Purge of Corbyn Voters Unmasks Labour


by Jonathan Cook


The British political and media elite have been agreed on one thing this summer: the need to character-assassinate Jeremy Corbyn, the only half-decent politician (make that, human being) running for the Labour leadership.

If Corbyn wins, it would be the first time in living memory that the UK has had a Labour leader who is actually of the left. It is a prospect terrifying our supposedly liberal media, including the BBC and most of the Guardian’s senior staff, from Polly Toynbee to Jonathan Freedland.

Because all indications are that Corbyn will win in a fair fight, the caretaker Labour leadership is trying to stitch up the election to ensure he loses. Corbyn’s entry into the race has led to a tripling of Labour’s membership, as those who had grown disillusioned with Labour politics or joined the Greens consider returning to the Labour fold. You would think the Labour party would be cock-a-hoop. Think again.

The problem is that, if Labour admits Corbyn is actually harnessing massive support from the real left, it would also have to concede that long ago it departed from its roots, becoming just another wing of the neoliberal elite. And more significantly, it would also have to be prepared to contemplate changing course, opening itself up to the possibility that someone with social democratic convictions might again lead the party.

Neither is about to happen, so Labour is finding the flimsiest of excuses to purge itself of any voters it can identify as likely to back Corbyn in the leadership vote. Farcically, among those is Mark Serwotka, the leader of one of the UK’s biggest trade unions, after he said he would consider affiliating his PCS civil servants union with Labour if Corbyn wins.

Below is a great article from Kerry-anne Mendoza, another of those purged. She’s not a Tory mischief-maker or a Militant entryist. She’s an old-fashioned Labour supporter. Her mistake was to tweet her local Labour MP before the last election to say she would be voting Green after becoming fed up with the neoliberal takeover of Labour. That was the pretext to bar her from the coming leadership vote.

As she points out, she’s exactly the kind of voter the Labour party needs if it ever wants to form a government again. Instead she’s been cast out.

Notice also how the self-righteous New Labour elites characterise her – a long-standing Labour supporter who became disillusioned with the party – as an “infiltrator”. They were so sure of themselves they even included her in a list of people they had barred from the vote that they then issued to the media. The list ended up being published uncritically by the Guardian.

If, despite all this, Corbyn does win, there can be no doubt it will be far from the end of the story. The Labour party establishment will make the job of leading the party impossible, and Corbyn will face an even more intense campaign to discredit him from all parts of the media.

If there is any consolation to be drawn from these events, it is this: the pervasive myth that Britain still enjoys pluralism in its politics and media may finally be unmasked.


Source: http://dissidentvoice.org/2015/08/purge-of-corbyn-voters-onmasks-labour/


18 Responses to “Purge of Corbyn Voters Unmasks Labour”

  1. Michael says:

    Sorry, but.

    Do any of us really believe that a political party has the answers!

    Turn your backs towards them. The institutions that our Mothers and Fathers Bled to create are usurped.

  2. ferryt says:

    Totally agree michael.

    As a wise old man once commented, ‘it doesn’t matter who you vote for, you still get the government’.

  3. troy says:

    didnt the same thing happen with tzipras?? if it aint broke dont fix it. just sayin.

  4. Lynn says:

    Its great watching them all panicking though. The Uk knows that we have been conned, people have never hated these parasites more. Everyone is looking for change and a clear out. They know they have no interest in rebuilding or putting the people first. It is a farce, more people getting involved is a good omen. We have had enough of the lot of them.

  5. Michael says:

    Keeping the thread alive., The hammer is about to fall. I know, which side of the argument I am on and ready to stand for. Do You? What are you prepared for and what are you prepared to do?

  6. Driver47 says:

    Can anyone tell me about Jeremy Corbyns past relationship with the IRA?
    I’ve not lived in the UK for a long long time but memories of the IRA bombings are still fresh and I don’t think these were false flags.

    • freebornman says:

      There were more MI5/MI6 in the IRA than Irishmen. Part of “the strategy of tension”. Tony Blair wound the operation up, in order to concentrate the public mind on the “war on terror”. Much more profitable. Check the dates out re NI peace accord, 9/11. Still trying to work out where he fits in myself, the PTB seem to have their panties in a terrible wad about him, perhaps they don’t have the requisite video of him buggering a care-home child yet.

    • ferryt says:

      Good article about Gerry Adams, his background with family ties to.. ..you guessed it child abuse. And of course the ‘security’ services have their mitts all over it as usual:


      It is apparent that child abuse is the blackmail tool used by the ‘security’ services to get tools like Adams to play their part in the story.

      Lots of small details are applied too. For instance do you recall at the time Gerry Adams voice was not permitted to be broadcast? To the uninitiated this plants the idea that Adams was a nasty bogeyman and the honourable (don’t laugh) broadcasters such as the bbc were well how would you say, protecting the public from him. How nice of them. Of course no internet back then so easy to fall for it.

      They are cunning bastards that’s for sure.

      And as usual nothing is as it seems.

  7. Driver47 says:

    Thanks Freebornman, gives me a lot to think about, I have good friends who served there and if, as you say, it was mainly false flag then the government should be marched out and shot.

  8. Driver47 says:

    One last thing I have to say is, when people ask me why I live in a communist oppressed country I always reply back that I live in one of the most free countries in the world. I can smoke where I want, go where I want, do business with who I want and nothing is stopping me. This to me is what the USA is afraid of. If WW3 does indeed start my allegiance to China will be tested but I love this country and the people who generally just want to live in peace.

    • freebornman says:

      Mikhail Gorbachov remarked some time ago, “why did we bother dismantling the Soviet Union, when you are re-building it in europe?” or words to that effect. Best of luck, if WW3 does break out, you’re probably with the winning side. China and Russia are not Iraq. Not by a long long chalk.

    • ian says:

      Hi D’ 47, I was thinking of learning some Chinese, is Cantonese spoken most or are there loads of regional languages spoken. We get loads of, mostly middle class Chinese tourists round our way nowadays.

      • Driver47 says:

        Hi it’s mainly mandarin language here on the mainland. Cantonese is a lot more difficult to learn because of the amount of tones. Mandarin has 4 tones and, although not easy it’s more spoken and your Chinese tourists will understand. Learn basic words first, hello, ni hao, how are you. Ni hao ma. Thank you xie xie ( like the singer Cher but say twice) goodbye, Zaijian. Good luck.

  9. Driver47 says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am the same as you guys, proud to be British but not proud of the way the establishment are treating it’s true citizens. My older brother has joined the Britain first party, do you know anything about them, sorry to keep asking you questions but you seem very knowledgeable on lots of subjects and obviously I don’t hear too much about things of course.

    • ferryt says:

      Sorry to be negative driver but the whole idea of a political party is well how do I put it?

      You must put the party first. It is simply another control system.

      Think of all the child sexual abuse in the UK committed by prime ministers, home secretaries, you name it. All covered up to protect the ‘party’.

      Any party that shows signs of going against the status quo will be infiltrated and directed. Make no mistake it will be destroyed if necessary.

      I wouldn’t join any party. You are merely a pawn to be played in such circumstances.

  10. Driver47 says:

    Hi Ferryt I’m certainly not a member of any party, I advised my bro not to join either because of control.
    So this is how it goes with my family.
    Parents UK Labour supporters
    Older brother UK Conservative supporter
    Younger Brother, lives in the USA (over 20 years) democrat
    Me China, crazy conspiracy theorist,

  11. Dave sparticus says:

    Corbyn…Should he ever make PM will be the same as Obama.
    Will he withdraw the legislation which prevents Israeli war criminals being arrested.
    NO he won’t.
    Corbyn is in fact Jewish as is his wife…so,like Mr Change (for the worse) he will be no different…just with a change in hollow rhetoric.
    Amazed to see one commentator “getting it” with regard to the IRA and how it was all settled up ONLY to be replaced by all new terrorism after 9/11.
    NOTE.The current head of the British Secret Police AKA MI5..Parker is a Jew as are Evans and Rimmington…the previous encumbants.The German equivalent of Parker,just as a matter of interest is another zip gangster

  12. Lynn says:

    The whole party politics is rigged. They have it all stitched up. Controlled opposition as per say. This is not a solution it is only sold as that. We have to see through this total scam if we want a change. They have a total grip on our government and always have. We have to break up this cartel and bring people who have the backing of us into the game. We have to take power and make it ours. Common law is a good way forward.

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