US drawing plan for ‘comprehensive attack’ on Iran: Report

 The plan involves deploying long-range Patriot missiles to shoot down enemy missiles, according to senior US military officers. (file photo)

TAP – (heard the Iran is about to be attacked one, a hundred times before).

The plan involves deploying long-range Patriot missiles to shoot down enemy missiles, according to senior US military officers. (file photo)


The US military is drawing plans for a potential “comprehensive attack” against Iran as President Barack Obama has threatened to “act militarily” if Tehran violates the recent nuclear agreement, says a report.

A possible military action would involve a wave of attacks spearheaded by the 30,000-pound bunker buster known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, according to two senior US military officers familiar with the planning, who spoke to USA Today on condition of anonymity.

The attack would be aimed at targeting Iran’s “air defenses” and its “deeply buried nuclear facilities,” one officer said.

The officer further noted that the military plan would provide a “moderate confidence level” that Iran’s nuclear program would be set back by as much as two years.

In case of an attack, the second planning officer said, the US would launch public diplomatic overtures to allies in the region asking access to military bases and port facilities for American forces.

The US would also deploy long-range Patriot missiles to counter enemy missiles and protect bases and other facilities in the region, the officer added.

A US attack would spawn retaliatory attacks by Iran, including attempts to “choke off shipping” in the Persian Gulf, the two officers noted.

A Massive Ordnance Penetrator bunker buster

Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow and military expert at the Brookings Institution, acknowledged that a US air campaign involving as many as 1,000 aircraft sorties would not “permanently eliminate” Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, according to the report.

In a letter to congressional Democrats last week, President Obama reassured the skeptical lawmakers that the military option against Iran will remain on the table for many years to come, despite the Vienna agreement.

“Should Iran seek to dash toward a nuclear weapon, all of the options available to the United States — including the military option — will remain available through the life of the deal and beyond,” Obama wrote, according to The New York Times.


Obama delivers remarks on the nuclear agreement with Iran at American University on August 5. (AFP photo)

Congress is reviewing the Iran nuclear agreement and is expected to vote on it in September.

Republicans almost unanimously oppose the nuclear pact, but they need a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress to override a presidential veto, and to reach that threshold, Republicans need Democratic support.

The United States, Israel and some of their allies accuse Iran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear program. Tehran categorically denies the accusation, insisting its program is entirely for peaceful purposes.




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  1. ian says:

    Who would you believe? a country that has never initiated war on a neighbour in 200 years, or the US and Israel?

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Hasbera at PressTV 🙂 yes it happens.

    Yet again we see anonymous sources who allegedly refer to Iran’s secret underground nuclear bases ( haven’t we heard that crap before Saddam & Bin Laden both had imaginary underground lairs ) despite real reports to the contrary by both Israeli & US intelligence.

    “The US would also deploy long-range Patriot missiles” shame they are no longer effective more Iron Dud than Dome 🙂

    according to two senior US military officers familiar with the planning, who spoke to USA Today on condition of anonymity.

    The attack would be aimed at targeting Iran’s “air defenses” and its “deeply buried nuclear facilities,” one officer said.

  3. Dogman says:

    Hillary was all for it back in a year or so ago and has recently said that if she wins the election, she’ll attack Iran. Madness! Tail wagging the dog again.

  4. Lynn says:

    Who would trust corruption on a grand scale. The might of sword is about to fall. Someone needs to take these kingpins out. One by one all named and listed. The light is at the end of the tunnell now.

  5. Nike says:

    I have a dream…
    Millions of people in the streets all over Europe protesting for PEACE, an end to all wars, an end to tyranny and war mongering, a peaceful transition

    The DESTROYERS want destabilization, total chaos and destruction – and even more tyranny (“New World Order”)

    After Syria (ongoing) and Ukraine (ongoing) Germany is supposed to be destabilized. Masses of coloured/black Muslim young men are being trafficked to Europe, mostly into Germany (the traffickers being paid for by “American donors” – the usual Zionist culprits)

    The country is no longer safe. Children get molested, and women raped. The police got the order to stand down. That’s “IS” (CIA-Mossad-killer-subversives “sleepers”) not “war refugees”.They are being welcomed by the Zionist, anti-German propaganda; the German people get no protection by the “authorities” (Totalitarian Zionist occupiers).

    That’s a time bomb.

    The “refugees” don’t behave like refugees; demanding, impudent; they come to a Christian country but detest their Christian hosts (the Koran teaches them to do so); they behave as if they were in the position to give orders; I saw them carrying a banner saying: “Wir erobern Euer Land” (“We will conquer your land”)

    It’s Zionist war by proxy (insidious Talmudic strategy)

    some quarrel about the Koran escalated
    from Spain
    from Macedonia

    a tsunami of migrants –
    used as a weapon against the native German people;
    Genocide on non-Jews, on the white European race
    done by Jewish Zionists

    Zionist operative Barbara Lerner-Spectre

    “anti-racism and diversity“ for Israel
    “Israel has not yet learned to be multicultural….“

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