Public support for fracking collapses in UK

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For years anti-fracking doom-mongers have been warning that the waters of Lancashire will become polluted.

It now seems the anti-fracking crowd’s predictions have come to pass – in a different way. The tap water for more than 300,000 households has been contaminated with cryptosporidium and locals are being advised to boil their drinking water until further notice. The presence of the microbial parasite which causes diarrhoea indicates that the water supply has come into contact with animal or human faeces.

TAP – usually a fungus that occurs in sheep, it would be difficult for such a contamination to take place by accident.  For people suffering from this, drink colloidal silver.  It knocks out cryptosporidium very well in my experience.  I picked it up in a swimming pool some years ago, and got rid of it in 24 hours.  My son took a bit longer but he was also greatly helped by colloidal silver.  If someone wanted to discredit lancashire Council, what better way than to contaminate the water supply?

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Government survey shows that public support for fracking has fallen to an all time low

The latest DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) Survey shows that public support for shale gas has fallen to its lowest ever level, with just one in five people saying that they support shale gas. At the same time support for renewables has risen. These latest Findings are from the 14th quarterly wave of the DECC Public Attitudes Tracking survey.

DECC admits that as people become more aware of what fracking involves then support for it has fallen. DECC says: “There is more opposition than support amongst those who know a lot about it (54% vs. 32%), know a little about it (35% vs. 27%), and those who are aware of it but don’t really know what it is (23% vs. 13%)”.

The Government is clearly out of touch with what people want.

Daisy Sands, Greenpeace UK Head of Energy, said: “The government’s own survey shows ministers’ priorities on energy are at the polar opposite of what the British public wants. Popular technologies like wind and solar are having their support axed, whilst the more-unpopular-than-ever fracking industry keeps getting preferential treatment.”

Friends of the Earth Senior Energy Campaigner Donna Hume said: “It’s little surprise that the more people find out about the risks of fracking, the more they oppose it. Instead of blindly championing dirty fracking, the Government should throw its weight behind the UK’s huge clean energy potential, which is far more popular with the public – and give David Cameron a much-needed credibility boost ahead of this year’s climate talks in Paris.”

A summary of the key findings is available here.





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