This Video Was Once Removed From the Internet—Watch Before It’s Gone Again!

What Private Bankers Don’t Want You To Know!

by Liza Haven


This video was once removed from YouTube due to the contents it contained regarding the US Dollar and the private elite bankers. However a year later, HighImpactFlix has reloaded the clip. Therefore, it’s likely only available for a limited time!

The video delves into the truth behind our monies and how the elite bankers are controlling the world from behind the scenes. Including sensitive information that the elite don’t want you to know. Watch before it’s gone again …




12 Responses to “This Video Was Once Removed From the Internet—Watch Before It’s Gone Again!”

  1. ian says:

    Excellent well produced video that explains clearly how the money system in the US works, and how it relates to other countries.

  2. kingel says:

    SUPERB video.

    A couple of points.

    The Petrodollar domination foisted on the world by khazar zionists; posing as Americans, has caused much of the recent “imbalances” in the World.
    Peace and Stability does not produce profit !

    Historically, all FIAT; paper currencies, introduced by various “civilisations” throughout history, have failed.

    The greatest asset most people possess is their labour.
    “Rewarding” people, with paper money is theft. Paper money has no intrinsic value and, can be manipulated to the disadvantage of the holder.

    Iraq and Libya were both “annihilated”, imho, on khazar zionist decree, because they stepped away from the oil for dollars trading/domination platform.

    The armed forces of the world have, imho, been duped into the role of mercenaries fighting, “for-profit” khazar zionist wars ! I suspect if these soldiers were aware of the full story, they would not fight and, taxpayers of the world would not support such operations.

    Iraq had started trading oil for euros and Gaddafi, was introducing a Pan-African golden dinar i.e. criminals in the eyes of the thieving, sticky fingered, khazars !

    Incidentally the horrific videos of Gaddafi’s last few minutes of life were recently re-broadcast on RT, the voice over was that of RT correspondent Harry Fear, who stated Gaddafi was being sodomised.

    George Bush gave the name ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’; OIL to the UNLAWFUL ATTACK on Iraq !

    The gold confiscation in America in 1933 intrigues me.
    The “Feral” Reserve is/was, I believe, a private concern owned by a RATs-child cartel i.e. a non Government Institution.
    Gold was “DEMONETIZED” by FDR in 1932. If, gold was no longer deemed to be money…by what authority did the PRIVATE “Feral ” Reserve, SEQUESTRATE all………Gold, declared NON MONEY, in 1933 …….from the people ?
    Surely, gold, on being declared non-money in 1932, put it out of the reach of the “authority” of the “Feral” Reserve ?

    Another point, by what authority did FDR, a government operative, issue a PRIVATE PERSONS DECREE in April 1933. The “Feral” Reserve was privately owned, yet the Government issued a DECREE on its behalf !


    I suspect; my own opinion, the “Feral” Reserve had no right to STEAL, the gold of the people !

    Another observation…. The classification of gold as money was, imho an, incomplete i.e. disingenously narrow description. Whist gold was money/a means of exchange, it was also “reward” for…. labour surrendered…. and, in that capacity NO ONE possessed the right to sequestrate “the fruits of ones labour” ?

    Also, as an analogy, if a “worker” invested his earnings in a piece of land, whilst a colleague choose to retain his as gold coinage……….the land owner retained his land, whilst his colleague was expected to “return” his assets because the said asset was, prior to 1932, also called money !

    CONVERSLY, in August 1971 the cowardly Nixon, closed the “gold window”. Dollars were no longer redeemable for gold.
    Did Nixon give people a 12 month period of grace, in which to convert their dollars into gold aka…. FDR giving the PRIVATE “FERAL” Reserve a “extension of time”…. in which to steal the peoples gold in 1933 ? ?
    NO, he did not !

    There are rules for the people and anarchy for the…khazars !

    Finally, the khazars do not appear to have done an HONEST DAYS WORK IN THEIR LIVES.
    The assets in their possession belong to those, they were stolen from !

    • Bluefeather6 says:

      And, don’t forget, from 1933 Roosevelt signed the administrative order for bankruptcy, putting the U.S. into administration.

      • kingel says:

        I had forgotten about that.
        I have just checked the dates.
        March 9th 1933 USA bankruptcy declared.
        April 5th 1933 FDR issued a Federal Decree demanding the surrender of all gold coins etc.
        Imho, the gold sequestration was UNLAWFUL !

        Do you suppose the RATs-childs, Rockerfellars etc, surrendered their gold ?

    • freebornman says:

      Gadaffi? he was sodomised with a bayonet. They made sure is was filmed and publicised, as a warning to others.
      To add, Greece was occupied by Germany in WW2, they stole all the Greek gold. Germany was paying restitution to the Greeks post-war, but the German govt went bankrupt sometime later, and all debts were cancelled. Sorry I don’t recall dates on that one.

      • kingel says:

        Gaddafi was sodomised with a bayonet ?
        I got the impression the object/s were organic ?

        The German or, khazar zionist/German FINANCIAL ABUSE of Greece is beyond parody !
        In addition to the 2 events you mention
        1. Stolen Gold
        2. German Bankruptcy used to avoid paying dues owed to Greece.

        There is the matter of the current debt. This debt was not incurred by the Greek people. It was fraudulently created by Goldman Rats, who lied about the true state of Greek finances in order to get Greece into the Euro. Goldman knew, Greece would at some stage default. This pre-meditated/engineered default, would create the opportunity for the khazar thieves to “PICK OFF” Greek Assets.

        Papandreou was said to have received a bribe of between $50 million and $500 million to cancel an election giving the Greek people a say in the proceedings.

        Finally, it was German/European Banks who entered into the fraud and, extended the loan to Greece.
        The onus was on the Banks to do “due diligence” in respect of the viability of the loans, prior to advancing any monies to Greece.
        When Greece defaulted, as the Banks knew they would, the BANKS SHOULD HAVE SHOULDERED THE LOSSES !

        Khazar Zionist “german” FRAU-MERK-HELL, said to be HITLER’S DAUGHTER……….UNLAWFULLY disowned the debts sitting on the balance sheets of the German Banks.
        In a grandiose announcement MERK-HELL said ……..the German bank debts were to be transferred to the Greek People !

        I believe in the recent negotiations, which resulted in the resignation of the Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, YV said they, Greek Politicians received personal threats, in reference to their own and, and their families safety, that made an integrity negotiation impossible.

        I got the impression that the SCUM bag psychopathic, thieving khazars, refused all outcomes, other than surrender/sequestration of the assets of the Greek people and, used intimidation and threats to achieve that outcome.

        The Greek financial situation for the past 70 + years has been financial rape !

        If, the khazar zionists fail to lock down the human race in the coming reset, the enemies they have created will genocide them.
        It is patently obvious they know this.
        It is the reason they are attempting to STEAL Americas guns.
        It is the reason for all the False Flags resulting in the UNLAWFUL attempts to sequestrate UNALIENABLE Sovereign Rights of Freedom.

        May The Best Man Win !

  3. Dogman says:

    The Roman Catholic Church controls approximately 60,350 tons of gold, twice the size of the total official gold reserves worldwide, or approximately 30.2% of all the’ gold ever mined / produced.

    Such a treasure in its entirety has been divided among several reported reserves and just as many unreported reserves. Only 20% of the reserve’s total gold is stored by ‘third parties’ in official reserves, the largest declared reserve is represented by the Federal Reserve Bank, followed by the reserves in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. The most important private reserves have not been reported are unknown, but appear to be located even in countries of the West and apparently would be associated with the most important private reserves of the oldest private banks and financial companies d’ Europe. There may also exist private reserves managed directly by the Vatican, although latter remains a hypothesis.

    Source: Claudio Rendina – book the ‘gold of the Vatican

  4. Dogman says:

    An important pattern to note is the general groupings of dates of bank formation and their significance. The first is the formation of banks by English Protestants during the end of the 17th Century. .

    The second pattern is the grouping of banks formed in the Netherlands and Switzerland just prior to the suppression of the Jesuits around 1767 by Portugal, Italy, France and Spain.

    The third pattern is the grouping of banks formed during the active suppression of the Jesuits and their war with the Vatican and Popes from 1773 to 1818 in the United States, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

    This group of banks created during the Vatican-Jesuit War is probably the most historically influential, secretive, political of any group of banks in human history. Almost all of them have been implicated in an assortment of allegations from funding of wars, crimes against humanity, treason and money laundering.

    The Darier Hentsch & Cie Bank (1796, Switzerland) was the bank that happened to fund Napoleon his European Wars that saw the Papal States and influence of the Vatican crippled.

    The Rothschilds (1800, Germany) are famous for suddenly acquiring massive wealth almost overnight and then proceeding to fund numerous European Wars, Asian Wars including World War I.

    Barings Bank (1802, UK) is famous for organizing the purchase of Lousiana by the United States from Napoleon during his war with Britain.

    City Bank of New York (now CitiBank) (1812) is famous for helping finance the North side of the Civil War, US involvement in World War II, US business in Nazi Germany and US involvement in World War II.

    J. Henry Shroeder Bank (1818, Germany) is famous for being the almost exclusive bank for the Nazis.

    Of the top 20 banks of the world today, over half originate from the period 1760 to 1860 which saw the Jesuits disperse the massive wealth of the Catholic Church to all parts of the globe, especially great influxes into the United States.

    In terms of Private Banks, in 1986, the total asset value held was said to be US$4,300 Billion. In 1997, the figure has more than doubled to $10,000 Billion. In year 2000 alone, the figure hit $13,600 Billion trillion, and is currently still growing at a rate of 30 percent per year. The current estimate of total asset value of deposits held by private banks is around $17,000 Billion.

    Indirectly, the most valuable banking investment of the Roman Catholic Church is its investment control of the Federal Reserve Banks of the United States.

    Through a highly complex arrangement of small holdings across sometimes thousands of banks and cross-ownership holdings hiding foreign ownership, the Catholic Church has effectively controlled the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore the destiny of the United States economy since the turn of the 20th Century.

    Since its formation, only one President of the United States –a Catholic himself –has attempted to override the power of the Federal Reserve and the Roman Catholic Church by ordering the US Treasury to print its own money. The money was destroyed the day after he ceased to be President. His name was John F. Kennedy.

  5. Nike says:

    dogshitter – and WHO controls the “Vatican” – ey?

  6. Nike says:

    dogshitter – in case you “don’t know”
    It’s the WHO (W-ORLD H-OMICIDE O-RGANIZATION) – the most heinous criminal cabal in this world

  7. Nike says:


  8. Dogman says:

    The people that control us are very likely the same ones that did back in biblical times. You know, before people were called jews. The ones that claim to be descended from the Nephilim.

    Glad to see that you’re not being childish.
    Just to make your day, Chris Spivey received a 6 months suspended sentence (for 2 yrs)
    Lifetime ban about contacting individuals involved in anything he is investigating.
    £2000 fine (not sure if there are costs too)
    His pcs will not be returned.
    I hope you enjoy the champers!

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