Sabine arrested at kids hearing

The email giving this report evaporated as I was reading it, and instantly disappeared from my inbox.  Sabine’s been arrested and taken to I think it said Colindale Police Station.  Not allowed to visit the toilet, suffering from back pain.  The mother’s representative in court did a great job exposing the weakness in the opposition’s case.

details to follow later.

No time currently.


Anyone with photos of the arrest or video, please check the numbers of the police epaulettes.  This could help confirm the police station involved.


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  1. NPP says:

    Why is Sabine arrested?

    Chris Spivey, Mel Shaw, Robert Green, Ben Fellows…. it does not matter if they are ‘misguided’ or perpetuating ‘false accusation’. We beat the 3rd Reich to preserve freedom of expression; to tolerate the disagreeable ideas of others, at least I grew up believing that. Apparently, freedom of expression is conditional upon the state’s standards of acceptability.

    That fact that these people are apprehended suggests some one has something to hide. It is unacceptable.

    I suggest one and all write to your MP’s, ask what the charges are and demand Sabine’s and Chris’ release.

    We know the well connected are treated in a different way to the ‘unconnected’. Keep the pressure up and it will change.

    • Nike says:

      You needn’t invoke Hitler’s 3rd Reich for everything bad on this world.

      There’s the Jewish Queen Elizabeth II who still signs life verdicts (death by hanging?), doesn’t she? Their “world governance” (euphemism) is meant to be feudalistic, communist and totalitarian.

      • NPP says:

        I’m a member of Sharkhunters; I hardly ‘invoke Hitler’s 3rd Reich for everything bad on this world’.
        As a naive child I did assume winning WWII implied certain standards…

        What is Jewish?

  2. Aldous says:

    Quite amazing how three police forces (including Jersey) are now supposed to be investigating child abuser and almost certain serial killer Heath yet they still discredit, hound, intimidate and incarcerate (possibly even kill) those who attempt to expose those still living in high places. The mendacious ‘charity’ Common Purpose at work I suppose. There won’t be any peaceful solution or outcome to this Talmudic driven nightmare.

  3. Joe Public says:

    With Ben Fellows being found not guilty giving a glimmer of hope to the truth, I bet that door has been nailed shut so no glimmer is ever shown again, but the cracks in the great walls holding up that door are well and truly uncovered and widening faster than it takes to shut that door!

  4. Aldous says:

    I see one of the UK newspapers(sic) is reporting that the police are now going to start looking for evidence, implying that these allegations are brand spanking new but more importantly in my opinion and in view of the headline wording, immediately casting doubt as to their authenticity.

    Keep in mind the recent hatchet job and character assassination of the under-age girl involved in the Prince Andrew sex abuse allegations. I can’t see the House (Synagogue) of Rots and Windsor wanting the Office of Prime Minister tarnished by the inconvenient truth – especially with truth being the new hate crime.

  5. Aldous says:

    @5:15 pm refers to the Heath monster.

    • ferryt says:

      Audio at the beginning sounds as though it’s all out of sync or even from another video.

      What do you make of this video?

      I’m stuck interpreting this not least as I can’t make out what they are saying.

  6. Nike says:

    For the 3rd time (TAP – why do you dislike that clarifying comment?)

    “What’s Jewish“? (NPP)
    Good question. Who knows…

    Does HRM the Queen serve the people? Does she obey her vows? Does she uphold the law of the land? Or rather Talmudic law?

    The truth about the Talmud, Jewish values

    Is it any wonder then there’s such a high-level cover-up of child abuse?

    The Untold Story of Israel and The Jewish Queen of England, pt 6

    “…. I did assume winning WWII implied certain standards…“ (NPP)
    What is it you wanted to say?

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