When and why did human sacrifice start?

The most evil, brutal, bizarre and psychologically twisted ancient religious ceremonies involving human sacrifice revolve around the trinity of Sadducee demon gods.

The principle pantheon of gods of the Sadducees were mainly derived from their Syrian Ugarit roots- The most senior God was was Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war. Her most famous temples were on Cyprus as Aphrodite and in Rome on Vatican Hill as Cybele. Her ceremonial headdress was the Kippa, the cap worn thousands of years before Christianity adopted it for its leadership followed by the Jews and then the Sadducee influenced Muslims.

The second was Dagan, the god of agriculture, plenty (food) and good fortune. The priests of Dagan wore fish dress , the archetype of the Mitre (fish) hats of Christian bishops. The Mitre hat of Dagan was always worn over the Kippa of Ashtoreth/Cybele as it is still done today in the Roman Catholic Church.

Then there was Moloch, Hebrew name for Ba’al and “King” of the land. This god also equated to “Attis” and his ceremonial cap is now variously known as the Phrygian cap and the Cap of Liberty also worn ceremonially over the kippa cap of Cybele.

Attis/Moloch had several ritual sacrifice rituals associated with this demon god including wild sexual orgies in which priests themselves would often cut their bodies and drink the blood/eat the flesh of their victims.

Similarly, Cybele had important sexually explicit orgy like rituals involving cannibalism and human sacrifice apart from obligatory child sacrifice and human burning.

Of all ancient religions, it is the Sadducees that were most evil and involved the incorporation of sex and violent frenzied murder to its absolute maximum.

The sacrificing of human beings by throwing them from a great height, sometimes in bags or by ritual drowning has its origins to a distinct deity from the Mother Goddess and demons. Such methods of sacrifice have universally been reserved for the worship of Mot- the God of Death.

The worship of Mot (Death) appeared to reach a peak in ancient history around the time of 100 BC to 400 AD during the various plagues, political upheaval and climate change for the Northern Hemisphere.

The Israelites were strong practitioners and worshippers of Mot and appear to be one of the few groups that maintained a worship of death, even during good periods of plenty.

Three of the most important religious words associated with the doctrine of human sacrifice by burning are: Holocaust, Tophet and Immolate.

The word Holocaust is oldest theologically correct term still used in relation to the official doctrine of satanists in the burning of people alive. The word “Holocaust” is at least as old as the 3rd Century BC and comes from the ancient Greek word holokauston, meaning “a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering”, or “a burnt sacrifice offered to God”.

The term has always meant the specific ritual of murdering innocent human beings as animals by burning as defined by the ancient Phoenician/Samaritan/Sadducee/Punic religion to Moloch and his name variances. Because these priest-king family bloodlines have traditionally considered all other human beings as “sheep and cattle”, the word Holocaust is frequently and deliberately misrepresented as “only applying to animals”.

The ceremony of Beltaine, originally comes from Baal- a unique and distinct Phoenician ceremony introduced into certain celtic culture and not native to the celts.

The most common and continued Catholic honor to Moloch is through the legal definition of “Immolate” to describe all victims of fire literally as “To Moloch”.

The worship of demons and power, good fortune
While it may appear odd to consider different forms of human sacrifice having a higher power, or more base motive, the burning of people and children alive to Moloch is and has always been about perpetuating power and good fortune through the influence of demons.

It appears this Satanic liturgy has never been about the higher motives of favourable seasons, harvest and life attributed to the worship of the Mother Goddess, or even the worship of Osiris reborn.

Instead, a section of the Phoenicians adopted a very pragmatic and shallow cosmology of the world- that the world is largely dominated by demonic forces which can only be overcome by effectively “doing deals” with such demons- hence the cruel and unspeakable act of burning people.

Such acts were to call upon the demons to aid in battle, to defeat an enemy, to help gain more wealth and more power. Therefore, the sacrifices during World War II were principally about maintaining real temporal power than the summoning of any great evil entity.

Source is one-evil.org



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  1. Greg Pearson says:

    I must say this site has become a remarkable source of information. My understanding of the “creation” of human sacrifice, though, stems from reading Velikovsky’s When Worlds Collide. Therein, he cites various records of earthquakes, upheavals, etc., associated with planetary interactions which resulted in {and I paraphrase from memory} “great pools of blood oozing from collapsed buildings” etc. Apparently locals reeling from the unprecedented trauma interpreted the blood as the desired result of the “actions of the gods” and sought to prevent further such occurrences by making blood readily available through sacrifice of animals and people. From this arguably innocent beginning it has morphed into what Dogman describes, driven by the priest class, whose motives are less to appease the gods than to indulge themselves. And of course this holds true only for the current iteration of civilisation. The Vedas and hidden archaeology tell us that humanity et al has been around for a lot longer than we are led to believe. And as the “jews” state, certain “souls” can be reincarnated fully aware by occult rabbinical practices over and over again, perhaps over millions of years, and may bring the practice of human sacrifice (read: baby eating) with them from the deepest reaches of the past. This is a long read, and somewhat biased, but well worth it-https://mothman777.wordpress.com/eugenics-and-the-notion-of-good-jews-an-insight-part-1/

  2. Jennifer says:

    That descendent of child-sacrificing, blood-drinking, Transylvanian Vlad the Impaler, Charles Montbatten-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, was on BBC R4 this morning, on a trail for Farming Today. Apparently he’s owns two properties in Romania, and is all for the peasants remaining in their feudal ways. He said something ‘we must maintain Nature’, I noted he said it TWICE. Which reminded me of what is inscribed on the Georgia Guidstones, ‘leave room for Nature, leave room for Nature’.
    I imagine he’s all for the rest of that humanity-hating Manifesto.
    That’s what all this Cecil the Lion is about, of course. De-population agenda.
    Africa is now the NWO playground.

    • ian says:

      I seem to remember the guide-stones also refer to the number of people who should be allowed to inhabit the earth. They won’t have any qualms about bringing that about either. Princess Anne was down my way recently carrying out a ceremonial type thingy. Quite a few comments in the local paper, were along the lines of, how disappointed the kids were after waiting all day to see her, that she didn’t acknowledge them waving their little flags. These people are the result of TV education. They believe that these “people” care about them, when they really view them as a waste of air.

    • ferryt says:

      It seems that their feelings towards us run deep within the family.

      Philip on ‘over population’:


      He can barely mask his contempt for us. And of course the sychophantic BBC fawn all over this bastard as usual.

      One more for you:


      Yet still these shits are plastered all over our psychotic media as some kind of idols that we should be proud of, being British and all. It seems to work too. They’re good for tourism old boy what what.

  3. bangonit says:

    Please could we make a concerted effort to stop calling our children baby goats on this site.
    Tap blog has a wonderful following of well intentioned individuals who are doing the best they can to awaken those that are still asleep.
    Who was it that started calling our children kids ?
    Whoever it was i bet the first six letters in their title was psycho.
    They laugh at how easy it is to mind control us without us realizing.
    Do other European countries that do not speak English use kid as an alternative for children or is it only English speaking peoples.
    If anybody out there knows the answer to this please could they help ?
    This may sound trivial to some of you, with all that is going on in the world today.But whoever it was that coined the term kids for children they did it for a reason and they laugh at us.
    This i believe will be a real kick in the bollocks to all those psychos,exactly what they deserve what, what ?
    Love peace harmonies.

    • ferryt says:

      Totally agree. They’re not kids they are our children. Offspring.

      Similarly, kiddie porn. No. It’s sexual abuse
      of children. And worse.

      Lastly Historic child abuse. Nothing historic about it. It is still going on.

    • ian says:

      Hi bangonit, it’ll be me you’re on about with the kid thing. There are people on here who believe in religion, and think that the royal family are dragons or reptiles. I believe in neither, yet dispite my usual twittering on now and then, I let it go. Calling children kids isn’t a big problem.
      If I want to call children by the slang term kids, I’ll do it. It’s not a demeaning or derogatory term and it’s quicker to write. Love ian.

      • Jennifer says:

        Ian, when I replied to Bangonit, I hadn’t noticed your comment, so it wasn’t directed at you personally, just an abstract point about the word. It is difficult not to do and say things we have become so accustomed to – I still say ‘kids’ myself, but am becoming conscious of it and am trying not to. I think just these little adjustments can give us just that little bit power, because we are becoming more aware of how they try to debase us and manipulate us, even when it comes via our own mouths and ears.

      • ian says:

        Thank you for replying Jennifer. I did notice that our comments went up at the same time. I never had much of an education at school, and this is the first time I’ve encountered this subject. I apologise for my unnecessary attitude problem. I just felt embarrassed after being ticked off by bangonit. thanks again.

      • Jennifer says:

        I don’t think he/she was ticking you off Ian, because lots of people here say ‘kids’ – if you notice all the articles on ‘The Hampstead Kids’ for instance. I think Bangonit has done us all a favour about being mindful of it.

    • Jennifer says:

      You are correct, Bangonit. – maybe it started innocently enough like using ‘chicks’ affectionatly for children. Still, even that is animistically reductive.
      Yes, we should be very mindful of the language we use and it’s wider ramifications.

      • Jennifer says:

        Just to clarify my thinking here, language consist of ‘spoken’ symbolic word sounds, and may also have a ‘written’ symbolic word form, which are ‘magical’ as incantations or sigils respectively. We are not encouraged to know or are taught this power of language (unless we have a good poetry teacher, and those are a dying breed). When we say any particular word, there is a corresponding thought to go with that, even if we are not fully aware of that correspondence.
        We can use this power, as I believe the Mystery Schools do, to have a powerful tool to effect change, magic in fact.
        This is far too powerful for US to know and use. Therefore our language use is debased by the media and advertising until powerful words become less meaningful.
        By repeating those words ‘they’ want us to use, whether it’s ‘kid’ or something else, gives power to the abstract idea of kid to them – something with the idea of ritual and sacrifice. Do they call their children ‘kids’?

      • ian says:

        interesting point you make Jennifer, which unfortunately emphasizes my lack of education and knowledge on these matters. My bluster, whilst not fully compensating for this lack, is unfortunately a conditioned reflex that is difficult to control.

      • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

        Very interesting comment below Jennifer.
        These comments sections are becoming deep articles in themselves
        So, for those of us who might have little time or energy or situation to study words and sigils and magic, which is amazing, I didn’t realise there could be so much power behind words
        For those who are unable tro study and master all this to fight back….can you suggest any easy practical steps we can fight back or at least protect ourselves from this sigil manipulation?

        Of top of my head it seems, to avoid as much as possible advertising and even all MSM. Inc celebrities, but the whole lot
        Another basic strategy I can think of, is to always have our guard up, don’t automatically allow words and statements and sentences and sounbites to just flow in without any guard at the gate of our mind,. So I think we must be aware of sly Trojan horses which try and sly sigil words in. I bet the Metro newspaper does this to commuters for example. Not to mention BBCNews24 I bet.. SO any suggestions Jennifer please thanks

        The dublinmick Bell article I just read is incredible. I like how he spells the basics out very simply, no jargon, no new age speak. SImple concepts so I can grasp an overview. I didn’t know there was a leyline grid 60 miles up. I wonder what we can practically do with this information?
        It makes me wonder whether this Montague Keen stuff about leylines, using our minds to cleanse the earth….might actually be true and good?
        I read somewhere that Keen was some kind of cabal disinfo, I think it was redefiningggod blog

        And btw about words sigils. Does this mean I should start studying poetry? I always found it tedious and boring. But is poetry that powerful to help us defeat the cabal and their black magic?

        And btw too, the youtube ‘was jimmy savile a wizard’ film, his ‘Now then now then’, and ‘guys and gals’, and other sayings, were actually black magic sigils with powerful effects on an unknowing audience.

    • Dogman says:

      More from the same source, I can’t vouch for authenticity, but the man appears to be very well researched.

      The use of human skin as a writing surface and to cover sacred and important texts – today called Anthropodermic Binding – is thousands of years old and has always historically been associated with the founders and descendents of dark occult and magic from the beginning.
      The first exponents of the act of flaying the skin of a human being for the purpose of using it for a writing surface as well as binding of other precious artefacts was the birthplace of black magic and the spiritual home of the “amurru”, also known as the amorites being the most ancient city of Mari on the Euphrates in Syria.

      The ammuru (amorites) were the first to develop the philosophy that the bones and especially the skin and blood of slain enemies possessed magic powers beyond death and gave the objects which they covered supernatural power.

      Under the great Mari Empire King Shamshi-Adad I (1813 BC – 1791 BC) the use of the skin of slain enemies increased dramatically and upon the capture of the rival city of Assur, he skinned alive the royal family and court – including children, having their skins displayed on the walls of the city for drying until finally being used as binding, writing material and other occult uses.

      The Latin word vellum from vellus means not only a fleece or hide but also “human” skin, indicating that at the Roman times the meaning of this form of writing material was still known.

      The practice of using human skin as writing material and binding of sacred objects continued with the high priests of Mari who fled the amurru (Amorite) Empire upon its utter destruction by Hammurabi around 1759 BC to their new home called Tar-Sar or “sacred/royal rulers” at the foot of the Taurus Mountains on the Mediterranean coast, near the Cilician Gates in south-central Turkey.

      TarSar, later called Tarsi and Tarsus became an infamous site for the use of the human skin of flayed victims as the source of writing materials for a great library that at one time by the 2nd Century BCwas said to contain nearly 200,000 manuscripts, rivaling the library of Alexandria as the greatest library of ancient times.

      The same priestly bloodlines from Tarsus continued the use of human skin as a means of protecting scrolls and writing under the brief existence of the Sar-Mari-Tar (Sarmaritan) Kingdom of Israel until its collapse in the 6th Century during the great migrations following the mass plagues and collapse of the Roman Empire.

      The practice of the use of human skin for writing and scroll/book binding largely died out until the growing wealth and strength of the former Sarmaritan refugees through their new colony called Etenoi, also known as Venice.

      However, the beginning of the greatest use of human skin for writing and book binding in history began from 1223 in the formation of the Venetian Friari and later in 1249 in the formation of the Holy See (mari-ago) between the Roman Cult Pope and the Patriarchs of Venice through the requirement that all Papal Ba’al (Bull) to be issued upon human skin creating a new word for it called “parchment” meaning parca = one of the three fates – the fate of death, h = letter of binding and ment/mentis = mind, thought, intention, intellect or in other words “mind/soul bound to the fate of death”.

      All genuine Papal Bulls since this time up until the 20th Century have been written on the flayed skin of sacrificed innocent children, famous adversaries and heretics – a fundamental source of the claimed power of the orders issued by the Roman Cult Pope.

      However, the largest use of human skin has been for the binding of sacred texts and the Roman Cult continues to possess the largest library of books bound by hundreds of thousands they sacrificed to Moloch and other demon gods stored as their most precious treasure within the vaults of the Vatican.

      While the Nazi SS – which means literally the “Knights of the Holy See” were responsible for flaying hundreds of thousands of prisoners, many innocent children and sending the skin to the Vatican, it is unknown how many thousands of books were bound by the Vatican during this period.

      To date, the Roman Cult steadfastly refuses to permit access to the real Papal Bulls – not paper and calf skin fakes – to test and validate the surface as human skin, nor permit a thorough accounting of the hundreds of thousands of souls still cursed by their skins binding books of the Roman Cult.

      source – one-evil.org

      • Nike says:

        “All genuine Papal Bulls since this time up until the 20th Century have been written on the flayed skin of sacrificed innocent children, famous adversaries and heretics – a fundamental source of the claimed power of the orders issued by the Roman Cult Pope.

        However, the largest use of human skin has been for the binding of sacred texts and the Roman Cult continues to possess the largest library of books bound by hundreds of thousands they sacrificed to Moloch and other demon gods stored as their most precious treasure within the vaults of the Vatican.

        While the Nazi SS – which means literally the “Knights of the Holy See” were responsible for flaying hundreds of thousands of prisoners, many innocent children and sending the skin to the Vatican, it is unknown how many thousands of books were bound by the Vatican during this period.”

        That’s heavy, very serious libel – —

        Dogman, You must be nuts – seriously citing such a bullXXX, depicting the Roman Catholic Church as a “Satanic Cult with sacrifices to Molech” and the “largest use of human skin for the binding of sacred texts”

        Rather remarkable that I’ve never come across of any such rituals and sacrifices.

        There are Talmudic crypto-Jewish Satanists though who have infiltrated the churches of Christian denominations. Satanists are the ones who practise human sacrifice, skin flaying and blood drinking.

        and “SS” means “Schutzstaffel” (special safeguards for the Führer’s protection)
        and the rest is bull…

        Dogman, you are citing a lot of nonsense
        Do you actually believe it as true or are you on a mission to smear Catholics?

        In case you’ve missed it: There is freedom of thought, freedom of religion – it’s everybody’s private business what to believe or not to believe (as far as it’s not of a criminal nature)

        It’s Satanists who fight against religious beliefs; smear campaigns against Christians and Muslims. But not against Jews… Remarkable, isn’t it?

        The Babylonian Talmud, Cabbalah teachings are being kept secret to the wider public. They have reason for doing so.

  4. ian says:

    When I was a kid, my mother always said I was awkward.

    • Dogman says:

      Apparently, when dealing with courts and social services Karl Lentz says you must refer to your children as your “property.”
      You must never refer to your children as “children” to the courts because in the Legalese language, “children” belong to the state. However, one’s property belongs to the man or woman.
      Also, when you go to court, he says when the judge asks you for your name, you must never give your name as you will then be accepting to act under the legal fiction which they can exert control over you. You must answer, “i am a man” or “I am a woman” because in common law, the courts cannot impose commerce law upon a man or woman, only upon the legal fiction of your name.
      Also, to say you have “suffered” from something is actually saying in Legalese that you have “allowed” or “permitted” something to happen, so you must avoid saying “suffered”.
      And another very important thing to request is for your case to be taken to the Queens Bench because the QB can only deal with a man or woman under common law.
      He had his newborn son who had Down Syndrome removed by the SS and managed to get his son returned to him using this method and more.
      He says that only countries which are governed by common law, such as the UK, US, India etc. it will not work in France however.

  5. moi says:

    very interesting my arse ian .dogman talking utter bollox

  6. Dogman says:

    Team Outlaw’s eloquence on display again.
    If you took the trouble to educate yourself, you would notice that I am quoting other people, therefore they are not my words.

    “Anonymous sources are to journalism what silicon enhancements are to the feminine figure; they look impressive to the gullible, but something doesn’t feel right.”
    –Larry King, an American journalist

  7. Lynn says:

    They are following you dogman.. Choose your words carefully. Shills are shitty little upstarts. Provocateurs of law and order lol. Starting fights and stopping healthy debate. Get them tap…

  8. Dogman says:

    Everyone bangs on about Jews and Zionists, yet you don’t want to talk about the role of the church of Rome, which obviously links to the Jesuits?

    How does that work?

    Jesuit Fredeick Copeland is credited with setting up the Alternative Media and we accept that Jews appear to control the MSM, so are they working together or independently to control us?

    Consider this quote:
    “The Vatican officials, federal judges, top politicians all used to get regular pay-offs from the Gambino Family and, in fact, the Vatican and U.S. government make more money off the illegal drug trade then we did. “That is why I am talking after just getting out of jail after 20 years. I am talking because people need to know the U.S. government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt then the Mafia ever was. “For example, I know for a fact the Cardinal in Palermo runs the Sicilian mob and former Cardinal Spellman of New York was considered the Vatican’s American Godfather since he pulled the strings and had his hands deep into organized crime.

    Are we blaming the Zionists for that?

    Consider allegations that Pope Gregory VII set up a document forging factory in the 11th century, to prove that the pope could not make a mistake, that he could depose kings and princes at will, and that he was necessarily a saint.
    Source is “Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy” by Peter De Rosa

    Then there are the allegations about the invention of the cross, crucifixion, Donation of Constantine & tomb of St Peter etc.

    I’m open minded, but you seem to have an attitude to anyone that has alternative opinions.

    You ridicule the concept that the church of Rome could be involved in rituals and sacrifices, because you haven’t come across them! Yet you ignore testimonies that satanism continues in the Vatican today.
    Archbishop Milingo, Dr. Malachi Martin & Fr. Gabriel Amorth would disagree.

    • Nike says:

      Dogman – Stop your politically correct NWO smear campaign against Christians.

      The vile teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and Cabbalah are the source for Satanism.

      Satanic rituals and beliefs are being practised among Zionists – Zionist Jews – high grade Freemasons not Christians.

      Satanists have infiltrated Christian churches using them as a cover, leading people astray.

      The point is: Not Christian teachings are the source of Satanism but the Babylonian Talmud, Cabbalah and all sorts of “secretive cult“ shenanigans (Freemasonry is Cabbalah for the “goyim“; stupid men that must be)

  9. Dublinmick says:

    You are a very impressive intellect. You know I have been trashed out many times for trying to explain to people the jesuit council is jewish and very sabbatean.

    You are right people want to bang on about the jews but there seems to be a limited hangout on just how far their influence extends. It extends all the way to Rome and the vatican is the richest corporation on planet earth. It was set up long ago by some of the more wealthy Italian jews on the planet.

    We are in serious trouble!

    Why do popes wear a yarmulke? anyone?




    • CHAPTER XII OF THE BLOODY SACRIFICE: AND MATTERS COGNATE .. The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose nature accords with that of the ceremony — thus, by sacrificing a female lamb one would not obtain any appreciate quantity of the fierce energy useful to a Magician who was invoking Mars. In such a case a ram would be more suitable. And this ram should be virgin — the whole potential of its original total energy should not have been diminished in any way. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. {95} For evocations it would be more convenient to place the blood of the victim in the Triangle .. Those magicians who object to the use of blood have endeavored to replace it with incense .. But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best. The truly great Magician will be able to use his own blood, or possibly that of a disciple, and that without sacrificing the physical life irrevocably. An example of this sacrifice is given in Chapter 44 of Liber 333. This Mass may be recommended generally for daily practice.”

  10. Mark says:

    The last time I went to a ‘bible study’ was about a decade ago. Twelve evenings primarily about sacrifice. The basis of the argument is this ubiquitous ancient practice of killing people in rituals, runs throughout the Old Testament but is covered up by a later textual revision, hidden, but hints remain. Abraham sacrificed Isaac in this reading and on and on.

    Contrary to my view, the talk and discussion was led by someone from the Catholic Church who is known for his ‘gay perspective’. A Liberal theologian who champions post-Evangelical outposts in Rome, ( – the other popular destinations being Greek or Russian Orthodoxy). About a dozen of us where stretched, inspired and challenged. Lightweight he is not.

    This liberal line reckons, their intellectually rich writing and talk is an antidote to fluff and poppy evangelicals, or their respective deeper lot, fixed in a loyalty to a number of distinct traditions, all unable to get to grips with anomalies of inerrancy. It’s about violence roots, scapegoating and not the centrality; ‘at the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away, it was there by faith I received my sight…’. (Excuse me – heard them bells ringing).

    ‘Tony Jones’s ‘Did God kill Jesus? Searching for love in history’s most famous execution’ is a recent progressive evangelicals’ embrace, rightly smashing a virus in the Reformation mix, i.e. the father punished the son.

    Chucking this in for those on the God trail and so here’s James and alternatively, reliable Roger:



    To be clear, these bods can scale the mountains’ mystery of the atonement but can’t, or won’t admit publicly, the significance of a 47 storey building coming down in evident freefall.

    ‘Being faithful in the little…’ said Jesus. Being faithful to the empire’s conspiracies is certainly not, being faithful to God.

    The cross: victory over the powers that deceive and destroy. Forgiveness and resurrecting transformation. God in suffering, protesting. Our triune lover and savior, giving us weapons ‘not of this world’ – to overcome the enemy. A revolution and renewal.

    The cross was the outcome of an anti-Imperial message, power for us to blow up evil – like building 7.


  11. bangonit says:

    Eric Phelps has some very interesting things to say about the Jesuits,
    Love Peace Harmonies

  12. moi says:

    oh! I hope your not trying to insinuate that im a shill dogman your first post was utter bollox. your common law crap dont cut it bud, also your jesuit nonsense boy oh boy common law is commercial in nature see where your advice fails bud your 100% wrong your coming across as a bigger shill than me, keep going bud deny that common law is commercial in nature and expose yourself chrissy boy

    • Does this mean ive been led up the garden path about common law?
      Ive read here and there over last 2 yrs its the way forward. Is this cabal disinfo?

      Does this mean its some kind of distraction for us? Does it mean the gold tassled flag in the courtroom, and Amdiralty law law of the sea, not law of the land, and Corporations and Strawman/Birth certificate, and commenters saying Common Law courts springing up free of legalese jargon are the solution – is this wrong? If it is ive swallowed a huge disinfo lie then!

      One other thing –
      Where does this leave us with Kevin Annett the ITCCS? I think he goes on a lot about Common Law and common law courts?
      Does this mean Moi from what you say, it indicates that Annett is some kind of sophisticated disinfo too?

      Could it be, that the whole Kamloops/Royal thing was cooked up as an elaborate hoax on urpose, to then get discredited, and then discredit all other discussion on satanic abuses?

      Your comment above surprised me, id be grateful for your clarifications and help if you can cheers

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