World government officially began in 1941.




The video under the Santos Bonacci arrest post (after his last release from prison) explains how you must dissent, and state you are personally an independent sovereign state, to step aside from the crimes committed by your government.  As far as I am concerned, I no longer consider myself a British citizen, although I have to carry a document which declares British attachment to be able to travel abroad.  Our country is ruled by a paedophile Satanic cult (as is the rest of the world) which starts wars designed to destroy both us and the countries we invade – culturally, economically and in all other ways.  How can any human being worthy of the name, consider themselves to be British?  I dissent from everything my former country represents, and have no interest at all in hearing the nostalgic nonsense about former wars which pervades everywhere.  Today while snatching a coffee in the town centre, the deluded people sitting on the next door table were going on about the Spitfire and the Battle Of Britain as if it happened last week.  They have no idea about WW1 and WW2 being manipulated events, with a choreographed outcome.  The Bonacci interview states that world government began in 1941.  What’s left of the nations is being rapidly destroyed.  There isn’t much left after over a hundred years of people believing the nonsense their government is telling them.


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  1. I have to say, since I look at lots of different things, big and small, no detail too small.
    Santos Bonacci looks well in the photo above.
    it makes me think he has a point about the 12 mineral salts discussed in is lecture. That relate to the zodiac, and 12 disciples at the last supper,
    I think its Schuessler cell salts. The elite know these kinds of details. I think it all helps the etheric Ruah energy, zero point energy, Holy SPirit, Kundalini energy, call it what you will, rise up from the base chakra by the perineum, up the spine, up to the crown. Activating all the chakras.
    Yes Tapblog readers I think this is one of , if not the, major truths they want to keep from us, this has been going on a long time. To stop us activating the Divine within, and activating our Supernatural gifts inside all of us,. Our DNA is not what the Rockefeller textbooks have been saying either. Much more to DNA than what they say.

    Yes Santos Bonacci looks very well in the photo above. Does one take the full spectrum of Schuessler cell salts? Or like santos discusses, depending when were born in the year, (electric universe etheric physics), we are deficine tin certin salts, and need to tailor our supplementation
    Santos shows in his lecture, photo evidence, facial photos, people looking much better, and more healthy, taking the right mineral salts.

    And don’t forget Tapblog readers, Satanic Geller made an offhand comment when asked what supplements he would take away with him on holiday
    he replied mineral salts.
    This doesn’t mean mineral salts are bad
    Instead it means the elites whove run the show for too long, on this planet, know secrets and truths for their benefit, things we should all know, things Santos is sharing.

    I think the ORMUS monatomic minerals also have a part to play. Gold goblets the catholic priests and freemasons drink out of at their rituals perhaps?

    This comments going to be copied before sending. Because this is having to be retyped from memory. The first version vanished without trace 10 mins ago

  2. Lynn says:

    These two degenerates in the photo are in for a really rough time ahead. The DM comments regarding Chilcot’s excuses are spot on, no one is falling for the Bs anymore. Blair and Cameron are not fooling anybody now. Backlash is coming.

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