9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open

Eye witness reveals 9/11 facts hidden by the government




Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo talks to Rudy Dent, 32 year veteran of NYC fire department and the NYPD, about his incredible first hand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7.



Corbyn’s conspiracy theory: 9/11 attacks were ‘manipulated’ to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible, says Labour leader

  • Labour leader claimed Tony Blair and George W Bush used it to go to war
  • Wrote articles appearing to endorse ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theory
  • It comes as MPs expected to publicly state party is unelectable under him 

19 Responses to “9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open”

  1. ferryt says:

    Dancing disraelis.

    Did corbyn mention that?

    No. He diverted. Oy vey.

  2. Nicky says:

    Saudis Israelis and a few Catholics and other Christians and Satanists. more like. From all over the Globe.
    The later blackmailing forces of Nature with sacrifices.
    The drinking blood of a foetus and sacrificed babies has more to do with the product, stem cells and hormones produced by flight or fight responses. Like a shot of speed for them. A drug. That is all.
    Much of the rest I believe is theatre. Acting, Playing. Pretend. Bullshit. A Control system, Manufactured by ignorance.
    This is not a go at yourself ferryt. Just an opportunity to share a few thoughts pertinent to the subject.
    My Point. Religion does not really have anything to do with 911. Not really. Easy to get hooked up on though, Found myself getting a tad anti semitic myself at one stage. And no its not a Jewish thing so reign in your programming any sheeple who come across this.
    All of them. You cant call someone a racist when they are obviously troubled by what are racist religions. I guess that makes me an infedel in some folks eyes, Or a Goy in his stall to others.

    What karma awaits those led astray.
    I struggle and shudder to comprehend.
    Take care what you create for that is what you will inherit. The role as victim I would hazard a guess at for the blood sacrificer and consumer.
    I can just see the tired face they think is a fallen angel as it gives what they demand, Not because they sacrifice but in the hope the obviously impatient and lost will achieve satisfaction and stop their unnecessary out of line shananagins. and leave Those Kids Alone. Jesus H. Use masuru Emotos revelations and imagine water is full of your drug of choice and dispense with the sacrifce bollocks. Its just a spell. An Illusion. A real shitty one. Snap out of it.
    Pretty please. Drink wine and bread instead. In Moderation of course.

    Over the years it has become obvious to me that the vegetarian religions hold more sanctity for life in their hearts, Compared with the others that at some point lost the plot on witnessing planets collide and come up with the idea to sacrifice their own young in their madness. Biblical reference there.
    Then there is the one about when the dark times arose and the beasts began to devour each others flesh and drink blood ..something along those lines. Big clue there. How we where and what we became after the events portrayed in those early biblical texts.
    Some religions managed to stay on course through those events and continued to be vegetarians. Something I wished to be as a youngster. peer pressure steered in the wrong direction.
    Flexitarian myself.
    mmm Bacon. A weakness. The Desire to ammend this is growing stronger. An aspect of My personal Jihad if you like.
    And No I am not a Muslim. Im a traveller in Gods Electric Universe. (As we all are)
    Drawn to the Yogic teachings Preserved by the Holy Vedic Tradition of India.
    I do hope the master slave type folk will wake up to the wisdom of the Master Disciple relationship much revered within Vegetarian religions.
    Sooner rather than later.
    As the Maharishi once said. “It is better to be a Master of Masters than a Master of Slaves”.
    Then we could all get along with enjoying this wonderous creation in a fuller way than we currently do. Rising to a fuller potential. As the Loving God Intended.

  3. Dogman says:

    The supposed greatest act of terrorism in modern history and Osama bin Laden denied any involvement. Now why would you perpetrate such an act and then deny it?
    These supposed hijackers were still alive at the time of the 9/11 Commission:
    Satam al Suqami, Wail and Waleed al Shehri (two brothers)
    Abdul Aziz al Omari
    Mohand al Shehri
    Saeed al Ghamdi
    Ahmed al Nami
    Salem al Hazmi (the brother of Nawaf al Hazmi)

  4. Dogman says:

    Satam al Suqami should have been deleted from that list, apologies.

  5. Nicky says:

    Penned this in the hope some lost souls might be monitoring this and change there ways. Get on board and assist exposing and stopping the stupidity.
    Correct It does not enter into the detail of how and why 911 was done. There is plenty out there on that. Not much on getting the perpetrators out of their way of thinking.
    Joining in the race hate only fuels the lost in their efforts to own it all and be masters of their Universe and enslaving them also in the role of a false master surrounded by slaves whom hate the sight of them.
    Trying to get across to the perpetrators the folley of the belief they are getting away with something, Its a falsehood. And the mess made has to be dealt with by the ones whom make it eventually. Just the knowledge of that fact alone would stop the rot if we could snap them out of there dillusions.
    Re the Devil. The Devil is a Lie. Not real. An invention given energy by the subscribers. Nothing more. Falsehood. Just like the vengeful God they subscribe to. God is Love after all. Not hate.
    I think the demon some of these Satanists witness in the mirror during some of there begging spells is nothing more than an image of their own tired souls reflected back at them from a future time percieved as in the now.
    Hoping to snap these folk out of the deluded conditioning the petulant selfish beings buggered them with. And their false beliefs.
    We most need to educate these Unbelievably poorly conditioned and spoilt individuals on the errors they are making. All of them conned. Whether that be through being shipped of to jew school to be indoctrinated into the belief your “Special” and “Elite” etc and that there false vengeful God that loves just there Race and its useful idiots. Will save them from all wrong doing and that everyone else is scum.
    Even that it is ok to harm the unbelievers and Infedels. OK To damage those not born as “Special”.

    The Brahmin texts have a hymn for reciting when Becoming a Brahmin. It never started out as an inherited state. The whole Vedic system has by design been mispepresented by various arms of the semite group due to it being superior knowledge to the group chosen by them to be its elite.
    (purer, Less mistakes inserted in its texts to water down its Ved).

    The answers still shout from there yogic teachings. (Now banned by the muslims.) Despite all the smearing by various christian groups and NGOs. Things went tits up their on the arrival of folk from the semite diaspora arriving and raping the place.
    All that missuse of the Karma sutras and its temples. What they dont show is the statues some East India company knobhead had had defaced and smashed out of the temple which show the consequences of say boning an animal. In the attempt to portray the culture as a bunch of sexual deviants.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Learn to be still and know semites. Wake up.
    Get Free of the inherited crock.

    • Interesting comments
      Especially looking in the mirror, is a true reflection of self, demons don’t really exist?
      Its like that 1950s scifi film the tempest I think it was based on.
      Robbie the robot forgotton the name
      Arrived on another planet.
      Apparently at the end it was discovered it was the space crews own mind, consciousness, that was manyfacturing the demonic forces attacking them.

      This whole worlds mixed up, messed up. I find sanctuary in paul laviolettes etheric.com website

      • Nicky says:

        Thank you for the link. Ether i guess is Akasha. The Element of space in the Vedic system.
        I to recall the article in your next comment involving the mirror chants and its wretched soul reflecting back.
        Very telling article, And disturbing.
        How is your knowledge on the reasons the Christ asks that they drink his blood and eat his flesh? Symbolically with the bread and water ritual.
        How did it come about and In what context was this adopted as a suitable behaviour.
        All a bit macabre when combined with the suffering cross sign adopted by the rc church.
        And is it really worth trying to get it. I would put understand but it is not something I wish to stand under,
        happy with the path i’ve found. Just got to get back on it.
        Would like to see a new word. Overstand. To fully grasp the whole situation and not be caught up in it.

    • And the recent dublinsmick article about Satanism abortions. The Whistleblower. The game hed play as a boy chanting against Mary then looking in a mirror in dark room, seeing a demon then theyd all run out

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Hi Adam how are you today?

        I was going to comment in reply to Nicky but decided against it as I just reckoned it would not be listened to anyway but who knows?

        The point I was going to make is that everyone who I have known who has taken that approach when fighting the forces of darkness has ultimately been destroyed by them. I would not want to mention names but one just needs to have a look at the Hampstead case to see what I mean. There are lots of well meaning people out there with good intentions but evil beats them every time because they think they have discovered something or know something which gives them the power to beat evil.

        Either evil destroys you or you join it and become evil or you are on the side of God

      • beLIEve says:

        Men Scryfa

        Agree with your comment.

        I have noticed a number of what I call “apologist” comments recently.

        Comments along the lines of…getting the perpetrators out of their way of thinking……

        We need to educate these individuals….

        COUNT ME OUT. I am not interested.

        The criminally insane, FAKE JEWS are going to have to take whatever is coming their way.

        I would do to them and their progeny, what they have done to us and, our families.

        Ooh I forgot…they don’t own anything !
        THEY haven’t done an honest days work in their lives.
        Everything they “OWN” belongs to the people it was stolen from ! !

        They have been at this GAME, 2000 years or, more.


        “THEIR” acts are engineered with MALICE AFORETHOUGHT.

        We need to educate them HA HA.

        They used what they stole, to send their progeny to ……World Famous Schools.

        I don’t think so !

        They sold their souls (if, they had them in the first place) to LUCIFER in exchange for ..shekels & power.

        Imho …..THEIR END IS NIGH.

        I am hoping they are on their way out of “the last chance salon” and are about to hit an immovable object !

        I have a suspicion they know their game is up !

        Hopefully, the COWARDLY SCUM are not long for this planet !

      • Nicky says:

        hi Men Scyfa. beLIEve Bit late for me to keep my head low. Was a early signer of the hampstead whistleblowers petition. Before it got dissappeared. and was a candidate for a political party not sanctioned by the naughty people.
        So I have had a fair bit of crap happen already.
        Including the dissappearing of a months long lotto ticket I left under my keyboard with two draws left to run on it. Back filled in, before going abroad for a further 3 months to complete a commitment to spend a year helping the settle foundation.
        The numbers came up and that ticket was worth 6.9 million pounds.
        Largest unclaimed ticket at the time I do believe.
        I still count myself lucky to have been given a chance being born here again.
        Would not neccessarily choose to do so next time around. Filthy place for filthy people and its warping the clean to.
        Tend to your own evolution was the good advice once recieved.
        Think This would be a good course of action to take. become unfettered. Free to return back home, Ahh peace. Yum.
        The next time I have a near death experience and consciousness asks what of those you would leave behind.
        ……Not this time mr tricky, I am out of here.

      • beLIEve says:


        “….Tend to your own evolution was the good advice once received. Think this would be a good course of action to take…..”

        Bit “tricky tending to ones own evolution when……
        psychopathic, thieving, LUNATICS are spraying me/us with CHEMICALS, poisoning me/us with corrupted food, injecting me/us with aluminium laced vaccines. etc……

        Bit “tricky” tending to ones own evolution when ……THE EVOLUTION, in question ….IS BEING THWARTED !

        I feel the best/ most rational course of action is to “DEAL” with the SCUM BAG ILLEGAL ALIEN khazars, who are the source of all the trouble.

        Along the lines of LOCKING UP A GENOCIDAL PSYCHO…. who is a threat to mankind !

        SORRY to hear you lost….. £6,900,000…on an UNCLAIMED LOTTERY TICKET !

        To quote Tony Abbott ….
        SH** happens !

  6. Cobalt says:

    A brave soul:

    Where did the towers go:

    – Cobalt

  7. Truth will prevail says:

    “…they drink his blood and eat his flesh? Symbolically with the bread and water ritual.” (Nicky)

    Christians NEVER “drink his blood and eat his flesh”, not even symbolically.
    Are you as ignorant?

  8. salty says:

    University Of Alaska Fairbanks Professor Launches New 9/11 Research Project

    MARCH 29, 2016.



    Israel did 9/11


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