STFU … or we’ll take your kids!


Chris Spivey had the audacity to question the official Government Narrative of the events surrounding the ‘murder’ of Lee Rigby in May 2013. Instead of offering irrefutable evidence to challenge his analysis, the British Establishment finds him GUILTY of ‘Harrassment’ without offering any real evidence, plants obscene images on his computer, then threatens to make him homeless … and take his grandson into care. Welcome to Stasi UK in 2015! Please support Chris when he appears for ‘SENTENCING’ at Chelmsford Crown Court on Thursday 27th August 2015


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7 Responses to “THE CRANE REPORT”

  1. NPP says:

    Listened to this. Familiar with Chris Spivey story.
    Even if the Woolwich story is true and Spivey incorrect, I thought we defeated the Third Reich to preserve freedom of expression; to tolerate views we do not like… please, save the lectures on who or what was really behing WWII, I’m stating it in a simple basic terms…
    Please, write to your MP, even the PM, and state this charge against Spivey is unacceptable.
    Victims such as the Rigby family members who allege distress or harassment, are being exactly that, victims. This is a matter of fundamental right to expression. Spivey has not imposed himself. He has merely expressed himself in words. He must be allowed to do so. His incarceration will imply the Woolwich story is not true.

    TAP, posting this here re Ralph Ellis. I accidentally came across a critic. Not checked it, but thought it interesting. I’d love some one to check it!

  2. ian says:

    Chris Does and says things that I certainly wouldn’t have have the courage to do or say. To me, it seems obvious that TPTB would not let him prove that they are cheap sneaky liars. Creating false events to further an agenda that is not in any way in the interests of the people who these people pretend to represent, is a common occurrence to these people, and they want it kept quiet.
    Good on ya Spiv’ mate, and the best of British luck. I think that they might keep postponing the case ’till it drops below the horizon

    • ian says:

      I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m condoning their action, because I’m not, it stinks, but it’s more or less what I would expect from them, that’s all.

  3. J Barrow says:

    Chris Spivey is an independent journalist, with a website where he publishes articles based on his own research

    Since the summer of 2014, he has been a victim of ongoing police harassment, such as an illegal entry without a warrant and personal belongings being taken and is currently still on bail for dubious charges. There is also what appears to be a coordinated attempt by social services to intimidate Chris, by questioning his grandson’s health and well being .

    Please sign this petition if you think freedom of speech is important

  4. Emm Jay says:

    Once again, thank you Henry and all you guys on here … xx

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