People being appointed to power, no longer elected

David Cameron is undermining the ability of Britain to defend herself.

Police Forces are deliberately destroying information about child abuse, and the system of control which uses child abuse and trafficking.

Blair spoke of a new world he was preparing when people would be appointed to power, and no longer elected.  You could see Corbyn as the latest media appointee.  Cameron was an earlier acquisition.

Subversion is now full on.  The intention is to destroy the normal order and behaviour of society.

Read Christopher Storey – The European Union Collective.  Dictatorship planned.

Religion to be politicised and commercialised, on a par with entertainment.

Media to monopolise people’s thoughts.  Swamping with false heroes and role models.

Creation of an ignorant, uninformed and addictive mass of people.

Armed Forces to be collapsed.

People to be taken off the land.  Properties being stolen from under peoples’ feet through corrupt courts.

Country life to be destabilised.

Thomas Schuman 1970s.  Violence on the streets.  Normalisation will come.  You have no choice.  If you fight back, it’s the gulag.

Police are smashing into houses to take peoples’ children.

The Law doesn’t apply to the Police any more. (Melanie Shaw falsely accused, harrassed and bullied).

TAP – Corbyn is pretending to be a reprieve from the vicious Police State.  He will actually facilitate its coming into being.

People trying to expose paedophile rings being put into psychiatric units and forcibly medicated.

The new emerging dictatorship in Europe is sucking Britain in.

Sexual promiscuity is being promoted.  Children sexualised.  Undermining the Police.  Reframing them to be aggressive and paramilitary.

People are being divided and antagonised.  The ultimate aim to bring violence on the street, so that oppressive laws can be brought in.

They will particularly use people fighting back over child abuse to bring people onto the streets.  People blaming each other for child abuse.

White people abusing children is ignored.  Asians involved in child abuse get massive exposure.

The aim is to bring hostility and division between communities.  Rotherham no one has been prosecuted.

Anti-Asian, anti-Moslem prejudice is being whipped up deliberately by the media.

No progress on white abusers.  Nothing makes the media.  Elm Guest House.  Dolphin Square.  No prosecutions.  Child abuse victims and whistleblowers are prosecuted.  The State focus is Moslem, Asian, male – 50% of child abusers are women, though that’s zero according to the British Press.


David Cameron has now got protection from Military Police, as he is afraid of normal Police.

Inside the Police, there are officers who want to expose child abuse, as well as child abuse ring members.  That makes politicians involved in child abuse feel vulnerable.

The real political agenda is treason.  The Army is being cut to 50,000.  The British military is being given to the French.

Britain is going to be abolished.  Parliament will be closed on the excuse of refurbishment works.

Daily Mail ignored 300 demonstrators outside Parliament warning Britain is being subsumed into a dictatorship.

Rotherham is being targeted as the place to start the inter community violence, based on unbalanced reporting of child abuse.

The next video shows that the power grab is far reaching and global.


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  1. ian says:

    The Butler-Sloss, paedophile rescue society.

  2. ian says:

    It seems as though they are after a response, kinda rubbing our snecks in it.

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