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  1. ian says:

    Absolutely wonderful stuff, and the hemp twine still makes the best rabbit longnets that it is possible to get.

  2. freebornman says:

    Many people may find it a pleasant way to relax of an evening, they may find it makes them thoughtful and mindful.
    Thank heavens for the Daily Mail for bringing us the TRUTH about the evil weed
    This terrible epidemic (well, 2 reported cases in the UK anyway) should make you all think again about your wicked ways.

    • ian says:

      Amazing, only the MSM would report an epidemic of 2 cases draining the NHS of resources.
      To be honest, I’d thought of trying it, but I couldn’t afford all the hot water, so I’ll give it a miss. Lucky escape thanks to the Dailymail. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    • Aldous says:

      They don’t call the DM the Daily Fail and ‘Backstabber’ for nothing.

      O/T but from your link, why are John Lewis using two obviously overweight (the boy seriously so) children in their latest ‘feelgood’ TV insurance ad? They are also using Elton John’s #Tiny Dancer# (perhaps that should be Not So Tiny Dancer) for obvious reasons but is it also for more sinister reasons seeing as EJ and David Furnish are ‘married’ with two young surrogate children of their own? Too much of a coincidence for my liking and trying to normalise the abnormal and unhealthy as only Frankfurt Marxist lunatics can do.


      John Lewis Home Insurance Advert 2015 – Tiny Dancer 1:35


      • ferryt says:

        To normalise you as you point out Aldous.

        Also OT I heard on radio 4 they announced the death of Lord Montague (beaulieu motor museum). I mentioned very serious allegations to some friends who live down there a while back. Their response? Everyone knows he’s a paedo. Wow.

        Also OT but in response to your comment Aldous article about Woody Allen in Sunday times this we. Wonderful talented man. Ffs.

        The media is a major problem. So much power over people it is almost astonishing.

        Woody Allen is another disgusting Jewish child abuser.

      • freebornman says:

        ” trying to normalise the abnormal and unhealthy as only Frankfurt Marxist lunatics can do. ”
        You answered the question there. Thing is, this enters most people’s consciousness without them realising it. I stopped watching TV 6 or 7 years ago, and I find when visiting friends who do watch it, that these cues are obvious. What told me that there was an international agenda at work was the homosexual marriage thing. It was being ‘rolled out’ all across europe, AND north america, at the same time.
        They are trying to mess with our heads, and sadly, it’s working on the majority.

  3. Aldous says:

    @ ferryt 7:08 pm

    The JL ad is worse than I thought. Not only do we have two overweight fatties, especially the lad, less so Tiny Ballerina but still too porky – would they do that in an ad to two Black/Asian kids I wonder – but there is no sign of a WOMAN/MUM in that ad.

    The only two adults are MALE, the parent (I assume) at the beginning and a guy outside walking past the lounge window near the end. They could have easily made it a MUM at the beginning and WOMAN near the end couldn’t they or a male/female combination?

    Definitely a sick agenda or two in play here. This is NOT just another innocent (if there is such a thing nowadays) ad imho.

    • ferryt says:

      @Aldous – It’s no surprise that it’s worse than you thought.

      I always find that the more you study these things based on a whim, the reality, once broken down and you’ve had time to digest, is far more sinister than the original hunch.

      It’s all very sad.

      The kontrol system is so effective that most people producing these ads will have no idea about the ultirier motives. In fact if you were to point it out they still wouldn’t see it. They may even become angry, in my experience.

      Gosh is there a way out?

  4. Well spotted, sick agenda. And heres me thinking john lewis was a respectable company, I like waitrose
    Sickhow they sly in these seemingly imperceptible things to the layman, but those in the know watch the ad and know whats going on.

    I think this goes on a fair bit, a lot. Ads, tv shows, game shows, sly comments.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Adam, there really is no reason or excuse for the tubby kid brother on the stairs. The ‘Father’ is of normal weight and size, so how come the fat Son and on her way to becoming fat Daughter?

      The girl may have been the best ‘child actor’ for the part but even this I very much doubt. What IS the reason for having such a chubby kid brother standing on the stairs and what IS the reason for not having their Mum in the ad? Very suspicious and sinister.
      Is Mum supposed to be out at work while Dad is being depicted as the House Husband/Home-maker?

      • ferryt says:

        Child actor.

        That should ring alarm bells straight away.

        No way should your children be involved in all this crap.

        Sadly I imagine there is a long line, come auditions.

      • Hi Aldous im wondering about the meaning significance of the tubby boy on the stairs, and slightly tubby girl. PC political correctness? Perhaps some advertising graduate wanting to put non conventional slim pretty kids on screen to make a jolting different impression? compared to other advertisers
        But sensing how this world operates, esp advertising, there may well be more sinister reasons going on.
        I cannot think what.
        I mean no disrespect to the child actors
        Maybe its to push the equality diversity PC secular left wing jew infiltration of the UK and the western nations
        Elton Johns song is a creepy choice as well,

  5. Aldous says:

    @ ferryt 8:57 pm

    Those http://www.confused.com/ ads with the Brian & Herberts toy robots have got me wondering as well. Is it Predictive Programming at work here? A future where the ‘minions’ are RFID chipped automatons doing exactly as they are told? Makes you wonder.

    • ferryt says:


      Sure. Why not? Predictive programming is a very effective method and people are oblivious to it. Couple it with advertising, which has the same traits.. Bingo.

      Point any of this out and you’ll soon be rid of. Back to normality and kontrol. Aahhhhh, now where are those cute JL ads again? Ah yes Sunday times, my they’ve an article on woody Allen. Ahhhh.

    • freebornman says:

      Recent Pixar kids film- The Minions- get ’em while they’re young. Plot synopsis- minions are asexual unthinking beings, who exist only to serve evil master. Evil master dies. Minions set off on quest to find new evil master. Pure predictive programming.
      For more on this subject, see
      They don’t call it ‘television programming’ for no good reason.

      • ferryt says:

        I’ve a question:

        How many generations would it take to program the majority of people about everything, using televisions and say cartoons?

      • freebornman says:

        ferryt- <1.

  6. Aldous says:

    The morphing together of Olympics and Paralympics is another sick agenda that needs discussing and ‘outing’. Those who have not exactly won the first prize in the lottery of life (or have sustained traumatic injury) need and deserve our understanding and help where needed and wanted but that doesn’t mean I want to watch guys playing basketball and doing the 100 meters in funny looking wheelchairs.or limbless swimmers etc.

    The last straw for me was when the the guy they call ‘Blade Runner’ (no legs below the knee and wearing ‘blades’) attempted to compete in the main Olympics. What?

    What is worrying is that I can soon see a time when a blind runner is given permission to compete in the 100 (etc) meters qualifiers with some kind of navigational aid.

    On the face of it there is nothing wrong with it – and the blind competitor would stand no chance – but it’s a tentative foot in the door to ‘normalise’ disability.

    I remember years ago there was the blind Labour politician David Blunkett who had his adorable dog with him in the Commons. Why Blunkett didn’t where some cool-looking Foster Grants I’ll never know but his non-seeing eyes wandering around (like they do) erratically used to drive me nuts. It was the same with a BBC reporter who similarly didn’t wear some fashionable shades and where the viewers had to endure his eyes going here, there and everywhere during his delivery. A pair of subtle shades would have ‘normalised’ his TV presence but no doubt TPTB wanted to subject the masses to HIS disability.

    We are seeing this more and more in TV programming. I had the misfortune to watch a ‘New Tricks’ UK cop drama recently and there was a girl in a wheelchair (daughter of one of the cops) who could barely speak her lines coherently. I couldn’t see any reason for her character other than disability being rammed down our throats. The ‘boss’ always seems to be a woman as well. How odd is that?

    • Savvymamma says:

      The disabled athletes are also described as ‘The Superhumans’ in one TV series. All very well if you have access to the highest spec prosthetics and wheelchairs but they will be few in number. The rest, who are in the majority, will find it harder to claim benefits and basic help if the general consensus is that having no legs is an incentive to run faster than Usain Bolt. Those without Olympic medals will become invisible and lumped in with the rest of the benefit claiming ‘slackers’.
      I have a feeling that the 6Million Dollar Man, for those old enough to remember the 70s TV series, was the medium for preparing us for the transhumanist agenda. People who have suffered horrendous accidents would sell their souls to be part of a programme to be able to walk again. If in return they have to take part in the odd psych op, eg legs ‘blown off’ in the Boston Marathon, you can understand why they will never reveal the fraud.

  7. freebornman says:

    Cop shows are part of the matrix. American ones, where dedicated teams of forensics scientists solve crimes by giving each other sultry, sexually charged knowing looks over chromatographs, and, the hard-headed female boss whips the overweight donut-eating white guys and there’s usually a really intellectual black guy and a kooky goth girl secretary who actually solves all the crimes.
    then there’s the UK version, usually a slightly dysfunctional mildly alchoholic (but he only drinks quality scotch), usually divorced and with anger issues with ex-wife, but by a combination of getting pissed in a seedy bar, getting on quite well with some prostitute types, cracks the case and amazes his colleagues with his piercing insight. This leads the sheeple viewer to think that when some smackhead nicks their flat screen and takes a dump on their bed, that vast teams of dedicated professional crime fighters will swing into action and do DNA analysis on the turd, and shine UV lamps on stuff to reveal hidden clues. And the dumb f*ckers still believe it when they’ve cleaned up the turd and waited 3 days to be issued a crime number for the insurance. First thing they switch on when they get the new telly? Corrie followed by CSI followed by that scottish tw*t who isn’t even in it anymore.
    Vast numbers of people are involved in this lie-factory. They know what they are part of, and they f*ckin love it. Gives them a financially comfortable superior feeling. Bring on the Mega Carrington event.

  8. freebornman says:

    This plant could also be the answer to the problem of ‘peak oil’, y’know, why we have to get fracking and destroy groundwater with toxic chemicals. Owd up, says the pragmatic yorkshireman, ow about this-
    Ever since I saw hydrothermal vents on the deep ocean floor spewing out sulphur at 400degC, I wondered where the water was being sucked in. From somewhere else on the deep ocean floor seems likely, carrying decaying organic matter with it. Heat, pressure, etc, alchemic transformation, rises through strata til meets impermeable layer, BINGO! But don’t tell the peasants, they might get uppity about the constant price rises.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it officer. 🙂

  9. Savvymamma says:

    A lot of interesting information about hemp came to my notice in the case of the two children from Hampstead who disclosed serious sexual abuse by their father and others in a paedophile cult. The mother’s partner, Abraham Christie, seems very knowledgeable and passionate about the health benefits from consuming hemp in its raw state. One of his theories is that those practising satanic cannibalism become addicted to blood products (bit of truth in those vampire movies!). He reckons that the balance of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes etc in hemp can replace blood cravings and are even balanced to replace blood by transfusion Thus those who have become involved in paedophilia and satanic cannibalism can be cured and helped to escape these cults. I haven’t researched it furthur but the shilling on certain forums to denounce this man as a manic drug abuser and deny any credibility to his claims was quite horrendous. Since hemp and cannabis plants are related plant species and cannabis oil has been shown to be very effective in treatment of certain cancers, hemp may well be another natural product deliberately being kept from us by big pharma.

  10. Lynn says:

    Everything is made from oil. Plastic furniture. Plastic windows PVC they added a U to that to fool us. Even baby wipes are made from oil. We are in a plastic nightmare to keep the goons in paradise,

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