The Evidence Grows For Secret Space Program Disclosures & Crimes Against Humanity Trials

August 10 2015 | From: Exopolitics


Over the last few months there have been incredible claims about multiple secret space programs, extraterrestrial intervention, and future massive document dumps that will lead to trials against those that have committed crimes against humanity.

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To date, no physical evidence or documents have been offered to substantiate these claims, yet there is a compelling body circumstantial evidence that does support them. This evidence makes it very possible that humanity will soon witness massive document dumps disclosing secret space programs along with the existence of extraterrestrial life, followed soon after by Nuremberg-like war crime trials.

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On May 30, Corey Goode (aka GoodETxSG) claims that he had received the go ahead from both a Secret Space Program Alliance, and a Sphere Alliance of five extraterrestrial races, to publicly reveal the truth about the darker side of human trafficking and exploitation in secret space programs.

Goode revealed in great detail these practices and the organizations responsible for them. These disturbing disclosures were followed soon after by a series of meetings from June 5-9 involving the main parties from different secret space programs who were discussing ways to minimize large scale armed hostilities while humanity is prepared for the truth about these programs existence and extraterrestrial life.

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Goode says he attended these meetings as a delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance and was accompanied by a Lt Col Gonzales (pseudonym) who was the delegate for the Secret Space Program Alliance. At the third meeting involving a “Committee of 200” and other global elites that was held on June 9, only two days before the 2015 Bilderberg Group meeting, an extraordinary offer was made.

The Committee of 200 wanted to start a limited disclosure program in November 2015, and provide legal amnesty for 50 years for those responsible for crimes. While the offer was turned down, it reveals the great fear that the global elite have of being exposed and prosecuted for their roles in human trafficking and slave labor.

Subsequently, an offer was made by one of the secret space programs associated with the global elites called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate to give an inspection tour of one of their Mars facilities. The offer was done in order to respond to accusations that slave labor was used at ICC facilities.

After terms and conditions for the inspection tour were agreed upon, Goode and Gonzales traveled to Mars to conduct an inspection tour on June 20. Goode published his report of the tour two days later substantiating accusations that slave labor was indeed being used; and the facility was run by a megalomaniac commander who subverted all agreements and imprisoned dissenters.

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Recent events provide circumstantial evidence supporting Goode’s claims that the global elite are very concerned about massive document releases revealing secret space programs, and crimes committed in these programs that lead to arrests and Nuremberg-like war crimes trials.

It is worth pointing out that circumstantial evidence is admissible in courts of law where direct evidence is lacking.  Circumstantial evidence together with direct eyewitness testimony, as given by Corey Goode, is sufficient to convince juries of guilt or innocence in cases so it’s important to consider this type of evidence  in relation to Goode’s claims.

The first circumstantial evidence to consider is that on June 15, the U.S. House of Representatives took a major step in passing a bill that provides legal protection to space mining by U.S. based corporations that establish off-world operations.

The “Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act” will protect corporations “from harmful interference” and “discourage government barriers” to their space operations. If eventually signed by President Obama, the owners and managers of space mining operations would be protected under U.S. Federal Law from international organizations such as the International Criminal Court investigating them for using slave labor and other crimes against humanity.

Such accusations would have to be heard in U.S. district courts which are not a suitable venue for fully investigating or hearing cases of crimes against humanity. Judges and juries in U.S. district courts can be more easily influenced than judicial bodies such as the International Criminal Court.

The timing of this bill does raise the possibility that it is orchestrated by a global corporate elite concerned about impending criminal prosecution for past and current space mining operations. The Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act’s submission is compelling circumstantial evidence in support of Goode’s claim that “crimes against humanity” trials are being secretly being prepared.

The second circumstantial evidence concerns a June 4 announcement that up to four million US Federal government employees had their personnel files hacked by an unknown source. More recent estimates are that the hacking involved up to 18 million personnel files going back to the 1980s.

The hacking incidents involved extensive information about the backgrounds of individuals gained in security reviews for classification clearances. While most mainstream media have focused on such information being used for blackmail purposes by foreign espionage agencies, what is not being considered is that this is exactly the kind of personnel information that would be needed if one was investigating individuals that may have been involved in off-world operations that used slave labor or committed other crimes against humanity.

The computer hacking incident is additional compelling circumstantial evidence supporting Goode’s claim that trials are being prepared for those responsible for crimes committed in secret space programs.

The third circumstantial evidence to consider is that on June 11, the British Interplanetary Society began a two day meeting on: “How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship” according to a BBC news article. The meeting envisaged a Mars colony ruled over by a ruthless dictator who trampled on the rights of workers in a futurist society controlled by a corporation.

The dictator needed to be overthrown without destroying the colony itself. According to the author of the BBC article published on June 22, Richard Hollingham, the meeting brought together 30 prominent scientists, engineers and philosophers who took their “task seriously,” only “two short blocks from the London headquarters of Britain’s security service, MI6” thereby hinting at official support for the meeting.

The similarities in the scenarios discussed at the June 11/12 British Interplanetary Society meeting, and the June 22 reports by Goode and Hollingham, suggests that key figures in Britain’s scientific establishment  are preparing for future disclosures about secret colonies on Mars and elsewhere that have been run as corporate dictatorships by megalomaniac tyrants that have been abusing workers for years.

How to remove these Mars Colony dictators without them killing off their personnel and/or destroying their valuable facilities is a problem that British and other national policy makers will soon have to confront. Once again, this is compelling circumstantial evidence supporting Goode’s claim of crimes against humanity committed in secret space programs.

Finally, Goode has been claiming that we are soon to witness a massive document dump that will reveal the truth about secret space programs, and criminal abuses that have occurred within some of them. “Coincidentally,” Wikileaks has again begun releasing massive document dumps that made it a media sensation back in 2000.

In early May, after a five year hiatus, Wikileaks restored its electronic drop box for whistleblowers to again anonymously share data.  All is in place for an organization like Wikileaks to share the document dumps that Goode claims will reveal all.

In summary, we have compelling circumstantial evidence that support Goode’s incredible claims made over the months of May and June. This includes:

1. “Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act” forwarded on June 15 to the full House of Representatives for a vote that offers legal protection to global elite involved in off world mining operations and crimes committed in them;

2. The June 4 and subsequent announcements of hacking of up to 18 million records of Federal employees and contractors with detailed personnel information that could be used for setting up “crimes against humanity” trials;

3. The June 11 meeting of British Interplanetary Society discussing ways of how to remove from power tyrannical corporate personnel from colonies on Mars who have committed crimes against humanity;

4. The reemergence of Wikileaks’ digital drop box system in early May that allows whistleblowers to anonymously upload massive document dumps for public release by an organization with a track record in doing precisely what Goode claims will be occurring soon.

None of this circumstantial evidence is definitive proof of Goode’s claims.

Yet it is compelling evidence insofar as it corroborates his core claims that global events are occurring that will lead to future disclosures about secret space programs, extraterrestrial life, and trials for those responsible for crimes against humanity in space.




21 Responses to “The Evidence Grows For Secret Space Program Disclosures & Crimes Against Humanity Trials”

  1. Yes somethings going on
    Even Corey Goode might mean well, but is being used and manipulated without realsing it. Cobra and Corey ive noticed have contradicted each other on things
    Someones lying. Or maybe neither are. Or maybe both are

    One thing seems apparent to me, TPTB are wanting some kind of huge mindblowing fanfare distraction of SSP disclosures, and solar system talk, and colonies……rather than hold a simple press conference where Obama stands up and says, we have free energy, here are free energy devices, we will have free energy units in every family home round the world by the end of the year

    Rather than do that, which the cabal don’t want to do. Instead we are being treated to all of the SSP stuff, and im sure a load of it is true, Solar Warden that Gary McKinnon saw especially

    Whats driving the cabal to be orchestrating whatever version THEY are hoping will prevail? Why have the Rockefellers etc been the ones responsible for all the Disclosure movement since the 1990s?

    Could it be some external event is coming that will seriously reshuffle and remove the cabal from power?

    Its said the Superwave that’s coming from the galactic central sun, that there have been prop[hecies about ( as well as paul laviolettes research), wont be a harmful event for us.

    its said it comes every 25000 years, and activates everyones DNA, upgrades consciousness. Maybe this is what the cabal fear. Maybe this is what all the GWEN towers and HAARP stuff is for, to keep control. Maybe the cabal know that huge event is going to expose too many lies and stop their rule

    Maybe SSP disclosures with hefty doses of lies mixed in is what they hope will keep them in control of the Truman Show?

    I don’t know, im just speculating. Maybe it will become clearer in a few months. The august Ceres electric lights closer images should be with us soon

    • Expecting the frontman actor Obama to say anything or waiting for some galactic superwave to change anything is about as useful or likeley as believing some 2,000 yerar old dead guy will save you – from yourself. There is no songle cabal, but a number of contenders all working outside this deep stinking gravity hole, beyond the purview of blind groping wage slaves whose existence creates and supports the local cabal of ineffectual gangsters. Your nations are just notions.
      Keep up the Great Work, Tap.

  2. Lynn says:

    Something defo brewing Adam. We can all feel it. Distraction everywhere now. Hope it blows them all away. This is a living nightmare knowing what we know. Paralysed and unable to tackle it head on. Keep hoping cos that’s all we have left now. HOPE is life.

    • Dee says:

      I’m concerned ‘they’ are going to try and pull another 7/7 in London tomorrow…hope I’m wrong.

      It’s hard to be hopeful sometimes isn’t it? But what else is there…

    • DW – I would think that the old school mentality if you gave everyone on Earth this stuff, they would not want to do anything productive, and it would ruin their lives.
      •CG – I think there is going to be a transitional period.
      •DW – But when people win the lottery it’s not good for them.
      •CG – Well right, but if everyone wins at once? Everyone will get a replicator, and be trying different meals. Everyone is going to want to go all over the world, and once its cleared, the solar system and see all the ruins out there. There is going to be a lot that is going to be opened up. But first we have to deal with our past.
      •DW – Can you replicate weapons with a replicator?
      •CG – That’s what buffer technology is for.
      •DW – What is buffer technology?
      •CG – They have that on temporal drives to keep people from traveling through time.
      •DW – So you can’t just print a nuke with a replicator?
      •CG – Right.
      •DW – What does the SSP Alliance want to do as far as the secrecy and occultism. The weird stuff thats happening.
      CG – They want to shine a light on it. They want to bring the truth, the information, to every human being at once on the planet. Not just certain people so they can gain an advantage over others. They want to give everyone access.
      •DW – No more cover ups at all.
      •CG – No. They want to bring it ALL to humanity.
      •DW – Incredible.

  3. kingel says:

    I trust them as far as I can throw them. They have been stripping planet earth of all assets and, claiming them as their own for two thousand years or, more. They have been “genociding” mankind for centuries.
    They couldn’t tell the truth even if, it fell at their feet, etched on a tablet of stone !
    Expect more of the same, child abuse, child murder, cannibalism ?
    I do however, harbour the suspicion they are afraid….. hopefully of us ?
    And, yes I believe they are desperate to “engineer” a distraction !

    • David Wilcock gets lots of interesting details from SSP Whistleblower Corey Goode


      •DW – What would life be like if the SSP Alliance met their goals? What would life on Earth be like?

      •CG – It would be no different than a Star Trek era.
      •DW – So could people have a portal station, so that instead of flying around in airplanes, they may be able to take a star gate type system to wherever you want to travel.
      •CG – Yes. There would be replicators; no more starvation. Literally deserts could be turned green, we could desalinize water.
      •DW – What about all the plastic floating in the ocean, or waste material?
      •CG – Matter is easily changed into something else. Its just about knowing how, and we have that technology, its just not being shared.
      •DW – Some people may not like the idea of not having money anymore, they will say its socialism or communism. That we would be under even more control because we wouldn’t have any money to resist this new thing they’re trying to do.
      •CG – That’s the way we’re programed. I mean if you want ‘money’ that badly, you can go to the replicator and replicate up some gold or a $100 bill and put it in your pocket if that makes you feel better. There would just be no need for that kind of financial give and take.

  4. kingel says:

    I have just read an article on Abel Danger about the FAKE MARS MISSION. “Apparently” one of the “Mars” photographs shows a chinchilla amongst the rocks, someone failed to edit it !
    Moving on, my point is….a listed comment, on the Mars article states”……According to the IRON MOUNTAIN report, which is the blue print for Agenda
    21 if, the “GREEN” fraud fails, they intend to run the ALIEN HOAX………”

    Imho, the green fraud is loosing traction…people are mocking “his heinous”…. ridiculing climate change, as we are not supposed to know about geo-engineering the weather. I believe the “dubious” authority of the UN is also being questioned.
    I think an alien hoax, sounds just about right for the moronic scum. Didn’t von Braun say they were planning an alien hoax ?
    My personal opinion…this article is B/S, just like the Mars mission……..chinchillas an all !

    • Paul LaViolette

      September 1, 2015 at 3:48 pm

      I don’t believe this to be an accurate assessment of the extraterrestrial situation. Hawkings’ fears about this are as far off the mark as his black hole theory. The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars. See my book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars available on this site. The fact that a number of these pulsar beacons are conveying a message to warn us (human Earth residents) about the Galactic superwave phenomenon indicates that they also have concern for our safety. They want us to survive and develop. The Independence Day/War of the Worlds scenarios are fictions not to be taken seriously. Civilizations that are predatory quickly exterminate themselves leaving the more peaceful civilizations to advance technically and dominate the Galaxy.


      Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      September 1, 2015 at 11:32 pm

      This comment dr laviolette gives me some comfort
      You obviously know your stuff. Research into pulsars etc. ”The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars”
      This means, suggests, that its highly possible, things that Cobras saying is true, even if Cobra himself is a NWO pied piper in some form.
      But your comment givs me some hope and relief. That Project Bluebeam isn’t necessarily on the cards. There really could be benevolent ETs, in their motherships, spheres, in the solar system now.
      I know to many readers this sounds like insane scifi.
      But NAsa have released the photos for years but not commented on them. The SOHO sun images, other images too, clearly visible UFOs by the sun, some measuring many thousands of miles, strange shapes.
      it seems the sun is an interdimensional portal, it seems the stars in the galaxy are linked and a superhighway for travel, interstellar travel exists and this is what we see in Nasa photos
      The Vatican knows all this of course. look at YRFT yellow rose for texas, the papal key design
      3 knobs, representing the sun, 3 interdimensional portals, stargate portals


  5. Bluefeather6 says:

    Harold Kautz Veller, is worth listening to, you can see his talks on you tube. He informs, as a physcist on many issues – chemtrails, smart dust, morgellons, black goo etc. He also speaks on scarcity versus abundance, of the free energy available to us all. Easy to understand, and open minded, he is worth listening to.

    • Ill look him up thanks
      Scarcity vs Abundance. That very theme, lies, were being peddled to us on BBC radio 4 news this morning at 7am. The BBC lies
      – Talking about ‘food scarcity’ and ‘instability’ becoming much more frequent . An example given was in Russia in 2010 , the drought and wheat crops failing

      – The BBC then cleverly weaves into its narrative this morning, how the knock on effect of rising food prices in 2010/2011, caused the naturally evolving organic ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings of dissatisfaction in North Africa
      – The BBC then decides to link the above into a neatly woven thread suggesting that the terror we see around us now, IS etc etc, comes from food scarcity price instability

      • kingel says:

        COR BLIMEY you still watching “Bugg***** Britains Consciousness” ?

      • ferryt says:

        Good report on the blatant lies, propaganda, distraction and fictional meme pushing drivel from the BBC Adam.

        As MS says I don’t know how you manage to listen. I find a little like well probably what torture is like.

        I wonder about a simple website or something. Where you repost the schedule and allow folks such as your good self to point out the lies et all. Hmmm.

      • ferryt says:

        Sorry as Kingel says. D’oh..

      • ferryt says:

        Or Buggering British Children or maybe Butchering Britains Consciousness.

        Must be a few more variants out there..

    • And BTW with reference to the above article, possible crimes against humanity trials

      it is my feeling David Frost, illuminati insider did not die on the cruise ship. He is now in some witness protection programme, I think this could be the case
      Either that or he has fled doing a britanski Alpine

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Adam Your Fee and Reward have been posted for you elsewhere. Good Work!

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Do you think his eldest son (the one who dropped down dead the other day after going out for a jog) has joined him?

        Sir David Frost was named on the list that Batmangelidjh handed in which got Kids Co shut down. The Met Police is doing an investigation to find out who gave it to her

        Basically Cameron took it as a personal affront that someone who has been kept afloat time and time again had the nerve to put that in front of him. Orders from above etc etc poor old Bernard at New Scotland Yard must oblige his masters…..

        I suppose at least its not Ozzy Osborne flying off the Magic Roundabout spitting tacks at that Black Bird and having her picked up for jay walking on Kings Road

  6. kingel says:

    I hadn’t heard D Frost’s son had dropped dead…..out running ?
    I no longer watch MSM, so that might be the reason !
    A lot of celebs seem to be dropping dead of heart attacks. So. I agree , a witness protection programme or, GENUINELY DEAD because they are a LIABILITY to a few “bods” higher up the greasy pole !
    I think we all need to treat ourselves to a silver neck chain and, maybe a magnet !

    • Can you tell us more about the LOC? What’s it like when you fly into it?
      •CG – I can tell you its been built and added on to since the 50’s. It’s built into craters and rocky areas so it blends in some what. Some part of it is built into the rock, but very little of it is above ground. Most of the LOC I have not had access to. I have seen a diagram that it is in the shape of a bell, with only the surface levels on the surface.

      DW – If there are that many craft going to and from the LOC, which is on the dark side of the Moon, how could it possibly been kept secret from us? Can’t people with telescopes see ships coming and going?
      •CG – People do see them. [The following video was captured by an amateur astronomer in September of 2014. It shows a small craft lifting out of a crater moving towards the dark side of the Moon.]

      CG – Very well could have been part of it, to channel a lot of that money in the secret space program. The people that were running those programs (Apollo programs) at lower levels really thought they were using the highest technology we had to at the time.
      •DW – Do you think employee’s could have had information withheld from them about how expensive everything actually was?
      •CG – Yes. They were deceived on all levels.

      •DW – What is it like when you’re in the LOC? Do they have apartments you can go to when you’re inside, are there just conference rooms? What’s it like in there?
      •CG – Until very recently, I had never been to the VIP area, I had only been to the other area. They have small apartments, 2 bunks, hallways are very narrow. In the VIP area its much nicer, wide hallways, they even have wood panelling on the walls, like cherry wood. Very upscale. Dramatic change from one area to another.
      •DW – Could you wander around and find a restricted area, or are their military escorts with you at all times?
      •CG – Well your allowed to access certain area’s. There are lines on the floor with different colors that lead to different areas.
      •DW – So the color red will lead to one area, that kind of thing?
      •CG – Yes. As I said, I have only been in the top floors, where most of everything takes place. The next 2 floors are medical and more advanced medical stuff takes place. I have never been further down then those. There are some people recently that have been taking on a tour that have gotten to see a lot more then I have.

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