Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened?

I am now going to dig in and state with clarity blanks were used, writes Jim Stone –

James wrote:

I watched the alison parker video … take it from someone (me) who knows about guns … the shooter had used the gun before with real bullets … watch as the gun learches FORWARD with each round … these are blanks … the shooter is bracing for the inevitable backwards impulse as the gun would release a real bullet … BUT there is no real bullet so the gun lurches forward with each round because the shooter is reacting to what his instinct would say would be a real round … but since there is no real round the gun thrusts forward … watch the video again … jim

My response: Ok, now I will say this: There is too much smoke and too much fire at the end of the barrel, which proves blanks. To the left here is the frame that proves this is blanks being fired, there is simply TOO MUCH FIRE at the end of the barrel and the color of the flame is totally wrong for real bullets, that is the color of flame from blanks, which is similar to the flame from black powder:

No camera shake also proves blanks.

DURING DAYLIGHT, IT IS USUALLY DIFFICULT TO SEE MUZZLE FLASH FROM REAL BULLETS USING MODERN SMOKELESS POWDER, AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS NOWADAYS. However, muzzle flash from blanks shows up clearly, and this is what we see here to the left. OOOH, SCARY LOOKING, but IT PROVES BLANKS, as does the excessive smoke which I have NEVER seen from any real round I have fired and I have shot thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds and I mean freaking THOUSANDS with hand guns, shot guns, rifles, you name it I have owned it, I have never seen smoke with modern (and I am talking past 50 years) bullets and always see it with blanks which I have also shot. WHAT SMOKES? OLD SCHOOL BLACK POWDER.

This is the difference between blanks, which have to use black powder or something similar because it will explode with no back pressure provided by a bullet. Modern smokeless powder will not go off properly or at all without a bullet providing back pressure to cause it to explode. Black powder will explode without any back pressure, but modern smokeless powder will not. That is why smoky black powder is used in blanks And the gun lurching forward is from vacuum pressure from the gases leaving the barrel and making a forward pulling pressure which a bullet would normally cancel out with a kick. Blanks get weapons dirty quick. It is not the same quality material with blanks. Blanks smoke a lot.


Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened?



by Lou Collins


The internet is going wild with claims that the Virginia Shooting is yet another staged event after a tweet apparently sent by the reporter Alison Parkers boyfriend was tweeted 12 mins before the shooting actually occured..

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 01.16.35

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 01.17.53

It clearly shows on the clock that Alison was live on air at 6.46am and her boyfriend tweeted it out at 6.34am a 12 min gap..

Was he in another state when the tweet was sent ?

This tweet is no longer on Chris Hursts twitter or any other from the morning of Wednesday 26th August 2015.


Crisis Actors…





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Note also in the video that while the gunman is pointing the gun that his hand is “white”. I’ve never seen a black man with white hands!



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  1. ferryt says:

    Has anyone shared the original video from jimstone?

    If not I will do later on.

    It blows it all apart.

  2. Aldous says:

    Alison Parker – obviously not her real name – looks like she’s just seen a streaker running by instead of being blasted to death.

    This is more real:

    The Streak – Ray Stevens 3:53

  3. Aldous says:


    American 2015 Death Toll Update: (as of 29 August)…

    …17 Americans killed by TERROR…

    …768 Americans killed by POLICE!

    The Counted
    People killed by police in the US

    • My internet connection doesn’t permit me to watch youtube clips. Her make up black eye, crisis actors. They could have been told its all adrill lets rehearse and film. But what have they done with them now?
      Or, they could be MKUltra controlled. And now a different alter is called forth as their main personality.
      But where are these 2 ‘dead’ people now?
      In a secret US govt facility probably
      Or spirited away possibly upto Mars onto a corporate mining ccolony that’s apparently up there, slave conditions. Apparently Dick Cheneys one of the corporate heads of this interplanetary corporate slave set up.
      Her black eye make up
      It reminds me of peter power on the radio after 7/7 talking how a coincidence it was, a drill was being held that very day in those same stations.


      Its said somewhere PP might even be a fictional person, im not sure on this

      World pf Deception Tapblog readers

  4. Freeborn says:

    This fabricated event is more amateurish than the beheading videos!

    No Obama on TV shedding fake tears yet?

    Maybe he watched the shooting “live” on TV too!

    • charles drake says:

      rita katz site intel group has an office 20 mins drive away.
      who is rita katz who is rupurt murdoch
      innocent folks.
      one a luciferian the other a satanist both kosher.

      the tearfull smiling boyfriend is a gayman not a satanist just analist
      the blank gun perp a gay stripper many time male prostitute.
      someone on the bbc radio very angry asking why the news keep showing bloody murder on repeat.

      tavistock understand the mind
      the mind has been under jewish control for a 100 years.
      the country of the mind has been mapped by a profession dominated by the satanic yiddisher.

      rita katz is used for her piss poor executions : )

      all an in joke if murdoch and soros where serious they would get vice tv or harvey weinstein in shoot it proper.
      this is a test how bad and poor can the show be and still get the required tavistock viewer trauma

      • why would they sail so close to the wind making it pisspoor seeing if they could get away with it
        its intentional surely, an intentional revealing. Just like 911 was always intended to be, but I think in the huge upshot of the revealing, that doesn’t matter to them. What matters is certain key lies and confusion get sown
        If I was them, hell bent on controlling us, id leave nothing left to chance and make these FFs slick convincing productions that speak for themselves, not school plays
        Unless….by pushing the envelope seeing how amaterurish they can make them, …..if the PTb get feedback that a good proportion oif the viewing public swallow it…..could be some kind of measure. Measure that their control matrix is working, all the towers, etc etc

        Certain comments aren’t allowed to go thru, hope this one does. Its not a wordpress software issue

  5. Alan says:

    Virginia Shooting Hoax Father 100% Confirmed Actor Sellout (Redsilverj)

  6. Alan says:

    The Richie Allen Show on Michael Rivero – ‘Virginia Reporter Shooting Wasn’t A False Flag And Here’s Why’
    “And who are these two Clowns trying to Kid”

  7. charles drake says:

    richi allen michael rivero
    allens mom or granny rivero mom and dad
    day jewish.
    no doubt they give great intel informart nwo news.
    the fisher needs his bait to real in or round up ready.
    the alt media is a fart bag pumped up by soros yahudi.

    girls on high heals are mathmatically unstable when compared to earthed feet or sports shoe.
    stilleto girls shot point blank with dum dum.
    with no movement or vocal changes in voice box.
    f y rivero
    controlled demolition of the alt media kings
    who ya gonna believe in fools

    • That’s quite a shock. In late 2013 when david icke set up TPV channel, I really thought Richie allen was totally legit and his dot connecting with icke.

      But yes I know ickes not what he seems. And its an interesting deeper perspective into the controlled opposition alt media infiltration how the NWO do it.

      Redefininggod blog I think that writer is really on the ball

      Its still a big surprise, Allen seemed to be so genune and care, want to get to the bottom of things
      Ive never seen rivero

  8. charles drake says:

    actors act project and receive energies
    some actors transcend the material world
    and become gods.

    andy parker has the name of a lowly goy
    but he is kosher royalty

  9. kingel says:

    The FAKE shooting of a TV “reporter was a “kosher-nostra” THEATRICAL PRODUCTION staged, to keep the media “on message”.

    This little gem came from Jim Stone

    I believe it is a comment left by a reader. The comment, is “geographically situated” in a few paragraphs, placed above the lady dressed only in “foundation garments” !

    Written under the highlighted heading …..”a good point”…… reads…

    … The “shooting” of reporters “live” on air, and then recorded AND uploaded to the web was all scripted and done for one MAIN reason……
    To send a message to the “Presstitutes” that they have been getting a little lax at selling THE AGENDA to the sheep and a few of them have actually dared to question THE AGENDA and, to remind them how easily they can be replaced and, to fall back in line with THE AGENDA.
    After I (the blogger) watched around 20 different news story versions….yesterday and last night, you can just smell the fear through the TV……
    They are all scared and have been successfully reminded of who their masters are…….

    MY own, (ke), personal opinion…..
    I hadn’t thought of this interpretation.
    It makes sense……”kill” 2 or, more birds with 1 stone !

    (1) Put to bed any thoughts the media may be entertaining reference… …resistance to THE AGENDA.

    (2) Keep up the gun control AGENDA.

    (3) Keep the populace in FEAR.

    A word of caution however…. I am beginning to wonder if, the SCUM at the top are beginning to realise “they have bitten off more than they can chew” and, people/groups are starting to position themselves…..a la…..”we were just following orders” !
    The reason being; to deflect blame away from themselves when the sh** hits the fan.

    Just thinking !

  10. Hi not at all I appreciate the comment

    Theres no current year box under submit comment. All I can see is manage your subscriptions, then a box to tick newsletter mailing

  11. kingel says:


    I have heard of coincidence theory but…I doubt many on this forum are “afflicted” !

  12. Rob says:

    Did he post about it before it happened or was he just in a different time zone an hour behind the one she was in at the time?

  13. B Noon says:

    She shows a pretty strong ‘startled’ response to the first shot, not sure but I think a kosher point blank round to the torso would drop you, or spin you off to the side???

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