Virginia Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

Virginia TV News Reporter and Cameraman Shot and Killed During Live Broadcast (allegedly)

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by Tim Brown
A Virginia news reporter and cameraman were shot and killed during a live broadcast on Wednesday morning.
Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, were shot and killed at a pedestrian plaza in Moneta, Virginia while filming a news story for WDBJ

The New York Daily News reports:

In the video, Parker is interviewing Vicky Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, at Bridgewater Plaza about tourism in the area.

As they talk, about seven shots ring out. Parker and Gardner scream and take cover as Ward drops the camera.

A man standing near the two women, dressed in dark clothing and holding what appears to be a gun, is briefly seen in the news clip. He calmly steps away from the scene before the video cuts away.


WDBJ7 General Manager Jeff Marks said, “We do not know the motive. We do not know who the killer is. We do know that Franklin County sheriff… they are working very diligently to track down both the motive and the person responsible for this terrible crime against two fine journalists.”

The suspect was being pursued on I-64, according to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“We believe he is a disgruntled employee of the TV station. Unfortunately he probably knew both of the victims,” McAuliffe said during an interview on WTOP radio.

I must say that is quite confusing. How is it that the general manager doesn’t know who the killer is, though he is seen in the video and yet, the governor believes the shooter to be a disgruntled employee?

The woman being interviewed was also injured during the shooting, but was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery.

Mr. Ward was engaged to be married to a producer at WDBJ7, who watched the entire event unfold in the control room. He was planning on getting out of the media business soon.

Parker had been involved with WDBJ7 anchor Chris Hurst.

UPDATE: Reports are now coming in that police are searching for Vester Flanaga (aka Bryce Williams), an ex-WDBJ reporter.

Police say they’re looking for in “connection with the shooting” live on TV but stopped short of calling him a suspect

UPDATE: Flanagan has apparently shot himself. WHSV reports:

Vester Lee Flanagan, the suspect in the WDBJ shooting, has shot himself. It’s unclear at this time if he is still alive.

It happened near mile marker 15 on Interstate 66.

UPDATE: And the plot thickens. Williams had succombed to his self-inflicted gun shots, but now we are not only learning that he was a racist, but he was a sodomite as well.

CBS news is reporting he sent them a “rambling” 28 page suicide note via fax and stated:

“–He says has suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work. –He says he has been attacked by black men and white females. –He talks about how he was attacked for being a gay, black man“

Just as it is written of Judas after he hanged himself, “he went to his own place,” so the same could be said of Mr. Williams.





Watch the video here (Warning: Graphic) :…



15 Responses to “Virginia Shooting Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. charles drake says:

    it does add up
    holy cow batman is this what they call a adam and burt ward con spiracy see?
    no robin eye new it was fake by Oblate Spheroid shaped mouth from the woman in red black after lead impact hit.
    all in the mouth robin all in the mouth.

    the rap dude video link above is pure tavistock soros for real bro
    it adds up
    it xtal clear for der video vr generation it real for reel cos der dude in the baesball cap said so.
    that dude he got an isis beard for real the world is growin into isis.

    i shaved today but i can feel the muslim beard infectin my face.
    gordon bro that video you listed it adds up to rita katz.

    the subject at hand is torso body and camera reactions of fat man
    and woman in high heels.
    dance of death reactions from point blank glock 32
    dum dum
    not to mention butcher block blood spurt meat scatter.
    no claret on fat bird in white

    fatman so silent and quiet such a pro.
    dead on his feet but no drop impact of precious treasure sony news camera.

  2. Lynn says:

    They are so desperate to get the guns now. More theatre to further the cause. How sad this is all becoming, so transparent to the awake its pathetic.

  3. RabbiT says:

    The video above shows nothing. The link to Jim Stone, posted earlier by Aldous, demonstrates the shooting is fake – just blanks.

    Scroll down to “click to play”.

  4. ian says:

    suspicious need more info. I’m always wary of anything now. I don’t like jumping to conclusions. The other day I caught the wife in bed wid a bloke, but turns out he was only helping her make the bed, and it was so warm they had to strip off. I could easy have made a right fool of myself if I’d jumped to the wrong conclusion.

  5. Arbroath says:

    Whoa, Hillary Clinton calls for gun control, ie no guns. Why? What have they got planned for the people that they must get the guns off them? Obviously another set up fakery. Smell it a mile off.

  6. wiggins says:

    Not just Killary, Piers Morgan is in apoplectic mode on his twitter site….jerk!

  7. Dee says:

    I’m heartened to see that A LOT of the commenters on DM about this latest episode are able to see through it.

    • That’s good news. Why aren’t the DM moderators blocking these comments though?
      people at work today dismissed totally me saying this was a false flag thing by the elite bloodline mafias wanting to push through gun control in America. They cant accept other possibilities. But I too am heartened comments in Dm show awakening

      Could it be this latest FF was so amateurish to somehow , self expose, disclose, the very FF modus operandi the elites use? And maybe that’s why the DMs allowing comments. just a thought.
      I think, in many spheres not just this type of thing, intentional disclosure, I think theres a pattern of this going on. I think in their freemason lodges, they have planned to do this, for a very long time.

      I would even say 911 as one example, was always, always intended to have holes in it, for the world to ‘wake up’ to 911. Whether this has some gnostic/Talmud guidebook prophecy twin tower thing, I don’t know.

      There seems to be an intentional revealing going on. I think 911 is a huge ‘bargaining chip’, some kind of huge Bait and Switch thing. And with a judo throw, through the opponent (us) to the ground with the luciferian lie version narrative in place.

      Look at paul hellyer in his 18th march youtube disclosure video that got me very excited a few months ago. So many ‘truths’, that a former Canadian defence minster longest serving privy councillor was daring to say.
      -911 done by fifth columnists
      – Money mafias fiat/private central banks etc
      – Suppressed Free energy technologies mentioned

      Yet Hellyers also heavily pushing going on about aliens alien threat. NO real mention of any SSPs since 1950s, T Townsend Brown electrogravitics that got classified, or Nikola tesla.

      We must ask too – why have the Rockefellers and other elites been behind the ‘Disclosure ‘ whistelblower project?

      So I sense a pattern of intentional revealing going on. Many other examples I could mention. The question is why? what motivator, why are the elites motivated to do this?

      Instead why don’t they just keep us all locked in this current scenario, clamping down harder on the existing paradigm? Why are they motivated to reconstruct a much bigger Truman Show dome around us, a more complex one, that can accommodate free energy?

      Why would they even bother? Why this great revealing?

      It could have something to do with prophecised Superwave energies coming to earth

      • Dee says:

        I’m fairly new to this ‘reality’, just about realising that I am not going to go insane! The sheer mass of info is incredible and I have no doubt TPTB are deep, deep into expert deception so I just try to keep an open mind and trust my instincts.

    • It could be that Corey Good might actually be speaking truth, maybe there is a benevolent faction of the SSP, an alliance has formed, and this is forcing the cabals hand?
      This could be sophisticated disinfo though

      At this stage, it is hard to discern anything like this to any great detail

  8. Jennifer says:

    Flight 77, 7/7 London Tube, 7&7 tv station ident on her microphone facing the camera.
    Yeah we get it………

  9. Lynn says:

    The DM and the Guardian jrwpress are being laughed at now. The comments are the best read. Joe public have really caught on now. They do realise the pressitute is full of propaganda. Dirty water finds its own level eventually. Lol.

  10. NT says:

    It’s totally fake and at least two takes were made, the broadcast version and that recorded by the gunman. Forget the visuals because that is where the drama is – where your concentration is supposed to be focussed. There are discrepancies and anomalies in the audio that no one has noticed – but then you’re not supposed to. Just concentrate on this one. You will need to compare the broadcast version here:

    with the ‘gunman’ version here on the Jim Stone site:

    Don’t worry about seeing terrible things because no one gets hurt.

    In the broadcast version just before the shots (indicated by **), the woman being interviewed says:

    “We’re seeing tourism. We want the people that come here to stay, that would**”.

    That takes about 4.2 seconds and the cameraman seems to go down first.

    In the ‘gunman’ version, the woman being interviewed says:

    “We’re seeing tourism. We want people to come here to stay, what we would**”

    That takes about 3.3 seconds and the target is obviously the reporter – yet she runs away seemingly uninjured.

    If you want to carry out your own audio analysis, download Audacity from here:

    Analysing the waveforms is even more revealing.

    I think that proves the Public has been the victim of a psyop. Why do investigators always omit to analyse the audio, which are obvious giveaways in both Charlie Hebdo and Woolwich?

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