There are no shortage of doom and gloom stories to keep us preoccupied in this world run amok…but maybe that’s the point. We can become so focused on the negative that we forget to take time to acknowledge, celebrate and emulate positive stories and developments. In the spirit of The Corbett Report’s focus on solutions and empowerment, today James takes a look at some positive news stories and trends and invites viewers to contribute their own ideas.




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  1. Nike says:


    • sovereigntea says:

      This rather puts Dear Leader Cameron and his comrades in a tight spot.

      28,145 signatures already – Have you signed it yet ?

      Petition Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

      Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in London this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.K for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014

      Government will respond

      Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures

      Waiting for 2 days for a government response Tick Tock 🙂

  2. I think this could be right Gordon. Myself I have felt deluged lately with doom and gloom, stories abound. Helped of course by cabal entities perhaps, on the etheric plane, doing their thing, I think the cabal might have a whole poice force on the etheric plane too, in this spiritual war

    I have looked out tonight across the meadows fields, beautiful sun streaming across at sunset, casting a lovely light. I look around too at the trees and bushes.
    The scenes identical to 15 yr ago. Its reassuring to look out and nothings changed, despite all the chemtrails and everything else, it looks beautiful and the same and life goes on

    Which makes me wonder, just how much of it all is scare stories to turn our minds? Why don’t the cabal show themselves and do what they intend, much quicker? Are they reluctant, or scared to even? Scared of what? Our consciousness? Or just our normal everyday loving behaviours with family? Theyre scared of something id say

    Then, recent Tapblog articles and comments discuss the power behind words, sigils, etc. I barely know what all this is but I have a black magic idea.
    Therefore why cant the relentless bad news and depressing reports and wording also have an effect to bend reality and Consciousness?

    Therefore thankyou for the above article. Life goes on and this cabal is less powerful than theyd like us to think, in an Ultimate sense. They can only do theatrics.
    And after, the two World Wars so close together, how come its now 2015 and no WW3? Come on cabal you must be losing your grip. I don’t think your Economist front page in January 2015 is coming to fruition as youd hoped

    • Nike says:

      “nothings changed, despite all the chemtrails and everything else, it looks beautiful and the same and life goes on”

      Are you an ostrich by any chance??

      • Yes, I know in many ways things are very different. Even in this garden the conifers have suffered and died , though not so bad lately.
        But I know in California and lots of other places and look up to the sky, evidence is clear
        I just meant tonight, I looked out, and there was none of that, for tonight, and it looked like it did 15 yrs ago, tonight. it gave me a ray of hope

      • ian says:

        During a battle, there are some who just need told to fight and they do. There are some who hate the enemy so badly, they’ll fight viciously. There are some who are there because they believe that they are on the right side and they find the battle hard going, but they are all on the same side. We are all different, but we are all on the same side. I, like Adam, sometimes despair with all the bad news and like a light at the end of the tunnel now and then, but we are all fighting and spreading the word in our own way.

    • dkblue says:

      Hi Adam,
      I love how you are so open in your postings – not just with information but with how you feel. I find your capacity to share your vulnerability touching and comforting as we are all in this rocky confusing boat together.
      I have been reading up on science that confirms that our thinking and perception really changes outcomes so if we consciously spend time focusing on the beautiful and positive and see the truth emerging safely – dismantling the tyrants edifice -so that we can be free, that is very powerful. I can visualise the skies the way they used to be and evoke those feelings I had as a child where I felt safe and excited at the start of a day, confident that I had a future ahead of me. Add sincere prayer into the mix and I feel so much more empowered and positive and uplifted. Also I have found that being aware of what is going on has charged up my compassion which is a blessin in itself.
      I’m not saying it is not a terribly painful thing, this awareness. But, at the end of the day we can use the love and wisdom in our own hearts and minds and no place within the realm of our perception will be untouched.
      best wishes!

      • Hello DKBlue. Thankyou for your lovely message and nice words which lifted my day this morning
        You may not be a fan but your name made me think of this
        Even in 1984 he was a big talent, and he sings well
        Perhaps I use tapblog comments as a form of outlet or even psychotherapy? Since its near 100% lockdown with family and friends, but esp family, tapblog topics are not tolerated. Such is the amount of cognitive dissonance, arrogance, closed mindedness, and im sure fear too. My dads intelligent and if he didn’t have so much on his plate to think about, ….I think he secretly knows im right on things, but again his cabal MSDOS programming since birth kicks in and cogniticve dissonance kicks in. And BBCNews 24 and sky rehypnotise, carry on the post hypnotic trance programming

        Ive become aware Dkblue, (even though I don’t properly know what they are, im just feeling my way fwd), New Age Deceptions
        Whats this?
        – I think this conspiracy is far wider and deeper and older than I expected or thought
        – I think it has been taken up several gears in 20th century with all the new toys, technologies, SSP exotic toys
        – But its always been there,. Leyline physics, the priests in the past knowing about spirits, Satanism,
        – My point is, in the other dimensions, etheric dimension etc, I think the cabal has a police force. A Spiritual police force. I don’t think their domination has just been on this 3D earth
        -Naturally there will be good spiritual forces and people on this 3D realm too

        Whats my point?
        I think TPTB have a very tangible real reason, to put disinformation into our heads. Spiritual disinformation. Because if we are mislead, (since the cabal and satan has to respect universal law of Freewill, so I understand), they can only get one over on us if we are in ignorance.

        My point is dkblue , The Secret, a lot of other New Age stuff that’s flooded the alternative media, we must not automatically buy into it and lap it up, like I have done. I think theres a real tangible Spiritual reason why they want us to buy disinfo, spiritual disinfo.
        I don’t want to lose my train of thought so ill send you another comment on this topic with links and I hope fot your feedback on it, since pooling brainpower is how we will beat the cabal. I sense you are female ( I could be wrong) and your type of female energy and niceness I hope to find someone like this one day

      • The fact churches are built on leyline cionvergence points. The elite catholics must have had maps of leylines, where to build cathedrals, CoE protestants im usre too will know. Justin Welbys a criminal for a start. Don’t be fooled by BBC propaganda, its hypnotising, lulls the viewer, rehypnotises them. I observe thisnwith my parents when we watch the news

      • More comments to come. Thankyou again for your nice message today.

      • Dkblue says:

        Hi Adam,
        Glad you felt the warmth in my post 🙂
        Regarding where I am coming from, it is most certainly not ‘new age’ which I think is a dead end and most probably did have its roots in a social engineering programme. Unfortunately words like love, compassion, wisdom have been co-opted and overused and the meanings watered down or changed.
        New Age teachings are like ‘honey’, sticky, and always changing form with no clarity or definition. People use it I think to self comfort, to try and shield themselves…escape. My understanding of love, wisdom, prayer, meditation and visualisation comes from authentic teachings I received within Buddhism. The path I was on for a long while involved studying texts, contemplation of the meaning and dailymeditation. It is a very rigorous process that is designed to strip away all the bs until the truth is perceived. The truth being non-duality ie no separation between the perceiver and the perceived. Our experience/ perception is based on our lifetimes accumulation of karmic seeds, habitual tendencies and delusion (lack of wisdom).
        Anyway, that background may help validate my earlier offering for you.
        It is very easy to be distracted by the endless phenomena ‘outside’ one but difficult and very rewarding to turn inside and make the effort to still our minds and remove all the layers of habitual thinking and delusion to recognize ‘the infinite sky-like nature of mind.’
        Nice to ‘talk’ with you 🙂

      • Hi DKBlue, hope youre ok
        strange as it may sound being only communicating on comments , I feel attracted to you, could this be radionics psi type goings on? good song
        the reason I say hello is …I haven’t much free time at the moment, my contraxct is only 12.5 hrs a week, but the company gives me overtime so im working plenty overtime.
        I haven’t the energy DKblue to return to this article/essay and fully delve into it and dissect it and think and postulate and draw conclusions
        …I will…its on my to do list, to read this article again, and make notes, and extract salient points, useful applicable points for our lives
        In the meantime…if you have time…..can you please read this, and make a few notes, and let me know your assessment and conclusion, the jist of this article? You will motivate me, and ill feedback my insights to you too. I intended to discuss this article with you at length, but never had the time or energy to study it properly. But I sense it has some real truths going on. Schroedingers cat, etc etc

      • YCYOR you create your own reality, unmoderated comment to come dkblue

      • There is tremdous electrical energy, positive negative potential, fromy my cerebrum, wanting to talk to you, please see the santos bonaccis astroly health tapblog post, goodnight

      • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        [As above so below, macro/micro, humany body acupuncture meridiens/earth leylines/ universe has its own acupuncture points too. It seems stargates are real. Its rumoured for example one is located at the strait of Hormuz. I think battles over control of stargate portals might underpin a lot of geopolitics we see around us]


        An example of correspondence on our bodies is that rubbing certain points on one’s feet can reduce pain in a distant part of the body such as the head or the tip of a finger. The points that one must rub on the feet are examples of correspondence points. This just means that they correspond to another part of the body.

        Other words used to describe these points on the body are reflex points or zones. However, these are not as accurate because the points are not nerve reflexes. While they are zones, this is somewhat vague. One could also call them resonance points, induction points, or entrainment points. Polarity therapy, a healing modality, calls them zones or examples of the body’s polarity. I will use the words correspondence points in this article, as I think it is the easiest words to use.

        Correspondence is everywhere. In fact, correspondence points are found throughout the human body. They are found on the hands, in the vagina, in the colon, in the ear, in the iris of the eye, on the head, on the spine, and elsewhere.

        Correspondence points in space. Interestingly, I am told that correspondence points also exist throughout space. This would imply that our universe, with all of its planets, stars and other heavenly bodies is not random, but grew and developed using a fractal design.

        Control points. This is the name given to special correspondence points that are particularly powerful. From these points, it is much easier to communicate and control distant parts of a human body or distant areas of space.


        The fact that the correspondence principle works, and it does on bodies and in space, gives us a key to our design. Words to describe that design include:

        1. Holographic, meaning that the whole is contained in the parts. Indeed, several modern physicists have put forth this exact theory. One is Dr. Michael Talbot, who wrote The Holographic Universe (1992, 2011).

        2. More importantly, the design is fractal. This means that the body, and our universe, grew and developed in an organic fashion making use of repeating patterns based on simple whole numbers.

        In other words, there was not just one huge “big bang” explosion that created our universe. Instead, it appears that the creation of our universe was a slow and deliberate process that followed specific rules and procedures


      • Dkblue says:

        Hello again Adam.
        George Michael has a gorgeous voice – went to a concert of his once. Sad he’s not so well right now – I feel he may be a good person who was exposed to the horrors behind showbiz and didnt like it but couldnt get out…sad.
        I will look at the YCYOR thing and am planning to watch the Santos ‘teaching’ with a friend. I havent seen much of his stuff but being an aussie myself I should look into it.
        At the end of the day, cerebral knowlege has its limits as it is relative, conceptual and dualistic. To go beyond that requires meditation basically but not the new age spaced out type! How perception changes and abilities/siddhis manifest depends on ones aims and morivations.
        We teach what we most need to learn 🙂

      • Hi again, rothschilds make historic deal interesting comment in case you miss it
        Cerebral knowledge has its limits….ones aims and motivations depend on perception and ability changes.
        Can that be distilled down to something as simple as, one has to mean well in ones thoughts and actions and behaviours, and suppress the hedonistic ego driven side where its out of control?
        I do know that’s a chaotic fraught spiral in life. On a whole other level, our cabal friends seem to have seriously lost their way. What you’ve just said above, surely theyre not practicing that , high ideals and mindset, in their freemason lodges and rituals. They’ve done deals with satan.
        And so if im right, it seems, try as the cabal might for immoirtality and all ascension abilities, ….their aims and motivations mean….they’ll fail?
        Maybe that can give us hope, if were divinely aligned, thinking aand feeling and acting for good, things will be well.
        As for meditation, ive been warned against the spacey new age type. I do the roy masters downward moving energy down the front of the body type. its very simple. And has centering, grounding effects. Some days are better than others but I do have successes, sometimes I can do 1 or 2 hrs , as I walk about. Its simplicity is a great benefit. Apparently it is highly rejvenative too.
        I haven’t the discipline or time to study Buddhist meditations, though im sure some must have a lot of value.
        I think you said youre a buddhist |Dkblue?
        Am I correct, do you agree, just like chrsitianity and other religions have been infiltrated by criminals and people who aren’t as they appear….ive read the dalai lama is a cia asset. Ive read even though he preaches vegetarianism, he himself eats meat. And ive read meats needed today for health according to health sources I trust.
        As well, the dalai lama has talked on youtube, telling everyone to expect aliens, welcome them, and quite soon. This to me is a red flag too that the Buddhist leader is not an appropriate leader and may be compromised and with an agenda. I may have my facts wrong? But id be interested in your take

        Yes George Michael very sad whats going on with him. Someone with such influence as him, I bet the SS have tried sending people in , controllers, who knows maybe even encouraged the drug use. Maybe occultism is involved. And maybe George has rejected it under extreme pressure and maybe that’s why he ‘fell’ out the back of his car on the motorway.
        But I know this, hes a good person, I hope he gets better and fixed soon.
        His Olympic performance was brilliant
        Even here, a lot of illuminati symbolism round the stadium and ceremonies etc. Maybe they leaned heavily on George to perform too? Maybe that skull on his belt buckle was more than just a fashion statement, he might have been told to wear it. There will have been massive consciousness energy in the stadium that night when he performed, and im sure the cabal will have wanted to harness that energy thru symbols how they could. So hes a powerful guy they’ll want a piece of

      • if you could find somewhere I have a reply button when you reply that would be good,

      • Another amazing live performer
        I don’t know and am not a fan of everything hes done. But what power and talent in this!

      • Hello again, I just like talking to you and saying hello
        theres a fair few comments up tonight I hope you get chnce to see.

        Using the number table sent me on email, I can confirm I calculated my life expression number name from birth certificate, adam **** *****. Its life expression 11
        Life Expression Number 11

        ”You express yourself best through your spirituality.

        Number 11’s are conduits of spiritual information that often feel a great need to transform the world with their visions. Many are involved in the occult or religion.

        You may feel drawn to becoming a priest, tarot reader, astrologer, metaphysician, light-worker or Reiki master.

        11’s have an innate spiritual strength and acute awareness of others that often has a positive transformative effect on other people’s lives. Your highest potential in life is to lead others to enlightenment.”

        Life paths number 6, ill let you know its implications when I find it

      • Dkblue says:

        Hi Adam,
        I have enjoyed ‘conversing’ but feel that more personal stuff isn’t really for tapblog! I’m sorry. I will continue to enjoy reading your contributions amongst others. Good group of people here on the whole.
        All the best in your endeavors and let’s pray for a gentle global revolution – soon! 🙂

      • Hello Dkblue
        I am sorry to have been too personal on tapblog, and even if slightly made you uncomfortable. This was simple clumsiness on my part, and of course not intentional
        I am in the process of getting over a beautiful lithuanian American MFA art student, who touched my soul deeply, her loveliness will resonate in me for eternity. Perhaps this offers some explanation for feeling warmth towards you
        Yes lets hope the NWO are in many ways bluffing and are actually panicking and their powers waning. Id like to believe this. Im sure soon we will see

      • ” AUGUST 2015: I changed the name of the mental exercise that is part of every nutritional balancing program to the pushing exercise. The reason is that it really is not meditative. It is an action exercise. It has nothing to do with mental exercises such as Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, Kundalini meditation and many others. This is critical to understand.

        Meditations are usually calm, contemplative, gentle and relaxing. The pushing exercise is none of these! It is active, forceful, intense and not too relaxing, at least while you are doing it. Later on, it does help one relax because it brings up and resolves deep traumas that keep us from relaxing. However, doing it is not generally relaxing.

        Tibetan roots. The pushing exercise is, in fact, an ancient mental exercise practiced by monks and nuns everywhere on planet earth. It is the only way to move enough energy through the body as you age to cause significant regeneration of the body.

        The other aspects of nutritional balancing programs and other healing methods will help one’s health to some degree, but this is the most powerful and the most essential aspect of rejuvenation of the body and brain. So please do not skip this part of a nutritional balancing program, and do not substitute “other meditations” for it. In fact, the pushing exercise is easily the most powerful and advanced part of every nutritional balancing program. ”

  3. Nike says:


    “… We are all different, but we are all on the same side… but we are all fighting and spreading the word in our own way”

    Very Heavy sea… but rolling home…
    and finally winning!

  4. ferryt says:

    Well a small win I reckon!

    Presenter walks off set sick of ‘reporting’ on the Kardashians:

    I can’t stand the morons on TV in the UK. Our American cousins have taken it to the next level though. How you guys watch this stuff is beyond me!

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