The British legacy of psychiatric abuse in the USSR


PSYCHIATRIC DETENTION IN THE SOVIET SYSTEM      There are two types of psychiatric detention in th e Soviet  system:  1) civil commitment , or involuntary placement in a  regular psychiatric clinic by relatives or police without a  judicial proceeding; and 2) criminal commitment , when an arrest  on criminal charges under the penal code is followed by  compulsory psychiatric examination, a determination  that the  defendant is not fit to stand trial for reasons of  insanity, and  placement by court order in a special forensic psychiatric  hospital.  Most of the well-known cases of political abuse of  psychiatry fall into the second category.

BACKGROUND      In the late 1960s and 1970s, procuratorial and KGB  agencies  increasingly began to send dissidents from the scientific and  humanitarian intelligentsia as well as the independnt labor  movement to psychiatric detention.  The usual pattern was to  arrest a dissident on a political charge such as Ar t. 70 (“anti- Soviet agitation and propaganda”) or Art. 190-1 (an ti-state  slander), subject him to compulsory psychiatric examination  (usually at the Serbsky Institute of Forensic Psychiatry in  Moscow), hold a perfunctory trial in absentia , and immediately  assign the defendant to indefinite detention in special  psychiatric hospitals under the jurisdiction of the  Ministry of  Internal Affairs.  The advantage of forensic psychiatric  detention is that no case has to be built in court,  behavior can be controlled with drugs, and the “sentence” is indefinite.  Hundreds of dissidents went through this torment.   Some, like Vladimir Bukovsky and Leonid Plyushch, who managed  to get to the  West, gave testimonies about sane dissidents who remained  incarcerated and about the cruel practices of the mental health  system.
There was another, much-less publicized aspect to  abuses of  psychiatry that affected greater numbers of people  — the  unlawful incarceration of ordinary people not involved in  dissent.  They were the victims of disgruntled bosses or spouses  who took advantage of a corrupt psychiatric system  and an all- powerful and unlawful criminal justice system to rid themselves  of troublemakers.

Helsinki Watch does not know the exact number of persons who  remain in psychiatric hospitals as political prisoners.  The  Moscow Helsinki Group includes 47 cases of alleged  psychiatric  imprisonment in its list of political prisoners (see Appendix I ).   In 36 of these cases, there are question marks before the names:  it is not clear whether or not they are sane, or, i f they are  sane, whether they were incarcerated for political  reasons. These  cases are of concern to Helsinki Watch because 26 o f the patients  were first arrested under the same political articles that have  been used to send many well-known dissidents to prison in the  past.


On January 9, 1990, Izvestiya  followed up a story it had run  in the summer of 1989 about a clear example of “telephone  justice” used to put one Yury Sobolev of Slavkino V illage into a  mental hospital before a voters’ meeting.  It quoted the report  of A. Loginov, deputy chief of Nikolayevsky Rayon Internal  Affairs Department (the police):

I received a telephone call from V. Panasenko, first       secretary of Nikolayevsky Party District Committee , who  said that Sobolev was hatching some nasty plans for  the  election campaign meeting.  He said that Sobolev must be put  away.  I telephoned psychiatrist V. Kamalov and explained  the situation.  He said that he would issue an admission  order to a mental hospital.



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  1. Nollidge says:

    Psychiatry – Jewish invention.
    Communism – Jewish invention.
    Atomic bomb – Jewish invention.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    It is coming to a town near you but with a twist. It will be in the vaccines they are trying to mandate. There is no telling what is in them.

    Editor’s note: In non-technical language, videographer Professor Doom1 explains that PIG PHARMA is introducing some protein (Nagalase) into vaccines that is inhibiting the body’s natural immune function which is then leading to disease states such as autism to cancer. These fine heroes were actually helping people..

    I am sure you all are aware of some 10 holistic doctors dying recently in the US, many shot themselves in the head they say.

    Under the red terror the goyim in institutions had part of their skull removed and fluoride poured into it just to see the reaction.

    It is not exactly a fair shake when the eternal victims eat kosher but on the other hand own the food and pharma industry which transmits health destroying products to the non chosen.

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