Anti-fracking protesters storm Manchester Magistrates Court

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16:40, 2 SEPTEMBER 2015
Up to 20 anti-fracking protesters stormed the court building – scuffles broke out outside as they were joined by other protesters
Police were called to Manchester Magistrates Court after a group of anti-fracking protesters stormed the building.

Greater Manchester Police were called at 2.20pm after reports that protesters were inside the building causing disruption to court proceedings.

A GMP spokesman says more officers were subsequently called to the scene after the situation inside the court ‘became quite heated’.

Police say 19 protesters initially caused a disturbance inside the court – they then exited the building where they were joined by about 20 more protesters, and there were scuffles outside the building doors.

Three people have been arrested.

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Large police presence
There’s a large police presence in the Spinningfields area of the city centre after a group of anti-fracking protesters tried to storm the Manchester Magistrates Court building.

There are several police vehicles and reports of officers chasing some of the protesters around the area on foot following the disturbance, which took place in the last hour.

Our reporter Alex Hibbert will be sending back updates from the scene shortly.

Police on Deansgate
This was the first image from the scene, sent to us by reader @sglods on Twitter
Deansgate scene
The police vehicles seem to have mainly moved on from where they were earlier gathered on Deansgate
Witness Luke Burdon told us that there were around eight police vehicles at the scene at one point.

He said: “Some TAU (Tactical Aid Unit officers chasing protesters down while some are guarding the door to the court. Fight started when protesters attempted to bum-rush the doors.

“They’re carting some of the protesters off in police vans now. Three by my count.”

Protesters outside court
It appears that most of the protesters have left the scene – here are a couple of them

Anti-fracking protesters outside Manchester Magistrates Court
Scuffles outside court
We received footage of scuffles that took place outside the doors to the court building. We’ll bring that to you shortly, but here are some images of the incident.

Anti-fracking protesters in scuffles with police outside Manchester Magistrates Court
Scuffles outside court
Another image captured outside the court

Anti-fracking protesters in scuffles with police outside Manchester Magistrates Court
Video of scuffles
Below is the footage of the disturbance outside Manchester Magistrates Court – it may take a minute or two to appear for you, or you may need to refresh the page.



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