VIDEO: Man Offers $25,000 Cash Reward for Irrefutable Proof Sandy Hook Really Happened

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Do you believe the official story on Sandy Hook? Do you have irrefutable proof things happened the way the authorities, the media, and the government claim?

Well then, you can hand it over to YouTuber Joe Jones and claim your $25,000 reward today!






4 Responses to “VIDEO: Man Offers $25,000 Cash Reward for Irrefutable Proof Sandy Hook Really Happened”

  1. ian says:

    Possibly an easier direction for Chris Spivey. Don’t prove them wrong, Make them prove that they’re telling the truth.

  2. Diana says:

    I totally agree, Ian. If Chris had toned down his language and his aggression (OK, I think his stuff is brilliant, but he does go for the jugular), he might not be in the situation he faces now.

  3. TheBBCneverlie says:

    The truth is still the truth no matter how it’s worded Chris spivey was always going to be found guilty because of what he writes not how many swear words he includes in his articles

  4. ferryt says:

    Yeah I agree TheBBCalwayslie, I mean when you read his articles you can see why Chris is so angry and that is reflected in his writing manner. Frankly he’s every right to be furious.

    If say he wrote in a more establishment friendly manner, Craig Murray-esque perhaps say, yet the content was essentially the same.. They’d have still gone for him.

    I do wonder about these police that dish out these bully boy tactics. Do they not read Chris’ site? Out of interest even? And to behave the way Chris has described towards him, his family and his property. Flipping outrageous. Do these coppers have no conscience? No brain? No soul? Aren’t we all (psychopaths excluded) born with a basic sense or right and wrong, good and bad?

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