Abby Martin Launches Investigative News Show for teleSUR


The show will document a world plagued by rampant inequality and endless war through rigorous investigative journalism.

Journalist Abby Martin, former host of Breaking The Set, which screened on Russia Today, returns to television with her new show The Empire Files, presented by teleSUR English and Executive Producer Paul Jay of The Real News Network. The Empire Files is a weekly, documentary-style investigative report airing Fridays beginning Sept. 4 on teleSUR English. The show will focus an incisive lens on power, injustice and wars being waged on human rights and civil liberties in the United States and across the globe.

“Neocon warmongers don’t want you to watch Abby Martin, and with good reason: She routinely kicks their asses and literally takes names.”

The show’s mission is to document a world plagued by rampant inequality and endless war by putting an spotlight on power, corruption and globalization through rigorous investigative journalism. The Empire Files will cover local and global issues leaking from the empire, its endless war on terror, and the disastrous symptoms for human and civil rights at home and abroad. Abby Martin will lead a team providing coverage and analysis from the field with a fearless, aggressive edge, backed by rigorous fact-driven reporting and first-hand accounts.

A wide range of experts, scholars and journalists have given their support to the project. Birgitta Jónsdóttir, member of the Icelandic Parliament and former WikiLeaks spokeswoman, said: “We are living at transformative times, where nothing is as it seems, important news is not covered. That is why we need aggressive reporting to expose and understand it, Abby has the depth and courage to do it!”

“Abby Martin broke the set bringing us the news nobody else had the guts to report. I welcome her continued truthtelling at telesSUR,” former CIA analyst and torture whistleblower John Kiriakou noted.



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  1. ian says:

    Badly needed. Brave lady.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Neocon puppet Abby Martin’s coming out video party ….

    Editor’s note: Joe Rogan is a standup comedian, in reality, so is Abby Martin. When Abby walked off the stage at Russia Today in support of the Kiev junta, later to be proven a murderous pack of gangsters, she had somewhere to land. Funding for Media Roots, her landing place is secret. Her work, the shameful video with Jesse Ventura, backing the 9/11 coverup, is a classic.

    Ventura and Martin produced a lovefest citing American intelligence “failures” rather than complicity with Israel as the cause of 9/11.

    Both have been gotten to.

    VIDEO – here she is quitting RT supporting John McCain, Nuland and the neocon / zionist putsch installed regime in Kiev, note how she deploys the standard talking point of “Russian aggression”.

  3. charles drake says:

    abby martin the breasts are small
    the righteous truther anger large
    the position grey
    the blood khazarian jewish

    since these demons are not a race no racial purity here.
    just kosher crime syndicates with little helpers with poor upper body mass.
    maybe she was once a boy like taylor swift
    abby finds it difficult to walk and talk maybe her breasts are bigger than i remember but i gave up on this thing after 3 righteous rt shows

    • I didn’t know this
      Ive come to realise in recent months RT wasn’t what it seemd, owned by Js. And Ken o Keefe (don’t tell me hes bad as well I really like him) had to hold his tongue on RT and not spell out J truths of involvement. nevertheless o keefe drew blood against Fleitz I think Washington guy
      I assumed abby martin was trying hard genuinely.
      maybe she is genuine, or not, but the ‘Truth’ she passionately helps expose, I never thought to consider, its skewed. I assume max keisers views are skewed too
      An electrogravitic looking ufo craft went behind herberts head in 2013 on live tv
      An upside down pyramid with all seeing eye was on her t shirt in 2015.
      But ill assume theyre all pusing the same agenda and using skilful media tricks. I know RTs not to be trusted

      Interesting point though, does that mean whatever comes out of the actual real Kremlin news agency, don’t know its name…..that probably IS to be trusted? Im sure the Satanists are infiltrated into the kgb/fsb (after all it seems J Satanists Bolsheviks illuminati set up the Russian revolution), so im sure theres a lot of them infiltrated in the kremlin and Russian military now.

      Is the whole kremlin satanic? Are Lavrov and Putin just playing their useful roles in the illumiati play theatre? Surely not, its very drawn out and tedious. Surely there must be some resisting force, otherwise Syria, eastern Europe Ukraine, many other agendas, would have been sewmn up long before now, if there WASNT some resisting, counterbalancing intelligent force at work too.

      And BTW Charles id appreciate the advice, you say 4 ingreidients only in bread. Is this water, rye, salt, and yeast? is there a ready to buy brand sold at waitrose perhaps? Is sourdough, the word I must look for. So many brwads on the shelves I wouldn’t trust. And I haven’t the time to make my own bread. But the 4 ingredients as a guide are helpful when checking labels.

      Abby and max keiser, and I presume that Asian guy on going underground? Hard to get my head round. It appears the jews are happy for lots of truths to be revealed. They enjoy the upswelling of outrage, confiusion , it creates in us. I think theyre so sly and clever, their skill might lie in….creating chaos but blaming it on someone else. Then taking advantage.
      I think

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