Truth About 9/11 Bush Crimes Hidden in Comedy Central Sketch

Truth About 9/11 Bush Crimes Hidden in Comedy Central Sketch


(Truthstream Media) At first, I was like, “Wow, that is so totally true.”

Then, I realized that cats don’t wield tools or talk.

Even so, it seems this ridiculous take on a parallel universe ruled by cats is about as close as anyone will get to an official explanation about the truth of 9/11 – a subject most are too wary of confronting outside of satire and humor.

This is an alternate history of life after the JFK assassination that – far from being goofy and made up – is strangely “exactly like ours.”

Some could say it is in your face, revelation of the method or agitprop. Others may see slices of truth worked into entertainment for the masses. What’s your take?

Trevor Moore – “Kitty History”

Here’s the episode’s official posting.


Oh, my GAWD!!! This is GREAT! The creators of this piece of sketch comedy are just putting all this true stuff out there for people to see. It’s too bad that the majority of people (i.e. sheeple) will just laugh to all the kitty stuff and not pay attention to the truth because that’s how the Cabal has conditioned them. They’re more interested in what’s new on Facebook or Twitter or who texted them or the next thing Kim Kardashian is doing. That’s not their fault, mind you, (it’s the CABAL, silly!) but it would be nice if the sheeple would look up from this video or SOMETHING else and say something like “hey, wait a minute… am I missing something?” From the people that I see every day, I don’t see a lot of that, but I do try to be hopeful.




2 Responses to “Truth About 9/11 Bush Crimes Hidden in Comedy Central Sketch”

  1. charles drake esq says:

    oh my amazin init
    kitty histry it du trut.

    like all history it has been kosher steam cleaned.

    look at the psychic ramming kitty histry full of saudi towel heads.

    no emanuel goldstein in ground zero site
    yes sir kitty history no different to bbc truth.

    no doubt laurence rees of bbc nazi this and that is making a 13 part series of kitty arab histories as we speak.
    let us now take these quiet moments between china directed energy explosions to pray for the millions of jewish kitties that where gassed by the goy in the past and even cern today

  2. col says:

    what about Israel kittys taking over purr-lestine lol

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