3 Responses to “9/11 – ignorance is strength. if you really believe the official story, please accept that you are of very low IQ.”

  1. ian says:

    Well put together with an obvious sense of humour added. Would be funny if the story they tell wasn’t supposed to be true, causing three thousand deaths that day and millions since due to the war of terror it let these ghouls implement. As I mentioned on a previous comment, i feel that to conspiracy theorise, “to use their term” is the only thing you can do in life when you’ve been lied to, unless you’re braindead. The first thing you do when you’ve been lied to, is to try to figure out what really happened. It used to be called thinking, before the CIA gave it a label to chase the conformity freaks away from participating in thinking. That’s us, the good guys with morals, the guys who can think, the guys who aren’t terrified of an ankle grabbing talking head having the audacity to try to ridicule us. We are the good guys, and the ridiculers are employed by mass murdering child abusing country destroying manipulating theiving low life filth.
    Always remember, we are the good guys.

  2. Lynn says:

    We are Ian and we are seeing the true conspiracy unfolding right before us. If we know the truth how many millions more do. They have been caught out now pants down and ready for a beating on the bare cheeks… Can’t wait to see the trials when these low life’s are rounded up. Now that is a showstopper I wouldn’t want to miss. Think of the revenue that would net.

  3. salty says:



    23 APRIL 2016.



    Israel did 9/11


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