Russian navy on the offensive in Atlantic

BEAR ON THE MOVE – This just in from S.E.I.G. Agent MARCO POLO:
Dear Harry,
According to the report from Russia, the Russian military delegation, let by the Russian Navy’s C-in-C Admiral Viktor Chirkov visited the Republic of Equatorial Guinea from July 19 to 22. A military and naval cooperation agreement was signed by both countries, which facilitates, among others, visits by Russian naval vessels to the African country’s ports.
     Following this, the Russian naval squadron, consisting of the missile cruiser Moskva, flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the destroyer Pytlivy, the fleet tanker Ivan Bubnov and the ocean rescue tug Shakhtyor, visited the port of Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. They visited the port of Luanda in Angola as well.
     After conducting naval drills in the Atlantic, on August 5, the Russian squadron passed through the Gibraltar Strait, and entered the Mediterranean. The vessels will join the permanent Russian task force in the Mediterranean.
Best regards,     Marco Polo
OUR ARMY IS BREAKING DOWN was the comment from one of our Sharkhunters Members in yesterday’s HOT MAIL but…………..
OUR NAVY IS NOT MUCH BETTER – S.E.I.G. Agent MARCO POLO got this from the other side of the world:
Dear Harry,
According to news just received from Russia, three of the newest American Virginia-class submarines, namely Minnesota, North Dakota and John Warner (just commissioned last week) have been inactivated indefinitely due to sloppy works on their steam pipes.
             Marco Polo
From Sharkhunters

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