A Law For The Rich And A Law For The Poor

America’s Allies – Saudi Prince Arrested for Sexual Assault at $37 Million Compound Near Beverly Hills, California

But over the weekend, the twenty-something was just a guy driving a very fancy car very fast, police said. Al Thani denied to officers who investigated the incident that anyone was driving recklessly. He also said he had diplomatic immunity, Beverly Hills police said.

How do you say douche bag in Arabic?

But since the video went viral, Al Thani has fled the country, police said. The Ferrari and white Porsche seen in the video also are gone.

And…he’s gone.

Watch the video of the car speeding through stop signs here:


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Edomite / Canaanite origins of Sephardic ‘Jews’ explained:


    Turkic origins of Khazarian Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ explained


    Now look up the truth on Ritual Murder…

    Ask yourself why the hordes of migrants are being diverted to Germany and Sweden and not first stop UK on the media anymore – maybe someone is getting a little frightened that some of us in the UK like on here and elsewhere are getting too close to the truth and there is a lot of fear out there that too many people are waking up so better instead to send the black and brown people to countries where the Aryan population is still asleep.

    Britain is Israel. The British, A Company of Hebrew Nations…

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