Robots to kill off jobs in service industries. Time to go off grid.

Soon McDonald’s and Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) will have no need for anyone to run a burger kiosk other than a 20-something with mad technology skills; everything from order entry to burger preparation and delivery will be automated (and faster and without the asinine errors that plague this low-education industry today).

Hotels will no longer need check-in clerks at the front desk. Starbucks won’t need baristas. Nursing homes won’t need nurses, or at least not so many nurses. Self-driving cars will do away with taxi (and Uber) drivers completely.

And if you think a few aggrieved taxi drivers blocking some roadways in Paris are a problem for lawmakers, just wait until vast swaths of the service industry are losing jobs in massive numbers to technology that increases productivity and profits.

Outrage is going to flow across the American economy … and lawmakers are going to react by banning technology applications in various instances. The bans won’t last, of course. Technology will win out, because technology companies have the cash to ultimately buy/sway lawmakers.

Nevertheless, it promises to be an ugly transition to a more robotic future…

Protection Against the Coming Financial Upheaval

That robotic future, as efficient as it promises to be for us, and as profitable as it promises to be for investors, is going to cause historic amounts of job displacement.

Historically, technology has helped create jobs that managed the technical advances. But this go-round, that’s not the case. Technology is managing technology, and getting to the point where it’s sentient enough to manage itself and its surroundings with little human intervention.

Displaced workers — particularly young, under-educated workers from the services sector — are going to be agitators in our not-too-distant future. See the Arab Spring for the latest proof. Agitation doesn’t go over well with politicians. It threatens their power. So, they’d just as soon quell the agitators with give-away programs that buy their silence.

But where does an egregiously indebted nation come up with vast sums of cash to keep masses of idled workers appeased?

TAP – If groups of people take over fields with agreement from landowners and grow food organically without needing cash, millions of people can be reemployed by themselves, with the corporations the ones that become unemployed.  People must off the grid in their millions.


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  2. Tap says:

    Sorry about the spam classifications. Mike sets the sensitivity to block out hundreds of spam comments every day. Sometimes it catches genuine comments. He might take a look at why.

    • Tap, is the cilla black article….does it mean, could it be, something untoward has gone on, with her background? I did wonder when I read her death today. The friends she made is telling. Then the V and A thing after. Is there some intel about another life she led? She stuck up vigorously for sir Cliff I know, a friend of cliffords too.

      And where you say hidden artifacts there from Egypt and Sumer the public will never see. Used in Satanic rituals. Does this mean that ancient Egypt itself was a Satanic elite lead civilisation? Are the ancient Egypt gods, representations of evil and satan? it would make life a lot easier in trying to interpret this world, if I can just assume ancient Babylon and sumer and Egypt, and all the god worship, the hidden mystic stuff, is Satanism
      Or can the hidden V and A artifacts also be used for the power of Good?
      Does that mean good ‘Gods’ exist and good rituals can be held too?

      Again it would make my life a lot simpler to not even want to go there, and just assume praying to God/Source and Holy Spirit (without any organised religion or church), is the only safe way

      And any ancient Egypt stuff is Satanism

    • ive just read somewhere there are Gnostic Gospels in Christianity, the Bible, I didn’t realise the bible had Gnostic truths in it.
      Could this mean I wonder that some of the evangelicals who only read and preach the Gospels, this is a purer more truthful form of christinaity, more in tune with Gnostic Truths? If so perhaps id better read the gospels

      Separate question to cilla black below sorry for so many

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