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  1. Lynn says:

    No money hey. No infrastructure spending or investing. Just more covert secret missions. Why.!! The biggest unused tool we have is why … Until people start asking “why” we are lost. Even babies ask “why ” to everything.

  2. And even though many voices are saying Hopegirls a lying cabal disnfo person, it may not be the case.
    It MIGHT be the case, that her QEG project, and open sourcing plans and webinars how to build the QEG, and these instructions apparently being copied in quite a few locations round the world

    It MIGHT be the case, its genuine. The QEG looks a bit heath robinsonish, but apparently churns out zero point over unity energy that powers a home or even 2 homes, using Tesla physics.
    One day if I can, once my lifes in more order, and its nottoo complex, ill try and build one from these open source plans intsructions


    These need to spread and spread, devices passed on by word of mouth, and with spiritual charitable energy in the minds of men, help others to build them. IF this QEG is real, then eventually it will be one hole too many in the dyke, and the dutch boy will run out of fingers to plug them all

    Which leads me onto this: perhaps the Free Energy Genie, in one form or another, cannot be contained forever, even by the most ruthless means.
    Perhaps the secret space programme cover up, cannot be perpetuated indefinitely. Look at the gary McKinnon leak. How many more Gary McKinnons in the future?

    Maybe the cabal know they cant keep a lid on it. SInce it appears theres a 101 ways to skin a cat, theres 101 ways to draw overunity energy, its not just one or a few types of exotic machines

    Which brings me back to this: The only way the Talmudists Satanists Freemasons Cabal whoever they are can tolerate the Free Energy genie out the bottle is:

    To frame and couch it all well within a much much bigger Truman Show Lie False Reality – that being solar system/aliens/secret space programme upcoming deceptions

    Theres deceptions coming all around us now. But I still sense a thin path, thread we can walk through and come out unscathed

    If Tapblog readers sense and decide the QEG is real then please pass the open source instructions on round your friends and neighbours

  3. Thanks – For more information see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/secret%20space – and see ‘older posts’ at the end of each section

  4. NPP says:

    While working listened to Richard D Hall… have not done so for a while.
    Enjoyed greatly.
    Cheers TAP.

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