Pope declares Lucifer/Satan as God

Pope declares Lucifer/Satan as God.


sent by Adam

it is astounding that Pope Francis actually said this?  This goes beyond hiding in plain sight – this is open admission.  Of course this news hasn’t been reported on the BBC. And I don’t think my grandmother’s catholic church shes gone to for 50 yrs, and the priest there, will be aware or if they are, admit that they know this Lucifer admission by Francis.

Here’s a similar one from Jennifer.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    To be accurate, I believe it was in fact RabbiT who sent it in via the comments in ‘Satan’s Children’.

  2. Nike says:

    Obviously, the Vatican (Pope Francis & minions) has been infiltrated and taken over by “Illuminists-Luciferian-Masonic-Satanists- Talmudists-Zionists“

    The Vatican is not the same as the Catholic Church and the Catholic Christians as a whole; they believe in Jesus Christ, and know nothing about a “Luciferian cult within the church“
    At Easter Christians celebrate that JESUS IS ALIVE (risen from the dead) and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. That’s a very different meaning and understanding.

    “We are god’s chosen people . . . Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.” (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)

    Zionist Jews are pretending to be Israelites for political reason but are actually Illuminists-Luciferian-Masonic-Satanists as Harold Wallace Rosenthal admits in an interview (1976).

    They are Pharisees. They want to establish a Zionist Luciferian state from the Nile to the Euphrates from where they plan to rule the Earth. The new Israeli Supreme Court is full of Masonic Symbols, just like the B.I.S. Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, which is the Mother of All Private Central Banks. The hexagram symbol on the Israeli flag is the ancient Star of Moloch, a deity to which people were sacrificed.

    Jesus always warned people about the Pharisees. Jesus said (to the Pharisees / Rabbis), “Ye are of your father, the devil … He was a murderer from the beginning … he is a liar and the father of it.”

    The central book in Judaism is the Talmud (written after Jesus), which contains the teachings of the Pharisees. The Talmud teaches Rabbis to oppose and discredit the teachings of Jesus because he criticized the Pharisees. Pharisaic law is reflected in the Talmud, particularly in the book of Mishna, the original book of the Talmud.

    Jesus called their teachings “the ways of men,” an abomination, and he condemned them; for doing so, Jesus was crucified. Jesus had exposed them for the sort of people they were: “hypocrites,” “sons of hell,” “blind guides,” “fools,” “full of robbery and self-indulgence,” “whitewashed tombs…full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness,” “full of hypocrisy and lawlessness,” “partners with them in shedding the blood of the prophets,” and “serpents and brood of vipers.”

    The Pharisees were a secret order who outwardly appeared to be orthodox Judeans but inwardly were of the occult mysteries of Babylon (Babylon means confusion). That is why Jesus exposed them as hypocrites; that is having two faces.

    • Yes RabbiT sent it in
      I liked your analysis of mehran keshe yesterday, didn’t realise he was a Soros person. But it makes sense, all his plasma technology stuff seems a very going round the houses obscure odd thing, when it could be so simple if Townsend Browns electrogravitics got released for example
      It did jump out at me though, the CO2 cleansing technology. This is sly manipulation Trojan horse, getting into our brains msDOS programming, that mmgw, global warming and co2, is a threat. When its not. So you’ve made me see Keshe in a new way

      Speaking of disinformation I don’t like Fulfords release today
      ”The gnostic illuminati, if they are serious about ending bloodline rule, need to push for the nationalization of central banks. The bloodline families, if they wish to avoid another French or Russian style bloody revolution, need to stand aside gracefully from financial control and perhaps be allowed to continue their role as ribbon cutters and fodder for gossip magazines.”

      – Gnostic Illuminati, and Bloodline rule? It seems to me hes trying to make certain bad guys look like innocents. He does this with other groups too
      – Russian and French revolutions? Fulford conveniently leaves out they were instigated, all the strings pulled, orchestrated by jew bankers/judaeomasonic Freemasons etc etc. That bit conveniently got left out

      It wasn’t suppressed downtroddent workers rising up against theit oppressors Fulford you Disinformationist! Liar in our midst

  3. Guest says:

    Oldest secret in the world.

    IAM God. ‘Just look behind your breath’!

    Some, have it more, than others…

  4. Gillian says:

    Re the first video, he isn’t saying that.

    See 2 Peter 1: 19: It means the Daystar.

    These videos come under the heading of ‘chaos info’ There is much of it out there.

  5. DICK R says:

    Who in his right mind gives a stuff about medieval mumbo jumbo ?

    • Tapestry says:

      You live in a medieval world, disguised as a modern one.

      • Vomit inducing article http://www.whorunsgov.com/george-h-w-bushs-sweet-gesture/0595

        Well said, a medieval world disguised as modern, this seems to be the situation were faced with. medieval world, disuguised as modern…but with covert ultra high suppressed technologies these medieval occultists use too

        Im sure theres been a lot of disinfo in there with the james casbolt aangirfan thing recently. Yet to be fair to aangirfan, he did at least say right at the beginning, casbolts MK Mind control makes him THINk there are aliens. Aangirfan seems to be doing a good job of exposing some behind the scenes things, from what I can tell as a layman navigating as best I can in these waters that are 2015 Earth

      • ”For Mr. Bush to go this far shows he’s still a compassionate man who although shaving his head isn’t a strenuous issue, it’s one where a celebrity of his historical stature has sent a message out to all the big shot politicians that he’s still human and will go that extra bit in a time of crisis.”

  6. Nike says:

    Truth hurts… Liars Satanists hide in the dark. They fear the light of truth shining through

    Zionist (AshkeNazi) jews (war hawks like Brzezinski, Kissinger, Soros, Nuland, House of Rot’s, Netanyahu, George Freedman/CIA Stratfor), Zionist bankers are behind all the wars, the mass immigration flooding (Koudenhove-Kalergi, Thomas Barnett, Lerner-Spectre), race-mixing and multiculturalism in white European countries ONLY (while sparing Israel) and they are boasting about it. For some inexplicable reason they hate Germany most.

    German Zionist (AshkeNazi) jews betrayed Germany in WW I. 1917 Balfour Declaration. Deal between international Zionist Jewry and the British Foreign Office to bring America into the war to win the war for them, if they promise them Palestine “as their homeland“ in return. 1919 Versailles verdict by Zionists blaming all the guilt for the outbreak of the war on the Germans; 1933 Judea Declares War on Germany (newspaper headlines); international jewry lobbied for a worldwide ban on German goods. Educate yourselves about the holoXXX. Punishment was wreaked on Hitler Germany for having broken free of the grip of international Jewry, for having tried to expel what they perceived as traitors and alien parasites, and for having withdrawn from the Jewish controlled international monetary system (usury) The historian David Irving is a courageous man with a lion’s heart. Love his lectures.



    The illusion of freedom, the illusion of truth, the dangers of mass mind control. Controlled media telling war propaganda LIES. Learning the Truth will set us free (from their manipulations) Truth is refreshing. You can feel it and breathe more freely…

    (comment was blocked under “The illusion of freedom“; allegedly “It’s not the right answer“ “It’s spam“ – No, truth is never spam)

    • Tapestry says:

      It was getting a bit tiresome – it’s the Jews. It’s the Jews. The Zionists are certainly a part of the matrix. At least the word Satanists is now appearing as well.

      • Nike says:

        TAP – thanks. (you can’t always cover all aspects at the same time)

  7. Mark says:

    Are Pope F and peers mostly or fully, given over to the enemy? Or could they be willing dupes, carefully cajoled into molding the new world vision for their bankers and bosses? Could some, Franny himself even, be trying to stand to a degree for good, against internal opposition? Or maybe they all go into the woods to abuse and kill? Do the Black P’s and Jesuit’s wag the tail and not the Zionists? (‘That’ argument – as Tap rightly comments).

    This short film isn’t conclusive that they’re ‘declaring Lucifer/Satan as God’, there are perfectly reasonable explanations otherwise i.e. they are using ‘shining one, morning star’ to signify God.

    We can’t believe Jesus, and not the ‘spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms’. Mysterious yet discernible activity to destroy humanity, the wagers of war that the awoken and/or praying Christian’s are fighting. These ‘demons’ aren’t necessarily fallen angels, or incidentally are ‘Nephilim’ what is commonly assumed. (On this, some years back (must re-look) ‘Boyd and Heiser Dialogue On The Nephilim Question’ dug into it).

    In an email exchange this morning I claimed that ‘Satanism’ is a little-mapped area, (this person recommends ‘Miller 2012: Healing the Unimaginable’). This person questions my assertion that whilst agreed ‘there’s always more to know’, I’m suggesting we’re waddling in the dark. Why? For a start, I’ve repeatedly commented that there are assumptions made that disregard genuine debate. Pop theology and diverse yet inconclusive psychology is wrapped up in assertive proclamations. There are two ways to ‘know’ about this one. One is theory, the other is found in the historical testimony of claimed interaction with said forces. In other words, practitioner’s on the front-line. In modern times personal deliverance is the prominent manifestation, twin to the emerging therapeutic emphasis. The progressive alternative, e.g. Walter Wink’s naming, masking and engaging the powers locates them in structures, institutions and the like.

    The forgotten ones are the women and men who didn’t jump and holla for a bit, see some shakes and relief for the ‘victim’ – no, these one’s caused much more significant mayhem. They kept back the darkness and in many ways we live out of the good of their actions. Whilst I haven’t read Gurnall’s practical ‘The Christian in Complete Armour’ for decades, this is an obvious contender worthy of mention. For theological insight, I won’t put up suggestions, although the best source of snippets from these bold, loving saints of old, is Leonard Ravenhill.

    Back to the Vat (or have we ever left it?). Interesting a VT contributor is thumbs up, ‘The Revolution is being Televised: Pope Francis in Bolivia’, with down, down, down and Alex on ‘Pope Francis is a Vatican coup (Pontiff a socialist tool to usher in one-world government)’. Certainly the later makes a ceremony invoking the ‘L’ word tame. Although I accept this stupid or sinister use is important to identify. It could, and does, have perverse, reverse-prophetic dimensions. So yes, RabbiT, Adam, Jennifer, keep kicking the ball out. I reckon you’d all hold fast to this:

    ‘Satan cannot deny but that great wonders have been wrought by prayer. As the spirit of prayer goes up, so his kingdom goes down. Satan’s strategems against prayer are three. First, if he can, he will keep thee from prayer. If that be not feasible, secondly, he will strive to interrupt thee in prayer. And, thirdly, if that plot takes not, he will labour to hinder the success of thy prayer.’ – William Gurnall


  8. Dogman says:

    Apparently the Lucifer is the devil is down to a misinterpretation by St Jerome in the 4th century, who misread Isaiah 14;12 and he took it as a proper name instead of Venus, the Morning Star. Lucifer is supposedly the Light-bringer, the Morning Star, the Angel of Light, or possibly Christ’s elder brother or even the Zoroastrian entity Ahura Mazda. In the Evangelical New Bible Dictionary is states that the title Lucifer should be given to the risen Christ (another title, not a name) in his ascended glory.
    Source is A Brief History of Secret Societies by David V Barret

    • Gillian says:

      Agreed. That’s what I discovered too about St. Jerome in the 4th century.
      Good to see you commenting on this site.

      You don’t know me from Adam, but I’ve read many of your interesting and informative comments on CS’s site. I never commented there though.

  9. Dogman says:

    The Venetian Satanic Cult was founded by AntiPope Innocent III around 1198 during his reign as AntiPope and head of the Roman Cult.

    Unlike previous members of the Roman Cult, AntiPope Innocent did not worship Magna Mater (Cybele) and the ancient demon gods of the Vatican. Instead, Innocent introduced a whole new religion based on the most ancient and escoteric knowledge of the Sadducee High Priests who ruled such temples as Baalbek and Jerusalem over 1,800 years prior.

    Instead of worshipping Cybele, members of the Venetian Satanic Cult worship Moloch and the demons of the underworld.

    The son of Innocent III, AntiPope Honorius III was instrumental in introducing a completely new liturgy through his Grand Grimoire- the first genuine book of Witchcraft of Western Philosophy. In fact Honorius is the father of Withcraft, modern Wicca and the Inquisition.

    Before the liturgy of Honorius and the inventionof the Inquisition, Europeans had largely never heard of witches, witchcraft or any of the “foreign” concepts of damning people’s souls. The Inquisition was brilliantly designed to “educate” people on the black arts, demons, pentagrams and other symbols while claiming to be searching for witches.

    From 360 to 532, the Sarmatian state of Palestine grew in such power and wealth, that is covered the lands formerly occupied by the ancient Jewish Kingdoms and its leaders proclaimed themselves the Kings of Israel.

    Since the death of Baba Rabba in the 4th Century, the various Jewish noble family states such as the Himyarites (Yemen), Nabatea (Arabia) and Sarmara had grown in influence that greater Sarmara had become one of the wealthiest states in ancient history — home to now hundreds of thousands of people.

    As ancient practising satanists, worshipping Ba’al Moloch, the Sarmatian religion had also thrived across the region, including the now firm inclusion of the new doctrines adopted under Bar Rabba such as the wearing of the Kippa and the daily devotion facing Mt Gerezim.

    Source is one-evil.org

  10. Dogman says:

    Some more info to mull over. I’m not telling people what to believe, simply adding info to consider.

    Go back to ancient Mesopotamia, whence Satanism was transmitted to western Europe. The relevant figure of Satanism is not a male, but a female figure. The male figure –Satan, Baal, Lucifer, and so on–is a subordinate figure; the female principle of evil is pre-dominant.

    Hence, Satan’s mother, the “Whore of Babylon,”known otherwise as the Chaldean Ishtar, the Caananite Astarte,Isis, Venus, or the Phrygian Cybele. The ritual of the priestesses of Ishtar was an obscene “religious service” which concluded with the priestesses’ fornicating with the congregation. Hence, “Whore of Babylon,” and the associated position of Ishtar, Athtar, Astarte, Isis, and Venus as the patron goddess of prostitution.

    This satanic cult-practice was introduced to Mesopotamia from pre-Aryan India [which was Inanna/Ishtar’s assigned domain – see Sitchin’s Wars of Gods and Men]. The so-called “Harrappan” culture, featuring the Earth-Mother and fertility goddess Shakti and her satanic male figure Siva, established a set of colonies in the Middle East… In the Caananite (“Phoenician”) offshoot of Harrapan colonizing, [Shakti] became known as Astarte.

    The Hellenic cults of Isis and Osiris, were offshoots of the Harrapan cult of Shakti-Siva, by this route…Among the Caananites, for example, Satanism expressed itself in such forms as the worship of Moloch, with the included custom of making a human sacrifice of the first-born of each marriage. Notably, that Caananite tradition is featured in the modern Satanists’ ritual sexual and homicidal rituals upon infants and children used as human sacrifices.

    Source is henrymakow.com

  11. Dogman says:

    The design of the Phrygianum in Rome provided additional benefits to the priest families of the cults of Cybele, Attis and Dagan/Ba’al/Moloch. The layers of catacombs that supported the structure were used as secondary chapels, frequently for human sacrifice rituals and initiations.

    Under Claudius I (41-54 AD) the cult of Cybele on Vatican Hill underwent dramatic change as the Emperor as Pontifex Maximus (Roman Pontiff) claimed his rights as High priest over all cults including the Magna Mater. From around 43 AD onwards the Roman Pontiff became the new High Priest of the Phrygianum and the dates of Megalesia were changed to March 15 to 27 so as to coincide with the Spring Equinox.

    There remains some evidence of important features of the Phrygianum, including some prominent relics that remain in primary use today.

    It is recorded that at least until the Dark Ages (600-900 AD) as one entered through the facade, to the atrium was at its centre a massive bronze pinecone known as the Pigna, dedicated to Attis, son and lover of Cybele.

    The Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD deliberately lit by Pope Linus and the followers of Paulinity (St. Paul the Apostle) did not damage the Phrygianum on account of its isolation from the main city.

    It is highly likely that the priest classes of the Phrygianum provided some support and even early places for worship for the followers of Paulinity on account of the close association to the worship of Cybele and Hellenised Ba’al.

    Under Emperor Domitian (81-96 AD) a decree was issued across the Roman Empire that human sacrifice was considered a capital crime. While no historical evidence remains, a legend is that Domitian was influenced in his decision upon the revelations of the elderly Flavius Josephus also known as St. Luke, who before his death rejected the counterfeit movement later known as Christianity and reverted to the original Nazarene/Gnostic gospels.

    All temples that participated in human sacrifice were closed down, including the Phrygianum. The priest families were banished from Rome and re-settled around Tusculum, south west of Rome.

    However, using secret tunnels from a network of Necropolis around the region of Vatican Hill, the secret ceremonies of Cybele, including Paulinity of child sacrifice and worship continued within the catacombs.

    Above ground and with succeeding Emperors, the strength and influence of gnosticism continued to grow and the Phrygianum remained closed. Under the reign of Antonius Pius (138-161AD) and at the height of the popularity of Gnostic Valentinius, the Emperor ordered the secret tunnels and satanic Catacomb temples sealed shut and banished several noble Roman families including a number of the Fulvius from Tusculum to Libya.

    In 193AD, Emperor Septimus Severus lifted the ban on Paulinity as a Capital Crime. This ban was never Christian, as the word Christian was not invented until Constantine one hundred years later.

    Severus ordered the reopening of the Phrygianum of Magna Mater, (the Great Temple of Cybele) on Vatican Hill, granting the temple to the Paulinists under his uncle Gaius Fulvius Victor. However, instead of returning the Temple to its ancient rituals for which the High Priestess was the most senior, Fulvius appointed himself Bishop of Rome (Pope) using the name Victor (Victorius) as a symbol of their victory over the Gnostics of Valentinius.

    Instead of the traditional sacrifice of children at major feast events, Victor instituted the sacrifice of children every time Mass was conducted. So bloodthirsty was their reign in the number of innocents sacrificed and corruption of office that in 222, Emperor Marcus Severus Alexander (222-235AD) had Callixtus executed.

    After the execution of Callixtus in 222AD, the Phrygianum returned into the hands of purely pagan priest families and regained its importance as a pagan shrine.

    By the time of Pope Vigilius (537-555AD) and the great plague sweeping the Empire, the Phrygianum was renamed St. Peters and the fictious line of Popes as written in the Liber Pontificalis came into existence.

    In 1505, the Phrygianum was finally demolished on the orders of Pope Julius II in order to make way for the new massive pagan temple we know today as St. Peters Basilica.

    Source is one-evil.org

  12. Dogman says:

    The control structure isn’t as simplistic as blaming jews. It is a tangled web.

    Early in the fifth century the Merovingians established themselves in what is now Belgium and northern France. There they adopted the Cabalistic pseudo-Christianity of the Cathars, a dualistic religion that holds there are two eternal gods, the god of Good and the god of Evil. It is revealing that this Luciferian belief is held by those who would be Masters of this world today, and who claim that Lucifer will ultimately be victorious.

    The Prieure de Sion is the name of the secret order which created the Knights Templars as its military and administrative arm. (See A History of the Knights Templar and Their Involvement With the Priory of Sion – It should be remembered that the Knights Templars were the forerunners of Freemasonry.) The Prieure de Sion continues to function through the centuries, acting in the shadows, and has orchestrated certain critical events in Western history.

    Source is Fritz Springmeier
    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitic … obil07.htm

  13. Nike says:

    “The control structure isn’t as simplistic as blaming jews. It is a tangled web.” (dogman)



    No, it’s not that easy. It’s about Zionists (“You needn’t be a jew to be a Zionist” Joe Biden) – Zionist Jews – Crypto Jews – Freemasonic Satanists – Talmudic Cabbalists (Freemasonry is Cabbalah for the “Goyim“/cattle) – Illuminists (“Illuminati“) – Luciferian Masonic Satanists – Talmudists
    (numerous names but they share the same goals)


    George Carlin: …they want obedient workers
    It’s an EXCLUSIVE CLUB (mafia elite), and we ain’t in it. The table is tilted, the game is rigged.
    They don’t care about you (Bohemian Grove ritual “The Cremation of Care“)

  14. Dale says:

    Much interesting history both in article and comments. However, I find three things missing. No-one has mentioned the Khazars, The book Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or the Paladian Rite of Masonry.

    • Nike says:


      Crypto Jews (Ashkenazi jews; originally Khasars, a Turkish tribe which took over Talmudic and Cabbalah teachings)

      Zionists (followers of a political ideology aiming at world domination/”New World Order”; resurrection of the Temple of Salomon in Jerusalem; Jerusalem as the capital of the world; a “Greater Israel” from the Euphrates to the Nile)

      and Freemasonry (Kabbalah for the Goyim; freemasons serve Jewish Rule, un/knowingly worshipping Lucifer/Satan as God, on the outside posing as Christians, Muslims etc)

      • Dale says:

        Buhlen (Bulen) was a king of the Khazars, who led them to their conversion to Judaism. He reigned sometime between 700 and 800 ad. He also led military campaigns in the Caucuses which is basically the area between Turkey and Russia. Today the majority of “Jews” come from this lineage, not the Jews of the Bible. The book, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion, came out of Russia. It has been basically banned and called a fraud by almost every government in the world. It is not a fraud. It lays out the entire plan of world control. It is happening. The Paladian rite of Masonry was one of the three rites of masonry beyond the third degree. The other two being the Scottish Rite (based around the Old Testament) and the York Rite (based around the New Testament). The Paladian rite went underground not to heard of publicly again when Karl Marx and Engels were the top to men in it. It resurfaced as the Communist Party in Russia. There is one degree common to all three of these rites that allows them to meet together.

      • Dogman says:

        Ashkenazim is the general definition applied to the heterogeneous branch of European Jews, excluding those of the Mediterranean area. As the term itself suggests, it referred in origin to the Jews dwelling in the Mitteleuropa, considered to be the land of Ashkenaz, but was subsequently applied in an extended manner to different Jewish communities that include German, Polish, Scandinavian, Russian and Danubian Jews among others.
        The Mitteleuropean Jews sojourned in Germany, Austria and Bohemia long enough as to develop their own German-based language: Yiddisch, which became the “official” tongue of all Ashkenazim Jews. It was from Germany that they emigrated eastwards and reached Russia.
        Genetic tests indicate that Ashkenazim Jews are also the direct descendants of the Israelites, and their DNA confirms their ancestry from the ancient Middle East. Genetics studies show that Ashkenazim Jews are more closely related to Yemenite Jews, Assyrian Jews, Sephardic Jews, Kurdish Jews, and Arabs than they are to European peoples, and that hardly any intermarriage or conversion has occurred to affect the Jewish groups over the centuries.*

        When the Khazarian rulers converted to Judaism (and also before), they established religious freedom, which was a determinant fact to attract those persecuted minorities in Europe and the Islamic countries to immigrate into their kingdom. Besides the Jewish population already living in Khazaria, a large number of Jews persecuted in the Byzantine Empire and other areas fled to that land of freedom and prosperity. Jews came to Khazaria from Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and even from Western Europe, as documented by al-Masudi, Sa’adiyah Gaon, the Schechter Letter and other accounts. The Arab writer Dimashqi wrote that these refugee Jews offered their religion to the Khazars and that they “found it better than their own and accepted it”.* Jewish immigrants quickly outnumbered the native Jews of the kingdom.
        It is documented that also many Khazars adopted Judaism after their kings themselves converted to the Jewish belief, but it is not possible to establish whether they were more or less in number than the original Jew inhabitants of Khazaria.

        After the fall of the Khazar Empire, the Kievan Rus’ took its place and ruled over its territory. Consequently, a large number of Jews – both Khazar and non-Khazar (Israelite) – became the inhabitants of the growing Slavic-Varangian (Russian) state. The Russians inherited most of the social system of the Khazar Kingdom, and granted a relative religious freedom to their new heterogeneous population.

        The phrases in italics followed by asterisk (*) are quoted from Khazaria.com; those followed by double asterisk (**) from Itamar Even-Zohar’s site.

        Other sources: Hebrew History Federation.


    • Dogman says:

      Dr. Leo Lehmann, a former Irish priest, who’d had run-ins with the Jesuits, knew exactly what they were all about. When you’re involved in litigation within the Vatican, you know the law. And you know the history of who you are opposing. Here is what he had to say about the origin of The Protocols. This is found in his book, Behind The Dictators, on page 15:

      “Although first published in Russia in 1903, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion had their origin in France and date from the Dreyfus Affair, of which the Jesuits were the chief instigators. They were planned also first to take effect in France, by the overthrow of the ‘Judaic-Masonic’ government of the French Republic. But the discovery of the gigantic fraud of Leo Taxil, who had been openly supported by the Jesuits, the concluding of the Franco-Russian alliance, along with the Vatican’s difficulties with the French government at that time, made it more opportune to have them appear first in Russia.

      “These Protocols of supposedly Jewish leaders are not the first documents of their kind fabricated by the Jesuits.

      “For over a hundred years before these Protocols appeared, the Jesuits had continued to make use of a similar fraud called The Secrets Of The Elders Of Bourg-Fontaine against Jansenism—an anti-Jesuit French Catholic movement among the secular clergy.”

      Phelps: I might also add that the Jansenists were what we would call, really, Catholic Calvinists. They believed in the sovereignty of God. They believed in justification by faith. They believed in many Biblical doctrines, and therefore the Jesuits hated them and later got the Pope to issue a Bull against them.

      The Jesuits so hated the Jansenists, of which Blaise Pascal was one, that they concocted this document, The Secrets Of The Elders Of Bourg-Fontaine, against them.

      Source – http://whale.to/b/phelps4.html

      • Dale says:

        Dogman, your source which you refer to – Phelps – has me rolling off my chair in laughter. In reading your reference to his work – “Maniacal World Control Thru The Jesuit Order – Well-Hidden Soldiers Of Satan I couldn’t control my laughter. You really believe this guy?!! For starters he states that “Peter Beckx was the Jesuit General in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was the one who gave the order and oversaw the sinking of the Titanic.” Again, the actual title which Peter Beckx carried was “Superior General. Typical of someone who gives any credit to Alberto Rivera who I debunked some years ago. These guys say anything with no regard for actual history and always wind up putting the cart before the horse. Rivera was blaming the Jesuits for events in history that took place before there ever was a Jesuit Order, or any of those who started it were even alive. This is the same thing Phelps has done in saying that the Jesuit General Peter Beckx ordered the sinking of the Titanic. HA HA HA!!! Peter Beckx died in 1887 and the Titanic sank in 1912. He must have lived and influenced world history from the grave. Or was he able to influence the Iceberg also. I suggest you do a lot of other study on actual history and make sure you get your dates straight before you buy into anything this guy says or gives credit to Alberto Rivera for. I will be searching my files to find the BS Rivera put out. Among other things he quoted – TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT – to twist what viable authors had said in their books. But I had all three books in my own library. Two of the books were “Two Babylons” (don’t remember the author), and “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Nesta Webster. Not sure anymore of the third book but if I can locate my debunking of Alberto Rivera comic book formatted attack on the Jesuits I will. I am not Catholic or am I pro or anti Jesuit. I am only interested in accurate, objective history.

      • Nollidge says:

        Eric Phelps – the Israeli diamond dealer.He was exposed years ago as a gatekeeper type blaming the Jesuits for everything.
        Since the average age of a Jesuit priest today is about 75yrs,& recruiting is – now drying up rapidly,I rather doubt their ability to influence very much in the world.Bluntly,the Jews have the money,the Jews have huge numbers of people in powerful positions in most countries of the world,so they are the ones screwing us all.

      • Dogman says:

        Former military intelligence officer, Darryl Eberhart:
        “Amazingly, some folks in the“alternative media” continue to promote the book “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” – a book that has clearly been proven to be a forgery.
        Authors Brad and Sherry Steiger sum up “The Protocols” very well on page 374 of their 539-page paperback book
        “Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier” (2006; Visible Ink Press): “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it would seem, is an amalgam of plagiarized political pamphlets, fictional documents, and various inflammatory works – many of which in their original context did not even concern themselves with Jews but were attacks on Jesuits.”
        Eberhart, addressed his concerns about the media blackout on the Vatican connection to the New World Order.

        Source –

      • Dogman says:

        The largest and single holder of ingot (ingot / bullion) of organization during the past 1000 years is, and always has been, the Roman Cult controlling the Catholic Church.

        The Roman Catholic Church controls approximately 60,350 tons of gold, twice the size of the total official gold reserves worldwide, or approximately 30.2% of all the’ gold ever mined / produced.
        For most of the past 1000 years, the Catholic Church has assumed a dominant position that allowed him to control the markets of gold in the world, due to the fact that it owned more than 50% of the whole gold, and in a position so dominant, from the fourteenth century until we reach the seventeenth century, to control over 60% of all the ‘gold ever mined.

        Such a treasure in its entirety has been divided among several reported reserves and just as many unreported reserves. Only 20% of the reserve’s total gold is stored by ‘third parties’ in official reserves, the largest declared reserve is represented by the Federal Reserve Bank, followed by the reserves in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. The most important private reserves have not been reported are unknown, but appear to be located even in countries of the West and apparently would be associated with the most important private reserves of the oldest private banks and financial companies d’ Europe. There may also exist private reserves managed directly by the Vatican, although latter remains a hypothesis.

        Source: Claudio Rendina – book the ‘gold of the Vatican

        The wealth (real estate holdings, gold, market shares, art collections, etc.) of the Vatican-Papacy is legendary! The amount of money paid out to the victims of priestly sexual abuse barely scratches the “interest” earned yearly by Papal Rome from her numerous financial investments. And, in some instances where the statute of limitations had run out, the Roman Catholic Church turned around and countersued the victims of priestly sexual abuse! And if you are interested in learning more about priestly sexual abuse, then may I suggest that you search the Internet for the 206-page paperback book “Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church” (2004) by William H. Kennedy (a Roman Catholic author).

  15. Nike says:

    WOW. Pope Francis kisses the hand of Talmudic jews (Luciferians/Satanists – as unbelievable as it is) That clearly shows who is higher up in the ranking


    • Dogman says:

      From Tim Cohen in The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea:

      “In September, 1993, Shimon Peres (Jesuit) signed a secret deal with the Pope promising Vatican hegemony over Jerusalem’s Old City by the year 2000.”

      Peres’ friend Mark Halter, who was apparently in charge of delivering the message to the Pope, was quoted as saying that,

      “The city will stay the capital of Israel, but will be administered by the Vatican. The city will have an Israeli mayor and a Palestinian mayor, both under orders from the Holy See.”

      A few yeas later, the Pope, barely able to stand, made the difficult journey to Jerusalem to offer a formal reconciliation with the Jewish nation, apologizing for the Vatican’s seeming complicity with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

      On March 11, 2001, Israeli President Moshe Katsav was quoted by the Bild newspaper as saying that he was “firmly in favor of his country joining the European Union.” France, Britain, and Germany have also expressed their willingness to admit Israel into the EU. Perhaps Israel will be known again one day as the “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.” Let us not forget that Otto von Habsburg still holds the title “King of Jerusalem”, and that the title will revert to is son Karl upon his death.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Pope Jorge Bergoglio seems to be taking Christianity back, to before the Nicene Council, before the divinity of Jesus Christ was established. Is this a good thing, or something else to diminish the goodness of this world for the benefit of satanism?

    • Dogman says:

      After these pagan priests were commanded to “mount asses and come to Nicaea” they were instructed to bring with them the testimonies they orated to the rabble (uneducated pagan masses), “bound in leather” for protection during the long journey, and surrender them to Constantine upon arrival in Nicaea (The Catholic Dictionary, Addis and Arnold, 1917, “Council of Nicaea” entry). Their writings totaled “in all, two thousand two hundred and thirty-one scrolls and legendary tales of gods and saviours, together with a record of the doctrines orated by them” (Life of Constantine, op. cit., vol. ii, p. 73; N&PNF, op. cit., vol. i, p. 518). Of course, we don’t have them now to compare to YHVH’s Truth, these pagan writing which were the foundation of Christianity were carefully and totally destroyed after the Council of Nicaea… for obvious reasons.

      Now the “foundation of Christianity” and how this massive lie started begins to come into focus. It was created at The Council of Nicaea founded not on The Torah and Messiah but rather “two thousand two hundred and thirty one scrolls and legendary tales of literally hundreds of gods and savious and pagan doctrines”. This is what Constantine set out to standardize into one generic neutral religion that they all could agree upon! A syncretic religion was born! That resulting religion was named “Christianity” and the god of this new religion was named Hesus Horus Krishna later to be known in English as… Jesus (Hesus) H. (Horus) Christ (Krishna).

      At the Council of Nicaea, Constantine gathered together all the “presbyters” (pagan priests) of his day and all their gods and saviors and had them debate together in an attempt to create one composite “god” they all agree to worship. The list of gods represented by their respective “priests” included Eastern and Western gods and goddesses: Jove, Jupiter, Salenus, Baal, Thor, Gade, Apollo, Juno, Aries, Taurus, Minerva, Rhets, Mithra, Theo, Fragapatti, Atys, Durga, Indra, Neptune, Vulcan, Kriste, Agni, Croesus, Pelides, Huit, Hermes, Thulis, Thammus, Eguptus, Iao, Aph, Saturn, Gitchens, Minos, Maximo, Hecla and Phernes and many more. It was in this “context” that the “god” Jesus H. Christ was created. The long list was narrowed down to the main gods of the Roman Aristocracy (Zeus and the son of Zeus Apollo) and the gods worshipped by the bulk of the common people (Julius Caesar and the sun god Mithra) along with the Eastern god Krishna.

      Up until the First Council of Nicaea, the Roman aristocracy primarily worshipped two Greek gods-Apollo and Zeus-but the great bulk of common people idolized either Julius Caesar or Mithras (the Romanized version of the Persian deity Mithra who was an incarnation of the Babylonian Tammuz). Caesar was deified by the Roman Senate after his death (15 March 44 BC) and subsequently venerated as “the Divine Julius” (very close to the name “Jesus”). The word “Saviour” was affixed to his name, its literal meaning being “one who sows the seed”, i.e., he was a phallic god.

      Julius Caesar was hailed as “God made manifest and universal Saviour of human life”, and his successor Augustus was called the “ancestral God and Saviour of the whole human race” (Man and his Gods, Homer Smith, Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1952). So Julius was known as “Julius Christos” making it very easy for his followers to accept the new god “Jesus Christ”. Emperor Nero, whose original name was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, was immortalized on his coins as the “Saviour of mankind”. The Divine Julius as Roman Savior and “Father of the Empire” was considered “God” among the Roman uneducated pagan population for more than 300 years. He was the deity in some Western pagan priestly texts, but was not recognized in Eastern or Oriental writings. So Constantine was forced to include the Eastern realm god Krishna.

      To make a very long and detailed story short, the council could not come to a decision on just one god they all could accept, so Constantine exercised his authority as Emperor and High Priest to consolidate the 3 primary gods that would effectively represent the Greek masses and the Eastern and the Oriental religions of the Roman Empire. Every one of these so called “gods” are nothing more than later incarnations of the Babylonian Religion whose saviour was Tammuz the second member of the Trinity and son of “God”. Then names simply changed at the tower of Babel. So, Constantine chose the following “gods” to unite his empire:

      ·To placate the powerful British factions he chose the great Druid god which was the sun god Hesus (an incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz),

      ·To placate the faction from Egypt he chose the Assyrian sun god Horus (an incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz).

      ·To placate the Eastern/Oriental factions he chose the Eastern Saviour-god, Krishna (Krishna is Sanskrit for Christ) (an incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz).

      These three main sun god / saviours were then united into one composite deity called Hesus Horus Krishna which later became known in its English derived name as Jesus H. Christ. Satisfying the “Julius”, Esu, Horus, and Krishna faithful who made up the vast majority of his empire, Constantine now had a “god” for his new religion which was not new at all but the rebirth of Babylonian sun worship. A “god” easily acceptable by all throughout his realm (except true followers of Yahusha whom he simply had killed in the inquisition).

      http://ww w.sabbathcovenant.com/christia … fNicea.htm

      I’m agnostic, but enjoy reading. Belief is up to each individual.

  17. Tapestry says:

    Re the Israelites/Jews, if you read Ralph Ellis’ analysis of the language and archaeology of Judaea, it is perfectly certain that the Jews/Israelites were Egyptians. They inhabited cities in the North of Egypt around the river Ebro (Hebrew), a major one being Avaris. The bible stories are written to conceal these truths.

    • Dogman says:

      The Talmud supposedly states that Jesus came from Egypt. Jewish texts state that he was either a Jew that changed faith or was never a Jew at all. He was sometimes referred to as an Egyptian Magi and was arrested and charged with Sorcery.

      Yahweh the Israelite God of War is credited with this:
      “I am all that was, that is, and that is yet to come.”
      This phrase was inscribed on an old shrine in Sais (old capital of Egypt) which became a temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary., although a thousand years prior to that it was a temple for Isis and the inscription is hers, not Yahweh’s.
      “Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will refresh you!” is credited to Jesus, but is really from Isis, and can still be found inscribed over a door to a temple in Dendera that is dedicated to her.

      Source is The Templar Revelation by Lynn Pincknett & Clive Prince.

    • Nollidge says:

      An amazing people those Israelites.They lived all that time in Egypt as slaves – so they later claimed – BUT NEVER NOTICED THE PYRAMIDS!.
      & did you know that the Egyptians of that time venerated cats,even going so far as to mummify their favourites.Funnily enough the Israelites never noticed this either.
      So the only domestic animal NOT in the bible is – the cat.
      Oh,and Pharoah wasn’t the ruler of Egypt. “Pharoah” was the name of his royal palace.

  18. Lynn says:

    Pretty obvious now who are the networkers, the gatekeepers etc. This is a shocking plan to own and control earth. They have shown their evil hand throughout the ages. Will they succeed? I don’t think so my gut feeling is evil will never outdo goodness. Humanity is a force they have yet to deal with…. Get ready for a fight to the death. Cleanse the planet of the fantacists and plagiarists who have had a free reign until now.

  19. Rob says:

    God made the Devil, also God doesn’t make mistakes. Think on that one for a while. 😀

    • Nike says:

      God gave angels and humans their FREE WILL… to be able to make a free CHOICE… to decide between right or wrong, i.e. God gave FREEDOM…

      THAT’s something completely DIFFERENT, you see?

      EVIL FORCES (the fallen angels, demons) take away all freedom, they ENSLAVE, torture, destroy….

  20. Rob says:

    You do know the Bible is a work of fiction don’t you?

    • Nike says:

      Spirituality is not “fiction”
      it is true and a fact of life –
      not to you, obviously.

    • Jennifer says:

      Ditto what Nike said. You cannot be a whole human being without spirituality.
      You don’t have to have Faith in one set of religious dogmas or another, but if you cannot accept the existence and validity of the spiritual you are existing on a very low level of life.
      The Old and New Testements collectively were written by someone with spiritual awareness, some historic fact, some human collective memory, some mythology, some propaganda. But nothing as reductive as ‘fiction’.

  21. Dublinmick says:

    Taken over?

    Loyola who formed the jesuits was jewish. Many popes have been jewish.


    Immorality was rampant in the Papacy and the Church. John XXIII [a Jew (1410-1415)], called by some the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the Papal Throne, guilty of almost every crime: as Cardinal in Bologna, 200 maidens, nuns and married women fell victim to him. As Pope, he violated virgins, nuns, lived in adultery with his brother’s wife, was guilty of sodomy and other nameless evils, he bought the Papal office and sold Cardinalates to the children of wealthy families.”

    “Pope Gregory VII [a Jew] decided it was no murder to kill excommunicated persons. This rule was incorporated in the canon law. During the revision of the code, which took place in the 16th century, and which produced a whole volume of corrections, the passage wasPage | 189 allowed to stand. It appears in every reprint of the Corpus Juris. It has been for 700 years, and continues to be, part of the ecclesiastical law.”

    The fake tales that church was at odd’s with the Jews is all nonsense many Popes from their images are racial Jews, you can still line their pictures up beside photographs of notorious racial Jews today and see they look like twins. “the 1486 publication of the Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars Heinrich KRAMER[JEW] and James SPRENGER[JEW].”- Sir l.Gardner “Realm Of The Ring Lords”
    This was the document and manifesto that 50 to 100 hundred thousand innocent Gentiles many women where hideously torchered and murder by “Witch Finders” for decades under. And it was created, published and pushed by Jews.

    • Nike says:

      Taken over by (rabbi) Paul (former “Saul”)

      who changed the spiritual teachings of Jesus about redemption in the inner core

      (quite ludicrous, and very serious at the same time)

      Well, just stick to Jesus, and you need not worry…

    • Dogman says:

      No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role. — Avro Manhattan, “Protestant” Knight of Malta, English Historian and Agitator, 1960, The Vatican And World Politics

      From Rick Martin’s interview with Eric Phelps:

      Martin: Who was behind the Council of Trent, The Secret Plan, etc. Who were the men behind these, historically?

      Phelps: Well, Diego Laynez went on to be the Jesuit General after Loyola; Laynez was the second Jesuit General. He was the Mastermind of the Council of Trent. Laynez was a Jesuit by allegiance, and a Jew by race. This is very important. And it’s the result of Laynez being a Jew, when this was brought to light in 1593, that the Order passed a statute that NO JEW COULD EVER BE IN THE JESUIT ORDER AGAIN. This is VERY important. This is why Weishaupt was not a Jew. It was against the constitutions of the Order for a Jew to be in the Order.

      Martin: And what relation does Weishaupt have to all of this?

      Phelps: Weishaupt was the promoter of the Illuminati, with the House of Rothschild, for the punishment of the Catholic monarchs of Europe, and the Pope, for suppressing the Jesuit Order.

      So, Weishaupt did not act alone. Weishaupt was under the supervision, at least initially, of Jesuit General Ricci, who died in 1775 in Italy. Weishaupt was under orders.

      Like I’ve said before it’s a tangled web connected to those in charge in biblical times and their descendants.

      Members of the Black Nobility lay claim to being descendants of the Nephilim and I honestly doubt that they worship any of today’s major religions.

  22. Dublinmick says:


    The all seeing eye is inside your head.

    It is pure Vedanta.

    The book of the Gnostic Thomas disappeared for good reason. When he said thine eye must be single, it was an allusion to the pineal gland or third eye. When he said the two must become one to see heaven he meant tantra. This book did not make the cut for the bible. So yes the body is the temple of the spirit. The book of Thomas is very different from the traitor Paul who had never even met Jesus. In Syria, the sacred literature relating to Thomas is closely related to the wisdom gospel of Thomas; Thomas is understood to be the twin of Jesus and the guarantor of his wisdom and knowledge. The old King James Bible I used to have contained a definition of Thomas Didymus defining it as the twin.

    So yes there were secret teachings for the disciples not available to the general public at the time. These teachings managed to get Mary Magdelene stoned. They called her a harlot due to her interest in tantra.

    When Jesus suggests that one be wise like the serpent, what does this mean. Well serpents coil together and lie motionless! (tantra) How is one born again? You must re-enter the birth canal from whence you came! (tantra) Now many people will absolutely burn down mentally when broached with this but it is a symptom of just how much disinformation they have been fed during their entire lifetime.

    It is my opinion one should bear in mind that Jesus was adamant that others can accomplish the same thing he accomplished. He did not advocate “letting him into your heart” and singing hallelujah. Although I suppose it is beneficial to some to feel they have some sort of spiritual understanding. it probably does some good as far as a quest for moral relativity. Jesus was not Jesus Christ, his name was Jesus Barabbas. The Christos is well, everything, the creative intelligence of the universe and he was in communication with it. If the Christos were not already in your heart it would not be beating and your cells would not continue to divide.

    Hinduism is defined as the “the search for truth” and we should all be for that. There are no limits to the debate and as the Rishis say, even an atheist can be considered a Hindu for he has already embarked upon his own search for truth.

    Jesus did not die in despair on the cross crying words cribbed from the 22nd Psalm:
    “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me (15:34).

    “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” by the way is pure Sumerian or Navajo if you will. The Navajo language is Sumerian and that phrase means “it is finished” not why hast thou forsaken me.


    • Nike says:

      “He did not advocate “letting him into your heart” (Dublinmick)

      YES, Jesus did.
      He taught not about sex and tantra
      but about the personal relationship between God and humans, about LOVE, your inner sanctum – HEART and SPIRITUALITY – that means HEALING….(all the aspects of life) being yourself (an individual) and at the same time BEING ONE with God, even the universe (without the insanity of declaing “I AM God” – that’s ludicrous and presumptuous)

  23. Dogman says:

    I’m sure plenty know that the Black Nobility are the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, who in the 12th century held the privileged trading rights (monopolies). The first of three crusades, from 1063 to 1123, established the power of the Venetian Black Nobility and solidified the power of the wealthy ruling class. The Black Nobility aristocracy achieved complete control over Venice in 1171, when the appointment of the doge was transferred to what was known as the Great Council, which consisted of members of the commercial aristocracy, a complete triumph for them. Venice has remained in their hands ever since, but the power and influence of the Venetian Black Nobility extends far beyond its borders, and today, is felt in every corner of the globe.

    Source – http://investigate911.org/Oligarchy.htm

    Long and interesting read!

    • Nike says:

      Disinfo: “This is why Weishaupt was not a Jew. It was against the constitutions of the Order for a Jew to be in the Order.”

      As far as I know, Weishaupt was a jew.
      Ignacio of Loyola was a jew too

      The point is – Everybody who wants to know can see that the papal church is unspiritual; they don’t follow Jesus and his teachings. An abomination. Under the.influence of the Venetian Black Nobility and Talmudic Jewry. Very dangerous (regarding the Satanic “New World Worder” they want to establish)

      • Dogman says:

        That’s what I mean about a tangled web.
        Crypto-jews were forced to appear to convert to Catholicism.

        February 6, 1748, in Ingolstadt, saw the birth of Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt. The Father of Adam held a position of professor at the city university. Adam was educated in the Jesuit Order where he was exposed to the Jesuit organization and its political agenda. Here is a young Jew, who from early childhood learned that he had a secret allegiance to the Talmud and the Cabala, but outwardly he was a dedicated Roman Catholic.

        In 1773, the 25 year old Adam broke all ties with the Jesuit Order and three years later formed the Bavarian Illuminati Order. In 1773, Pope Clemens XIV dissolved the Jesuit order, but 41 years later, in 1814 under Pope Pius VII, the Jesuit Order was reinstated, becoming the most powerful institution, next to the Knights of Malta, in the Roman Catholic Church.

        The name of the new order Adam founded was “Orden Der Perfektibilisten.” Around 1779 the name was changed to “Orden Der Illuminaten,”

        Source – http://www.eaec.org/newsletters/1999/NL1999jul.htm

  24. Dogman says:

    The long and tortuous path of peoples through history sees the Khazars in the Holy Land and part of the Canaanites eventually in northern Italy, adopting the name “Sepharvaim” for deceptive purposes. They later became known as Venetians, and by marrying into European royalty and aristocracy, the “black nobility.”

    In the pre-Christian world around the Mediterranean, oligarchical political forces included Babylon in Mesopotamia. The “whore of Babylon” condemned in the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine, is not a mystical construct, but a very specific cartel of oligarchical families. Other oligarchical centers included Hiram of Tyre and the Phoenicians. The Persian Empire was an oligarchy. In the Greek world, the center of oligarchical banking and intelligence was the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, whose agents included Lycurgus of Sparta and, later, Aristotle.

    In Venice, the largest fondo was the endowment of the Basilica of St. Mark, which was closely associated with the Venetian state treasury, and which absorbed the family fortunes of nobles who died without heirs. This fondo was administered by the procurers of St. Mark, whose position was one of the most powerful under the Venetian system.

    Around this central fondo were grouped the individual family fortunes of the great oligarchical families, such as the Mocenigo, the Cornaro, the Dandolo, the Contarini, the Morosini, the Zorzi, and the Tron. When the Venetian oligarchy transferred many of its families and assets to northern Europe, the Venetian fondi provided the nucleus of the great Bank of Amsterdam, which dominated Europe during the Seventeenth century, and of the Bank of England, which became the leading bank of the Eighteenth century.

    Venice was the enemy of Charlemagne. Charlemagne’s son, King Pepin of Italy, tried unsuccessfully to conquer the Venetian lagoon. Charlemagne was forced to recognize Venice as a part of the eastern or Byzantine Empire, under the protection of the Emperor Nicephorus. Venice was never a part of Western Civilization.

    Over the next four centuries, Venice developed as a second capital of the Byzantine Empire through marriage alliances with certain Byzantine dynasties and conflicts with the Holy Roman Empire based in Germany. The Venetian economy grew through usury and slavery. By 1082, the Venetians had tax-free trading rights in the entire Byzantine Empire.

    The Venetians were one of the main factors behind the Crusades against the Muslim power in the eastern Mediterranean. In the Fourth Crusade of A.C.E. 1202, the Venetians used an army of French feudal knights to capture and loot Constantinople, the Orthodox Christian city which was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

    During the 1200’s, the Venetians, now at the apex of their military and naval power, set out to create a new Roman Empire with its center at Venice. They expanded into the Greek islands, the Black Sea, and the Italian mainland. They helped to defeat the Hohenstaufen rulers of Germany and Italy. Venetian intelligence assisted Genghis Khan as he attacked and wiped out powers that had resisted Venice.

    This may seem off topic, but I am just trying to provide info about what a tangled web it is and it precedes terms like Zionism and Illuminati by centuries.

    You then have to link it to the sacrificial ceremonies and occult beliefs that these peoples may have carried with them.

  25. Dogman says:

    In 1921 the largest cemetery of sacrificed infants in the ancient Near East was discovered at Carthage. It is well established that this rite of child sacrifice originated in Phoenicia, ancient Israel’s northern neighbor, and was brought to Carthage by its Phoenician colonizers. Hundreds of burial urns filled with the cremated bones of infants, mostly newborns but even some children up to age six years old, as well as animals have been uncovered at Carthage.

    They were buried there between the 8th century B.C. and the fall of Carthage during the third Punic War in 146 B.C. On the burial monuments that sometimes accompanied the urns, there was often inscribed the name or symbol of the goddess Tanit, the main Phoenician female deity, and her consort Ba’al Hammon.’ Infants and children were regularly sacrificed to this divine couple.

    Fulfillment of a vow was probably the most frequent reason an infant or child was sacrificed as witnessed by the third century B.C. Greek author Kleitarchos (paraphrased by a later writer):

    Out of reverence for Kronos (the Greek equivalent of Ba’al Hammon), the Phoenicians, and especially the Carthaginians, whenever they seek to obtain some great favor, vow one of their children, burning it as a sacrifice to the deity if they are especially eager to gain success.

    Child sacrifice was not confined to Phoenicia, Carthage and the western Mediterranean world. It was also practiced by the Canaanites and through the process of religious syncretism by some Israelites. The earliest reference to child sacrifice in the Bible is found in Leviticus where the practice is address by Moses in connection with Molech:

    Do not give any of your children to he passed through (the fire) to Molech for you must not profane the name of your God. 1 am the Lord.

    (Lev. 18:21; see also 20:1-5)

    In I Kings 11:7, Molech is identified as “the detestable god of the Ammonites” and recent archeological evidence in the former territory of the Ammonites from the period of the Conquest supports biblical testimony that child sacrifice was practiced in Jordan roughly contemporarily with Moses.”18 The Hebrew word Molech is the same Semitic root as the Punic word mulk which was found inscribed on several burial monuments at Carthage giving linguistic evidence for the continuity between the practice of child sacrifice in Canaan and at Carthage. But whereas at Carthage the word refers to the sacrificial offerings including human sacrifice, in Leviticus it refers to the god who demands child sacrifice.19 The “passing through” refers to sacrificing by burning in a fire.20 For this “passing through to Molech” (same Hebrew words in Leviticus and Jeremiah) took place later in Israel’s history in the region of the high places of Ba’al in the Valley of Ben Hinnom in Jeremiah 32:35. This murderous scene was described by the Lord through the mouth of Jeremiah in earlier chapters:

    Source is jesus-is-saviour.com

  26. Dogman says:

    The most evil, brutal, bizarre and psychologically twisted ancient religious ceremonies involving human sacrifice revolve around the trinity of Sadducee demon gods.

    The principle pantheon of gods of the Sadducees were mainly derived from their Syrian Ugarit roots- The most senior God was was Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war. Her most famous temples were on Cyprus as Aphrodite and in Rome on Vatican Hill as Cybele. Her ceremonial headdress was the Kippa, the cap worn thousands of years before Christianity adopted it for its leadership followed by the Jews and then the Sadducee influenced Muslims.

    The second was Dagan, the god of agriculture, plenty (food) and good fortune. The priests of Dagan wore fish dress , the archetype of the Mitre (fish) hats of Christian bishops. The Mitre hat of Dagan was always worn over the Kippa of Ashtoreth/Cybele as it is still done today in the Roman Catholic Church.

    Then there was Moloch, Hebrew name for Ba’al and “King” of the land. This god also equated to “Attis” and his ceremonial cap is now variously known as the Phrygian cap and the Cap of Liberty also worn ceremonially over the kippa cap of Cybele.

    Attis/Moloch had several ritual sacrifice rituals associated with this demon god including wild sexual orgies in which priests themselves would often cut their bodies and drink the blood/eat the flesh of their victims.

    Similarly, Cybele had important sexually explicit orgy like rituals involving cannibalism and human sacrifice apart from obligatory child sacrifice and human burning.

    Of all ancient religions, it is the Sadducees that were most evil and involved the incorporation of sex and violent frenzied murder to its absolute maximum.

    The sacrificing of human beings by throwing them from a great height, sometimes in bags or by ritual drowning has its origins to a distinct deity from the Mother Goddess and demons. Such methods of sacrifice have universally been reserved for the worship of Mot- the God of Death.

    The worship of Mot (Death) appeared to reach a peak in ancient history around the time of 100 BC to 400 AD during the various plagues, political upheaval and climate change for the Northern Hemisphere.

    The Israelites were strong practitioners and worshippers of Mot and appear to be one of the few groups that maintained a worship of death, even during good periods of plenty.

    Three of the most important religious words associated with the doctrine of human sacrifice by burning are: Holocaust, Tophet and Immolate.

    The word Holocaust is oldest theologically correct term still used in relation to the official doctrine of satanists in the burning of people alive. The word “Holocaust” is at least as old as the 3rd Century BC and comes from the ancient Greek word holokauston, meaning “a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering”, or “a burnt sacrifice offered to God”.

    The term has always meant the specific ritual of murdering innocent human beings as animals by burning as defined by the ancient Phoenician/Samaritan/Sadducee/Punic religion to Moloch and his name variances. Because these priest-king family bloodlines have traditionally considered all other human beings as “sheep and cattle”, the word Holocaust is frequently and deliberately misrepresented as “only applying to animals”.

    The ceremony of Beltaine, originally comes from Baal- a unique and distinct Phoenician ceremony introduced into certain celtic culture and not native to the celts.

    The most common and continued Catholic honor to Moloch is through the legal definition of “Immolate” to describe all victims of fire literally as “To Moloch”.

    The worship of demons and power, good fortune
    While it may appear odd to consider different forms of human sacrifice having a higher power, or more base motive, the burning of people and children alive to Moloch is and has always been about perpetuating power and good fortune through the influence of demons.

    It appears this Satanic liturgy has never been about the higher motives of favourable seasons, harvest and life attributed to the worship of the Mother Goddess, or even the worship of Osiris reborn.

    Instead, a section of the Phoenicians adopted a very pragmatic and shallow cosmology of the world- that the world is largely dominated by demonic forces which can only be overcome by effectively “doing deals” with such demons- hence the cruel and unspeakable act of burning people.

    Such acts were to call upon the demons to aid in battle, to defeat an enemy, to help gain more wealth and more power. Therefore, the sacrifices during World War II were principally about maintaining real temporal power than the summoning of any great evil entity.

    Source is one-evil.org

  27. Dogman says:

    Archbishop Milingo openly charged high-ranking members of the Holy See as ‘followers of Satan.’ :

    “The devil within the Church today is actually protected by certain Church authorities from the official devil-hunter in the Church – the exorcist.”

    Dr. Malachi Martin, also in attendance at the Conference, was questioned about the alarming nature of the Archbishop’s accusations. He added this observation:

    “Archbishop Milingo is a good Bishop and his contention that there are Satanists in Rome is completely correct. Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the Prince of Darkness has had, and still has, his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome.”

    In 2006, Archbishop Milingo and four bishops were excommunicated for what appeared to be an unrelated matter, and in October 2007 his Vatican passport was cancelled, taking with it his diplomatic protection from the Vatican City State (Catholic World News, 15th October, 2007; ‘Vatican pulls passport of excommunicated archbishop’).

    Source is vatileaks.com

  28. Dogman says:

    According to a book of his memoirs recently released in Italy, Fr. Amorth claims to know of the existence of “Satanic sects” in the Vatican where participation reaches all the way to the College of Cardinals. “There are priests, monsignors and also cardinals!” he explained to Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti, who compiled Memoirs of an Exorcist from interviews with the priest. Asked by Tosatti how he knows Vatican clergy are involved, the exorcist answered, “I know from those who have been able to relate it to me because they had a way of knowing directly. And it’s something ‘confessed’ most times by the very demon under obedience during the exorcisms.”

    As one might expect, the secular media has had a laugh-a-thon over the seemingly histrionic comments from the 85-year-old priest. Admitting the existence of the Devil is still cause for ridicule and derision by nonbelievers, but at least one other Rome-based exorcist has taken issue with the charges. Fr. José Fortea, a Spaniard and former student of Fr. Amorth’s, came publicly to the Vatican’s defense, arguing that Fr. Amorth had gone well beyond the evidence in making his charges. Demons themselves, he pointed out, are not exactly impeccable sources — after all, the Devil operates by deception and deceit. Fr. Fortea also explained that those seeking help for demonic possession include “innumerable persons” alleging to be the recipients of divine revelation, including “revelations about the infiltration of Satan and the Masons within the dome of the Church.”

    Source – ttp://ww w.newoxfordreview.org/note.jsp?did=0510-notes-smoke

  29. Dublinmick says:

    Of course the mother of queen Elizabeth, the queen “mum” is said to be the daughter of Claude Bowes Lyon, (the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne) and the family’s French cook, Marguerite Rodiere. The queen mum’s nickname was “cookie”.

    The astonishing claims are contained in ‘The Queen Mother, The untold story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Who became Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’, on sale next month. (Fury Books!)

    Wait, how can this be if Palestinians are the descendants of the Falani of India and German Jews descended from the Khazars of the Black Sea area?

    The original Hebrews were the Falani from India who migrated to Palestine and brought with them their six pointed star which was a symbol for tantric sex. They are what is nominally referred to as the hebrews or jews although there was no such word as jew during the time of Jesus. It is a rather recent invention. They clashed with khazars coming from the north who had converted to their religion. In fact they were forced to flee the Black Sea area by Alexander The Great who having word of human sacrifice tried to surround them pushing them toward Poland, Palestine and Japan where they formed Shinto Buddhism.

    Calicut kings had the Dravidian emblem of the six pointed star, symbolizing Anahata Chakra , on the legs of their hawks. The six point star is found on 7000 year old dravidian temples.


  30. Tap says:

    There might be commonality of descent between the Hebrews and other races. Yet the Hebrews were from Egypt. The river Ebro (Nile Delta) being the same name effectively as the language. The deceptions in the Old Testament relocate them to Judaea. Yet once the deceptions are unravelled, notably by Ralph Ellis in his Solomon book, you find that King David and so on were other names for Egyptian Pharoahs, who operated militarily in Judaea and made it into a province. The Israelites were Egyptians.

    • Nike says:


      Ludicrous and the BIGGEST (among other BIG) LIES for Khasarian AshkeNazi Jews to claim a “right to return” to Palestine as “their homeland” promised and given to them “by God” (which one? Their Gods are numerous) It’s a fraud to conquer strategically important land, to establish another power centre for their “New World Order” (World Tyranny)
      It’s all about POWER.

    • Dublinmick says:

      “The Israelites were Egyptians”

      All true yet the Egyptians were originally the Falani from India.

      When we say Israelites, I consider these the Israelites.

      The Edgar Cayce Readings Indicate Israel Means Anyone Who Is A Seeker Of Truth-The Human Body Which Has Attained Purification Becomes Jerusalem

      I can’t get too worked up over the old testament as it was written by the British born warlord Constantine and later refined by John Dee on behalf of King James.

      As stated earlier, India learned a few things under the 800 year colonial program.


      • Tapestry says:

        The descent of ‘civilisation’ went Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Dark Ages/Holy Roman Empire, The Reformation/Enlightenment/Protestantism. There was interaction/trade between the aforementioned and Eastern empires – Persian, Indian, Chinese etc. The Israelites in the bible were the Hyksos of northern Egypt, who guarded the pyramids and became wealthy on the agricultural output of the Nile Delta known as the Ebro.

        The pentagram/pentagon/pentacle/star of David are all Saturnian symbols. The north pole of Saturn is a perfect pentagon. The influence of Satan/Saturn is common to all the world’s ‘civilisations’.

      • freebornman says:

        Uhh Tap, the saturn pole is a Hexagon. Not a Pentagon. You drinkin, bro? 🙂

      • Dogman says:

        Dublinmick, I need to ask if the Fulani and the Falani are the same people. The nomadic Falani/Fulani people that I encountered in Nigeria, were noticeably different from the other tribes.
        I found this:
        The ancestors of the Nadar and Fulani probably emigrated to West Africa and India after the rise of a hyper arid environment in the Saharan region and Sahel of Middle Africa. The close relationship between the Dravidian and Fulani languages leads to the inference that these populations were formerly in close contact.


    • Jennifer says:

      Dublinsmick, yes I read that on your site – very interesting. Very near to where I live the Anglican church rings a lovely peel of bells every Sunday – but I have not been able to feel the same way about them since.
      I also know how very true the Glen Ford film is – how did Hollywood let them get away with that?

      • Dublinmick says:

        Hi Jennifer
        Hollywood likes to dangle a little bit of the truth in your face once in awhile just for sport. I think they know nobody will believe it anyway.

    • Thanks to you and dogman and others for all the interesting extensive info on these comments. When I will have the chance to go through it all I don’t know but I will
      This link you’ve just sent ill make a point of reading tonight. I hope it doesn’t mean sex is bad, and abstinenc is the way forward
      Although I am very aware, the jew media society of course encourages loose morals and far out sexual attitudes and practices and ‘anything goes’ mentality and I worry what its doing to the young now.
      Ive not read the brotherhood article above yet, I will assume that sex between man and woman in a loving relationship is good and in fact what the talmudists Satanists hate, love and a family unit that results, their goal seems to destroy that just like orwell said in 1984,
      that woman talking at the café, destroy the family unit, etc. That’s what they want and its clear to see it went up a gear with New Labour, their policies, but it of course continues today regardless of whos in power

    • Dogman says:

      Richard Cavendish, an authority on the esoteric, maintains that the “k” at the end of magick is derived from the Greek word kteis, which means a comb, cowrie, scallop, or vulva; symbol of the feminine Gate of Life.

    • freebornman says:

      Thanks, Dublinmick. That pulls together so many threads. So many. Little clues, so many chimed from my own experience, and observation. ‘When your elevens are showing? that means your time is up. (the tendons down the back of the neck). What film was that? Martin Sheen I think said it. Thanks again.

  31. Nike says:

    “Israel Means Anyone Who Is A Seeker Of Truth-The Human Body Which Has Attained Purification Becomes Jerusalem”

    The “Jerusalem” of the Satanic “New Worlds Order” (Hell on Earth) ist the Whore of Babylon.

  32. Dogman says:

    Thanks for that link Dublinsmick. A grim but interesting read. Until people realise what we are facing and decide to help fight it, the rest of society will always struggle.
    I presume it was the Axis Mundi of the Vatican that you referred to, which I was informed about by a clever guy called Martin Keerns.

    Looking at the list of types of people involved reminded me of info I’ve researched before.
    These 10 careers tend to have the most psychopaths:
    Media (TV/Radio)
    Police Officer
    Civil Servant – Politician

    Makes sense now!

    Thanks again, it’s always good to learn.
    “Never Stop Learning! When you stop learning you stop living. You become a reservoir instead of a river.” – Tim Walker

    • Im none of those things, im in a very menial job but getting by
      I once was at medical sch but clashed with the system again and again, and it was obvious my whole persona and presence in the world couldn’t conform to the horrible narrow rigid wys and things expected by bastards looking on in the edical establishment who would trip you up over nothing
      A Polish tutor I had, a consultant, trained in Poland, was aware of difficulties I was going thru, told me id have fared much better at med sch in Poland, and her attitude and personality was testament to that, nice woman
      Compared to the horrible bastards lording it over med students trained in Uk part of the system

      Dogman, for people klike myself with little time, and no net connection to watch youtube,
      can you in a nutshell please summarise, what we are facing?
      I may have read bits and pieces and have certains bits of the jigsaw.
      it always helps to have someone say it fresh, what are we up against? is it Satanism and the child sacrificjng youre on about? Im up to speed on a lot. but if you can put things in a nutshell it would make things efficient and help me join dots and help me if ive missed certain readers comments, and been out the loop on the conversation thanks

      • Dogman says:

        Hi Adam, that’s a good question.
        It would have been easier to answer if I still had access to the info I had on our old forum, which we lost thanks to outside interference. Basically, I had a collection of evil looking statues that decorated the properties of several of the ancient bloodline families living in Italy. I can no longer find them though, so I presume somebody has had a tidy up. It happens quite a lot. These statues were decidedly evil, although I have no idea what they represented. The history of gods and demons has been messed with. Nothing is straightforward, or so it seems.
        When you go into esoteric/supernatural info, there is such a lot to read and it is hard to know if any of it is disinfo as few of us are experts. For research:
        Lucifer and Ahriman.
        Lucifer / Phaethon / Nimrod connection.
        Mephistopheles & Ahriman
        A gent called Dale Martin argues that most ancient Jews (including the earliest Jesus-believers) did not think of demons as fallen angels but saw angels and demons as distinct ‘species’ of being.
        Source – http://theologicalscribbles.blogspot.co.uk

        The council of Nicea involved representatives of 300 + pagan deities.
        All the usual supects were there;
        Jove, Jupiter, Salenus, Baal, Thor, Gade, Apollo, Juno, Aries, Taurus, Minerva, Rhets, Mithra, Theo, Fragapatti, Atys, Durga, Indra, Neptune, Vulcan, Kriste, Agni, Croesus, Pelides, Huit, Hermes, Thulis, Thammus, Eguptus, Iao, Aph, Saturn, Gitchens, Minos, Maximo, Hecla, Phernes, Zeus, Styx, Nike, Zelos, Kratos, Bia and many more.
        Source –

        No easy answer I’m afraid, but I strongly believe that the ancient bloodlines worship different deities to the majority of the people on the planet.

    • Dublinmick says:

      Yes it is a grim read, but I think deep inside it is true, or I would not post it. Those with the magic gene think bigger than the rest of us.

      I am sad as I know you are concerning what they are doing to Chris Spivey. I noticed I cannot access his blog any more.

  33. Tapestry says:

    While I’ve no doubt there are some psychopaths in every career, I wouldn’t pick sales as an obvious one to be honest. The art of persuasion requires empathy, and psychopaths don’t have any.

  34. Dogman says:

    My brother might be less than impressed too, lol. He’s MD of an Estate Agents. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in sales that will sell you something, you don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford and are only concerned with making the sale. The commission only jobs encourage that. I had a few interviews for sales jobs, but didn’t fancy it. To my brother’s credit, he will turn down people that he thinks won’t be able to afford the mortgage once the interest rates go up. His ethics have helped his reputation, which in turn has helped his career.

  35. Dogman says:

    (From Jack Chick’s book “Smokescreens”)

    Alberto Rivera’s I. D. card (shown on this link http://www.cai.org/bible-studies/specif … ut-alberto) was issued by the Spanish government in Spain in 1967, under the rule of the Spanish dictator Franco. His security forces were equally as strict as the Gestapo had been in Germany. To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply birth certificate, identification papers and positive proof from his archdiocese of being a priest. Several security organizations were involved, similar to our CIA and FBI. The priest, Alberto Rivera, had to be approved by all of these organizations to receive this document. There was no way it could have been a forgery. There is no question he was a priest. What you see here is positive proof. This document was granted by a government that had pledged absolute submission to the pope through the concordat signed by the government of Spain and the Vatican.

  36. NIke says:

    “Genetic tests indicate that Ashkenazim Jews are also the direct descendants of the Israelites, and their DNA confirms their ancestry from the ancient Middle East.”

    I believe that to be outright flat disinfo (Dogman – copying a book; a tiresome read) AShkeNAZI Khasarian Jews are of Turkish descent; they aren’t semitic. The Palestinians are true semites and the rightful owners of Palestine.

  37. Nike says:

    “The council of Nicea involved representatives of 300 + pagan deities.

    All the usual supects were there;
    Jove, Jupiter, Salenus, Baal, Thor, Gade, Apollo, Juno, Aries, Taurus, Minerva, Rhets, Mithra, Theo, Fragapatti, Atys, Durga, Indra, Neptune, Vulcan, Kriste, Agni, Croesus, Pelides, Huit, Hermes, Thulis, Thammus, Eguptus, Iao, Aph, Saturn, Gitchens, Minos, Maximo, Hecla, Phernes, Zeus, Styx, Nike, Zelos, Kratos, Bia and many more.
    Source –

    et al
    NONSENSE (dogman – are you nuts?)

    • Dogman says:

      Nike, please read what is written by the source and feel free to abuse their research. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it wrong!

      “At the Council of Nicea were not only Christian leaders from Alexandria, Antioch, Athens, Jerusalem and Rome but also the leaders of the many other cults, sects and religions, including those of Apollo, Demeter/Ceres, Dionysus/Bacchus/Iasios, Janus, Jupiter/Zeus, Oannes/Dagon, Osiris and Isis, and ‘Sol Invictus,’ the Invincible Sun, the object of Constantine’s devotion. The purpose of this council was to unify the various competing cults under one universal or ‘catholic’ church, which, of course, would be controlled by Constantine and Rome. As noted, Rome claimed the ultimate authority because it purported to be founded upon the ‘rock of Peter.’ Thus, the statue of Jupiter in Rome was converted into ‘St. Peter,’ whose phony bones were subsequently installed in the Vatican. In a typical religion-making move, the gods of these other cults were subjugated under the new god and changed into ‘apostles’ and ‘saints’ … As stated, it is maintained that during the Nicene Council the names Jesus and Christ were put together for the first time in the phrase ‘Jesus Christ’ or ‘Christ Jesus,’ uniting two of the major factions, with Jesus representing the Hesus of the Druids, Joshua/Jesus of the Israelites, Horus/Iusa of the Egyptians and IES/Iesios of the Dionysians/Samothracians, and Christ representing the Krishna/Christos of India, the Anointed of the Jews and KRST of Egypt, among others. It is thus alleged that the phrase ‘Jesus Christ,’ which had never been a name, does not appear in Greek or Latin authors prior to the first Council of Nicea.” Source is Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (236-7)

      • Dogman says:

        1.Ebionite Christians were the true Christians: Aramaic-speakers like Jesus and his apostles, they would have been the Jewish witnesses to Jesus’ ministry and preaching. From this starting point, Jesus’ teachings spread. They also, however, spread from Saul of Damascus, who renamed himself Paul and who preached an anti-Ebionite version of Christianity for the gentiles, which was much easier to follow and more popular.

        2.The Marcionites were converts to Christ, who believed truly that he had been adopted by God at his baptism, and that he had come to abolish the laws of the Old Testament, thereby defeating the evil god of the old testament. Such gnostic beliefs may be the original form of Christianity as we shall see, but Marcionism itself can only be a later re-expression of it, and no historian thinks that the Marcionites were the original Christians.

        3.Gnostic Christians: With stories, myths and beliefs that are exactly the same as Christian ones in many of the little details, gnostic beliefs manage to pre-date Christians ones by over 200 years. They understood what the stories of the NT really meant. Jesus didn’t really exist, but was a collection of such earlier stories, rewritten in Greek, with Greek names. This is the approach taken by historians such as Freke & Gandy.

        When the Roman-backed instance of Christianity went in search of the ancient centres of Christianity, they discovered to their horror that the Ebionites and Gnostics pre-dated them. Their un-Christian answer was to edit verses, burn books, invent doctrines such as the Trinity, arrest and harass the other poverty-stricken Christians until no opposition was left. The form of Christianity that we have inherited from the Roman Empire is far from what Christianity originally was, yet most modern denominations took Cappadocian-Nicene Pauline Christianity as their starting point (and few have moved far from it). Such a shame that this colourful history is not only abandoned, but is also mostly forgotten!

        The Progression From Paganism to Christianity
        Elements common to all types of the Christian religion that were common in previous Pagan mystery religions include much of the religious content of Christianity. All elements of Jesus’ life such as the events around his birth, death and ministry were already parts of the myths surrounding other god-men of the time. Peripheral elements such as there being twelve disciples were similarly present in other more ancient religions and sometimes with an astonishing amount of duplication. First century critics of Christianity voiced accusations that Christianity was nothing but another copy of common religions.

        Plenty more reading at source – vexen.co.uk/religion/mithraism.html

  38. Dogman says:

    “Zionists have long argued that the land claimed by Israel was the biblical birthright of the Jewish people who were forced from the land in a so-called diaspora after repeated conquests by various empires. Proof that Ashkenazi Jews, which make up a majority of the Israeli Jewish population, have no historical link to Palestine would call into question the entire premise of Israel as the historical 5,000-year old homeland of the Jewish people.”

    As expected, the mere disclosure of such a secret government report has intensified the Christian-Zionists Problem – Khazar DNA, as written earlier this year. Never fear there is no shortage of arguments that attempts to discredit any proponent of Are Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Khazars?

    “But in a new article in the journal Jewish Social Studies, Hebrew University researcher Shaul Stampfer argues there is no evidence from Medieval Jewish, Islamic or Christian texts that such a conversion took place.

    “The silence of so many sources about the Khazars’ Judaism is very suspicious,” Stampfer tells Haaretz.”

    “Just as the State of Israel has invested resources into the study and promotion of archeology, in part to demonstrate and strengthen the connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, by investing in the fields of genetic research and molecular anthropology, Israeli scientists could be at the forefront of this growing field not only to demonstrate the historical connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, but to help refute studies that manipulate data in order to undermine that connection,” said Noah Slepkov, author of the JPPI study.

    Slepkov was likely referring to some who claim that the Jews of today are unrelated to the Israelites of the Bible such as Israeli academic Shlomo Sand, whose book The Invention of the Jewish People, which claimed that contemporary Jews are the descendants of the Khazars, Berbers and other groups.”

    Up to this point the intense push back is expected from the defenders of Israel. Nothing surprising from this response! However, in the essay Top Israeli scientist says Ashkenazi Jews came from Khazaria, not Palestine, the work of a “Johns Hopkins University post-doctoral researcher Eran Elhaik describes a group of widely respected geneticists, including Harry Ostrer, professor of pathology and genetics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and author of the 2012 book “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People” is analyzed.”

    “Interestingly, while anti-Zionist bloggers have applauded Elhaik’s work, saying it proves that contemporary Jews have no legitimate claim to Israel, some white supremacists have attacked it.”

    Now for the surprising variation in critiquing the Rethinking the Khazar Theory! This section is written by no other, than Davis Duke, himself. Review the original article, for a long list of DNA studies that seem to reject and conflict with Eran Elhaik research. Nevertheless, Dr. Duke argues that the claim of special rights for the “Chosen” which resides in the Talmud culture is entirely part of the tribalism no matter the particular genetics of the Zionist.

    Historically it is undeniable that large number of Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia migrated out of that area. Many resettled in Israel. Most adopted pro-Zionist politics. Since the former Khazar empire region was the departing homeland of so many inhabitants who profess to be Jews, it is preposterous to contend that any tribal group can maintain a pure racial identity.

    When a Jew resides in Israel are they not called an Israeli? What do you call a Jew living in the Ukraine – a Jew or a Ukrainian? Likewise, when a Jewish migrate from Khazarian descendant moves to Israel and becomes a citizen, do they lose their roots from their own lineage? Whether they purport to be from a bloodline of a racial tribe or simply a convert to a particular religion their association with their country of origin remains.

    Zionism is a political doctrine. All the conflicting genetic research is designed to serve a political agenda. If an Israeli came to Palestine from the Ukraine and practiced the teachings in the Talmud, that person most likely will be a Zionist.

    The objection to the state of Israel is that its political precepts and policies are rooted in Babylonian Talmud teachings. When David Duke states that “One cannot explain the power of Zionism unless one understands Jewish tribalism”, the complimentary lesson is that Zionism cannot be fully comprehended without understanding Talmudic admonitions towards non Jews.

    Preparing Jewish converts, from the Khazars lineage, need not to be based solely upon DNA. What is important is that the political objectives of Zionism be recognized as harmful to humanity. Religion is not the issue, because Zionists reject their own biblical mores.

    SARTRE – December 23, 2014

    • GNJ says:

      David Duke? Would that be the same white supremacist David Duke who is former Grand Wizard of the KKK. I bet defending the rights of non-white people like the Palestinians are so the main driving force behind his political ideology – not!

      • Dogman says:

        B’nai B’rith, British Weapon Against America by Paul Goldstein

        Eight months after Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, Judah Benjamin and Albert Pike created the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan out of what remained salvageable from the Knights of the Golden Circle. Aiding them in this project, and a Klan leader, was a Charleston South Carolina Zionist named Baruch, Bernard Baruch’s grandfather. Judah Benjamin contributed some funds for the funding of the KKK, but the bulk of the financing was handled by the southern branches of B’nai B’rith. The various Klans in the United States are controlled by the Anti-Defamation League and related Zionist organizations to the present day.

        Benjamin and George Sanders subsequently fled to the safety of England, with Pike remaining to run the Klan operation in the South. The operation was modelled on the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, with all the rituals attending thereto. Pike had been one of the intellectual guides of the order, and had written extensively on the subject of mysticism and the ancient cults, including books: “The Christian Mysteries,” “Gnosticism, the Kabala and the Mysteries of Masonry,” and “Zoroaster of Sarathrustra and His Doctrines.” Pike described his (and B’nai B’rith’s) worship of the goddess Isis, as follows:

        “It began to shape my intellectual vision,” wrote Pike in reference to the Scottish Rite, “into something imposing and majestic … It seems to me like the pyramids in the grandeur and loneliness whose yet undiscovered chambers of generations of the sacred books of the Egyptians (are) … so long lost to the world; in its symbolisms which are its spirit of brotherhood and its essence, Freemasonry is more ancient than all of the world’s living religions.”

        Great read:

  39. Nike says:

    Historically it is undeniable that large number of Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia migrated out of that area [originally from Khasaria]. Many resettled in Israel. Most adopted pro-Zionist politics.

    Since the former Khazar empire region was the departing homeland(!) of so many inhabitants [of the “state of Israel” established on Palestinian land] who profess to be Jews, it is not right and preposterous to claim a “right to return” to Palestine where their ancestors never departed from in the first place!

    AshkeNAZIm Jews are Khasarian in origin, a Turkish tribe. They have never settled in Palestine before.

    Ergo: Zionist settlers are intruders, invaders, land thieves, terrorists, murderers.

  40. Dublinmick says:

    Jews claim to be a race when it is to their advantage and only a religion when that is to their advantage.

    The Y-DNA haplogroup E1B1B is transmitted through the mother and has to be before you are considered a jew. That is what all the fuss over having a jewish mother is all about.

    The Palestinians don’t have much of this genetic preposition and they are semites.

    As mentioned the Japanese Shinto followers recognize themselves by this blood grouping also and are about 40% of the Japanese population including the royal family. They have their ark of the convenant, solomon temple and sacrifice poles. They entered Japan on the run from Alexander and Genghis Khan.

    I personally go with Cayce’s idea of what an Israelite is. One who seeks the light and Jerusalem is one who has become the light. Could it be that simple? This definition excludes tribal affiliation and geographics.

    • fascinating thanks. SO a lot of Japan is compromised, this Khazarian or Ashkenazi or whatever bllodline, is infiltrated in Japan.
      Japans such a nice place, the food, civilisation, streets, yakitori shops, it seems a terrible pollution of Japan to have these jews so infiltrated there, and one would never know, since they look all homogenous Japanese
      I will have to study your site dublinmick no time yet. I read the brotherhood of the bell though.
      I didn’t realise there was a corresponding leyline grid 60 miles high
      What you say seesm to chime with Cobra 2012 portal blog.
      Dublinmick what can we practically do, with the info you give about a leyline grid here on the surface, and 60 miles up?
      Yes I know theyre messing with it, the ionosphere with HAARP etc in a big way
      But do you have any suggestions we can do to fight all this, with our minds, our consciousness?
      its said montague keen is cabal disinfo.
      Some say
      Do you agree what Keen says, to use our minds, to direct good energy ddown leylines, even towards Rome?
      Im open minded about Keen. It may be shills who said that about him
      You seem to know your stuff Dublinmick
      Any practical tangible simple advice laymen can use, implement will be appreciated. How we can use leytlines to OUR benefit, not the cabals, thanks

      • Dogman says:

        Daimyo Nobunaga, sixteenth century military dictator of Japan, welcomed the Jesuit missionaries who came with the Western traders. Contrary to popular belief, when Japan first came into contact with the West she was eager for the interchange of ideas and commercial commodities. Nobunaga granted the Roman Catholics freedom to propagate their religion, donated them land in Kyoto and promised them a yearly allowance of money. Soon missions were established throughout the country and converts were made by the thousands.”

        The Japanese welcomed the Jesuits who told them that they were “Christians” and had come to spread “Christianity.”

        The Japanese soon found out that the “missionaries” were just the first troops in a conquering army meant to subjugate and annex them to the Spanish Empire.

        In 1596 a Spanish galleon, the San Felipe, was shipwrecked off the providence of Tosa. Hideyoshi ordered the ship and its goods confiscated. The angry Spanish captain, wishing to impress or intimidate the Japanese officials, indulged in some boasting how Spain had acquired a great world empire. For proof the captain showed the Japanese officials a map of all the great Spanish dominions. His astonished hearers asked how it had been possible for a nation to subjugate so many lands. The Spanish captain boasted that the Japanese would never be able to imitate Spain, simply because they had no Catholic missionaries. He confirmed that all Spanish dominions had been acquired by first sending in missionaries to convert their people, then the Spanish troops to coordinate the final conquest.
        When this conversation was reported, Hideyoshi’s anger knew no bounds. His suspicions about the use of missionaries as a first stepping-stone for conquest was confirmed. He recognized this pattern of cunning conquest at work within his own empire.

        Daimyo Hideyoshi began placing severe restrictions on the Jesuit “missionaries.”

        His successor, Tokugawa Ieyasu, banned all foreigners from the country, and hermetically sealed Japan until the arrival of Commodore Perry in 1854.

        The Jesuits—like the false “Jews”—have been banned from almost every single country in the world.

        The Exclusion Edict of 1639 banned the Jesuits from Japan!!
        Those who converted to Catholicism were questioned about their loyalty to Japan, and in 1597, Hideyoshi ordered the crucifixion of nine Jesuit missionaries and seventeen Japanese converts. This was only the start of the hostility towards European influence and interaction; persecutions, beheadings, and forced secessions would all but eliminate Roman Catholicism over the next few decades.

        The 3 key points of the Exclusion Edict of 1635 included:

        1 The Japanese were to be kept within Japan’s own boundaries. Strict rules were set to prevent them from leaving the country, and if any such attempt was made, they would face penalty of death. Europeans that entered Japan illegally would face the death penalty as well.
        2 Catholicism was strictly forbidden. Those found practicing the Christian faith were subject to investigation, and anyone associated with Catholicism would be punished. To encourage the search for those who still followed Christianity, rewards were given to those who were willing to turn them in. Prevention of missionary activity was also stressed by the edict; no missionary was allowed to enter, and if apprehended by the government, he would face harsh sentences.
        3 Trade restrictions and strict limitations on goods were set to limit the ports open to trade, and the merchants who would be allowed to engage in trade. Relations with the Portuguese were cut off entirely; Chinese merchants and those of the Dutch East India Company were restricted to enclaves in Nagasaki. Trade was also conducted with China through the semi-independent vassal kingdom of the Ryukyus, with Korea via Tsushima Domain, and with the Ainu people through Matsumae Domain.

        source is reformation.org

        So, were there crypto jews that arrived with the Jesuits and never left?

    • Tapestry says:

      Japan shares one alphabet with China – Kanji (out of its three, the other two being heragana and katakana). Despite that, the language is very different to Chinese, with the Chinese characters being used sometimes as meanings (On-Yomi),i.e. words, and sometimes just as sounds (Kun-Yomi) without their meaning. Japanese people also have a different physical look to the Chinese, and different body language. While they obviously have common heritage, (Kanji is also clearly connected with the cuneiform of Sumeria going back maybe 7000 years), the connection goes back far further in time, I would say than either Ghengis or Alexander.

      • Dublinmick says:

        Yes and in the Ming Dynasty Japan asked for their help. The dynasty send very high profile people there, considered Japan barabarians, and eventually they were tortured, used as sex slaves and eaten for their human flesh.

  41. Dublinmick says:

    Taps has a pretty good site here. I say that because there are some knowledgeable posters here. I have always considered taps on the level and not some limited hangout we see among most of the “alternative” news.


    • What an interesting comment thread!
      I read the Jesuits worship the Black Sun. I wonder where what it is?
      Could it be the black sun that covers the moon during phases, rather than the earths curvature blocking out the sun on the moon?
      Im still unsure whether moonlight is reflected sunlight. Or emanates from the moon itself as some say on Atlantean conspuracy blog

  42. Dublinmick says:

    “But do you have any suggestions we can do to fight all this, with our minds, our consciousness?
    its said montague keen is cabal disinfo.”

    I have no idea who montague keen is but as always.


    • NIke says:

      No, it’s not about kundalini

      That’s too deep down…

      It’s about the heart, the spirit….

    • Mark says:

      Raising our kundalini? Even the phrase, certainly the K word, has a kind of mystical flow to it. What an interesting article Mick. Somewhat challenging for Christians (Evangelical-wise), when evidential experience appears to defy preciously held theory. The stock glib, though not without foundation line is, it’s all a demonic con. Yet this doesn’t always make sense. Like calling out truthing’ presenters and posters enemy operatives yet they unmistakably hurt the enemy – bit of a quandary. In a recent comment I stated the obvious, that we all have a bias towards agreement for any firmly held worldview, at least primarily in this camp with the – please excuse the inadequate label – ‘esoteric’ (perhaps ‘eclectic neo-traditionalist’ or summink is more fitting) and – the Jesus lot. Rigorous and assertive disagreement is blood and fire for some. This included NT Paul who observed the ‘men of Athens’ and engaged, at least recorded in a sentence, that they were indeed reaching out through what they knew. In looking wider in the Bible, there’s ample glimmers that God is not so black and white, absent or not. If and when this is the case, the heart is more the determinant and to attempt to discern this – God’s doing. The heart is the deep that, unguarded, the mouth speaks. Also, not every missionary of old went headlong to rampage and ransack then‘lost’. Vincent Donovan, a well known example, wrote; ‘As I began to ponder the evangelisation of the Masai, I had to realize that God enables a people, any people, to reach salvation through their culture and tribal, racial customs and traditions. In this realization would have to rest my whole approach to the evangelization of the Masai’. Suffice to say, the engagement cross-argument is music or noise depending on a heap of factors. As for me, strike up and on Mick, the God I believe in encourages this.


  43. Dogman says:

    One group of people used an offshoot of the original Hamurabi school of Masonic mind control technology to create a large kingdom in central Asia. They were known as the Khazars. They were defeated by the Rus and Mongol empires and their elite class fled, with their treasure and their knowledge, into Europe and China.

    The ones who fled to China were forced to flee again to Japan after the Mongol Kublai Khan conquered China.


    The Li bloodline may be relevant, certainly interesting.

  44. Tapestry says:

    One off sellers can get by by faking it. But longterm relationship business is not easy for psychopaths to succeed. Employer/employee. Trade supplier/buyer. Retailers who need to build a local reputation. Restauranteurs etc. They all need empathy. Don’t lump all business in with the crap. There is gold dust to be found amongst businessmen, independent minds, caring attitudes. I better declare now. I am a businessman myself, and it irks me to be lumped in with Monsanto, central bankers, poisoners, killers and paedophiles. I am a human being first. My profession is second. And I am very proud of my lifetime’s work.

  45. Dublinmick says:

    I would certainly never do that Tap. The problem is lack of monopoly control. The multi-nationals eventually choke small business to death.

    Genghis Khan also fought the khazars heading east and forced them onto the silk road.


  46. Dublinmick says:

    Humorous thread.

    My eternal victim supervisor always used to begin with an evaluation by placing her chin on her hand and saying … well.

    It turns out the Syrian won the job of area supervisor. Many would not want it as it meant traveling around the state to evaluate the work of office supervisors.

    He came to the office of “channel of the ancient one”, he told me and the first thing he did during her evaluation was place his chin on his hand and say… well. 🙂

    As for humor, coming at you from America the land of the free!



  47. Dogman says:

    Going back to Amen.
    The name Amen means “hidden (one),” a title which might be applied to many gods.

    A couple of prayers to consider:
    “Homage to thee, O Amen-Ra, Lord of Thebes,
    Thou Boy, the ornament of the gods!
    All men lift up their faces to gaze upon him.
    Thou art the Lord, inspiring awe, crushing those who would revolt [against thee].
    Thou art the King of all the gods.
    Thou art the great god, the Living One.

    Thou art beloved for thy words,
    [Which are] the satisfaction of the gods.
    Thou art the King of heaven, thou didst make the stars.
    Thou art the tcham metal (gold) of the gods (i.e., the gold out of which the gods are made).
    Thou art the Maker of heaven, thou didst open the horizon and make the gods to come into being according to thy behests.
    [O] Amen-Ra, Lord of the Throne of the Two Lands, President of the Apit, Amen-Ra, Bull of his mother, who art upon thy great throne, Lord of rays, Maker of multitudes, god of the lofty plumes, thou art the King of the gods, the Great Hawk, who makest the breast to rejoice. Thou art praised by all rational beings [because] they have life.”

    II. Watch, being at peace! Thou watchest in peace. Watch, Amen-Ra, Lord of the Throne of the Two Lands, in peace.
    Watch, being at peace! Thou watchest in peace. Watch, Chief in On, Great One in Thebes, in peace.
    Watch, being at peace! Thou watchest in peace. Watch, Creator of the Two Lands (Egypt), in peace.
    Watch, being at peace! Thou watchest in peace. Watch, thou who didst build up thyself, in peace.
    Watch, being at peace! Thou watchest in peace. Watch, Creator of heaven and the hidden things of the two horizons, in peace.
    Watch, being at peace! Thou watchest in peace. Watch, O thou to whom the gods come with bowings, Lord who art feared,
    Mighty One whom the hearts of all rational beings hold in awe, in peace.” (Ibid., p. 122.)

    III. “Image of the Eldest Son, Heir of the earth before thy father the Earth [Geb and] thy mother Nut, Divine Image, who camest into being in primeval time, when a god did not exist, and when the name of nothing whatsoever had been recorded, when thou didst open thy two eyes and didst look out of them light appeared unto every man. When shadow is pleasing to thy two eyes, day exists no longer.
    Thou openest thy mouth, thy word is therein.

    Geb, the Earth-god, Father of the Gods, Great God, Lord of Eternity.

    Thou stablishest heaven with thy two arms, and the West (Ament) in thy name of Amen.
    Thou art the Image of the Ka (or Double) of all the gods, Image of Amen, Image of Atem, Image of Khepera, Image of the Lord of all the earth, Image of the Lord who is crowned King of the South and North in the North and South, Image who gavest birth to the gods, who gavest birth to men, who gavest birth to everything, the Lord of life, thou Living One, who possessest power greater than that of all the gods. Thou hast conquered the Nine Gods, thou hast presented to them their offering. Thou hast bound them together, thou hast made them to live. O thou Image who hast created their doubles (?), thou hast given that which Horus has obtained for himself from the Company of the gods. Thou art like a god who designs with thy fingers, Eke a god who designs with thy toes. Thou hast become the Lord of everything, Aten who came into being in primeval time, god of the two high plumes. Thou Begetter, thou hast created more than all the gods.” (Ibid., p. 129.)

    Amen came into being in primeval time, none knows the form in which he appeared. No god existed before him, there was no other god with him to declare his form. He had no mother for whom his name was made. He had no father who begot him, saying, It is even myself. He shaped his own egg; the divine god, becoming of himself; all the gods were created after he came into being. (Chap. XIV.)

    One is Amen, he hides himself from them, he conceals himself from the gods.

    The man who utters his secret (or mystery) name, which cannot be known, falls down upon his face straightway and dies a violent death. No god knows how to call upon him.” (Chap. XV.) 1

    The extracts given in the last section are taken, from a work on Amen which was not intended to be sung in the temples. It is, more or less, a, philosophical treatise on the origin, nature, and powers of the god, showing that he is the source of all life, animate and inanimate. The existence of other gods is admitted, but they are merely forms of him, the great god whose three characters or persons were called Amen (of Thebes), Ra (of Heliopolis) and Ptah (of Memphis). His ONENESS, or Unity, was absolute.

    Source is http://www.sacred-texts.com/egy/tut/tut05.htm

  48. GNJ says:

    Off-topic, but don’t you feel you were being a bit harsh on that George Cloney poster over at Chris Spivey’s site? I mean, suggesting that someone deserves a slap in the throat because they disagree with you – I have problems with that.

    • ferryt says:

      Guess you know this one inside out gnj


    • kingel says:

      Good to see that tap readers are also looking at …

      • ferryt says:

        Just read Chris’ articles on the royals.

        That’s the emporers clothes right there..

        So glad his site is back up. Sans le rugby false flag lol

      • Dogman says:

        Plenty of room on both sites kingel. We are all on the same side, just different styles, lol. It’s those that spend their time being deliberately disruptive that wind me up. I’ve learned a lot from moderating and it’s the sly trolls that cause the most trouble as they try to create rifts between other posters.

      • Dogman says:

        A condition from the court case was that the site wasn’t allowed to mention Rigby or Woolwich.
        Lots of comments have had to be edited or failed moderation because of referring to it. A recent sock puppet kept referring to it and was being deliberately divisive and I eventually twigged who it was, hence my comment that GNJ decided needed mentioning here.

    • Dogman says:

      GirlNiceJewish, you are well aware of the abuse that is sent to that site. It wasn’t said because they disagreed with me, you need to learn to read before you write!
      To those unaware of what moderating involves, if Tap will indulge me.
      This is from Smee hee
      FTS,your a little girl.Dogshit your a Muppet.Wolfie your a gloid. Adeyboopop,your a ,well fuck it your all Asleep.Step away from the corner your putting yourself in.Again champers on standby. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Just saying.

      Old Bill:
      Enjoy your chokey Spiv, you deserve it.
      Be careful in the showers. lol
      There’s an awful lot of love in prison…..

      I’ve binned death threats, comments about bestiality and incest and on one particular day, I binned 90 comments from the same source.

      Have a look at outlawjimmywordpress to see who is obsessed with Chris.
      I offered that man a room to use if his situation got too dangerous (all lies) and he repayed me and Chris by posting troll comments whilst a moderator on the forum. Class act! I know he is posting here under several names, but I’ll leave you to work out who they are. I warned Tap that this would happen if I commented here.
      Interesting that NJG had to go off topic to have a pop at me, but then a Team Outlaw member.

  49. Nike says:

    Under: knowledge starts here
    Good summary, TAP.

    However, I have some preservations to add, I’m afraid.
    The quotes below I take as mere assumptions without any bearing.

    “RELIGION. All religions are based on hoaxes. Jesus was a king of Edessa who fought against Rome and lost. He was captured in AD70 and sent to Chester in England by Vespasian and kept there until he died in AD 98. Read Ralph Ellis’ histories for the details.

    The Talmud was ‘edited’ by Josephus Flavius, the same historian who wrote St Luke’s Gospel and The Acts Of The Apostles and all of St Paul’s letters. Christianity was not Jesus’ creation, but the Roman historian Josephus’. Jesus was not a Christian a gnostic warrior, whose beliefs were based astrology, astronomy, the sun, the moon and the earth and man’s ability to make goodness using his intelligence.

    Fortunately the real teachings of Jesus (Manu/Izates/Izas) survived and were brought to Provence by Mary Magdalene his sister/wife, from where they underpinned the formation of the Orange Order, and made possible the Reformation and the Enlightenment many centuries later, which led onto the modern developed world we know today.

    By holding onto the gnostic beliefs of the age before the religions of empire, we can free ourselves of this threat, and rebuild the world using our own minds and abilities without the institutions of empire.“

    Ralph Ellis (never heard of ) certainly is no authority everybody has to bow under.

    I very much doubt that some “Josephus Flavius“ created Christian spirituality, and “edited the Talmud“ at the same time.

    Christian ethics and values have nothing to do with incest (“Mary Magdalene his sister/wife“), paedophilia, and all the numerous vices sanctioned by the Babylonian Talmud, Freemasonic Gnosticism, “Enlightenment“ and Cabbalah teachings.The False light of the “Lightbearer“ (Lucifer/Satan).

    Jesus (the One i believe in) called them out for what they are.
    Lies nullifying God’s commandments.
    Jesus’ teachings are about spirituality (love, healing)
    not only about commandments (Old Testament)
    He talked about fulfillment. —-

    Go back and try again.
    Error: answer is wrong.
    Comment was blocked because it is spam.

    My comment above is neither “wrong“ nor “spam“.

  50. Dogman says:

    Yehoshuah ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene were followers of Isis. Christianity that is presented to us today, is far removed from what Jesus /Yehoshua learned during his time in Egypt. It is a concoction of lies created by the church of Rome. Women have been marginalised by the church. Peter hated women and was jealous of Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus.

    • Nike says:

      Dogman was there!!!!
      He knows everything.
      No kidding.

      • Dogman says:

        Come to me all you who are heavy laden, and I will refresh you” was inscribed over the temple door in a church in Dendera, Egypt and is wrongly attributed to Jesus. It belongs to the cult of Isis.

        “I, Isis am all that has been, that is or shall be” was plagiarised and attributed to Yahweh in the Book of Revelation 1:8 as:
        “I am all that was, that is, and that is yet to come”

        The original inscription was on a shrine to Isis at Sais, Egypt, which a thousand years later, in the third century, was converted to a church of the Virgin Mary.

        Source is The Templar Revelation by Prince & Pincknett

  51. NIke says:

    Dogman – your non-sense must be considered precious by the powers that be
    It’s not being blocked….

    • Dogman says:

      You keep knocking almost everything i post, yet offer no logical response to it, it’s almost as if it personal and yet I’ve only recently started posting here.

      “You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, burning bushes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and you say that we are the ones that need help?” – Mark Twain

      “The Christian church is an encyclopedia of prehistoric cults.” -Fredrick Nietzsche

      “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich” – Napoleon

      “If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.” – Napoleon

      “All religions have been made by men.”

      I presume that you’ve heard of all of them.

      • NIke says:

        The only one talking about “a book” and assuming lots of nonsense is D.

  52. Dogman says:

    After the closing of the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, Bishop Eusebius Pamphilius (260-339), probably the most corrupt bishop of the Fourth Century, said:

    ‘It is an act of virtue to deceive and lie, when by such means the interests of the church might be promoted’.

    (‘Ecclesiastical History’, Bishop Eusebius, Vol. 1, pp. 381-382)

    Bishop Eusebius stood on a pulpit in the town square and announced to ‘the groveling rabble’ that Emperor Constantine’s 78 year-old mother, Helena had undertaken ‘a great trip’, and ‘dug up’ the cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified (‘Vita Constantini’, 3, 41-47). At the same time, she ‘discovered’ other remarkable relics that make pale into triviality the later discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb-treasures. Amongst them were two sealed clay jars, one containing the precious last breath of Jesus Christ, and the other, beams of light from the Star of Bethlehem. Helena’s public showings of her ‘Jesus treasures’ were displayed with great fanfare and coincided with Emperor Constantine’s announcement that the first 50 ‘New Testimonies’ were soon to be written:

    ‘Great mobs of ignorant rabble, slaves and seamen, the lowest populace, peasants, drunks and hoards of women … lined up to view the fabrications, and the presbyters schemed to this end and devoured the people’s means’.

    (‘Catech’, xviii, 7-8; also Schaff, ‘History of the Christian Church’)

    To such an extent had the frauds of false relics of the Christian priests been thus early systematized and raised to the dignity of a regular doctrine that Bishop Eusebius, in one of the most learned and elaborate works that antiquity has left us, the ‘Thirty-second Chapter of the Twelfth Book of his Evangelical Preparation’, bore for its title this proposition: ‘How it may be Lawful and Fitting to use Falsehood as a Medicine, and for the Benefit of those who Want to be Deceived’.

    The counterfeit of Christianity

    It seems that Bishop Eusebius’ ‘cross’ of Christ failed to endure, for the Vatican informs us that ‘there is no proof of the use of a cross until much later’ than the 6th Century (‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, Farley Ed. Vol., iv, pp. 517-537; ‘New Catholic Encyclopedia’, iv, 475). Church archives record that its general use was ratified at the Sixth Ecumenical Council in 680 (Sixth Ecumenical Council; Canon 82), where it was decreed that ‘the figure of a man fastened to a cross be now adopted’. Around a century later, Pope Hadrian 1 (772-95) officially ratified that a man on a cross ‘would be worshipped’ (Origin of Religious Belief, Draper, p. 252) and the Council of Nicaea in 787 decreed that ‘image – worship of a man on a cross now be adopted’ (ibid).

    The unreality of the Christian cross

    However, the concept of a ‘cross’ didn’t catch on fully for another 500 years, and it was ‘not until around the 13th Century AD’ (‘New Catholic Encyclopedia’, Farley Ed., Vol. iv, p. 485) that the custom of portraying a distressed man on a cross, sometimes in a state of advanced putrefaction, began to develop. Pictorial presentations showing the highest state of suffering possible then started to emerge and gave the finishing touches to the Vatican’s fabrication of a Christian ‘cross’ that took around 1000 years to fully come into being.

    ‘This terrifying description … inspired many an artist of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries … and passed to the uneducated as history’.

    (‘Ecclesiastical History’, Johann L. Mosheim, D.D., Christian historian, London, 1825 Ed., Vol. 6, MS. 248)

    The unreality of the Christian ‘cross’ was again confirmed during the period of the Reformation (14th – 17th) when a Royal Commission was appointed to enquire into the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. Numbering among its members were ten bishops, and the Commission subsequently recommended that the use of a ‘cross’ was ‘tending to superstition and should be laid aside’ (‘The Catholic Dictionary’, Addis and Arnold, ‘Baptism’, 1917). This recommendation had the authority of all members, and it further asserted that the sign of the cross should not be used in Christian baptism in British churches (‘The British Church’, Major J. Samuels, V. D., R G A).

    Catholic authors invented encyclopedic entries

    The ‘cross’ was made official to Catholicism in 1754 when Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758) decreed that the icon was to be displayed on every church and at every altar (‘Catholic Church Conspiracies’, Lady Eugene Heron, London, 1949). In referring to Benedict’s Decree, the Vatican added this extraordinary comment:

    ‘Moderns experience difficulty in understanding religious belief … Benedict’s [Benedict XIV, d. 1758] policy from this time forward eliminated any aversion to the concept [of the invention of the cross], for often an obscure expression of the circumstances of our Lord’s death is more clearly explained by Catholic authors who are to be treated with especial regard, giving them the benefit of the doubt wherever possible. Thus proofs of the rational as well of the dogmatic order unite in justifying and defending the gradual development of the cross in Christian history’.

    (‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, Pecci Ed., Vol. ii, p. 366)

    The unreality of the Christian cross is thereby revealed in the Vatican’s own official records, and today believers in Christ proudly wear a ‘cross’ around their neck as a sign of their faith, not knowing that it was invented by the very Church that they support.

    Source is vatileaks.com

  53. Dublinmick says:

    Few are aware that Constantine had journeyed to India and studied Vedic text under Brahmins. Then he went to work. The Papacy was “a Vedic priesthood” until Constantine the Great killed the Vedic pope to replace him with the head of the hitherto unimportant Christian sect. This instantly ensured the Europe-wide triumph of Christianity because of the “sacred sway of the holy hoary Vedic priest known as the Shankaracharya” There has been debate over the veracity of his faith because he was baptized only on his death bed. See article on the Constantinian shift. He was British born.
    The chief priest (the Pontifex Maximus) was from the time of Constantine forced to call himself a Christian priest. Maximus is the Sanskrit term Mahattamas, i.e. “the topmost”. The emperer Constantine convened the council of Nicaea around 369. He called all the “holy men” of the day who were “under divine guidance” to meet in Turkey as it was convenient for all. Eusebius was the only deacon invited due to his recent war record where brought the sword of the Lord against Arianism. The doctrine of reincarnation was done away with and it was even debated whether or not Alexander would be divine also and equal to Jesus. Books on Arianism would be burned and anybody caught with one would be executed. That is when the killing went into high gear in Europe the Irish and Germanic nature religions would convert or die to the new Christianity of Rome.

    200 years ago the west believed the earth to be flat. These are the same people who present you with their version of the bible hammered out about 2000 years ago at the council of Nicea. In 321 A.D. Emperor Constantine decided sunday was a day of prayer as it was a day of sun worship among the pagans. He was a suspicious man as he put to death his own son and his wife due to suspicions, he massacred all of his rivals and was then canonized. In the Council of Ephesus, which was held in 431 A.D., monks and bishops screamed: “Whoso speaks of two natures is a Nestorius, and let him be cut asunder”. A bishop was kicked to death by another bishop in course of their arguments, and 137 corpses were left in a church to attest the convincing reasons by which the most ruffian side proved its orthodoxy. Such were the assemblies of saints who formed the pillars of the structure of Churchianity. We can easily imagine the nature of the guiding spirit of those councils, which established the creed of the church. From the beginning of the history of churches, down to the present day, freedom of thought and freedom of speech, that are the most essential characteristics of true religion, have been suppressed; and fanaticism, bigotry, curses, anathema, religious persecution, tortures of inquisition and diabolical crimes have been committed in the name of religion.

    Even Islam had Vedic beginnings. Few are aware that Constantine had journeyed to India and studied Vedic text under Brahmins. Then he went to work. The Papacy was “a Vedic priesthood” until Constantine the Great killed the Vedic pope to replace him with the head of the hitherto unimportant Christian sect. This instantly ensured the Europe-wide triumph of Christianity because of the “sacred sway of the holy hoary Vedic priest known as the Shankaracharya” There has been debate over the veracity of his faith because he was baptized only on his death bed. See article on the Constantinian Shift. He was British born. The chief priest (the Pontifex Maximus) was from the time of Constantine forced to call himself a Christian priest. Maximus is the Sanskrit term Mahattamas, i.e. “the topmost”.

    The emperor Constantine convened the council of Nicaea around 369. He called all the “holy men” of the day who were “under divine guidance” to meet in Turkey as it was convenient for all. Eusebius was the only deacon invited due to his recent war record where brought the sword of the Lord against Arianism. The doctrine of reincarnation was done away with and it was even debated whether or not Alexander would be divine also and equal to Jesus. Books on Arianism would be burned and anybody caught with one would be executed. That is when the killing went into high gear in Europe the Irish and Germanic nature religions would convert or die to the new Christianity of Rome. Religion had joined hands with masonry and now labeled the eternal Vedic truths as “paganism.” Constantine began butchering the Gnostics of which the disciple Thomas was once a practitioner and the Vedic tradition of Tantrayana is very much a part of. British warlord Constantine debated as to whether or not to include Alexander along with Jesus as being divine when he murdered the Vedic priests in the Vatican, wrote the bible and mangled the ancient manuscripts to his advantage. He had no choice at that time due to the statue of Alexander in this period. It was decided against it however. The Great one was heroic but nowhere near the statue and warrior spirit of Lord Jesus. “‘King James’ Bible in 1611, was a work of social engineering by the English Elite. This was undertaken to coral the masses into mental servitude to Luciferianism/Rosicrucianism.

    It was a step away from true spirituality, whose tenets presented a clear danger to the establishment then, and as it still does today. In the late 16th century, immediately prior to the KJV becoming the de facto standard bible, Sir John Dee, left, was an Enochian black magician. Dee and Francis Bacon, the author of ‘The New Atlantis’ were both instrumental in the production of the KJV. As the Bible itself exhorts us to stay away from occult and witchcraft practices, it is paradoxical that Christians should embrace a work mastered as it was by high-ranking members of the occult. As well as being Queen Elizabeth’s ‘spymaster’, Sir John Dee was a prominent member of The Worshipful Company of Mercers, which are Masonic Lodges by another name, led by a Worshipful Master.” http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=73505 Now getting around to the matter of what Jesus really said can be found in the Essene scrolls. How do I know this? Well because it is common sense. It fits the definition of reality and makes no money for any organization. It is in line with most other religions including native American stories. You will possibly not convince many westerners of this without it appearing in school texts, sunday school classes or Fox News and other venues.

  54. Dogman says:

    Not withstanding the respect which Jesus is related to have paid to the teachings of the scribes and Pharisees, he is said to have seriously upbraided them with concealing truths from their listeners relating to the kingdom of heaven, shutting it up against men, not entering in themselves, nor yet suffering others to enter in. But the lawyers, scribes, and Pharisees were not peculiar in their concealment of recondite verities from the people, the Essenes were also distinguished for a similar practice. One of the promises required from every proselyte who joined the Essenes was that he would neither conceal anything from those of his own sect, nor discover any of their doctrines to others, not though any one should compel him to do so at the hazard of his life. It is certainly strange, and more than strange, that though Jesus is represented as denouncing the lawyers for withholding from the people “the key of knowledge,” it is recorded that he himself did the very same thing. Thus, we are informed that when “much people,” in fact, “great multitudes,” were come to him out of every city to hear him preach, that he purposely spoke to them in parables, that seeing they might not perceive, and hearing they might not understand, lest at any time they should be converted and be healed by him, while he said to his disciples that unto them it was given, by his after explanations, to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. We are even told by two of the evangelists that Jesus never spoke unto the multitudes except in parables.

    The unwillingness of Jesus, the Great Teacher as he is so often called, to enlighten the people at large as to the truths so important for them to know, and which, if accepted by them, would have led to their conversion, by his own admission, and to their being healed by him, is quite inexplicable unless we regard Jesus simply as a member of a secret society or sect, like that of the Essenes. We perceive what extreme care he took not to enlighten them as to the meaning of his words. How strange such conduct appears in this Being, whom we are informed is the Saviour of all mankind, and who was called JESUS expressly because he was to “save his people from their sins!” Are we really to believe that even in his own life-time this long-promised Emmanuel, this God-Man, purposely, of set intention, acted as described, and for the reason stated, viz. that those who so gladly listened to him, should, nevertheless, not be converted by his inspired teachings? If so, we have one more, added to the vast number of those insuperable difficulties which many experience, and which prevents their accepting, in their integrity, the Gospel narratives of the life of Jesus. The special difficulty associated with the preaching of the son of Joseph disappears in a great degree, if we regard him simply as an Essene.

    Jesus and the Essenes –

  55. Dogman says:

    Then there is this to consider:
    As regards Jesus being an Essene according to “secret” Dead Sea Scrolls, even before the discovery of the scrolls, over the centuries there has been much speculation to this effect, but Massey, for one, skillfully argued that many of Jesus’s presumed teachings were either in contradiction to or were non existent in Essene philosophy.
    Indeed, Jesus’s character and many of his actions were utterly contrary to the notion of him being a great Essene healer. (232)

    The Essenes did not believe in corporeal resurrection, nor did they believe in a carnalized messiah. The scrolls
    at Qumran have been dated to between 150 BCE and 70 AD/CE, and, based on the later scrolls, in which the writers never mention Christ or Christianity, they evidently did not accept the historicity of Jesus, if they had even heard of him. They were not followers of the Hebrew Bible, or its prophets, or the concept of the original fall that must produce a savior.
    Massey further points out that the Essenes were teetotalers and ate to live rather than the other way around. Compared to this, the assumed Essene Jesus appears to be a glutton and drunkard. Also, whereas according to Josephus the Essenes abhorred the swearing of oaths, Jesus was fond of “swearing unto” his disciples. While many Essenic doctrines are included in the New Testament, the list of disparities between the “Essenes” and their alleged great master Jesus goes on. (233)
    It should also be noted that there is another debate as to whether or not Qumran, the site traditionally associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls, was an Essene community at all. In BAR, previously cited, it is reported that archaeological finds indicate Qumran was not an Essene community but was possibly a waystation for travelers and merchants crossing the Dead Sea.
    It has also been hypothesized in BAR that the fervent tone and warrior-stance of some of the scrolls unearthed near Qumran belie any Essene origin and indicate a possible at tribution to Jewish Zealots instead.
    In Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, Norman Golb makes a very good case that the Dead Sea Scrolls were not written by any Essene scribes but were a collection of tomes from various libraries that were secreted in caves
    throughout eastern Israel by Jews fleeing the Roman armies during the First Revolt of 70 AD/CE
    Golb also hypothesizes that Qumran itself was a fortress, not a monastery. In any case, it is impossible to equate the “Teacher of Righteousness” found in any scrolls with a “historical” Jesus Christ.

    232 Massey, GML, 77.
    233 See Massey, Gnostic and Historic Christianity.

  56. Dogman says:

    Translated by Purcell Weaver and Edmond Szekely the following is considered by some to be a true account of Christ’s original teaching. Based on texts from the Vatican library and the Royal Library of the Hapsburg’s and dated to the first century AD, it contains many references to fasting, vegetarianism and angels; all of which were altered or entirely removed from Christian teaching after the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Convened by the Emperor Constantine the Council effectively hammered out what was to become the Holy Roman Law scriptures. In the process a lot of Christianity’s original spiritual essence was edited or removed entirely to serve the more earthly agendas of the emergent Holy Roman Empire. We leave you to decide whether the following is in fact the authentic word of Christ…
    And then many sick and maimed came to Jesus, asking him. “if you know all things, tell us, why do we suffer with these grievous plagues? Why are we not whole like other men? Master, heal us, that we too may be made strong, and need abide no longer in our misery. We know that you have it in your power to heal all manner of disease. Free us from Satan and from all his great afflictions. Master, have compassion on us.”

    And Jesus answered- “Happy are you that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom. Happy are you, that you knock, for I will open to you the door of life. Happy are you, that you would cast off the power of Satan, for I will lead you into the kingdom of our Mother’s angels, where the power of Satan cannot enter.”

    And they asked him in amazement: “Who is our Mother and which her angels? And where is her kingdom?”

    “Your Mother is in you, and you in her. She bore you she gives you life. it was she who gave to you your body, and to her shall you one day give it back again. Happy are you when you come to know her and her kingdom; if you receive your Mother’s angels and if you do her laws. I tell you truly, he who does these things shall never see disease. For the power of our Mother is above all. And it destroys Satan and his kingdom, and has rule over all your bodies and all living things.

    “The blood which runs in us is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother. Her blood falls from the clouds; leaps from the womb of the earth; babbles in the brooks of the mountains; flows wide in the rivers of the plains; sleeps in the lakes; rages mightily in tempestuous seas.

    “The air which we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother. Her breath is azure in the heights of the heavens; soughs in the tops of the mountains; whispers the leaves of the forest; billows over the cornfields; slumbers in the deep valleys, burns hot in the desert.

    “The hardness of our bones is born of the bones of our Earthly Mother, of the rocks and of the stones. They stand naked to the heavens on the tops of mountains; are as giants that lie sleeping on the sides of the mountains, as idols set in the desert, and are hidden in the deepness of the earth.

    “The tenderness of our flesh is born of the flesh of our Earthly Mother; whose flesh waxes yellow and red in the fruits of the trees, and nurtures us in the furrows of the fields.

    “Our bowels are born of the bowels of our Earthly Mother, and are hid from our eyes, like the invisible depths of the earth.

    “The light of our eyes, the hearing of our ears, both are born of the colors and the sounds of our Earthly Mother; which enclose us about, as the waves of the sea a fish, as the eddying air a bird.

    “I tell you in very truth, Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother, and from her did the Son of Man receive his whole body, even as the body of the newborn babe is born of the womb of his mother. I tell you truly, you are one with the Earthly Mother; she is in you, and you in her. Of her were you born, in her do you live, and to her shall you return again. Keep, therefore, her laws, for none can live long, neither be happy, but he who honors his Earthly Mother and does her laws. For your breath is her breath; your blood her blood; your bone her bone; your flesh her flesh; your bowels her bowels; your eyes and your ears are her eyes and her ears.

    Extracted from The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ, C.W. Daniel Company Ltd

  57. Dogman says:

    The image of Isis nursing her son was worshiped into the sixth century CE and has been resurrected by contemporary “cults” of an Earth Mother. That imagery may have been adopted by early Christians as well.

    If Jesus at an early age joined the Essenes, as is highly probable, he may no longer have recognized Joseph as “father,” any more than he chose to call Mary “mother,” and may have repudiated any natural claim his progenitors had upon him. This seems not unlikely when we remember the harsh answer which he gave to a disciple whom he had commanded to follow him. This man’s father had just died, and though anxious to follow Jesus, he very properly said, “Suffer me first to go and bury my father.” The reply he received was, “Let the dead bury their dead.” Are we to presume from this that Jesus himself would have acted in a similar manner as he required of this disciple, and not have seen the fitness of paying the last filial rites to his own father, Joseph, in the event of the latter’s decease? Such behaviour in any ordinary instance would surely call for reprobation, but in the case of an Essene might simply demonstrate beyond any doubt how thorough was that renunciation of mere natural obligations which they were required to make when they became initiated into the secrets and forms of this self-denying sect.

  58. Nike says:

    How many books are you going to copy, doggy? How about some OWN thoughts – none there?

    • Nike says:

      Lots of doggy SHXXX…. what else would you expect

      • Dogman says:

        Nike, you show your true colours when you respond with comments like this and “bollocks” and “you’re nuts.” Team outlaw thru & thru. Trying to control what other people choose to post. Good luck with that!
        Dan Brown got the ideas for his books from what he learned from Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince’s books, which is why they got cameo roles in the film.
        How many books have you written Jimmy? The same as me I expect, but I’m willing to read and learn and the reason I mention the source of what I post, is so that other people can find out for themselves, if they are curious. If not, fair enough. Things I learn today could change my views on any number of subjects, which seems sensible to me, but suit yourself.
        Most of us on the AM are here because we realise that we have been told a great many lies, but your ego won’t permit you to acknowledge that you too have been duped.
        I am interested in learning more about what Dublinmick mentions about Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, how about you or have you been there, done that and got the t-shirt?
        There was me thinking that we were on here trying to share information. I hadn’t realised that it was all about ego!
        Some of the info I’ve posted is contradictory because I am still trying to work things out for myself (agnostic remember) and unlike you, it isn’t for me to scoff at other people’s beliefs.

  59. Dublinmick says:

    The Essene scrolls indicate that Jesus was saving them from their sins. He advocated not eating the flesh of slain beasts and allowing the fruit of the tree and the herbs of the field to be their food.

    He advocated pure water, the drinking of alcohol sparingly. In fact it is mentioned to use a gord as an enima kit to cleanse the bowels from unclean eating habits (free radicals) they call it these days. It was disease he referred to as “satan”.

    And yes he did not advocate the Vedic form of tantrayana to the masses just as swamis do not advocate it to every tom dick and harry these days. Adepts are carefully chosen by Vedic temples.

    The message of Jesus is very similar to the Native American Indian, the Buddhist or the Hindu.

    It is the corporate religions these days who admonish people to “believe” in the good book and give their money to the everybody from the pope to the back woods preacher.

    It is all pretty clear to me what Jesus was saying and can be found here. There were only two copies, one buried in the vatican for obvious reasons and one in the Austrian museum.


    Jesus was also big on grapes. Grape seed extract is now being listed as better than chemo by holistic oriented doctors.

    It is great for cleaning they system and is said to attack cancer cells. I have gone 19 days myself before on grapes only.

    First came across this book when I was about 27 years old, have kept it ever since.


    This is a Vedic remedy also, 11,000 years old. When Jesus lamented the life is in the blood, he didn’t mean eaten crackers and grape juice on sunday. He meant cleaning the blood stream?

    If they are good enough for Jesus they are good enough for me! 🙂 Maybe that is why he turned the water into wine!

    It is kind of like what Hippocrates said, physician heal thyself …. let food be your medicine. And by the way Hippocrates and Pythagoras studied Veda in India.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      ” He advocated pure water, the drinking of alcohol sparingly. In fact it is mentioned to use a gord as an enima kit to cleanse the bowels from unclean eating habits (free radicals) they call it these days. It was disease he referred to as “satan”. ”
      1. Anti-oxidant effects. Singlet oxygen atoms cause oxidation in the body tissues. An example of oxidation occurs when a bite is taken from an apple and the surface turns brown. This also occurs inside our bodies and is very damaging.

      Coffee contains powerful anti-oxidant chemicals that prevent oxidation. These are particularly helpful for the liver, which is highly susceptible to oxidant damage. Unlike other antioxidants such as vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin E, the antioxidants in coffee are far more yang in Chinese medical terminology. This is a great advantage today because the bodies are already too yin and adding more yin antioxidants makes the problem much worse. Some day, doctors will realize this problem and will stop recommending so many anti-oxidants, perhaps recommending coffee enemas instead.

      A development program with coffee retention enemas reduces the need for antioxidants because the program removes oxidant sources. These include certain minerals such as iron, copper, manganese and aluminum, among others. These are described in detail in the article entitled Iron, Manganese and Aluminum – The Amigos.

      2. Increased pH or alkalinity of the entire intestinal tract. This is due to enhanced bile flow, most likely. Increasing the alkalinity of the small intestine makes it much less hospitable for parasites. It also helps destroy many other types of infections in the small and large intestines. This can help improve the quality of the flora of the intestines and reduce dysbiosis or improper bugs in the intestines.

      3. Palmitic acids. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, researchers in the lab of Lee Wattenberg identified salts of palmitic acids (kahweol and cafestol palmitate) in coffee. These act as potent enhancers of glutathione S-transferase which is an important enzyme in the liver. It is part of a major detoxification system that catalyzes the binding of many toxins from the blood stream to the sulfhydryl group of glutathione. For this reason, the glutathione S-transferase system is an important mechanism to get rid of cancer causing chemicals.

      Adding coffee beans to the diets of mice enhanced glutathione S-transferase 600% in the liver and 700% in the small bowel. A similar stimulation by coffee of glutathione S-transferase in humans is probable.

      Dr. Max Gerson, MD, a major proponent of the use of coffee enemas, wrote that:

      “Heubner and Meyer of Goettingen University, Germany had shown in animal models that rectal administration of caffeine would dilate bile ducts and promote bile flow. Theophylline and theobromine, major constituents of coffee, dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut.

      The palmitates of coffee enhance glutathione S-transferase, which is responsible for the removal of many toxins from the blood. Finally, the water in the enema stimulates peristalsis or the movement of toxic substances from the duodenum or upper intestine, through the intestine, and out through the rectum.”
      16. Improves activity of the energy centers. As energy moves downward it helps all of the energy centers or chakras, a Sanskrit word, to become more active and become more balanced.

      17. Reduced autointoxication. Autointoxication is the production of toxins within the body, usually due to the action of bacteria and yeasts upon partially digested food. Most is the result of fermentation or rotting (putrefaction) and a lot of it occurs in people’s large intestines. This can cause gas, bloating and foul smelling stools. However, even if it causes no symptoms, it damages health significantly, in some cases.

      By cleaning the colon of yeasts, parasites and other pathogenic organisms, and by increasing the bile flow, coffee enemas greatly reduce autointoxication.

      9. Coffee antidotes or neutralizes many harmful frequencies of illness in the body. This unusual trait of coffee, not shared by other herbs or remedies, is very well known in the science of homeopathy. Patients are often told by homeopathic doctors never to drink coffee. The coffee can negate the effects of many vibrational remedies, including homeopathic remedies.
      This is a very important reason for using coffee enemas. The coffee seems able to clear a wide range of harmful subtle energies in the human system in a way that no other plant or animal substance can do. Repeated use of the coffee implant clears these vibrational frequencies at deeper and deeper levels, each time the procedure is used. These energies definitely affect our health, although they are quite subtle. For more information about some problems of vibrational frequencies on the body, please read Psychotronics on this website.

      10. In acupuncture terms, coffee enemas enhance the liver meridian and balance the large intestine meridian. In the science of acupuncture, restoring health depends upon balancing about a dozen energy channels or meridians that run up and down the body. Introducing water and coffee into the colon weakens or inhibits the large intestine meridian somewhat. This tends to enhance the liver meridian, according to acupuncture theory.

      Commonly, the liver is weak and the large intestine meridian is over stimulated or overactive due to the presence of toxins in the large bowel. Even if it is not overactive, the effect of the coffee enema, in terms of acupuncture meridians, is to enhance the energy of the liver/gall bladder meridian to some degree.


      Yes I wonder what a world without Abrahamic religion would be like. It is true that no baby when it leaves the womb ever has a Bible, Quran, or Torah tied round its neck

      • Dublinmick says:

        Interesting you would mention coffee enemas. I have used those for about 41 years ever since my divine light mission days. They definitely reduce free radicals.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Even though shes made it clear, she must protect her husbands heart and soul as though it is her own. Her friendship and warmth and affection has been tremendous and i envy her husband whos with her now

      Since ive got to know her. Suddenly the song sunshine of your love by Cream takes on a new meaning rather.than being a pop tune . Eric clapton must have been very.in love to write that,

      Its true, a womans attention, loveliness affection, friendship, can feel like sunshine and transformative

      What if you can persuade her to marry you and her whole female.energetiic sunshine shines on you, and noone else.

      What must that be like? Doesnt bear thinking about.

      Dublinmicks kundalini post i have never read thiroughly, properly, until today, it is a tremendous post.and so is his mind

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        Reflux Indigestion / GERD

        Reflux occurs partly because motility is not moving forward at the optimal pace, partly because contents in the stomach are irritating, and often because bile is backing up into the stomach. D-Limonene appears to help all three aspects of this issue. Human studies have found that 1,000 mg per day or even every other day has a beneficial impact on reflux within 10 doses. The Anti-Aging Properties of Limonene

        ht tp: //ww w.wellnessresources.com/health/articles/the_anti-aging_properties_of_limonene/

        I would like to point out that while acid blocking medication is typically used to suppress symptoms of indigestion, a great deal of reflux is actually caused by bile acids moving backwards into the stomach. This is typically caused by excess food consumption, wherein your liver makes extra bile and stuffs cholesterol in it as a last ditch effort to avoid being overwhelmed by too much food. This readily causes bile stagnation in the gall bladder and bile surges into the digestive tract at the wrong times, which move backwards and cause reflux.

        Because d-Limonene actually dissolves the sludge buildup in the gall bladder it can help solve the problem at its source, along with not eating too often or meals that are too large.

        D-Limonene: Help for Digestion, Metabolism, Detoxification, Anxiety & Breast Cancer Prevention h ttp :/ /www.wellnessresources.com/health/articles/d-limonene_help_for_digestion_metabolism_detoxification_anxiety_breast_canc/

        Detoxification & Gallstones

        D-Limonene activates several of the Phase I and Phase II liver detox enzymes responsible for clearing toxins. However, I believe its greatest detoxification effect is its ability to clear fat sludge all around the body. The terpenes of d-Limonene literally dissolve fat sludge. For example, turpentine is nonfood terpenes used to dissolve oil based paint. Similarly, terpenes are one of the best compounds for dissolving cholesterol. This is why they have been shown to dissolve cholesterol gallstones. This is more common in women, because estrogen helps to supersaturate the cholesterol into a stagnant condition.

        D-Limonene is also active in the lymphatic system where fat-soluble sludge often builds up and causes “plumbing problems.” These include excess mucous, shoulder stiffness, and many types of headaches. Of course, a stagnant lymph system is an immune system handicap.

        An overweight person tends to build up stagnant fat in all the wrong places, which needs to be cleansed and metabolized. D-Limonene offers tremendous promise in this regard. At this time no studies evaluate whether or not it can clear out stagnant fat buildup in the arteries or damaged fat accumulation in white adipose tissue (extra pounds of stubborn fat), however, theoretically it would be quite good at these cleansing activities

  60. Nike says:


    my true colours? I’m for the truth, and you? Repeatedly, the texts you are posting are inflammatory anti-Christian propaganda. Politically correct in the Satanic “New World Order” – do you love it? Your true colours?

    “it isn’t for me to scoff at other people’s beliefs”

    Well, apologies, if that’s true.

  61. Dogman says:

    Are you for real?
    The church of Rome is the one that produced most of the propaganda about Christianity.
    The Donation of Constantine – fake.
    Gregory VII is credited with merging the blood human sacrifice rituals of the Mother Goddess (“Magna Mater”), changing her name to Mary into the liturgy claimed to be “Catholic”.

    In 1587, Pope Sixtus V (1521-1590) established an official Vatican publishing division and retrospectively created a literary past for the Christian religion by producing of a series of unashamedly fictitious books. As a result, a series of illusory works were written to defend and support untrue allegations about Christianity’s past:

    ‘Several of these fake books are frequently cited and applied to the defence of Christianity by the Church as true and genuine pieces’.

    (‘A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People’, Lippincott and Co. 1877; also, Diderot’s ‘Encyclopèdie’, 1759; also, ‘The Propaganda Press of Rome’, Sir James W. L. Claxton, Whitehaven Books, Belgrave Square, London, 1942)

    During the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Vatican flooded the world with false books about its alleged ‘popes’, the most blatant example being the famous or infamous, but ‘official’, ‘Book of the Popes’ (‘Liber Pontificalis’). Like the ‘Liberian Catalogue’, this tome is notorious for its fictitious accounts of early and mythical ‘successors’ of an un-historic ‘Pope St. Peter’. This papal fabrication provides a collection of glowing diatribes describing pontificates of docile and devout popes, most of who never existed, and has about it the spurious air of ingenuousness that so often amuses the non-Christian reader.

    The ‘Book of the Popes’ makes martyrs of thirteen ‘popes’ of the Third and Fourth Centuries who never existed, for it is known that their names were created in later times and retrospectively inserted into Catholic chronicles to create an illusion of an unbroken succession of popes back to the First Century. Here we see another example of the Vatican forging its own credentials, supported by the fact that all popes down to the year 530, with the benefit of hindsight, were honored as ‘saints’. ‘The Vatican has now confessed that the ‘saintly’ distinctions are ‘without foundation’’.

    (‘The Popes, A Concise Biographical History’, Burns and Oates, Publishers to the Holy See, London, 1964, p. 32)

    In 1947, and to the amazement of Catholics worldwide, Pope Pius XII announced that he had deleted six ‘popes’ from the Vatican’s ‘official’ list because ‘a mistake had been made for they never existed’ (New York Times; also Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 19th, 1947). He also authorized the falsification of the dating of 74 popes, and removed the ‘sainthood’ of four others. In reality, the Vatican amended its fabricated list of popes, and fine-tuned for itself a false papal inventory back to the First Century.

    Source is vatileaks.com

    Some accounts certified to be published by such a supposed august body of Christian experts and presented to the world as official realities are extraordinary, one being an Entry on page 710 called, ‘THE INVENTION OF THE CROSS’ (‘Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church’, p. 842 in the 1997 Edition; Also, ‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, Farley Ed., Vol. iv, p. 524). The international panel concede that Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine (d. 337), ‘invented the cross’, and then the Church slowly developed her crude untruth as an article of Christian faith right into the 21st Century.

    Emperor Constantine’s 78 year-old mother, Helena ‘discovered’ two sealed clay jars, one containing the precious last breath of Jesus Christ, and the other, beams of light from the Star of Bethlehem.

    The unreality of the Christian ‘cross’ was again confirmed during the period of the Reformation (14th – 17th) when a Royal Commission was appointed to enquire into the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. Numbering among its members were ten bishops, and the Commission subsequently recommended that the use of a ‘cross’ was ‘tending to superstition and should be laid aside’ (‘The Catholic Dictionary’, Addis and Arnold, ‘Baptism’, 1917). This recommendation had the authority of all members, and it further asserted that the sign of the cross should not be used in Christian baptism in British churches (‘The British Church’, Major J. Samuels, V. D., R G A).
    The unreality of the Christian cross is thereby revealed in the Vatican’s own official records, and today believers in Christ proudly wear a ‘cross’ around their neck as a sign of their faith, not knowing that it was invented by the very Church that they support.

    Source is vatileaks.com

  62. Dublinmick says:

    Nike is all hat and no cattle

    More interesting facts concerning Jesus are revealed in a book called Christ’s Ventriloquists by Eric Zuesse using modern legal/forensic methodology. It was Paul who came up with the father and son and he later added the trinity resulting in his coup de etat in Jerusalem after the death murder of Jesus. Yes it was virtually a coup against James the brother of Jesus that lasted 14 years. So the 4 canonical gospel accounts of Jesus were not written by followers of Jesus. The author believes as I do that Jesus would be appalled at the use of the term Christ. It was Paul who took many of the followers of Jesus into a splinter group convincing them the way to heaven was believing that Jesus was God and was to be worshiped as such. It should indeed be known as Paulanity. This was what lead to the convention in Antioch by Constantine the Ceasar who organized the writing of the bible to keep a roman empire together decades later.

    So there again the message not to focus on the life Jesus however amazing it was but to lead man into the union with the loving power of the universe while in the physical body and not after death.

    • Nike says:

      ta ta doublebrick!!!! tantra tantra

      You know nothing about what really matters.

    • Dogman says:

      By the Bibles own admission Paul wasn’t one of Jesus’ disciples; he never met Jesus in his life; he only claimed to have met Jesus after his death. Not only that, but the explanation of Paul’s introduction to the Lord—literally in heaven—is told three different ways within the same writing at one point in the Bible.

      As the story goes, years after Jesus was crucified, Paul was on his way to Damascus under strict orders to kill Christ’s remaining ministry members—when suddenly Jesus started to talk to him from the sky:
      “And it came about… as he journeyed… suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him… he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’ And he said, ‘Who art Thou, Lord?’ And He said, ‘I am Jesus whom you are persecuting, but rise and enter the city and it will be told to you what you must do.’ And the men who travelled with him stood speechless, hearing the voice but seeing no one.” –Acts 9:3-7.

      Next, in the same book, a few chapters later, the story changes:
      “And I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me, ‘Saul, Saul… And I answered, ‘who art Thou, Lord?’ And He said to me, ‘I am Jesus the Nazarene, whom you are persecuting.’ And those that were with me beheld the light, but to be sure, but did not understand the voice of the One who was speaking to me.’” –Acts 22:7-9.
      As we can clearly see, just before (in Acts 9:3), the Bible tells us Paul and the men he was with all heard the voice, but the two others with him didn’t see anything out of the ordinary; then, right after in Acts 22:7, the men with Paul see the light, but don’t hear the voice.

      The two accounts completely contradict each other—within the same book! Next is the third rendition: the Book of Acts 26:13, 14.
      “…at midday, O King, I saw on the way a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, shining all around me and those who were journeying with me. And when we had all fallen to the ground, I heard a voice saying to me in the Hebrew dialect, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’”

      There’s a mixture of truth and lies in the bible (varies depending on which versions you read) and deciding which is which is the problem.

      • Chris says:

        Dogman, you are wrong about the accounts in Acts. Paul is describing the same experience. People can hear a voice without understanding what that voice is saying. So there really is no contradiction here. Those traveling with Paul/Saul could have heard but not understood. Kind of like if Jesus spoke to Paul in Hebrew or Aramaic and those who traveled with Paul only spoke Greek and did not understand the Hebrew or Aramaic languages.

  63. Nike says:

    “Friends of Israel” nutters
    Christianity haters

    • yes no interlude says:

      Nike I have read some, well most of your comments on here and I have come to a conclusion that you have a mental illness.
      what meds are you on?

  64. Dogman says:

    The Code of Hammurabi is an ancient set of 282 laws which has been dated by scholars to some time between 2100 and 1800 BC, making it one of the oldest sets of official legal codes which has survived. It was supposedly given to King Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC), king of the first dynasty of the Babylonian Empire, by Shamash, the Babylonian god of justice. There is, however, some evidence that it was based upon an even older code of laws.

    …I bet Moses wished he’d written the commandments on parchment. He might have done better than just ten!

  65. Dublinmick says:

    Nike is just a troll and not a very good one at that. He probably thinks Hammurabi is the guy who runs the video store.

  66. Scotty says:

    Compare these Bible verses between the Textus Receptus / Received Text Authroised Version / KJV Bible and the Latin Vugate:

    A.V / King James Version:
    “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:” 2 Peter 1:19

    ‘and the day star arise in your hearts means the Gospel, the Truth of Jesus Christ arises in our hearts. (see Geneva Bible notes or John Wesley notes or Matthew Henry Bibles notes)

    Latin Vulgate:
    [19] Et habemus firmiorem propheticum sermonem: cui benefacitis attendentes quasi lucernae lucenti in caliginoso donec dies elucescat; ET LUCIFER ORIATUR IN CORDIBUS VERTRIS

    The last line (I have written in capitals) translates: AND LUCIFER RISES IN HEARTS

    See for yourself, it’s on their own website:


  67. Nicky says:

    I want my Mummy ….

  68. Dublinmick says:

    Ha ha Nicky.

    As I said earlier, you can’t bull shyte a bull shyter. This mantle I claim vociferously!

    I spit in the lake of fire!

    As for the guy in the red suit with the spear, come at me bro!

  69. Dublinmick says:

    In that last youtube, looking out over the black pope’s audience, some of them of them have that nervous “say what boss” look!

    I can never find people like this when I am trying to sell a used car.

    The video mentions the Lucifer telescope in Arizona but doesn’t nail down why.

    They are looking for Hercolubus, but you can find it on youtube these days. It is getting might close sports fans.


    • Nicky says:

      I really ought to re read my comments. Have the Corporations and the NWO been at war with them trying to break down the defenses to Inner Earth, Is fracking part of this conflict?
      Admiral Byrd in his vid bangs on about the resources to be had the greedy monkey so I find it hard to believe he was regarded by the inhabitants as an honourable bloke. If so they are a poor judge of character. The NWO most certainly are not honourable. Whatever they have aligned themselves with is malignant.

    • Nicky says:

      Hey there DM 🙂 Currently listening to Master Deunov The Rays.
      Yes I have been over on your site looking through a few articles after looking at the Hollow Earth tales( Amazing) just to check if you had any posts on the same.
      Just yesters was looking at Hindu scripture and Modern “Facts”. Some pointed out the pillars holding up the sky in various vedic texts as proof vedic knowledge was a load of hooha, I was not comfy with that take. The only way this made sense was if there is a civilisation within the Earth,
      Then we get to the supposed nuke testing over the poles (around the exact time the ozone hole apparently appeared) that has now dissappeared from history, And Admiral Byrd and the Nazi base plus the advanced technologies and foo fighters, Do you remember your assistance on the perfected ones the Irish Siddhe or Shidde .. I forget. The race that went into the Earth. I do hope our dim NWO has not nuked the gateway into the inner Earth in the hope of gatecrashing it and escaping inside the Earth to escape the coming Nibiru. Criminal scum if they have. Is this why they frack the Earths surface? Is CERN a weapon?
      If this is so I hope the NWO gets their asses whooped the creeps. I would rather die here on the surface than destroy an advanced benefic race that has a far better respect for Mother Earth and life DM I am Ashamed to be a Human when we let such Evil take control of the planet.

    • Nicky says:

      Hey DMji Here is an Librivox Audio you may find of great interest, There is something to this, I feel it in my bones. It is an old tale. One that resonates. The last minute says so much. The Whole is time well spent for sure, I hope this one does not get blocked, If so I will leave it with you on your site 🙂

  70. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Red Kachina is getting mighty close this cant be denied. What cant also be denied is there is a very very complex situation above us in the skies and in our secret services and geopolitics and secret space programmes. And im keeping this all in house, conforming to many awakened peoples views Aliens are a deception. Fair enough so lets just say its our own human factions and secret space programmes whove discovered Free Energyt back in the 1940s at least. Plenty of time for things to factionalise

    If Free energy, cloning, synthetics, (which is why the cow mutilations have happened harvesting their organs over the decades in strange UFO secret government activities CIA guy George Noory happily reports on Coast2Coast), etheric weaponry exists. And more I daren’t speculate on. That we really are in a very different paradigm where anythings possible

    The Hercolubus that Tap thinks is a hoax, and id like to agree with him, seems to be real since the second sun is visible a lot.
    More is going on though
    If the Nephilim exist which they seem to if some extensive research makes obvious they do. if the Ringmakers of Saturn exist which seems very interesting and possible.
    Then ive taken my surgical knife and sensitive mind deeper in, and I refuse to DISMISS OUT OF HAND THE ENTIRE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION ET NARRATIVE. I REFUSE TO
    Why should Nephilim be allowed, Ringmakers of Satan, but whenever benevolent galactic other forces doing their best against Satanist khazar tyranny ccriminals that are holding us to siege…….this gets shouted down as Jew disinfo BS?

    I say, there is more going on than meets the eye, and while there certainly is a Khazar Hollywood Lucas Freemason alien BS Bluebeam agenda

    For want of a better expression we must not throw the baby out with the bathwater, because we are going to need this baby, its our saviour and we must not be Deceived thinking the baby is Satans child

  71. Dublinmick says:

    In order to dismiss Hercolubus one has to dismiss 11,000 years of Vedic Scripture, The greek concept of the winged globe, the native american tribes such as the Cheyenne whose very symbol is the balance cross, or planet of the crossing, red star kachine, the Chinese red dragon and the Japanese Red sun etc.

    You have to dismiss all of the clay tablets and most of the oldest knowledge known to man.

    No offense but it usually the westerner who displays this almost childlike lack of knowledge concerning ancient history and even in the west much of this was known at one point before the roman antichrist wiped out the Celtic nature religions. The nina, pinta and the santa Maria sailed to the new world with the balanced cross on the sail.

    The megaliths on the with wind swept plains of Cuzco display the balanced cross and they are thousands of years older than Christianity. It is the same balanced cross over the heart of Sitting Bull.

    It is Gammadion, the name of God.


  72. Dublinmick says:

    In fact as we look around the globe, most ethnic groups, east indians, native Amercans, Buddhist etc. cling to ancient truths which are scientific and can be proved. It helps them in the path of their daily lives.

    It is the westerner which has adopted books and magical theories. Of course they and the sons of Abraham all live in the world of theory. They are responsible for reducing western man to almost the extinction level which is rapidly accelerating.

    The native americans are correct when they refer to white brother who was created last. He is very susceptible to dogma and brain washing.

    Imagine a world where nobody ever heard of Abraham!

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