US military suffers collapse of morale



Less than 1 per day and 22 a day.  Morale is breaking down across the board.  With the US Army being deployed against US citizenry as in operations such as Jade Helm, is it surprising?  Americans naively want to believe in the good of their nation and their armed forces.  Too late they’re realising they’re fighting for Satan.  FEMA concentration camps are ready and the Army will be used to round up any political opposition.  Democracy is dead.  The Satanists are getting ready.  The people are not awake to what’s happening.

Sharkhunters writes –

OUR ARMY IS BREAKING DOWN This is a comment from one of our Sharkhunters Members but we will not use his name or Membership Number to make sure there are no reprisals.  He is a Bird Colonel, was a combat commander and wounded twice in Vietnam.  Here is what he posted to us:
For those of us who stayed to repair a broken Army following the Vietnam War, this is very disconcerting and disheartening. However, we would not have been able to repair our Army without the support of Commander-in-Chief Ronald Reagan and Army Chief of Staff General Myer. They lifted our spirits, inspired our leadership and gave us the resources to build the most professional army in history. Leaders like these are needed now, more than ever.
It’s far far worse than that.

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Very Important issue this the armed forces are used abused & cast aside.

    However a very poor article filled with talking points that Alex Jones & DIsinfowars would be proud of.

    Try this instead

    Jade Helm the dampest of squibs has anything happened yet ?

    Texas why are there are so many troops there ?

    Texas Military Installations • Provide an economic impact of nearly $150 billion to the Texas economy • Account for 6 percent of the state’s economic activities • Employ more than 255,000 military and defense-related civilian personnel

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The third step in information warfare is information manipulation through degradation. The ultimate goal in information warfare and perception management is to degrade the opponent’s perception of reality by way of inaccurate information.

    See the section on Information Warfare –

  3. Dogman says:

    Not just the US military suffering low morale.
    One-in-four British soldiers, sailors and airmen want to leave the Armed Forces as soon as they can, according to a Ministry of Defence survey showing a crisis in morale.

    Disillusion at sweeping defence cuts, the prospect of few deployments, and brightening prospects in the civilian world as the economy grows have caused a steep rise in the numbers wanting to quit.

    The number wanting to leave the Army is so large after 20,000 regular jobs have been cut that some commanders fear the force many undershoot its new downsized target size of 82,000.

    The latest Armed Forces’ Continuous Attitude Survey found 25 per cent “state that they plan to leave as soon as they can, or have put in notice to leave.” The proportion is up 9 percentage points since 2011.

    The number dissatisfied with service life has risen from 27 per cent in 2014 to 32 per cent this year. The number proud of serving has fallen.

    A quarter “state that they plan to leave as soon as they can, or have put in notice to leave” (MoD)

    Naval and aerospace engineers are among highly sought-after trades being lured away by high salaries in the private sector, as the economy picks up.

    Defence sources said unhappiness at deep austerity cuts and redundancies had also hit hard. The Government has refused to protect defence spending from further cuts, or hit the 2 per cent Nato spending target.

    Vernon Coaker, the shadow Defence Secretary, said: “The situation has gone from bad to worse over the past five years and is unlikely to get any better with the Tories’ current plans.”

    “The morale of our Armed Forces is of the utmost importance and the Government needs to urgently address the issues that are making so many want to leave the Forces.”

    The Royal Navy reported the lowest morale. One senior source suggested the recent allegations by a whistleblower of safety and security breaches in the Trident nuclear deterrent fleet reflected low morale among submariners.

    Source is the Daily Telegraph

  4. Dogman says:

    Under the Obama Administration, the U.S. Armed Services have taken quite a beating because of the Administration’s insistence that the military become a testing ground for social experimentation instead of protecting Americans.
    From openly homosexuals serving, to sponsoring transvestite events, to punishing chaplains for giving traditional advice in counseling, the military has become steadily weakened by these liberal “societal engineers”, hell-bent to re-form the military into their own twisted image.
    Now, a new shocking action has grossly shamed the Army as reported by both Newsmax and Independent Journal Review:
    Army ROTC cadets at Arizona State University say they were told they had to wear red high heels for an event to draw attention to sexual assault against women.

    As part of the the event, “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” which was hosted by ASU’s Army ROTC program on Monday, the cadets wore heels and ran for 1.26 miles for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, according to The State Press, ASU’s student newspaper.

    These cadets were not given an option in this matter as Newsmax reveals:
    “Tomorrow morning our entire rotc battalion [sic] is doing this ‘walk a mile in her shoes’ event where we all walk a mile in ACUs [Army Combat Uniform] with bright red high heels in place of our boots to promote awareness for sexual abuse on campus,” he wrote:
    ”Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ on our CDT OER for getting the branch we want,” the ASU ROTC cadet explained.”So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later only to throw them in the trash after 300 of us embarrass the army tomorrow.”

    No wonder morale is low!

    Source is http://w … orced.html

  5. Nike says:

    “proud of serving” ?

    Proud of WHAT exactly?

    • Nike says:

      and how many civilian daths?
      Uncounted for.

      Soldiers ought to realize that they are turned into killer robots. To invade and ruin countries, all for the profits of international bankers and corporations.

      They should quit.

  6. Dogman says:

    Obama’s “brain initiative” is an incredibly scary project. Basically giving trauma survivors a high tech lobotomy with lasers, it effectively “erases” the memories- and such techniques are being used on soldiers now who are coming back from war zones with PTSD. Claiming that they can control mental health- they have been diligently trying to control the person who experiences trauma instead of eradicating the cause, this is a way to silence survivors and is basically an attack on the mental health of American citizens.

    One of the biggest issues I see with this is that memories are not only stored in the brain but also in the body. Touch, smell, and sound often trigger the traumatized person and without the ability to understand what the initial trauma was- disallows the person from understanding what is happening. This technique renders the survivors to be completely unable to process these triggers- and leaves the person vulnerable to overwhelming emotions without the ability to understand them. Nothing more than another level of mind control- the American government has found a new way to silence survivors.

    Claims that this project has never been tested on humans but only mice have come out- but Obama has countered these arguments by suggesting that the MKUltra project has proved effective on human beings- and since parents willingly subjected their children to this experiment- that it was completely legal. This argument PROVES the existence of MKUltra- and that it was conducted on unwilling children. Obama’s “Brain Initiative” is just another level of mind control being acted out by our government- and even though these experiments were historically done in secret- Obama claims that what they did and are doing was/is completely legal. Of course the ethics of the whole program could be argued- but it is obvious that this is of no concern for our leaders.

    This whole thing has become a war on the Mental Health field. If implemented on a larger scale- those who suffer from trauma will be unable to talk about their experiences and thus the abusers will have all the power. Those who suffer child abuse will simply be given a lobotomy with lasers- and instead of investigating and stopping the trauma- the victims will simply be silenced. Eventually- no one will talk about abuse, scared that their revelations will cause them to be scientifically altered in a way that renders them silent and complicit. Whistle blowers will cease to come forward- allowing our government and perpetrators of abuse to go free and have absolutely no consequences.

    Source is
    ht tp://

  7. Lynn says:

    They are the pawns. Killing machines and brainwashed. Finally putting 2&2 together. They knew this was coming so hence the mercenaries being released from prisons. The whole thing is transparently obvious now. Tick tock.

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