade using subquantum kinetics

    Portal Alpha-Omega

    Continuous Creation Cosmology

    “According to subquantum kinetics, the transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation. It continually regenerates and maintains the physical universe every moment. If this continual activity were to diminish from its present rate, your physical body, your house, the Earth, the Sun, the countless planets and stars filling the vast expanse of space, in fact, all the subatomic particles and energy waves composing our physical universe would gradually dissipate, disolving into a state of uniformity. What would remain would be the vast and unfathomable, ever-present multi-dimensional consciousness, of which we all are a part, and whose featureless calm “surface” would have once generated our beautiful physical universe. But our physical universe has remained in existence for many trillions of years and any such dissolution is not expected for many trillions of years to come. A similar paradigm is expressed in the Hindu creation story of Vishnu and Brahma (see Genesis of the Cosmos, chapter 6).”

    There are new pyramids being discovered in Russia also in the Crimea they claim are 65 million years old.

    I am not an expert on the physics of it, but some Mahatmas taught me how to meditate on it and see the chakras inside your body light up. I never made it past the stomach chakra though. I failed.

    The OM sound is also what you hear when you put a sea shell to your ear. The Vedas call it the Shruti sound of the universal vibration that holds every molecule in the universe together. They pyramids are about energy, not burial tombs.

    Anyway listen to this youtube.

  9. Dublinmick says:

    When Constantine was plagiarizing the Vedas he put in his bible, in the beginning was the word. It ain’t book though it is OM.

  10. freebornman says:

    Vibration. Freqency. I read of a terminal brain cancer patient, cured himself by learning to do this:-

    • Dublinmick says:

      Here near Orlando is a town called Cassadaga. It is an old area populated by nothing but those who call themselves “psychics” and yeah some of them are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

      They have stores however which sell almost anything imaginable, from cystals to altantic power rods.

      They have giant crystal bowls you can run your finger on the edge and create a vibration, OM if you will.

      They sell everything from crystals to native american bone breast plates. Incidentally that is what the indians were doing, drawing the OM, the vibration-power of the universe. Copper and silver is also good for this as well as gold. A vast selection of books also.

      Note the balanced cross near the heart of Chief Sitting Bull, Champion of the Sioux. It represents the planet of the crossing or Nibiru and is sacred to them.

      Every native American tribe will tell you they did not descend from monkeys but are the descendants of supernatural beings who came from the stars and taught them how to live on planet earth in harmony with nature.

  11. freebornman says:

    Bi-tonal singing. Think RR Rife. Mabye we don’t even need a machine. G’night all 🙂

  12. Lynn says:

    True we all can do this. Not the words just collective thought. Mind over matter..!!! Levitation is a thought process.

    • I wonder then Lynn if this means in Freemason Lodges tonight or every weekend, the higher degrees, shut their oak panelled or teak doors and start levitating? I mean before the rituals and parties begin, or even during. Has fat Ken Clarke ever levitated I wonder? Did Cyril Smith ever levitate? Would need a hell of a lot of mind power to pull that off. But Im serious. What must it be like to use the mind to levitate.

  13. Dublinmick says:

    Best thread by some of the most intelligent people you ever want to encounter here.

    Adam probably adds a year to my life with his exuberance.

    Don’t ever lose that quest for truth Adam, don’t ever let anyone take it from you. Don’t ever let them discourage you.

  14. Dogman says:

    Ancient knowledge part 5- Coral Castle, magnetic forces, sacred sciences, anti-gravity.

  15. Dogman says:

    Cort Lindahl’s video that links to the Axis Mundi of the Vatican.

    Coral Castle, Florida, may be part of the Templum of the Vatican. It is possible Ed Leedskalnin traveled to S. Florida specifically to build Coral Castle as a talisman. Ed was from Riga, Latvia that is also part of the Templum of the Vatican. Both sites are on azimuths created by the sighting array at St.Peter’s Square of the Vatican. Using the Egyptian obelisk and surrounding windrose markers many places important to the Catholic faith are sighted. Using the Vatican as a datum a line is created that includes the Dome of the Rock, St. Peter’s, Miami Circle, and Coral Castle is created. … CUr7QCsz78

  16. Lynn says:

    It does work Adam. Lay a person rigidley between two solids, (chairs) stand at the head, place a finger under the arms at either side takes two people by the way. Then concentrate and lift. They will elevate without stress. About 5 inches. Really spooky. Let me know if you try it.

  17. Dublinmick says:

    I linked this one, although I do believe the builders were the Nefilim.

    I don’t insist everyone agree with me. What a guy huh? 🙂

  18. driver47a says:

    I agree you with Dogman, I looked at the photos of 36ft tall humans, that have miraculously disappeared but do you think they built machinery to move such heavy blocks?

  19. Dublinmick says:

    The Smithsonian now admits to destroying thousands of giant bones.

    The Incan indians told George Squier that Tiahuanaco was raised by the giants in a single day.

  20. Dublinmick says:

    Just another tidbit here you might find interesting.

  21. Scotty says:

    Oh no! I cannot believe that people are still pushing this ‘Ancient Aliens’ nonsense!

    Watch the very film on YT by CHRIS WHITE called ANCIENT ALIENS DEBUNKED


      On 11/11/11 Fortune 500 Proctor and Gamble heir Foster Gamble released “Thrive,” the latest and greatest Zeitgeist-like big-budget controlled-opposition co-option of the conspiracy community.

      P&G makes an average of $68 billion per year and does hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the Pentagon and Department of Defense. They lobby to block bans on animal testing, distribute GMO products like olestra, produced the first implantable microchips and financed Hitler’s Third Reich. Just look at their company logo and notice the symbology / numerology: 13 stars, a subliminal 666, and devil horns, then Foster Gamble’s movie has 11:11:11 numerology, Masonic one-eyed poster, rising-sun and “V” symbolism.

      So what about the message of Thrive? The second half of the film is quite good, features David Icke, G. Edward Griffin, and Catherine Austin-Fitts; it’s packed with well-researched conspiracy info about the banking system, false-flags, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the New World Order. The first part of the film however reeks of disinfo with people like Steven Greer, Clifford Stone and others going on about aliens, UFOs, ancient astronauts, and crop circles.

      It’s very clear that this movie is trying to convince people that aliens are real, and that they are responsible for crop circles and UFOs. They show government, military and NASA spokespeople all agreeing that crop circles and UFOs must be alien phenomena. They say that since crop circles are so large and intricate, found in over 30 countries, and appear so quickly that they cannot possibly be the work of humans using ropes and boards. That’s fine, I’d agree with that, but then they jump off the deep-end and say since it’s not humans using ropes and boards, it must be aliens! Back up the misinfo train a second. If it’s not humans using ropes and boards, it must be aliens? What about as I’ve always said, it’s not humans using ropes and boards or aliens, but rather humans using classified technology such as microwave beams? Look at the various crop circle patterns: sacred geometry, checkerboard floors, one-eyed pyramids, kaballah tree of life, pentagons, pentagrams, Hollywood-looking alien depictions – looks like the work of Masons to me.

  22. Dublinmick says:

    This is undeniable. You can see the lense flare to the left. The big planet is to the right and it is not flaring. It is sitting there motionless and you can see the outline of the trees in front of it.

    • Nicky says:

      Your not wrong DMji . Been a synchronous evening for me. I was drawn to visit one of your links
      Amazing Poetry 🙂
      It lead to me searching for the meaning of Shivo Hum Parvo Hum. Nothing online on Parvo Hum so I searched for Parvati and that is when I came across versions of tales I wished to revisit after dreams last night. Thank you DublinMick. One re request, any knowledge on the sheed or sidhh race based in the Emerald Isles? Still coming up blank, Have only heard of them from a couple Irish TM Siddhi’s account of a discourse they had with the Maharishi concerning their Yogic powers and the mystery of why they did not halt the mass migrations/invasion to their lands in the distant past.

    • Nicky says:

      Is there an Irish phonetic spelling for sheed i am not aware maybe ?

  23. Dublinmick says:

    There are so many mantras from India.

    The Sidhe, the good people

    • Nicky says:

      Bless you DMji. I never thought to search Through the Celtic Histories or the Fair folk. Bit slow of me. So gratefull for this lead. Marvelous article.
      I have had experiences of some “The Fairy folk” myself yet most on telling the tales dismiss me as a crazy bullshitter and worse. Here are my two accounts for you. Once whilst sat meditating on the eastern slopes of Haldon Hills in a flat area I had created as a kind of retreat in the woods, My attention was drawn to something passing by in the sky in front of me, Around 2 to 3 hundred yards at 45 degrees from me, I opened my eyes to see a floating Fairy staring at me briefly. A mental discourse (Mentalk) ensued that took no time at all. The Fairy was shocked to see someone meditating and had not seen a human doing so for some time, This caused him to stop. I asked what he was up to and he replied Delivering a message to his king. At which point he was off like a shot. I would not have been able to see him had he not stopped. It was all over in a few seconds. I went back to meditating.
      The other occassion I was travelling along a long straight stretch of road that leads out from the back of my village one hot sunny day when a blackbird shot across the road in front of me at a terrific speed wailing in distress as it flew across and into the hedge opposite. In a flash I see a Fairy with a spear in one hand come hurtling after the Blackbird in hot pursuit, He froze in shock for an instant right in front of me. I thought he was going to be through my windscreen. As quickly as he had appeared he about faced and flew back into the hedge he had come out of and was gone. ” Well ” i thought, No one is going to believe this one.
      In both cases I do not think I would have registered they where there at all had they not stopped briefly, as they moved so fast.

    • Nicky says:

      The other thing that struck me about my reaction on seeing them was I was not at all shocked by either event, As if some part of me knew of them at a deep level already.

    • Nicky says:

      I think I may be repeating myself here but this is worth repeating. I was out walking with a married couple, Two of my best and few friends. I was relating to them the Irish TM Siddhis stories of the Sidhe. As soon as the word Sidhe left my lips the woods just became vibrant in a flash, It was in an older part with some ancient knarled hedgerows. A part that forrestry bods had not completely planted out with pine.

  24. Dublinmick says:

    That is very interesting Nicky, I will get back to this, have to mow the grass right now.

  25. Nicky says:

    Am right with you there Dub’s, Round here Daw and Dub used to mean Black or Dark and “Lish” Water. Dawlish = Blackwater. Does Dublin mean the same?
    This Whole Sidhe tale in it’s way adds weight to much mentioned in some of your articles. A widespread highly evolved Ancient Culture. Not sure if you are aware, One translation of the sanskrit word Siddhi is perfections. Also applied as Perfected Ones. The Irish Gents and The Maharishi’s talk brought out that they where Vedic folk native to Ireland with highly developed Siddhis, Hence their name Sheed/ Sidhe
    One has to be at peace to get anywhere with the levitation and other skills/Perfections. Loving the reference to them as The Good People.
    Many Siddhis/Perfections and how to achieve them are in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Alistair Shearer has done a fine job of translating an version into English with some cracking background info pre the sutras. It is called “Effortless Being” If time allows i often recommend it highly. More than just a good primer. Nice night for mowing the Grass 🙂

  26. Dublinmick says:

    Nicky you must absolutely read these two. Irene Caesar a Russian woman with a PH.D. I might add is convinced that Russians came down from the north and established Vedantic culture. Captain Ajit is convinced they originated in the Indus Valley. I have to go along with Ajit. In fact the enuma elish indicates the aryans were told to go north where it is colder.

    So yes the Scythians were once the Palestinians and migrated to the Emerald Isles. Of course their DNA is now blended with other people of that area and they are darker. However there is still examples of Palestinians who have blonde hair. The Isrealis make it a point to target them to wipe out all history.

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