Britain’s First Farmer To Get Rid Of The Frackers

This concerns the planning application that was lodged for land adjacent to my factory and family home – about 350 metres from both as the crow flies. Fortunately the application has been withdrawn when the farmer refused to renew the contract, which had expired.  Ian Crane of Fracking Nightmare called the farmer Paul Hickson, our neighbour and farmer of the land where the proposed drilling site lay, and interviewed him on last Monday’s edition.

Hickson advises all farmers approached by energy companies not to sign.  He explains why.  Farmers and landowners, in particular, take note!

As Ian Crane says,  Paul Hickson was very lucky to escape the abomination of being fracked, as are his very grateful neighbours.  It was because enough people in the village knew what fracking was, that the whole community was able to activate and work as one to throw off the threat.  The reason I knew about fracking was undoubtedly from watching Ian Crane’s videos.  We started writing about fracking on here a year before Paul Hickson signed up with the energy company.  Shame he didn’t read The Tap, or he wouldn’t have had to go through what he calls three years of stress.  We’re all all older and wiser now, and the whole of Shropshire is well alerted to what the industry would like to do to us.

The rest of the edition focuses on contamination.  Lancashire’s United Utilities office warned 300,000 people about a contamination of the water supply.  In Australia a single coal gasification operation by Linc has contaminated an area of 320 square kilometres.  A criminal prosecution is being considered against the company’s officers, while the CEO has left the country.  Former employees are bringing actions for compensation for toxicity symptoms, nausea, headaches, stomach problems, and so on.

Paul Hickson starts at about 26 minutes, just after a powerful trailer of Voices From The Gasfields video.  The appalling contamination being suffered by the people in the fracked areas is making Southern Queensland uninhabitable.


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  1. ian says:

    My apologies to any Londoners, but I say, Nuclear power stations, fracking, and trident should all be tried in London first. Because if they’re not safe enough to have in London, then I don’t want them here.

  2. ian says:

    Of course ferryt, anything for a mate. Chipping Norton it is. Where’s Chipping Norton? not near here is it.?

    • ferryt says:

      Haha Ian, I bloody hope not!

      I believe Cameron, Brooks, Clarkson et al are based in Chipping Norton!

      • Jennifer says:

        Eeerr, only if there is a 20 mile exclusive zone – I am a coward.

      • ferryt says:

        Well you know maybe the water will be OK.

        Just joking.

        Maybe you can protest with DC and Brooks?


  3. kingel says:

    The CEO of Linc Australia has fled the country ?
    Well, leaving aside the obvious comments, bullies, cowards, thieves, psychopaths etc….
    Imho…..the time is coming when we the people will need to set up “Simon Wiesenthal” style investigation/tracking groups in respect of (1) Fracking Poisoning (2) Vaccine Damage (3) Financial & Political Malfeasance………..and, the little matter of RESTITUTION.
    Not that one can “restitute” a poisoned body ?
    On the other hand, I believe the late (prematurely late! ) Dr Bradstreet found a way of reversing autism. something along the lines of GcMAF ? ?

  4. Lynn says:

    What is
    GcMAF??? Please tell.

    • gcmaf is another article isn’t it? The vaccine nagalse thing, interacts with vitamin D. GcMaf c

    • kingel says:

      This is what I have read, across various sites reference GcMAF. I believe it stands for…Gc protein Macrophage Activation Factor…..GcMAF is, apparently a naturally occurring process in humans. Humans produce their own GcMAF to protect the immune system. The following is what is being hypothesised on AM……..A FOREIGN PROTEIN has been introduced into the human body, causing the immune system to malfunction. The name of this protein is NAGALESE. Nagalese is said to prevent the formation of naturally occurring GcMAF which means there is a blockage/malfunction in the immune system, which itself means the individual is compromised, health wise.
      The question therefore arises, if, a foreign protein, nagalese, has been introduced into the human body how did it get there and, who is affected ?
      Dr Jeff Bradstreet, recently found dead, in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest, discovered that a high number of his AUTISTIC patients were registering a HIGH LEVEL of NAGALESE in their system. This meant that the nagalese was preventing the formation of GcMAF, which is needed to protect the immune system. Dr Bradstreet and, other Alternative Health practitioners have been administering GcMAF to affected patients with “apparently” remarkable results.
      Why are autistic patients registering a high level of nagalese in their bodies ?
      The finger of blame is, in the opinion of some, pointing at the Pharmaceutical Industry !
      It is being suggested that vaccines are damaging the health of those who receive them and, that nagalese is being injected into patients.
      If, vaccine uptake drops “big pharma” will suffer a drop in profits !
      It “appears” this whole debacle may be about shekels ?

  5. Neil Warren says:

    Trying to build sustainable, unified, ongoing money-free communication platform, with you Henry and us all, outlined on your wall:

    We don’t have an “anti-fracking champ” yet, but are very interested in where who goes doing what with whom, from when the whole government and Money-System edifice comes crumbling down.

  6. Neil Warren says:

    I’ll just add that my post was interrupted by a British Gas “drone” (human) calling at my 86-yrs young Mum’s home, despite the fact that she’s with Co-op energy, to start sizing her up for the compulsory installation of a smart meter. I told him about stop-smart-meters, and mobile-wise, and pointed out the heavy geoengineering / persistent contrails / solar radiation management over GB MK zone today, which is the best I can do in that instance, offline.

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