T-Files: The Last Card




(Truthstream Media) Whatever the real truth is actually out there, rest assured the Powers That Shouldn’t Be will do whatever it takes to make sure we are never allowed to learn it.

Instead we’ll get drip-fed a bunch of government lies, illusions, distortions, and half-truths as preprogramming for a sinister agenda. The real truth certainly isn’t going to come in the form of the Clintons (“I want the public to see my emails!”) and Bill’s bad jokes about “investigating” Area 51, Roswell, and other government black sites. While the probability of life on other planets is surely compelling, we’re not going to find the truth through gatekeepers in establishment positions of power, be that in government, Hollywood, or via elitist billionaires who have documented ulterior motives.

A secret government has set up shop, is deeply rooted, and there’s no getting to the truth without going through them first. Until we deal with the reality of the breakaway civilization that’s been keeping mankind at large in the dark (sometimes literally) for centuries, we can hardly process the significance of contact from beyond.

Extraterrestrial life is being held and will be dealt as a card that requires ascension to world government and submission to a higher earthly authority. So compelling indeed is the opportunity to use aliens as a pretext for total control, that leader after leader have hinted at its unifying power over humanity. In the background, the possibly of a Project Blue Beam scenario has been prepared should the time come for the last card to be dealt to a humanity unwilling to march dutifully along under the banner of a one world government New World Order.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tty9BMoclqw


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  1. Lynn says:

    Just let them try it. Hahaha. Nothing will convince me of anything less than a humongous hoax. What a grand finale. Crescendos’ please.

  2. The way we can fight this huge deception sleight of hand theyre hoping to pull off, con us with, is by raising awareness, questioning, poking holes in, ridiculing even, their narrative. Thomas Townsend brown and his electrogravitics superfast free energy UFO discs in the 1950s is a useful starting point. It puts a real spanner in the works in the cabals Project Bluebeam Truman Show dome of lies theyre trying to construct, so we can be controlled and inalienable rights of freedom taken away. Even if there are benevolent aliens waiting in huge motherships in the solar system, which I doubt. But even if there are, theyd be urging us, not to believe in them. its not safe to believe in them. Because we have Satanic Talmudic Jesuit whatever else bad people with loads of exotic toys preparing to fool us with fake aliens and theatre up their sleeve

    ”Conventional physicists do not believe that overunity energy production is possible. They have long criticized the existence of so called free energy devices, ridiculing them as “perpetual motion machines.” Today, even the U.S. and European patent offices routinely reject patent applications that claim an invention that operates with over unity energy production, even if the examiner is presented with evidence of the working machine. It seems that the patent offices are more interested in genuflecting to physics community mainstream beliefs than they are in carrying out their mandate for public service which is to provide patent protection to novel inventions that could play a useful role in the social economy. This particular attitude of the physics community and patent office administrators stems from their religious adherence to the First Law of Thermodynamics. This law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form into another. In this blind adherence, physicists ignore the most obvious and immense example of First Law violation, namely the creation of the physical universe.”

  3. kingel says:

    They can STICK “their” ET’s/demonic arch-ons……..where the sun don’t shine !
    Fake rapture; holographic Jesus in the sky…US advanced aircraft, posing as UFOs…..pass me the smelling salts ! !

    • evelyn Rothschild, is a cunt, as are all rothschilds
      They think they’ve got us over a barrel but things aren’t working out for rothschilds. Despite what they hope and the MSM preach.
      its clear to me whats going on
      Very clear
      And just wait till the gloves come off, rothschilds etc can only operate this way when humanity has the gloves ON, and don’t know things, I have a feeling the tides changing despite massive infiltration in the alternative media by Israel, Vatican, Rothschild twats, all of them. take 95% of AM with a pinch of salt incl Cobra. I used to believe everythigb cobra said, now I don’t. Its all too easy. But somethings coming, some truths coming, somethings influencing the elites, somethings driving them to jump through hoops. Could it be the long prophecised, evidence based, Superwave ? etheric.com dr paul laviolette pass this info on

  4. kingel says:

    Vatic Project has just posted an article on the alien conspiracy.
    It is said to be CIA globalisation plot.
    They are exploiting our cravings for signs and, wonders and, will use bogus aliens attacking the planet as a rationale for globalization…. in order to save mankind !
    SAME ‘OL STORY…a pack of LIES resulting in the attempted theft of our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS and possessions !………………..


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