3 Responses to “Russian entry to WW2 against Japan prompted their surrender, not the nuclear bombs”

  1. ian says:

    What a strange world we live in. The civilian/military/ leadership thing reminds me of the way people become pedestrians once you’re in a car. We’re all the same FFS. Anyone, anyone, who bombs anyone, should be taken outside and set on fire. Another thing should be, just as TBTB are reading all our posts,text messages, and emails, so we should get theirs. Let’s have a level playing field here, and stop bombing people FFS, not just the women and kids, men too, nobody likes getting bombed.
    OK a bit tongue in cheek, but the general feel is correct.

    • NIke says:

      “Survival of the fittest”? (Charles Darwin)

      No, it’s not about “the fittest”, it’s about the vilest, most unwise and evil who teach “ANYthing goes” (bombing civilians, burning them alive in holocausts) to serve their goals.

      Demons fear the truth more than hell. That’s where they come from.
      Truthfulness is unbearable to them.

      So, let’s TELL THE TRUTH.
      (blocked under “Britain’s first 2000 head super jail at Wrexham set to make big money for corporations as “false answer“ and “spam“)

      Not the letter, the spirit, the truth will set you free… (Jesus)

      The holoxxx, antisemitism, guilt tricks. BIG LIES. FRAUDULENT schemes.

      Palestinians are semites.
      So called Jewish settlers (“Israelites” of today) are not. That’s obvious.
      Their anti-semitic and inhumane behaviour regarding Palestinians is horrific.
      AshkeNazi crypto-Jews (originally from Khasaria) are of Turkish descent.
      The Babylonian Talmud and Cabbalah teaches unsocial behaviour; they teach criminality at its worst. What kind of a “religion” is that?
      The Worst scum on earth (mafia elite, internationally organized crime) want to RULE THE WORLD, turn the world into a PRISON PLANET.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    That one makes sense. In all probability the US did not want Russia to partition Japan.

    I have always wondered why Japan was bombed as they are a willing participant to the global elite.

    Japan is about 40% khazar and this is a secret that has been hidden from the world. Alexander tried to surround the khazars of the black sea and they were herded toward Poland, Palestine and Japan. They were turned away from China by Genhis Khan (emperor of emporers as the Mongols say. They took the silk road and flowed into Japan. Then the ninja wars started. The mainline buddhists lost. Shinto buddhism has an ark of the covenant and a temple of soloman, sacrifice pole and the works.

    The emperor displays the six pointed star on the wall.

    German nazis poured into Harbin to overthrow the last emperor and most were jewish. They paraded in the streets with the Betar legion in support of the Japanese.



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