The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda – Episode 751 A & B

from X22 Report

China Warns US, It Has Begun Dumping Treasuries – Episode A

Tspiras said he underestimated the power of money. The power of the central bank. Greek pension funds are in danger the central bankers are getting ready to tap the funds.Canada is heading into a recession as new vehicles sales collapse. China begins dumping the treasury bonds to pump of the economy and market. If the emerging countries started to dump the treasuries the FED would have to print like crazy. China comes out and says they are not responsible for the crash. Baltic dry index falls again, 100% lower than in 2008. Pending home sales miss, the housing market is heading to a complete collapse. The US Government/Central bankers just manipulated the GDP number by using double seasonally adjusted calculations. CBO confirms debt cannot be sustained.


As The Collapse Approaches The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda Episode B

TV Crew shot by a co-worker, many anomalies in the story. The agenda is to confiscate weapons. Walmart now stop selling certain weapons. Pentagon report on the Islamic State now in question, numbers manipulated, the IS is expanding in Syria.




3 Responses to “The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda – Episode 751 A & B”

  1. kingel says:

    Of course “THEY” are DESPERATE to take peoples guns.

    “THEY” …..Wall Street/Politicians/RATs-child’s Federal Reserve…..have engineered the financial collapse. “THEY” have deliberately..STOLEN EVERY CENT….from the people.

    China is not responsible for the….CRY-SIS.

    The lying, thieving psychopathic, BANKERS, POLITICIANS & STOOGES of UK, USA and, U-ROPE ……….CREATED this situation.

    Those who break things, own them !

    The “wealthy” will have to return everything they have stolen. Oh, I forgot they don’t want to…..they would rather keep the stolen goods and instead STEAL MORE…. i.e. the GUNS of the people !

    The COWARDS dish it out but, can’t take it !

    Hard luck. The people are justified in seeking a “pound of flesh”.

    “Their” puerile false flags are nauseatingly pathetic….YAWN…..
    The boyfriend of the FAKE dead reporter SANG her obituary praises 16 minutes ? before the shooting !
    HA HA HA….how stupid are these entities ?

    Putin has told the Americans not to give up their guns because he and, everyone with a brain cell knows what’s coming.

    It looks like “THEY” can’t keep the….FINANCIAL LIES…going any longer.
    The guns of 300,000 Americans MAY be unnerving them ?

    It will be unsafe for them to walk down the street, once the full scale of their thieving is revealed….THEY ARE SCARED !

    “THEY” should have thought of that that, before they embarked on decades/centuries of theft !

    Time for them to go to their underground TOMBS, methinks !

    Dick Act 1902 invalidates all so-called gun control Laws.

  2. Lynn says:

    Hahaha Americans will never give up their guns. They know this was a set up and so was Sandy Hook Boston Bombing and so on. They have guns in their lawful hands for that reason. Good luck with that one Obomber and co. You will be hunted down and made to pay for the treason you brought to the US of A.

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