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  1. [It is possible to disable a lot of implants using your mind to direct energy down the front of the body, wilsons pushing exercise. Also good mineral ratios sodium potassium ratio. So not to feel helpless when reading this information]


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    These computer chips can send messages to the brain that can induce various levels and types of trances. This sounds like science fiction, but it is fact and it is proven. For more on this, please read How People Are Influenced Mentally and Implants on this site.


    Psychotronics is the use of frequency machines and radionic machines to send messages to the brains of people near and far from the machinery. This method of mind control is in widespread use throughout the world, although very few people are aware of it.

    In fact, some of those who are aware of this phenomenon are labeled schizophrenic because they “hear voices” in their head. What they are hearing are manipulative messages designed to control them.

    The goal is to influence and manipulate the thoughts, feelings, cognition and memory of people, especially our leaders and other influential people in the community.

    Psychotronic machines can induce trance states to force people to believe a certain way, vote a certain way, feel a certain way, or act a certain way. It is a very important method of subtle mind manipulation.

    A very powerful psychotronic method is that each soul has a unique frequency. If one knows the frequency, one can send messages just to that soul very secretly and powerfully. For more on this topics, please read Psychotronics on this website.


  2. ferryt says:

    Just as a reminder as to whose in charge, they’re playing fucking jersualem on the bee bee cee proms.

  3. ian says:

    Aye, I’m sure this is true. I was walking with my oldest lad yesterday and he brought up 9/11. Apparently there was something on the telly about it claiming that the aluminium from the plane and oxygen from the water from the sprinklers caused the heat that caused the collapse. They have a lot at stake here. From being a millionaire peadophile to swinging from a lamp post is a drama they feel it would be best to avoid. Just bear in mind that those that did it have very easy access to TV and newspapers. Also bear in mind that these ever so friendly TV presenters work for them and wouldn’t give you a kind look in real life.
    The more professional types don’t like to speculate in conspiracy theories as they believe or seem to believe that it is not clever or silly or not grown up to participate in conspiracy theorising, but it is. It’s perfectly normal to try to picture what really happened when you have been lied to, in fact it is all you can do, and if trying to ridicule those who try to figure out what really happened is their best shot, then they’re fucked. If something happens and you are obviously lied to, ie a partner is shagging someone else, then trying to figure what really happened is the only logical thing to do. It is what you do. Don’t let them use conformity and fear of not conforming make you fear being given one of their labels. It is us that are correct and them that are lying murdering child abusing TV owning low life filth.

  4. Dogman says:

    The falling man always struck me as an unlikely posture

    • It says Panda are blocking my access to this page link you’ve given, I wonder why, could my laptop have something on it to prevent me accessing it

      • dkblue says:

        I was warned the site has been deemed by Google (nice google!) to contain malware that may steal credit card details. I proceeded anyway. It is an article correlating the picture with the Hanged Man of the Tarot.
        Here is one good comment posted after
        Richard Drew said he took the photo from the ground. Therefore he is a liar. That is impossible. He is a fake and so is this photo. And so is the Associated Press and all the other corporate owned media, that covered up the facts. Why would anyone create a photo so similar to this Hanging Man card? Why was Bush reading a story to school children about a goat? What does the goat represent to the occult? It has nothing to do with the existence of God but it may have something to do with Lucifer, Satan, the Devil or whatever name you wish to use.There is no proof that the towers were hit by airplanes but a magnetic pulse is a possibility and the lightening depicted in the Tower card portrays that image. This could be a Satanic ritual of sacrifice. You and I will never know so don’t believe me and don’t believe the media.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Agreed – Photo to fit with occult ritual.

      There were jumpers though – they were mind controlled to jump – D.E.W.


      Why would ZOG waste such a ‘good opportunity’ to experiment and test its hardware, play day. Remember the Israelis who were there “to document the event”. Still don’t believe in Jewish Ritual Murder – I think it is time to wake up Whitey, don’t you?

  5. salty says:

    Trump promises full investigation of 9/11 if made President

    February 14, 2016.


    And guess what? The guys who did 9/11 are sweating blood — because they know the game is up if Trump gets into the White House.

    One of them’s dead . . . the others are still at large

    Trump and Sanders are both “antiestablishment” candidates. What might either deliver?

    Sanders is a politician. He is far less idealistic than he is taken to be, a well-known occupational disease. Except for an initial (not incidentally anti-Republican) anti-Iraq-war vote, he has been consistently pro-war. He used to speak of Palestinian rights, but now insists on the right of Israel to “defend” itself against bottle rockets with genocide. The wars for the Ziocon empire would continue with Sanders. After his surprising last-minute treachery gutting the Audit the Fed bill of which he himself was the Senate sponsor, what can he really be trusted with? And the rest of what he is promising, a legislative agenda, is not up to him to deliver. He would never be able to do it, even if he wanted to.

    Ryan Dawson gives a good account of Sanders’ consistent support for globalist adventures, Zionism and the military-industrial complex. (See here)

    Trump is not a politician. The best way to understand him is first of all t

  6. salty says:

    The Neocon Zionists Must Be Arrested And Put On Trial For False Flag 9/11 Terrorism

    Posted on April 5, 2016.



    Israel did 9/11


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