20 Lies Everyone Should Know

In our world of progress, law and industry, most citizens of the United States live under the guise of sovereignty and freedom. Most were raised to believe that America is the greatest country in the world, that its government works for the people and is formed by the people, and that they are the example other countries strive to follow.

Then, the mass awakening began. People started to find little truths, or little lies, that have been used to manipulate them and create a veil around them. As more information surfaces in alternative media and as brave individuals speak out about injustices and lies, many people in the United States are realizing that they have been misguided and misinformed, about their food, their health, their history, their government, their freedom, etc.

There is a wealth of truth hidden from us…or conveniently omitted in mainstream media and mainstream education. Here’s a list of 20 lies used to gain political or financial power that every person should know.




The Story of Your Enslavement

Stefan Molyneux

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own.





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  1. RabbiT says:

    On “The Story of Your Enslavement” the reality is that the farmers are as much enslaved to the system of work as are the livestock.

    This goes back to the very beginning with Adam and Eve in that as a consequence of the fall, man would have to work.

    But is work such a bad thing?

    Because we are physical beings we need to produce food and need to process our waste and from there we need a raft of materials to provide us, for example, with heat, to allow us to travel and so on.

    The truth is that all mankind is a slave to the farmer including the farmer himself unless that is the farmer employs another to be the farmer thus allowing the farmer the freedom to do as he pleases. I have been that farmer and it is boring.

    It is good to participate but our participation should be to the benefit of all.

    Unfortunately many believe evil is necessary and this spoils the whole thing.

    The truth is that it is the next life (the one after death) that is important and securing that should be our first priority.

    From my childhood, I worked night and day to create capital to invest to grow a business and as capital came my way I invested that in others to make their lives better. Eventually that made me self sufficient and free to do as I choose.

    I want to work as the result of my productivity provides me with satisfaction.

    What is it Gordon, you would you want to do all and every day?

    A life like this?


    • I agree, meaningful work that sustains and enriches one for ones material needs and spiritual needs too, is a very good thing.
      The people are wrong who say evil is necessary I don’t agree.
      Theres the geodesic dome way, Buckminster Fuller talked about, rather than satanic pyramidal hierarchies.
      Geodesic Dome fits well with what you say above re participation should be for benefit of all
      Look at the natural world is it ants colonies or spiders webs, how things work together small enclaves all working well but having relevance to the bigger geodesic dome picture. Or is it bee honeycomb hive im meaning

      Ive not done yet what you’ve done Rabbit. But its on my mind a lot and im edging towards it. It will start modestly of course and always overheads kept to the minimum.
      But as long as I can tick over and make some living, the Powerful Force in my heart that drives me. Is to invest to make other lives better and in this case, its alternative medicine, dr wilsons practitioner course but a few other added strings too to offer a powerful arsenal for people. To help rescue them from the slick Satanic seductions of the nhs, private nufield hospitals, the entire system, that ultimately delivers them very little , and in fact takes from them and kills them
      Yes apart from A and E, and orthopaedics, and a few other small exceptions

      I think in a geodesic Dome type economy meaningful work should and will be sought out by people. Human nature is to want to live and finction in free happy communities. The Satanists try to corrupt that filling the place with wrong ideas and ideals and aspirations.
      I hope simple free energy machine release is round the corner.
      Look at that Nazi bell. They had magical technology in the 1930s

    • I forgot to say I typed this earlier today

      Maybe its an interplanetary Spiritual war, maybe Satan and \Demons try and take over planets

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