Rathlin Energy pulls out of the Crawberry Hill fracking operation due to environmental protectors resisting them

Where the public stands strong and the Communities come together to resist the frackers, they back down.  The government wants this opposition overridden.  David Cameron says the government is going all out for shale.   Local communities will be stripped of the ability to stand in the way of fracking, claims the government.  Powers to fast-track fracking come into effect today.  Democracy died today.

The vast majority of people will do nothing to stop cameron and Amber Rudd.  A tiny percentage of people determined to resist are ready to carry on the fight.  Their numbers are surging.  The new licences of areas available to fracking companies will be announced tonight.

One third of Britain’s land mass will be licensed within weeks, a quarter of the country will be within a few hours from now.

Local Authorities are being bypassed.  It’s coming.  All we can do is stand in front of the trucks.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Local Authorities are being bypassed.

    This is what a Communitarian dictatorship looks like.

    According to the zionist puppet leader in chief.

    The Big Society, the idea that formed the centre piece of David Cameron’s election manifesto, was fleshed out last week at a launch event in Liverpool.

    “We believe that people have a right to stay in their community and if people want to build that community to make it a bit bigger and expand it a bit, within reason, they should have the powers to do that.”

    For planning, the Big Society has come to be defined by “Localism”, a new word with – at present – no firm meaning except that planning decisions will originate from local rather than national policy.

    So much for that then Big Swindle not Society. I wonder who really got all that dosh from “dormant bank accounts”

    Control Shift set out the Big Society and Localism as core principles of any future Conservative government. In it, Cameron described localism as holding “the key to economic, social and political success in the future”.

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