Psychic dictatorship USA (PDUSA#5) Police State and the nature of fear

Published on 3 Aug 2015

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor returns to discuss the nature of fear. The ever expanding police state and drones over the USA. Jay Taylor with PDUSA continues to question the narrative and encourages you to educate and inform yourself. RIP to all the victims of Police


“Faces of life” project

Published on 3 Aug 2015

In the wake of apparent suicides by holistic health doctors, conspiracy theorist, truth seekers, whistle blowers and Sandra Bland. I am making the Faces of life Project. These are open letter videos to your family, friends and public in the event of your questionable death at home or in the hands of police custody. I would welcome anyone willing to make a video of this nature and post it and send to me to be added into the Faces


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