Proof of What JADE HELM 15 really is and why they are doing it. This is VERY important you read. Your life may depend on it.

Jade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Millions of Americans to CAMP FEMA


Taken from elsewhere on the net (originally posted by SlowLoris).

JADE HELM is not new, JADE HELM is at the end of its exercise. We are just now learning about it just before the trap snaps shut.

JADE is an app
Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution

from the document
JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) is a knowledge-based mixed-initiative system that supports force
deployment planning and management. JADE uses case-based and generative planning methods to support the development of large-scale, complex deployment plans in minimal time. JADE incorporates the technology of three tools:
Prodigy-Analogy (a combined case-based and generative planner developed by Carnegie Mellon University); ForMAT
(Force Management and Analysis Tool) that supports case-based force deployment planning developed by BBN
Technologies); and PARKA (a highly-indexed knowledge based management system developed by the University of
With JADE, a military planner can build a preliminary force deployment plan, including the Time Phased Force
Deployment Data (TPFDD) in less than one hour. This speed in plan construction is possible because JADE supports the
rapid retrieval and reuse of previous plan elements for use in the development of new plans. In addition, JADE employs an
easy to use map-oriented drag and drop interface where force modules (FMs) from previous plans (cases) whose force
capabilities and composition match the requirements of the current situation can be dragged from the case library and
dropped onto a geographic destination. Plan modification and/or adaption is supported through remindings, e.g., each time that a force module is created or is copied into a plan (TPFDD) the user is automatically reminded of the need for
geographical changes. :Unquote:


“Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”

JADE HELM has been ongoing for awhile. First came the infiltration into key communities and local militias and organizations to assess the risk. Second came the report and later deployment of the needed military equipment to the local sheriffs and police departments. We have seen the procurement of arms, ammunition, food and water in crazy amounts and then those supplies were delivered to key locations.

The trap is set, all is left is to herd us rats into the trap.

Connecting the dots…

So, now that we know what JADE HELM is I will fill you in on the why.


The revolutionary development of modern weapons within a world divided by serious ideological differences has produced a crisis in human history. In order to overcome the danger of nuclear war now confronting mankind, the United States has introduced at the Sixteenth General Assembly of the United Nations a Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.
This new program provides for the progressive reduction of the war-making capabilities of nations and the simultaneous strengthening of international institutions to settle disputes and maintain the peace. It sets forth a series of comprehensive measures which can and should he taken in order to bring about a world in which there will be freedom from war and security for all states. It is based on three principles deemed essential to the achievement of practical progress in the disarmament field:

First, there must be immediate disarmament action:

A strenuous and uninterrupted effort must be made toward the goal of general and complete disarmament; at the same time, it is important that specific measures be put into effect as soon as possible.


Second, all disarmament obligations must be subject
to effective international controls:

The control organization must have the manpower, facilities, and effectiveness to assure that limitations or reductions take place as agreed. It must also be able to certify to all states that retained forces and armaments do not exceed those permitted at any stage of the disarmament process.

Third, adequate peace-keeping machinery must be established:

There is an inseparable relationship between the scaling down of national armaments on the one hand and the building up of international peace-keeping machinery and institutions on the other. Nations are unlikely to shed their means of self-protection in the absence of alternative ways to safeguard their legitimate interests. This can only be achieved through the progressive strengthening of international institutions under the United Nations and by creating a United Nations Peace Force to enforce the peace as the disarmament process proceeds.

There follows a summary of the principal provisions of the United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.The full text of the program is contained in an appendix to this pamphlet.






The over-all goal of the United States is a free, secure, and peaceful world of independent states adhering to common standards of justice and international conduct and subjecting the use of force to the rule of law; a world which has achieved general and complete disarmament under effective international control; and a world in which adjustment to change takes place in accordance with the principles of the United Nations.
In order to make possible the achievement of that goal, the program sets forth the following specific objectives toward which nations should direct their efforts:
The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force;

The elimination from national arsenals of all armaments, including all weapons of mass destruction and


the means for their delivery, other than those required for a United Nations Peace Force and for maintaining internal order;

The institution of effective means for the enforcement of international agreements, for the settlement of disputes, and for the maintenance of peace in accordance with the principles of the United Nations;

The establishment and effective operation of an International Disarmament Organization within the framework of the United Nations to insure compliance at all times with all disarmament obligations.


The negotiating states are called upon to develop the program into a detailed plan for general and complete disarmament and to continue their efforts without interruption until the whole program has been achieved. To this end, they are to seek the widest possible area of agreement at the earliest possible date. At the same time, and without prejudice to progress on the disarmament program, they are to seek agreement on those immediate measures that would contribute to the common security of nations and that could facilitate and form part of the total program.


The program sets forth a series of general principles to guide the negotiating states in their work. These make clear that:


As states relinquish their arms, the United Nations must be progressively strengthened in order to improve its capacity to assure international security and the peaceful settlement of disputes;

Disarmament must proceed as rapidly as possible, until it is completed, in stages containing balanced, phased, and safeguarded measures;

Each measure and stage should be carried out in an agreed period of time, with transition from one stage to the next to take place as soon as all measures in the preceding stage have been carried out and verified and as soon as necessary arrangements for verification of the next stage have been made;

Inspection and verification must establish both that nations carry out scheduled limitations or reductions and that they do not retain armed forces and armaments in excess of those permitted at any stage of the disarmament process; and

Disarmament must take place in a manner that will not affect adversely the security of any state.


The program provides for progressive disarmament steps to take place in three stages and for the simultaneous strengthening of international institutions.


The first stage contains measures which would significantly reduce the capabilities of nations to wage


aggressive war. Implementation of this stage would mean that:
The nuclear threat would be reduced:

All states would have adhered to a treaty effectively prohibiting tile testing of nuclear weapons.
The production of fissionable materials for use in weapons would be stopped and quantities of such materials from past production would be converted to non-weapons uses.
States owning nuclear weapons would not relinquish control of such weapons to any nation not owning them and would not transmit to any such nation information or material necessary for their manufacture.
States not owning nuclear weapons would no~ manufacture them or attempt to obtain control of such weapons belonging to other states.
A Commission of Experts would be established to report on the feasibility and means for the verified reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons stockpiles.
Strategic delivery vehicles would he reduced:

Strategic nuclear weapons delivery vehicles of specified categories and weapons designed to counter such vehicles would be reduced to agreed levels by equitable and balanced steps; their production would be discontinued or limited; their testing would be limited or halted.


Arms and armed forces would be reduced:
The armed forces of the United States and the Soviet Union would be limited to 2.1 million men each (with appropriate levels not exceeding that amount for other militarily significant states); levels of armaments would be correspondingly reduced and their production would be limited.
An Experts Commission would be established to examine and report on the feasibility and means of accomplishing verifiable reduction and eventual elimination of all chemical, biological and radiological weapons.

Please click the link to learn more…


MANY Wal Mart Closings In Jade Helm States A Sign They Will Be Used In An Event

Published on Apr 14, 2015

With news of numerous Wal-Mart supercenters now being ‘temporarily closed’ (6+ months each which brings us to October 2015 or later) in at least 4 different states now tied to the Jade Helm 15 ‘exercises’ due to what we’re being told are ‘plumbing problems’, will these massive stores soon be used as ‘food distribution centers’ and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one as promised by Michelle Obama to the Chinese prior to Obama leaving the White House? Astute story commenters were quick to point out that any plumbing problem can be fixed in much less time than 6 months, even in such large supercenters, and to have several of these 6-month closings all at once in states tied to Jade Helm 15 and martial law exercises (Florida, Texas, California and Oklahoma) reeks of something much deeper than ‘plumbing issues’. The fact that China has DEMANDED Americans be disarmed and the scheduled ‘reopening dates’ (if they EVER reopen at all!) of these stores will be after Jade Helm 15 is completed are raising many questions about what is really going on among those who are paying attention to events in Barack Obama’s ‘new America’ as seen in more detail below. One reader tells us that one of these Wal-Mart stores had just recently been remodeled and didn’t have any plumbing problems while the note below is from a source who recently called her local Wal-Mart and discovered they may NEVER reopen!




28 Responses to “Proof of What JADE HELM 15 really is and why they are doing it. This is VERY important you read. Your life may depend on it.”

  1. ian says:

    And the worst war monger ever, the good ole US of A, is going to be in charge of ensuring peaceful disarming of all other nations, sounds like a good idea if you were a psychopathic delusional narcissist, who wanted to rule the world. Possibly true then.

    • yes no interlude says:

      Ian I love your summing up of ‘the yanks’, they are all gun toting psychopath’s and that’s just the ‘law enforcers’ lmao……
      (No intention to insult the good U S A citizens that post here intended)

      • RabbiT says:

        In all fairness it aint the yanks, the good ole USA has been heisted.

        “We know this world view. The peddling of lies. That 9/11 was somehow a Jewish plot.”

        A remarkably accurate statement from camp David.

        Disarm the people, enslave the world, then with all that biometric data, the DHS (Lubavitch) can thin the hoid.

        “Then two will be in the field; one will be taken captive, and one will be left.” Mat 24.40

        The deceivers call it the rapture. I’d call it the roundup – time to remove the weeds.

    • ian says:

      Of course, when I refer to the US of A, I’m referring to the country, I appreciate that the people are just like us, as are the people worldwide. It’s the country and the people who run it that control things.

      • RabbiT says:

        Could not agree with you more Ian.

        Apologies for any misunderstanding, I know exactly what you meant and was expanding your observation to the next level.

        I agree with “Yes No” – loved the summing up – it mirroring my exact thoughts when finding that document some time ago now.

        If I were Tap I’d have a homepage link to the “Freedom From War” policy doc. as an important piece in the hidden jigsaw – we have to search out those pieces which fit and discard those which do not.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Things in the real world have a nasty habit of not going to plan.

    The best laid plans of mice & men

    But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,For promis’d joy!

    If this war occurs it won’t be a civil war, it will actually be a replay of the Revolutionary War against the same folks as before, the Babylonian Tamudists (the RKM Sabbatean, Frankist Kabbalist Banksters) of the City of London Financial District. The result has been an abuse of the existing laws many of which are not only unConstitutional but morally wrong and passed because of bribery in the first place. The major public blow-back against all this is the American people arming themselves with automatic high powered weapons for self-defense even from out of control police of govt goons.

    Well informed insiders believe that 80% of USAF personnel WOULD BE willing to fire on Americans if ordered to; 80% of US Army troops WOULD REFUSE to do so if ordered to, and WOULD NOT be willing to go door to attack American gun owners in order to disarm them; 90% of special forces WOULD NOT be willing to do so; most FBI HRT snipers WOULD BE WILLING to shoot innocent Americans and attack American gun owners if ordered too.

    Let us not forget that FBI HRT sniper Horiuchi did so at Ruby Ridge where he murdered Vicki Weaver who was holding her baby and unarmed and had done nothing wrong and committed no crimes at all. The FBI HRT team also did so at WACO where they murdered many innocent men, women and children in cold blood. And most Police SWAT Teams and BATF Agents would fire on innocent Americans and storm their homes if ordered to do so (they do this every day in America occasionally assaulting, harming or even murdering innocent folks at the wrong address and almost always are able to cover it up and skate without felony assault, terror or capital murder charges. Folks, this is raw tyranny and is here now inside America which used to be governed by the rule of law.

    • ian says:

      Hi S’, I used to do a bit of shooting, and of course in the general birds of a feather thing, I had mates who shot too. During the Desert Storm invasion of Falluja, the area was declared a free fire zone, which means anyone can be targeted, men women or children. On the internet sites which I frequented at the time, one or two videos of snipers shooting folks who were leaving buildings carrying white flags surfaced. I was really wound up about this in a normal family man, ordinary person would be sort of way, and I made it known to my mates. I was absolutely astounded, by the number that said that they would do it, even that it would be fun. It doesn’t surprise me that these government people would shoot innocent folk. It saddens me greatly, but doesn’t in the least surprise me. Possibly get a bit of rape in too just for effect.

  3. NPP says:

    I again recommend:

    John B. Wells: Caravan To Midnight – Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded with ‘DJ’:
    TAP. I pop in now and again. Some great posts of late as per usual…. my comment is not spam. How do I bypass this? Type a few more words? Spam spam spam spam. Wonderful not spam.

  4. Arbroath says:

    It is my understanding that Jade Helm is an installation of AI structures across the US, resulting in a neural net of control, which enables over ride of human consciousness. The tech is off planet. Firstly military will receive consciousness over ride, or maybe already have. Then the programme will be rolled out. All in preparation for the oncoming Transhumanist agenda. Intention to control human consciousness to detach us from Source. All linked in with other evils like chemtrails, vaccinations, EMP . Aim is total enslavement of humanity. CERN has same purpose. Secret Space Project is key. Off planet agendas too.

    • I am trying to reply to your comment good comment above, it vanishes without trace, this happened yesterday too

      • kingel says:

        I have had the same problem.
        I may be stating the obvious but, underneath “submit comment” there may be a box, headed…Current ye@r*…..
        My box always has 3.5 placed in it…….my.. “techie”… told me to change it to 2015…i.e the REAL current year.

        You may already know this.
        My “contribution” is motivated by a wish to help, rather than insult !

    • There must be a counterbalancing force of good to all this. Some resitance, some counterbalance. This cannot be a done deal.

      • Arbroath says:

        On 15th September, not too long now,
        We will be receiving plasma wave transmissions for month upon month.
        Nothing can stop this. This cosmic intervention is purposes to upgrade human consciousness. This is optimistic!

    • freebornman says:

      Arbroath, have a look at this
      Scroll down to ‘There is something fishy with the cell towers’.
      They recently replaced a mast nearby with a much larger infrastructure, semi underground. The mobile signal did not improve, still 1-2 bars on my ancient nokia dumb-phone. I’m hearing lots of people saying they’re not sleeping so good lately.

      • Arbroath says:

        Thanks so much Freeborn.
        There is much desperation amongst the cabal as they thrash around trying to stop the inevitable: human awakening.

    • Arbroath,
      After 15th September, these plasma wave transmissions. Will this be a positive thing for us? What will happen? Will we get symptoms. Is this the Superwave laviolette speaks of?
      And this is what all the towers are for? To try and stop and interfere with this cosmic process starting on the 15th?
      So the cabal PTB are desperate?
      So its true, what im reading then. Ive wondered if theyre not desperate at all,and its all part of a planned unveiling so they can push their NWO on us.
      So even though David Wilcocks been exposed as a cabal shill…it therefore seems much of what Wilcocks saying is still true?
      Thanks Adam

  5. ian says:

    All this latest stuff Jade Helm, tagging, etc remind me of films like terminator. Sarah Conners amongst you, look out.

  6. kingel says:

    My personal opinion of “Jade Helm”……

    Aspirational, on the part of the EL-iteS (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM).
    They “aspire” to lock us down.

    Whenever I come across “non-standard” English; often presenting itself as an event of “diarrhoea JARGON”……..
    I start entertaining the idea that someone, might be trying to BAMBOOZLE me.

    A I… Imho, means…..ABSENT INTELLIGENCE.
    It is “reputedly” a super computer full of interminable “facts”.
    A veritable “SUPPOSITORY” of stats !
    Whopee do !
    That isn’t going to lock down/eliminate 300,000 people ?

    A neural net…to override human consciousness ?
    I will believe it when I see it !

    What the khazar zionists have created….”mankind can rent asunder” !
    Look at the amazing achievement of the late Dr Bradstreet.
    Big “pharma….. autism injections…. the “hero” Dr Jeff Bradstreet, broke the “code”.
    A tourism leaflet caught my eye, the other day. An hotel in Austria is advertising rooms free of electronic harassment !
    The walls of the rooms are “apparently” copper lined !

    Freedom from war ? ? ?
    As Ian said, USA (khazar zionists) are war mongerers “par excellence”…along with lying, stealing, genocide, drug running, people trafficking, prostitution etc.
    This bunch of “HUM-BUGs” are going to initiate PEACE in the US……. ha ha ha … the Pope jewish ! !

    US “exceptionalism” is, Imho …….khazar zionist “excrementalism”…….

    Smothering the World with “THIER” own inimitable BRAND of “unique-mess”.

    Off planet tech: ……blah..blah…blah

    What self-respecting ET would engage with this bunch of SLEAZE-BAGS ?

  7. kingel says:

    Homeland Eradication of Local Militants !

    Patriotic Eradication of Khazar Zionist Oppressors !

  8. Lynn says:

    They won’t get the military on this. Most are awake now to the freaks running the scams. They have weapons and they will shoot back. Defence will mean defence now. Not a double speak, when they turn on their guns and find the perps I wouldn’t want to be them. They have declared war on the wrong groups and they know what is coming. A shitstorm.

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